Rule changes (and one I don’t like that’s staying)

One rule I hate is staying, and it looks like permanently. The extra innings “start a man on second” rule. I understand pitchers like it because of less wear and tear on the arms. Managers and the front office like it because there are less 18-inning games that mess up your roster. But it seems to me that the integrity of the game is lost. I’ve hated it and will continue to do so.

We will see about the pitch clock and how games will be sped up.

I think the speed game will be much more important because of several changes. First off, the bases are 18″ square now, not 15. Those bang-bang plays are now tilted more toward the runner. More infield hits and stolen bases could ensue.

Also, there is a limit on pickoff throws. Another advantage to the runner.

Lastly, defense. With the shift being banned, there will be more emphasis on range. The shift won’t hide a fielder’s lack of range anymore.

It will be interesting to see how these rule changes affect the game this year.


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