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Billy and George in the HOF together? Odds extremely long, but…

No, can’t happen, can it?

It probably won’t, but they are both on the Veterans’ Committee ballot this year.

From MLB.com:

The 12 individuals who will be considered by the Expansion Era Committee in December for Hall of Fame induction in 2011:

Former players Vida Blue, Dave Concepcion, Steve Garvey, Ron Guidry, Tommy John, Al Oliver, Ted Simmons and Rusty Staub; former manager Billy Martin; and executives Pat Gillick, Marvin Miller and George Steinbrenner. Martin and Steinbrenner are deceased; all other candidates are living.

The ballot will be reviewed and voted on by a 16-member electorate at the 2010 Winter Meetings. The results of the vote will be announced on Dec. 6 at the Winter Meetings in Orlando, Fla.


I’d put in Marvin Miller, but the execs will probably do everything possible to keep him out. Billy’s managing may suggest he go in, but he has serious character issues. It will be interesting to see if sentiment gets George in. After all, he was suspended from baseball twice, so he has character issues of his own.

I’d consider Tommy John. The problem there is that people consider him a “compiler.” He did have 288 wins, but over a very long career. He was a good pitcher, and his surgery did change the game, but…

maybe it’s Dr. Jobe that should go into the HOF. With his successful surgery on John, HE is the one who changed the game and deserves the HOF acclamation the most.

I’m sure that every pitcher who had the surgery, and whose career was saved, would agree.