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What a difference a few weeks make

The Yanks made a bit of a surprise move today, DFA-ing David Aardsma. Instead, Shawn Kelley, Cody Eppley and Adam Warren make the team. My guess is that once Phil Hughes comes off the DL, Warren will be sent down to AAA.

But think of this. A month ago, it looked like Aardsma was a lock. You didn’t expect Warren to be on (and frankly, I’d have taken Nuno over Warren).

Not only that, a month ago, Boesch, Wells, Francisco and Overbay were trying to win jobs WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS.

You didn’t expect them to be going north with the Yankees.

What a crazy month.

S.T. Game 33. Yanks lose 2-1 to Pirates, Kuroda great.

Hiroki Kuroda gave up just one hit in six scoreless innings as the Yanks lost 2-1 to Pittsburgh on Thursday to drop their spring training record to 13-19-1. They now leave Florida. They will play the Nationals in an exhibition game on Friday in D.C., then play an exhibition game at West Point on Saturday. Sunday will be an off day and they will open the season vs. Boston on Monday.

Kuroda struck out five and walked no one. Boone Logan faced two batters and got no one out. Both runners scored. He gave up a walk and then one-time Yanks’ prospect Jose Tabata lined one off Logan’s hip. Logan says he’s fine but he was then removed from the game as a precaution. David Aardsma gave up hit, walk and WP in 2/3 IP. Cody Eppley went 1 1/3, scoreless. Jim Miller pitched a scoreless inning.

In the bottom of the 9th, Lyle Overbay’s two-out double with men on 1st and 2nd scored Thomas Neal with the Yanks’ only run, but PR Casey Stevenson had to be held at third. Dan Johnson, who has had a poor spring (.061 and four errors) struck out to end the game.

S.T. Game 30. Yanks walk-off with 7-6, 10 inning win.

Ronnier Mustelier, fighting for a place on the team, hit a walkoff HR leading off the bottom of the 10th as the Yanks won 7-6 over the Rays to increase their S.T. record to 12-18. Mustelier may have trouble sticking despite a good spring because apparently the Yanks are making a deal for Vernon Wells from the Angels (see the next post).

Long-time readers of this blog know I wanted Mustelier up last year and wanted Andruw Jones cut. Jones hit .197-14-34, OPS+ 88 and his D (10 GG) diminished. Mustelier’s D is a “?” but he did hit .314-15-69 in 114 games between AA and AAA.

Kevin Youkilis hit two two-run HRs in the game, but also made an error that led to four unearned runs. Travis Hafner, having a rough spring, also homered.

Eduardo Nunez was 2 for 3 with an RBI triple.

Adam Warren started, went 3 2/3, 5 R, 1 ER, 6 hits, 2 walks, 2 K. Vidal Nuno 1/3, 0 R, 2 H a walk, no K (the out was on Cervelli catching a runner trying to steal. Cervelli nabbed two runners today).

Eppley, Mo, Joba and Logan combined for four shutout innings (one each) before Aardsma allowed the Rays to tie it in the top of the 9th (1 IP, 1 R).

Josh Spence (1/3) and Preston Claiborne (2/3, W) combined for a scoreless tenth before Musty’s walkoff.

John Sterling is a bit over-the-top, but his HR call of Play Musty For Me is a good one.

Yuniesky Betancourt has been released by the Phils. You wonder, given Jeter’s problems, if the Yanks may take a flyer. More on Wells and Betancourt in the next post.


S.T. Game 27. Yanks get just one hit in 6-1 loss to Twins, Jeter “shut down”

The Yanks lost 6-1 to the Twins today and most disappointingly, managed just one hit (a single by Cano).

This, on top of being 2-hit by the Phils earlier this week.

The offense worries me. This offense looks weak. Puny weak.

Derek Jeter won’t play in any more MLB S.T. games this spring. This is because if the Yanks need to backlog dates for him being on the D.L., they can backlog to 3/22 if he only plays in minor league games from 3/22 but they cannot use that date for MLB spring games. It is still unknown whether Derek can be ready for the 4/1 Opening Day game. I think not.

So on Opening Day we may see this: No Derek, Teix, Granderson and A-Rod (DL) as well as no Chavez, Swish, Martin or Ibanez (Free Agency).

This may be the weakest Opening Day lineup since say, 1989-1992 (the Green/Dent/Merrill/early Buck days, when the lineup included Alvaro Espinoza, Balboni, Sax, Pat Kelly, Barfield, Hall, Nokes, Geren, Brookens, etc.). Ugh.

Dave Phelps appears to have lost the #5 spot to Nova what with his effort today. He had a great spring up to the last two starts. Today: 5 R in 3 2/3. Juan Cedeno a scoreless 1/3. Mo went 1, a hit, then 3 K. Robertson and Aardsma a scoreless IP each. Logan 1 R in 1 IP, Claiborne a scoreless inning.

Meanwhile, our friends at BBD (Bronx Baseball Daily) report that Joba could be dealt for a young bat. I would love to keep Joba, but the lineup needs help.

S.T. Game 25. Yanks get just 2 hits in 4-1 loss to Phils.

Granted Robbie Cano is playing for the D.R. in the WBC title game tonight, but you hope he isn’t ALL of the Yankees offense in 2013.

For the Yanks got just two hits in their 4-1 loss to the Phils today. Those two hits were by two people who each are having an excellent Spring Training: Gardner and Ichiro, who each must set the table if the Yanks are going to be any good in 2013.

Derek Jeter was supposed to play today but was scratched because his ankle got “cranky.”

Adam Warren gave up 2 R in 3 2/3. I have to say, I’m not impressed with Warren, who’ll be AAA-bound. Joba pitched 1/3, scoreless.

Boone Logan pitched a scoreless inning and that was good to see because of his recent troubles.

Shawn Kelley gave up 1 in 2/3 IP, and Josh Spence 1 in 1 IP. David Aardsma pitched a scoreless inning.

The Yanks are now 9-16 in S.T. I like the pitching so far, but the bats are toothpicks with all the deletions from last season (Free agency + DL).

S.T. Game 22. Phils blank Yanks, 7-0.

The Yanks had split-squad action today, vs. the Phils at home and later against the Braves on the road. This report is on the home game, in which the Yanks were shut out by the Phillies, 7-0.

Hiroki Kuroda started and wasn’t bad. He was hurt by an error by Gil Velazquez in the fourth, when the Phils scored four runs. With one out, Utley walked and Howard’s grounder was booted by Velazquez. Now you can never assume the DP, but it’s safe to say that they would have had the DP on the slow-running Howard and been out of the inning. Instead, Domonic Brown hit a 3-run HR and a triple and single later, it was 4-0. Granted Kuroda has to pitch around the error there, but…

Kuroda went 6, gave up those 4 runs (2 earned) on 6 hits, one walk and 2 K.

Mo pitched the seventh. He gave up a walk, got a DP, then struck out Michael Young.

David Aardsma pitched a scoreless 8th. Shawn Kelley gave up 3 runs in the 9th (and see my previous post, I don’t have Kelley making the team).

Walt Ibarra went 2 for 2 for the Yanks.

S.T. Game 19. Pettitte shaky, but Yanks beat Phils, 6-2.

Andy Pettitte gave up 4 hits in 3 IP, along with 3 walks, but only gave up 1 run as the Yanks beat the Phils 6-2 tonight.

Pettitte struck out three in his three innings of work.

Cody Eppley pitched a scoreless inning, and Mariano had (you expected otherwise?) a 1-2-3.

David Aardsma gave up an unearned run in his inning of work, and Jim Miller (2) and Shawn Kelley (1 IP) finished up.

Kelley, acquired from Seattle, has done well this spring.

Ichiro had 2 hits and an RBI, as did Juan Rivera. Newly acquired Ben Francisco had 2 RBI.