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S.T. Gm 20. Yanks/Boston tie. Chipper to retire

Before I get to the game post, a tip of the cap to Chipper Jones. The career-long Brave and 1999 NL MVP decided to call it quits after this season. He enters the season with 454 HR and a .304 batting average. One of the top 10 3B (and yes, he spent some time in LF) of all-time. Probably top-five.

The Yanks blew a 4-0 lead tonight and ended up in a 4-4 tie with Boston on a game televised by ESPN. There was a lot to like, but when they say a tie is like kissing your sister, then what is a tie with Boston? Far worse.

The good part: Adam Warren and Dellin Betances, both ticketed for the AAA rotation, combined for seven shutout, two-hit innings—mostly against Boston’s A lineup.

Warren 4 IP, 0 R, 2 h, 0 walks and 3 K.
Betances 3 IP, 0R, 0 h, 3 walks (control issues) and 4 K.

The Yanks got two in the fourth on an RBI triple by Granderson followed by a single by Jones.

Doug Bernier (2 hits and a great defensive play tonight) had a two-run single in the fourth.

Cory Wade spoiled the great effort by the youngsters. In 2/3 of an inning, he gave up 3 R, 4 hits, 0 walks, 0 K.

Juan Cedeno went 1/3. 1 R, 1 H, 0 walks and a K.

Kontos 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 2 K.

From Lohud:

Besides the great job by Warren & Betances tonight, David Phelps — who was supposed to start this game before his wife went into labor — has pitched 7.2 innings without an earned run this spring. D.J. Mitchell has a 0.89 WHIP and 1.00 ERA. The Yankees upper-level pitching prospects have each made strong impressions this spring, suggesting they’re more than capable of filling a hole should this overflowing rotation need a spot starter or two.

In other words, that AAA rotation should be something else (add Banuelos to that, and maybe even Nova/Pineda—-after all the Yanks have 7 starters for 5 spots now. Even if Garcia is dealt when Pettitte is ready, someone (Hughes, Pineda or Nova) goes down).

More from LoHud:

 Tonight’s game ended in a tie because Girardi had run out of pitchers who he actually planned on pitching in this game. The Yankees had extra lower-level pitchers on the trip, but it seems Girardi didn’t want to use them. “I just said, that’s it,” Girardi said.

Bobby Valentine wasn’t happy with Girardi for calling the game before it could go into the 10th inning. It is odd that Girardi had extra pitchers on the travel roster but chose not to use them. He said that he was worried about tomorrow’s doubleheader. “We’ve got a long day tomorrow too,” he said. “We need pitching.”

• One seemingly available pitcher was D.J. Mitchell, but the Yankees had him throw a side when it seemed there wouldn’t be enough innings for him to pitch. “We have a responsibility to build him up too,” Girardi said.

My take? Maybe Girardi could have used Mitchell, maybe not. But after Valentine suicide squeezed home the tying run in the 9th in an exhibition game, Girardi could have thought “Screw you for doing that in an exhibition game. I know you have someone warming up for the 10th, but now I’m going to screw you.” Just saying….

Um… Cough, cough. Ibanez. 0 for 3 tonight. 2 for 37 this spring. Down to .054 this spring. Um….. CC is a good hitting pitcher. I think even CC would be better than 2 for bloody 37.

March Madness. Had 12 of the Sweet 16. Tonight got Louisville over Mich. St right, Ohio St. over Cincy right (exact matchups) as well as Syracuse winning this game to advance to Elite 8 (had them over Vandy though, not Wisc.).  I couldn’t win on FLA/Marq. b/c I had Missouri winning this one.

But….12 of Sweet 16. Only one of my Elite 8 done to date. All Four Final Four teams still alive.

This may be the best year I’ve ever had picking the NCAA tournament bracket.

Update: I should add that for the Yanks to play Boston in a spring training game, that one or the other of the teams must take a 2 1/2 hour bus ride. Add a night game on top of that, and can you really be surprised that one or the other didn’t want to go extras?

Yanks bring back Andruw Jones

The Yankees today signed Andruw Jones to a one year deal, worth $2 MM, plus another $1.4 MM in incentives. He’ll do the same job as he did in 2011, that is, backup OF, start vs. lefties, defensive replacement, PH. Jones will be 35 in 2012, and has 420 career HR. He hit .247-13-33 in 2011, OPS+ 122.

The Mariners signed George Sherrill. Toronto signs 41 year old Darren Oliver.

Saw a nice NFL stat today from ESPN. Drew Brees has thrown a TD pass in 42 consecutive games—just 5 short of Johnny Unitas’ record.

Lastly, that Baylor/WA game last night was ridiculous. 67-56 Baylor. Nope, not college basketball. Football. No D whatsoever.

Game 6. A.J. goes 6, Soriano bounces back, save #563 for Mo in 4-3 Yankees’ win.

Day game for the Yanks. The weather is again gloomy and miserable in the Northeast. A.J. will be going today. The bypassed Garcia is in the bullpen. Considering Boston is coming up this weekend, maybe a rainout was good for the bullpen to regroup a bit.

With Liriano going for the Twins, here is the lineup. Granderson gets a day off.

1. Jeter SS
2. Swisher RF
3. Teixeira 1B
4. Rodriguez 3B
5. Cano 2B
6. Posada DH
7. Jones LF
8. Martin C
9. Gardner CF

Burnett P


Jeter enters the game with 2929 hits. The next hit ties Rogers Hornsby on the all-time list. Next up? Wee Willie Keeler, 2932; Jake Beckley 2934; Barry Bonds 2935 (kind of nice to see he didn’t get 3000 hits or 2000 RBI, isn’t it?); and Frank Robinson 2943.

He won’t stay behind him for long, as Pujols will eventually pull away, but Andruw Jones’ 408 HR puts him one behind Pujols. Darrell Evans 414 is next. Jason Giambi has 415*.


Good start for A.J. A 1-2-3 that includes a K of Mauer.

Jeter ties Hornsby with a double leading off the first. He’s left stranded. Sterling and Waldman state that he tied Beckley as well. I’m going by BaseballReference, which has Beckley at 2934. Whatever. The stats on Beckley (1888-1907) are probably inaccurate.  

Control trouble for A.J. in the 2nd. He walks the first two but gets out of it with a flyout, K and popup.

A.J. has a scoreless third despite giving up a double and a WP. In the third, the Yanks get “Gardner run.” The “Road Runner” walks, steals 2nd, goes to third on a groundout and scores on a SF by Swisher. 1-0 Yankees after 3. 

Trouble for A.J. in the 4th. Three doubles lead to two runs. 2-1 Twins.   

The Yanks come back. Alex walks, Single by Cano. After Jorge strikes out, Andruw Jones ties it with a double. RBI groundout by Martin makes it 3-2. Gardner’s RBI single makes it 4-2. Walk to Jeter but Swish grounds out. 4-2 after 4.

Boston loses again, 1-0. They are now 0-6. That’s the good news. The bad news is that means that they are due and the Yanks are next on the schedule. 

After 5, 90 pitches for Burnett. I can see one more inning, but get someone up just in case. 5 IP, 2 R, 5 H, 2 walks and 4 K for him so far.

A.J. goes six.  6 IP, 2 R, 5 H, 2 walks and 5 K after he has a 1-2-3 6th. Joba for the 7th as Girardi will stick to formula. I just wonder how the fans will treat Soriano. The Twins get an unearned run off Joba on a HBP, SB, E-2 (Martin’s throw) and a groundout. After 6 1/2, 4-3 Yanks. Need more runs, guys. 

White Sox lead 0-5 Tampa 3-0 in the 5th. Damon now 1 for 17 for the year. Manny isn’t in the lineup. He’s 1 for 17 as well.

Jeter leads off the 7th with a little topper for hit #2931. I wonder if he’ll run here. The Yanks could use an insurance run. Nope. Forceout. Another forceout. Flyout.

To the 8th. Mauer, Morneau and Thome are due up. This is the part of managing that I hate. Against these three, you WANT YOUR BEST. Meaning, really that MO should be in now, facing these three. The ballgame is here…in THIS inning, not in the 9th. They have their best up NOW. 3, 4 and 5. So Mo would face the bottom of the order in the 9th. I want Mo NOW. Against 3-4-5. But managers are so locked in to their formula that they manage ass backwards. Here is an example.

…and Mauer singles to start off the 8th. Soriano gets a flyout, a popup and a flyout. Much better than the other night. He did his job. Way to come back from the other night. I still don’t sway from my argument. Give Soriano credit for doing a good job today. But so many games are lost because managers don’t use their best when they NEED them, which is not necessarily in the 9th. If their best are up in the 8th, and the game is on the line, shouldn’t you use your best then?

For all the criticism Gardner gets, it’s a one-run game? Why? Because of a “Gardner” run. The walk, SB, GO an SF.

One thing to watch out for in the 9th. Kubel will leadoff, and he’s had success vs. Rivera. It’s 4-3 as we enter the 9th.

Just looked it up. Kubel 2 for 2 off Mo, including a HR. But not this time. Mo gets Kubel on a flyout. He gets another flyout and a groundout to end it.

Save #563 for the Great Rivera. A.J. with the win.

Yankees win 4-3 and go to 4-2 for the season.

Tomorrow’s game in Fenway is an afternoon affair. 2 p.m. Hughes on the mound.

UPDATE: Late in today’s game, Swisher went in hard at second to break up a DP. SI’s Jon Heyman tweets:

Swisher says he told nishioka: I thought u were going to jump. Also says nishi told him: it’s not your fault.

End result: Fractured fibula for Nishioka. Ouch. 

Game 5. Soriano flushes away CC’s game. Yanks lose in 10, 5-4.

Tonight’s lineup. No surprise. Lefty on the mound so Jones is in & Gardner is out.

1. Jeter SS
2. Swisher RF
3. Teixeira 1B
4. Rodriguez 3B
5. Cano 2B
6. Posada DH
7. Martin C
8. Jones LF
9. Granderson CF
Sabathia P

Lousy weather all day in the Northeast, but it is expected to clear (cold, rainy) in time for the game.

I’ll be at a meeting of the LVYFC (Lehigh Valley Yankee Fan Club) so there won’t be much of a running blog on the game, more of a recap. 


Lots of blame to go around on this one, but none towards CC, who was great. 7 IP, 0 R, 2 H. Left with a 4-0 lead.

Some blame goes to the offense. Last night, the Yanks got two in the first on an Alex HR, two in the second on a Jorge blast, then nothing thereafter. They hung on to win 4-3.

Tonight? A 3-run blast by the red-hot Teixeira in the first, and a solo HR (#408, passing Duke Snider) by Andruw Jones in the second. Nothing thereafter. Yes, there is 15 HR (I think, didn’t look up the number) in five games, but those are how the Yanks are scoring. They aren’t manufacturing runs. After Jones’ blast? Nothing, and tonight it didn’t hold up.

It should have. For the Yanks led 4-0 going into the 8th. The Yanks pulled CC for Soriano, and his wildness flushed the game away. He worked 2/3 of an inning, gave up just 1 H, but was charged for 4 runs that tied the game because he walked three. Inexcusable. You can’t walk people there. Goat of the game award? Definitely Soriano.

Robertson came in for Soriano with the bases loaded and two out. He gave up a little dinky double, Texas-league variety, and with two out, you knew all the runners were off and running. Too far out for Cano, too far in for Swish who gave a valiant effort. Tie game. Robertson got out of it, and Mo pitched a scoreless ninth. The Yanks couldn’t get anything going, though.

In the 10th, Logan lost the game. I have to hand it to Nishioka, who with two strikes got a single on what I thought was a good pitch by Logan. Ayala finished it up.  

Jeter got hit #2929 in the game, but struck out to end it.

Tough loss. CC deserved the W, but the wildness of Soriano flushed the game away.  


S.T. Game #31. Last Spring Training game is won by Yanks 2-1. Regular season two days away.

From LoHud:

Depending on Curtis Granderson, this could be a preview of the Opening Day lineup.

Brett Gardner CF
Derek Jeter SS
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada DH
Andruw Jones LF
Russell Martin C

Freddy Garcia P

Soriano, Colon, Prior among pitchers scheduled after Garcia today.

It would be nice for Andruw to get a few hits and alleviate some worries.

It will be Gardner 1, Jeter 2 on Thursday when the Yankees open the season vs. Verlander. It appears that Gardner 1, Jeter 2 vs. righties, Jeter 1, Swisher 2 and Gardner 9 vs. lefties will be the way the Yanks will go. Update: Girardi still mulling lineup vs. righties.

1-1 after 5. Garcia doing well so far. He got out of a bases-loaded, two out jam in the third by getting Miguel Cabrera to line to Cano.

A-Rod got a bases-loaded walk in the 3rd for the Yanks run. Garcia gave up a HR to Brennan Boesch in the 4th for the Tigers’ run.

Garcia went 4 2/3, 1 R, 4 H, 2 walks and 3 K. Luis Ayala got the last out in the 5th. He gave up a double, then got out of a 2nd and 3rd, two out jam.

 Ayala got the first batter in the 6th, then was replaced by Steve Garrison (Ayala 2/3, 0 R 1 H, 0 walks or K). Garrison 2/3, 0 R, 2 H, 0 walks and a K.

Prior for the 7th. Once again, he looks good. 1 IP, 0 r, 1 H, 0 walks, 1 K (Miguel Cabrera).

LoHud reports that Manny Banuelos was awarded the James P. Dawson Award, which goes to the best rookie in camp.  He actually beat out Ivan Nova, who finished second.

LoHud also reports that Phil Hughes, in getting ready for his start on Sunday (Game 3), went 5 innings at minor league camp today, 1 R.

Bad news being reported at Bronx Baseball Daily. Feliciano could miss all of April. 

Wordekemper gets the first two outs in the 8th, then yields to Soriano. Soriano gets a K.

Game on ESPN. Didn’t know that, but I’ve been busy anyway. Austin Romine leads off the bottom of the 8th with a HR to put the Yanks up 2-1.

Colon in to get work and finish it up. He gets an easy 1-2-3, all weak groundouts.

The 2-1 Yankees win means that they end spring training 13-15-3.

Granderson came through today OK and is optimistic for Thursday’s opening day.


S.T. Game #27. Hughes decent in Yanks 5-3 win.

Hughes is pitching tonight vs. the Blue Jays (at GMS field).
A.J. is working a minor league game this afternoon.

With Granderson’s oblique being a problem, Gardner slides over to CF, Jones in LF.

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada DH
Andruw Jones LF
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner CF

Phil Hughes P

Another day of some snow in the Northeast. Mother Nature does know that the season starts next week, doesn’t she?  

Here’s an article listing the most valuable MLB franchise (Yankees) to #30 (Pirates) in order. You can see how much each is worth.

Off the bench: C Gustavo Molina, 1B Brandon Laird, 2B Ronnie Belliard, SS Ramiro Pena, 3B Eduardo Nunez, LF Jordan Parraz, CF Melky Mesa, RF Greg Golson

Out of the bullpen: Mariano Rivera, Boone Logan, Luis Ayala, Steve Garrison, Eric Wordekemper, Ryan Pope, Buddy Carlyle and Josh Schmidt.

I should mention, the game is on MLB network @ 7. Burnett gave up 4 runs in 5 2/3 in a minor league game.  

Hughes was decent, not great in the Yanks’ 5-3 win (10-14-3). He went 7, gave up 3 R on 8 H, no walks, 7 K. Mo was… Mo. The one and only 1-2-3 and nothing hit hard. Boone Logan looked good in the 9th. He gave up a hit but struck out the side.  

I am a bit concerned about the Yanks’ offense. They only had six hits tonight, two by the red-hot A-Rod. Andruw Jones hasn’t looked that good this spring. In the second, Alex doubled, but Cano popped to short. Didn’t move the runner. Posada reached on an error, but with 1st and 3rd, one out, Jones GIDP.

The Yanks scored 4 in the 7th. Teixeira walked, A-Rod singled. Pinch-runners in. Scrub time. Cano singled in a run to cut Toronto’s lead to 3-1. Posada walked. Bases loaded, no one out for Andruw. He reached on a force attempt, E-5, everyone safe, 3-2. It should have been another GIDP. Russell Martin’s SF tied the game and the eventual game winner scored on a PB by our old buddy, Jose Molina.

In the 8th, Golson and Laird singled (thus two of the six hits by scrubs/minor leaguers) and Nunez hit a SF.      

I am trying to remember a S.T. game so far in which the Yanks’ bats lit up the scoreboard. I can’t recall one yet, can you?   

Hmmm…. a lot of those pitchers Yankee fans were interested in this offseason are coming up lame again. (Duchscherer, Webb). When are people going to give Cashman credit? For all the pressure to sign one of them, he didn’t. Where would the Yanks be if he had?   \

Cuts:  Jordan Parraz, Jose Gil, Jorge Vazquez, Kevin Russo, Brandon Laird, Melky Mesa and Greg Golson have been sent to minor league camp. They’ll report after tomorrow’s off day (per LoHud).

I’m a bit surprised at Golson, only because of Granderson’s oblique. I thought maybe Golson might stick in case Granderson isn’t ready opening day. As far as Justin Maxwell, I haven’t seen anything from him worth mentioning yet. Tough break for Vazquez, who really opened eyes with his hitting this spring. There was just no room. May be a midseason callup, though. But his D isn’t his strong point.

Ollie Perez signs a minor league deal with the Nats. A scare for the Phils as Manny Ramirez lines one back at Oswalt’s head. He is struck behind the ear but seems ok. The Phils have bad karma right now.

A new profile by me is now up on BBD. It’s Elston Howard.

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Here we go again…

I heard some of Cowherd this morning (you may know my opinion of him. Lots of times I think Cowherd is full of BS). Once again, I hear “greatest rotation ever” talk about the Phils Phront Phour.

You may recall I wrote about that here, and it was repeated over on the LoHud blog. How about they do something first? Don’t give them that title before they do anything. Are the Phils the favorite for the 2011 title? Most probably, yes. But how many preseason favorites in any sport wind up short of the prize?

I discussed the 1990s Braves staffs. Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz and (given the year, Avery, Neagle or Millwood). One title. Think those staffs match up well with the Phils? There are other good staffs that I mentioned that match up well with the Phils’ staff. Check back on this blog or go to LoHud’s archives.

Yeah, they are good. Make them earn the title. Don’t hand it to them now. I’m sick of the hyperbole. Part of me would like to see them phold just to shut up the media. I mean, come on.

The Yanks finally formally announced the signing of Andruw Jones. They DFA’d Brian Schlitter, a righty reliever, to make room on the 40 man for Jones. So I guess we will never hear Sterling say that Girardi is going to the Schlitter.

BBD has a pic up of the newly svelte CC. Looks good. Meanwhile about those “muscles” (we hope it’s 15 lbs of muscle and not fat) Joba put on, SI’s Jon Heyman tweets:

not saying jobas fat, but he looks like he may have swallowed one of the clubhouse kids