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Rose banishment sticks.

Commissioner Manfred today upheld the banishment on Pete Rose. Many may disagree, but I have one question for those people.

Have they ever read the Dowd report or are their opinions not based on the facts in the report, but on their own opinions?

I HAVE read the summary of the Dowd report, and there is no doubt in my mind that Rose’s banishment from baseball is deserved and should stick.

Another thing that grates on me are the people who call Rose the best hitter ever. Just because he has the most hits ever doesn’t make him the greatest hitter ever.

Really, would you take him over Ruth, Ted Williams, Mays, Aaron, Cobb, even steroid users like Barry Bonds? I wouldn’t.

Heck, Rose isn’t even the greatest switch-hitter ever. That would be Mickey Mantle.

This isn’t to knock Rose, a great player. But he isn’t the greatest hitter ever.

Those other guys didn’t get the hits Rose did because they drew many more walks—because they were FEARED more.

Rose was a great player. Greatest hitter ever? No. But also a player whose ego and transgressions sadly barred him from the game he was so great in…and deservedly so.

I  don’t have the time or place to chronicle each free agent signing, but Johnny Cueto goes to SF to team up with Samardzija and Bumgarner out there.

Lastly, a passing. Legendary NY Sportswriter Phil Pepe has died at the age of 80 from an apparent heart attack.

Baseball Tonight. Beltran on rehab.

The Majors were off due to the All-Star break. We will see what trades may develop over the next two weeks.

AAA: The All-Star game was tonight for the AAA. The International League (the League the Yankees’ AAA team, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (SWB) Railriders are in) scored 3 in the top of the ninth to win 4-3. Big night for SWB’s 1B/DH Kyle Roller. He drove in 2 of those three runs in the ninth to tie the game. C Austin Romine 0 for 1 with a walk.

AA: The Eastern League ASG ended in a 4-4, 9-inning tie.  From Trenton, C Gary Sanchez, 0 for 2. OF Jake Cave, 0 for 3, 3 strikeouts, 1 RBI. P Brady Lail a scoreless IP.  P Eric Ruth a scoreless IP.

High A: Gabriel Encinas 1 R on 2 H in 7 IP in Tampa’s  6-4 win. On rehab, DH Carlos Beltran 2 for 2, walk, rbi, 2 runs scored. 1B Mike Ford  3hits, 2 rbi.

A:  10-5 Charleston win. 4 SB for SS Jorge Mateo, who now has 60 on the season. 2 h, 2 Rbi for DH Isaias Tejeda.

Regarding the Pete Rose thing, as I mentioned yesterday, it is a a thing where I am sick of the USA just letting people off the hook. Lifetime ban. Make people responsible for their actions. If you want to let Pete, or any gambling or  PED user in the HOF, then LIFETIME ban. Compromise? Lifetime ban. Put them in only AFTER they are dead (and if Pete goes in, so does Shoeless Joe Jacksson). That way they are in (and on the plaque, the bottom line STATES why they were admitted posthumously). That way greats like Rose, Palmeiro, Bonds, Clemens, A-Rod, McGwire, etc. are honored, but only AFTER they are dead, and the last line of the HOF plaque states, for eternity, the reason for the delayed induction.

And by the way, ESPN can go bleep themselves. How about awarding the Arthur Ashe Award for courage to an individual who showed REAL courage? Not a transgendered freak (Jenner) or to a person who came out of the closet (Roberts, Sam)… maybe award it  to a vet who ran a marathon or a half-marathon or whatever after losing a leg fighting for our country? Doing so on a prosthetic leg?

The Arthur Ashe Courage award to a freak. I want to vomit.

It is why I am sick of the media forcing their nutcase opinions on us and canceled my newspaper subscription and will fight the nutcase media until I croak.

Game 70. Phils beat Yanks, 11-8.


Michael Pineda, 8-3 and pitching at an All-Star pace vs. a team that is 24-47, with a Team OPS+ of 79. (21% below league average). Mismatch, right? After all, didn’t this guy strike out 16 Orioles on Mother’s Day? Didn’t the Orioles just beat the Phillies 19-3?

It was a mismatch. But not the way we expected. You’d expect Pineda to dominate the Phillies, but it was the other way around last night as the Yanks lost, 11-8.

That’s baseball. You just don’t know.

The Yanks stay one game out of first in the AL East, at 38-32.

Pineda was knocked out in the fourth, giving up eight runs.

The Phils pounded out 18 hits, Maikel Franco getting 4 of them, hitting 2 HR and driving in 5 runs.

For the Yanks, Brett Gardner was 4 for 4 with a 3-run HR (8). Brian McCann also homered, his 11th of the season.

Diego Moreno made his MLB debut.

With the loss, the Yanks’ ERA+ dropped to 98, slightly below league average. Let’s hope the pitching gets better soon (the OPS+ is 109 for the hitters…. good). Of course, what has really hurt has been some recent outings where Eovaldi, Pineda and even Tanaka had short outings. Let’s hope CC rights the ship.

Ivan Nova will come off the DL and start Wednesday afternoon. He’ll be the 26th pitcher the Yanks will have used this year… .in less than 1/2 a season.

Pineda (L, 8-4, 4.25) 3 1/3 IP, 8 R, 11 H, 1 walk and 0 K.
Capuano 2 2/3 IP, 2 R,  3 H, 0 walks and 3 K. 5.32
Moreno 1 Ip, 0 R, 2 h, 0 walks and 2 K. 0.00.
Shreve 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 1.88
Pinder 1 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 walks and 0 K. 2.61.

Sad news. Ex-major leaguer Darryl Hamilton the victim of a murder-suicide. Hamilton played for several teams, including for the Mets against the Yanks in the 2000 Subway Series.

…and in other news, apparently there is now evidence that in 1986, while still a player, Pete Rose bet on baseball. Before the evidence was only as a manager….


…and so we have the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. In a place dominated by one Peyton Manning (at least before THIS year…)

…and what do we have here? His chief rival, Tom Brady, against whom Manning lost the AFC title game to in 2003, only to best him in 2006.

…and who is Brady facing? None other than Peyton’s brother Eli.

…and in what could be the most ironic thing of all, Eli, if he and the Giants win, would then have one more SB ring than Peyton (two to one). Given Peyton’s injury, and the Colts’ 2-14 season this year, you have to think that should Eli get #2 in a few weeks, that Peyton may never catch him.

And who would have thought that?

The early line is New England by 3. I’ll be rooting for the Giants.

Easiest pick of the year?

Ok, so I got into an argument with someone at the local pub tonight.

I don’t know if he was an Eagles fan or not (Good joke: E-A-G-L-E-S stands for: Eagles Are Gonna Lose Every Season). But I mentioned that this game may have been the best bet of the week for the following reasons:

1) You have a team coming off a tough game vs. one of the top teams in the NFL in the Patriots.

2) That team played Sunday at 4:15, then is playing at 8:20 (both times Eastern) on Thursday against a team IT HAS TO FLY ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO PLAY.

3)  That team is in disarray. There are calls for the head coach to be fired, and meanwhile at the last game, there were two coaches (one offensive, and one defensive) who almost got into a fight with each other.

4) The Home team, who didn’t have to travel across the country, was a three-point underdog.

Now the person I argued with said that it was easy to mention that with four minutes left in the game. My retort? Sorry I didn’t see you two days ago. Now the ideas listed to bet on Seattle (and take them outright) were not my own, but ideas I heard (and agreed with COMPLETELY) on the Colin Cowherd show (and I  am NOT a big fan of Cowherd).

But think of it. A team reeling after being annointed a Super Bowl contender. Said team going with a backup QB. Said team facing a tough team Sunday, then flying across the country to play four days later. Said team with a coach on the brink, and two coordinators ready to stage their own “Thrilla in Manilla or wherever.” Said team a three-point favorite despite all that.

Wouldn’t you have taken the Seahawks and the points? If not to flat out win?

And win the Seahawks did. By a whopping margin.

I don’t know if the said person was an Eagles fan or not.

But the outcome of this game seemed obvious—to me, to Cowherd, and to anyone who may have analyzed.

Sorry I told him it was obvious with four minutes left.

I only wish I could have told him a few days ago.

Trouble brewing? Championship games?

Before even being named Boston manager, there could be trouble brewing in Beantown regarding Bobby Valentine.

Championship Games? Have you seen the lines on some of the conference championship games this weekend?

LSU by 13 1/2 over Georgia  Ok, LSU is #1
Wisconsin by 9 1/2 over Mich. St. (that’s reasonable)
Va. Tech 7 over Clemson
Houston 13 over So. Miss.

Ok… but here is the one that tops all.

Oregon 31 1/2 over UCLA.

You read that right. What UCLA at 5-7 is doing in a conference title game (probably due to USC’s suspension?) is beyond me.

31 1/2?  For a Conference Championship?

David DeJesus signed a deal with the Cubs. 2 yr., 3rd yr. option. He hit .240- 10-46, OPS+ 93 this year for the A’s. From DeJesus, who turns 32 next month, will earn $4.25 million each of the next two years, and the 2014 option year is for $6.5 million with a $1.5 million buyout. DeJesus, 31, is a .284 career hitter, OPS+ 106.




Could Alex be facing a suspension?

MLB is investigating A-Rod. Is a suspension looming? Alex was warned before about frequenting and participating in illegal underground poker games. MLB is investigating continued involvement in them, and some unsavory incidents. Selig is said to be not happy with Alex. Could he be suspended? Stay tuned.

SWB bound.

Heading to SWB this afternoon to check out the AAA game.

As for later today, I’ll find out if my KY Derby bet is the most interesting horse in the world. Stay thirsty, my friends. 😉

Congrats to Andre Ethier on his hitting streak reaching 30, but as Joe D. said, “call me when they hit 40…” It’s amazing how much press they get when they’re only halfway there at 28.

Game #12. Nova struggles. Along with Hughes, rotation problematic. Yanks GIDP 6x in 5-3 loss.

Tonight’s lineup. Texas will have a lefty on the mound in each of the next two games. Gardner is 1 for his last 20. (.150)

Derek Jeter SS Just 1 XBH; 2936 hits
Nick Swisher RF leads majors in sac flies
Mark Teixeira 1B 279 HR
Alex Rodriguez 3B .412 (14 for 34); leads AL in R, SA, OPS, majors in OPS+ (278) (Hot start). 617 HR
Robinson Cano 2B
Andruw Jones LF 408 HR
Jorge Posada DH 5 of 7 hits are HR; leads AL; 266 HR
Russell Martin C Catcher has played every inning of every game.
Curtis Granderson CF

Ivan Nova RHP looking for 3rd MLB victory

Texas gets one in the second and another in the third off Nova. 2-1 Texas after three.

The Yanks had back-to-back singles to open the 1st, but Teix struck out and A-Rod GIDP. Hit #2937 for Derek. His eleventh of the year, but tenth single. (He has one double).

Swisher got an RBI single in the third.

Not good. Nova gets knocked out in the fifth. Hughes three starts, not giving innings, out of rotation for a while, on DL ERA 13.94; Nova now has an ERA of 7.36 after three starts. This is a problem. Five walks and a HBP hurt Nova tonight.

Robertson in. Hughes’ problems last night and Nova’s tonight don’t bode well since Garcia starts tomorrow. The Yanks’ did come back to win last night, but they need better pitching. Hughes and Nova went just 4 1/3 each on back-to-back nights.

2 WP by Robertson makes it 5-1. Along with a WP by Nova, that’s three in the fifth inning. Texas got three runs in the fifth on only one hit.

Nova’s line: 4 1/3 IP, 5 R, 5 ER, 4 hits, 5 walks, 3 strikeouts, 1 HBP. 1 WP.

The Yanks have GIDP three times tonight.

After 4 1/2, Texas 5-1.

Logan for the sixth. Robertson’s line: 2/3 IP, 2 WP. 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 1 K.

Logan goes one inning. 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk, 1 K. After six, 5-1 Rangers.

27 year old Lance Pendleton’s dream comes true. He’s in for the seventh. It’s his major league debut.

Pendleton only hits 88 (GameDay) but has a 1-2-3 with 2 Ks. Nice MLB debut inning.

Bottom of 7th. Yanks GIDP for the fifth time tonight. Still 5-1.

Another 1-2-3 for Pendleton in the 8th.

We are subjected to terrible John Sterling singing in the 8th. I like when Granderson HRs, but as to Sterling’s terrible “Grandy Man Can” singing, ugh. Allen and Barber just rolled over. 5-2. Jeter gets another single. Hit #2938. I’d just like to see some power from him. 108 games now (2/3 of a season) with just one jack. So far this year? 12 hits. 11 singles, one double. Problem? I’d say so. It appears his power is gone. What’s the O/U on his HRs this year? I definitely go less than 10. I’ll say 7 and that could be a reach. I should add something…how many of Jeter’s twelve hits are infield hits? Three? Four?

Immediately after Jeter’s single, Swisher…you guessed it! GIDP. Six tonight in 8 innings.

Nice outing by Pendleton. Saves some of the bullpen.

Pendleton: 3 IP, nine up, nine down. 2 K.

Wow. Boston losing again and could fall to 2-10.

A-Rod doubles and scores on a two-out Chavez single in the 9th. They get the potential tying run to the plate. Posada walks. They get the potential winning run up there with Martin, but Martin flies out.

Yanks lose 5-3. GIDP Six times. Good job by Pendleton, but Nova struggled. Yanks fall to 7-5.

Panic, greed lose games in NCAA tourney.

All too often in watching March Madness, I’m struck by one thing.

Teams lose because they panic and get greedy.

Think about it. If you are losing 50-48 with 15 seconds left, how many points do you need? Two, right?

Too often, teams go for the three and the win. All too often, they put up a three—often way beyond the arc with a bad shot with a good five seconds left on the clock—than go for an easier, closer shot and the tie and overtime.

I saw Kentucky do that last night. Down by two, the youngster puts up a three with six seconds left. Six seconds is more than enough time to swing the ball around twice more and get an easier shot, perhaps a layup (and maybe a foul; a three-point play wins the game, but then again KY WAS 4 for 12 from the charity stripe last night).

But no, and it wasn’t only Kentucky. I’ve seen it throughout the tournament. Maybe next year, instead of looking at talent when filling out my bracket, I should look at character. Try to figure out which teams won’t panic in those last fifteen seconds and throw up a needless three when two will do.

Find out which college kids can COUNT. Who know that they can work that clock down further instead of hoisting up a 35 footer with five seconds left. Who know that settling for the layup to tie the game may be better than trying for a miracle from way out to win it.

Maybe that’ll be the secret for my brackets next year. Also, maybe some teams will learn.

Nah, won’t happen.