Rolen elected to Hall of Fame

Scott Rolen was the only player selected by the BBWAA today for the Hall of Fame.

Rolen, who has listed as the 10th best 3B of all time, played for the Phillies (1996-2002), Cardinals (2002-2007), Blue Jays (2008-2009) and Reds (2009-2012). Based on his stats, it is a tossup whether he should go into to Hall as a Phillie or as a Cardinal.

Rolen was a 7x All-Star who won 8 Gold Glove awards. He was the 1997 ROY, won 1 Silver Slugger Award and was on the 2004 NL Pennant and 2006 WS Champion Cardinals. He received MVP consideration 4x, finishing in the top 10 once (4th in 2004).

His best seasons: (Topped 30 HR 3x, 100 RBI 5x)

1997 Rookie of the Year: .283-21-92, 16 SB OPS+ 121
1998 .290-31-110, 14 SB OPS+ 139 20th in MVP, GG
2001 .289-25-107 16 SB OPS+ 128 MVP-24, GG
2002 .266-31-110, OPS+ 129 AS, GG, SS,
2003 .286-28-104 13 SB OPS+ 138 AS, GG
2004 .314-34-124 OPS+ 158 AS, MVP-4, GG NL PENNANT
2006 .296-22-95 OPS+ 126 AS, GG, WS CHAMP
2010 .286-20-83 OPS+ 126 AS, MVP-14, GG

His 162-game average was .281-25-102, OPS+ 122. He hit 316 HR.

In 39 postseason games, he hit .220-5-12.

Rolen barely made it in. He made it by 5 votes, getting 76.3%, with 75% needed for election.

Getting 50% or more were:

Todd Helton 72.2% (missed by 11 votes)
Billy Wagner 68.1
Andruw Jones 58.1
Gary Sheffield 55 Next year is his last chance.

Jeff Kent got 46.5% in his last year on the ballot. Staying on the ballot besides the 4 listed above were Carlos Beltran (46.5), A-Rod (35.7), Manny Ramirez (33.2), Omar Vizquel (19.5), Andy Pettitte (17), Bobby Abreu (15.4), Jimmy Rollins (12.9), Mark Buehrle (10.9), Francisco (K-Rod) Rodriguez 10.8 and Torii Hunter 6.9

You need 5% to stay on the ballot. Getting votes but dropping off were Bronson Arroyo, R. A. Dickey, John Lackey, Mike Napoli, and Huston Street (who voted for these guys?)

Not getting any votes were: Matt Cain, Jacoby Ellsbury, Andre Ethier, J.J. Hardy, Jhonny Peralta, Jered Weaver and Jayson Werth.

Coming onto the ballot next year are: Adrian Beltre (ranked 4th best 3B ever, over 3000 hits, over 470 HR, should be a first-ballot HOF), Bartolo Colon (will get some votes, but not HOF), Chase Utley (has a good case, we will see how many votes he gets to start out with 12th best 2B ever but in 16 year career, his stats are built on 5 superb years, other 11 good but not HOF quality), Joe Mauer (very good case. 7th best C ever, .306, MVP, 3 batting titles for a C) as well as David Wright, Jose Bautista, Matt Holliday, Victor Martinez, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jose Reyes. There are others but those are the biggest names.

To me, Beltre and Mauer are no-doubters. Utley needs a bit of review (interesting he and Rollins will both be on the ballot).

Wright is kind of like Don Mattingly. Great career for a while but shortened because of a bad back. Needed a few more (4 or 5?) great years.

The others (Colon, Bautista, Holliday, Martinez, Gonzalez and Reyes) were very good, but to me, not HOF.

Info taken from, with my thoughts/opinions.

People will have their own ideas. But it looks like next year’s favorites may be Helton, Wagner, Beltre and Mauer.


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