Possible mid-season move?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Now, just to be sure, I do want Brett Gardner to have a great year.


Unfortunately, Gardner does seem to flame out in the second half of the season. It’s been that way his whole career.

Gardner hits .274 in the first half of the season, OPS .771
2nd half? .243, with an OPS of .685.

It is one reason why he didn’t not play much down the stretch last year. It’s why the Yanks picked up Lawrence McCutchen (now with the Phils). Another reason is the broken wrist that Aaron Judge suffered late last year. Last year, Gardy hit .254 in the first half, but only .209 in the second half.

But Gardner turns 36 in August this year, and is on a one year deal (this year). Given his history of 2nd half fades, don’t be surprised if Clint Frazier takes over from Gardner in mid-season this year, or if the Yanks make a deal involving Gardner and/or Frazier for an OF at the trade deadline this year.

If Frazier didn’t suffer that concussion that cost him most of 2018, he might be taking Gardner’s place already.

Of course, with Hicks out for a time, Gardy is the CF for now.

But given Gardner’s 2nd half struggles, I would not be surprised at all, if, given Gardy’s 2nd half troubles, that Frazier (given a good 1st half at SWB) or someone else is taking over for Gardy in the second half of the season (much like McCutchen in 2018).

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