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ALDS GAME 2. Scherzer, Cabrera even up series for Tigers. Yanks bats wake up far too late.

Jeter SS
Granderson CF
Cano 2B
A-Rod 3B
Teixeira 1B
Swisher RF
Posada DH
Martin C
Gardner LF

Garcia P

The same lineup as Game 1, despite my concerns in the previous post.

An hour before Game Time and here in Eastern PA… Rain. Naturally.

Garcia gives up a 2-run HR to Cabrera, who goes the other way and gets it in just over the fence around the 314 mark.

Sure enough, with two out in the first, Cano walks on four pitches (see my previous post). Alex walks. Teix pops up. 2-0 Tigers after one.

Still 2-0 after three. Yanks don’t have a hit yet.

Garcia has been good. 5 K in 4 IP. Only that one mistake. Yanks still don’t have a hit after four.

Bottom five. With one out, Posada walks, Martin HBP. Gardner lines out. Jeter grounds out. Still 2-0 Tigers and Yanks still hitless.

Freddy lets the game get away in the sixth. Error by Jeter. Single by Magglio. After an out, Cabrera singles to make it 3-0, Martinez single 4-0. Garcia out, Logan in. Freddy wasn’t that bad, until losing it here. But the Yanks don’t have a hit.

Logan balks. Sheesh. Gets a K, then another.  4-0 after 5 1/2.

Garcia: 5 1/3, 4 R, 3 ER, 6 H, 0 walks, 6 K. Not great, but an OK performance by Freddy. As stated, the Yanks have no hits, so…

Cano breaks up the no-no in the 6th.

Logan 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 2 K. Wade the 7th.

In the seventh, Swish walks, Posada singles. Scherzer out of there. Martin flies out. Chavez PH for Gardner. K. …and it is pouring rain. Of course. Jeter K. 4-0 after 7. Yanks don’t have a beef. They have just 2 hits.

To the bottom of the 8th. Still 4-0 Tigers.

Granderson homers. 4-1 after 8.

A-Rod still killing the Yanks. 0 for the first two games. He really doesn’t look right. If he plays, drop him from cleanup. But then, maybe he shouldn’t be playing at all.

Ayala in for Wade.

Wade: 2 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 1 walk, 2 K.

HBP, sac, GO, but Ayala can’t get out of the inning. Single makes it 5-1.

Ayala: 1 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 0 K.

Maybe a good sign despite the loss? Swisher, a king of postseason misery, homers in the 9th to make it 5-2. Maybe out of a postseason funk?

Posada triples. Martin walks. SF by Andruw. 5-3. Jeter whiffs. Granderson walks.

Cano, the winning run, up. It’s pouring rain… again.

Robbie grounds out. Game over. Tigers even the series at one apiece.

Big one tomorrow. CC vs. Verlander.








ALDS Game 1 Resumption. Nova strong outing, Cano GS, 6 RBI lead Yanks to 9-3 win.

Remember when Gossage wanted to go after Gibson in the 1984 WS and Gibson hit a HR? Kirk Gibson should have remembered that when he left Ian Kennedy pitch to Prince Fielder. Of course the pitcher’s ego will say he can get him out. Gibson should have trusted his own brain and guts over Kennedy’s ego. Fielder hit a 2-run HR. 4-1 Brewers take Game 1.

The Phils, down 3-1 in the sixth, had their bats wake up then and they won Game 1 11-6. After giving up a 2-run HR to the Big Puma, Lance Berkman in the first, and 3 hits in the first two innings, Halladay didn’t give up any hits the rest of the way. He went 8. The Cards got 3 in the 9th.

Now for the resumption. To remind you of what happened last night, Delmon Young homered in the 1st off of CC. 1-0 Tigers. In the bottom half, Jeter struck out but reached on the WP (hustle!). Granderson walked, both runners moved up on Cano’s groundout and Jeter scored on A-Rod’s groundout. CC had a 1-2-3 second. We pick it up in the bottom of the second. Ivan Nova will now be pitching for the Yanks.

One problem with TBS: Whatever they say is “very funny”? Usually isn’t.

A quick start for the Yanks. Posada singles to lead off the resumption, and Martin doubles. Gardner grounds into a FC. Posada trapped off third, poor baserunning. 1st and 2nd, one out.  Yanks get a break on a balk. 2nd and 3rd. Jeter whiffs. So does Granderson. You gotta be kidding me. NOTHING out of it. You HAVE to get at least one there. Posada’s bad baserunning may have cost them a run. He’d have scored on the balk (but that’s the fallacy of the preassumed outcome).

Both teams go down 1-2-3 in the third.

Still 1-1 after four.

GREAT play by Jeter and Martin. With one out, Nova issues a walk and two singles. But on the second single, Granderson to Jeter to Martin nails Avila at the plate. How Martin held on escapes me. Nova gets out of it.

With two out, Granderson singles. Cano hits one off the top of the wall, RBI double. 2-1 Yanks after five. The ball hit the very top of the wall and came back. As Sweeny Murti tweeted, at least it wasn’t a ground rule double. Robbie just missed a HR.

Up 0-2 on Jackson in the sixth, Nova walks him. Jackson is the only SB threat on Detroit. Mistake. Runner goes, Cano covers, ball hit right to the bag. DP. Diving catch by Swish ends the inning.

Leadoff double (going the other way!) by Teix to lead off the bottom of the sixth. Big run here. The Yanks need to get more runs. Swisher stinks yet again in another postseason AB (.162 in postseasons entering this game. .148 as a Yankee, worst of ANY Yankee with 75 or more postseason ABs) Strikeout. Jorge walks. Martin’s groundout moves the runners up.

Gardner with a 2-run single! Huge. 4-1 Yanks and Soriano, Robertson and Rivera are getting ready. Jeter singles. 1st and 3rd. Jeter SB. Granderson walks.

CANO HITS A GRAND SLAM! 8-1 Yanks after six.

CC 2 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 4 K by the way.

Heading out for a bit. I can breathe (and celebrate a bit?) now.

Back after a couple of celebratory drinks:

Yanks go up 9-1 in the 8th on an RBI double by Cano. 6 RBI. He matches a Yankees postseason record. (Richardson and Matsui WS; Bernie ALDS).

Nova tires in the 9th. He does get the win, and what a great job he did for a rookie. He pitched six scoreless innings before tiring and getting pulled in the 9th.

6 1/3, 2 R, 4 H, 4 walks and 5 K.

Ayala came in. 1/3 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 walks or K.

Once it was 9-3, bases loaded, two out, Girardi said “Enough of this.”

The Great One. Mo. Three pitches. Bing, Bang, Boom. K. Game over.

No save for Mo. The postseason ERA goes from 0.7088 to 0.7071. (140 IP, 11 ER. When it’s that low already, it’s harder to lower it more!)

Game 160. Rays beat Yanks 5-2, tie Red Sox for wild card.

Phil Hughes is going to the bullpen, where he’ll be for the postseason. As for A.J/Colon, that’s a different story. No word there.

Noesi gets his 2nd MLB start. Teix and Swish off tonight.

Jeter 6  .300-6-61  16sb/22att  OPS+ 98  .300!    3088 hits
Granderson 8 .266-41-119  24/34  141 leads MLB in R, AL in RBI
Cano 4 .304-27-116  8/10  130
A-Rod DH .278-16-62  4/5  117   629 HR still 1 HR behind Griffey
Posada 3 .242-14-44  0/2  92    275 career HR 
Chavez 5 .265-2-26  0/0  80
Martin 2 .236-17-64  8/10  91
Nunez 9 .261-5-30  21/27  80
Gardner 7 .258-7-36  48/61  89   leads AL in SB.

Noesi 1 (2-1, 4.14), ERA+ 107

Cano gets #28 in the first. 1-0 Yankees.

In the 3rd, Gardner singles, Jeter singles, Cano RBI single makes it 2-0.

Noesi gives that up in the 3rd. Single, walk, double tie the game. Single puts 1st and 3rd, and Noesi is gone.

Granted that the last two outings were is first two MLB starts, but those outings seem to have cost Noesi a postseason berth.

Valdes in. He gets a K, gets an RBI single by Damon. The Rays try a double steal and both runners are thrown out, DP 2-6-3-2. Rays 3-2 after three.

Noesi: 2 IP+, 3 R, 5 H, 2 walks, 1 K. ERA to 4.47. Like I said, pitched himself off the postseason roster. He goes to 2-2, 4.47.

Valdes gives up a HR to Shoppach in the 4th. 4-2 Rays.

Valdes 2 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 walks, 2 K. ERA to 3.27.

Hughes for the 5th. Flyout, lineout, 2 walks. Martin gets ejected. Romine in. Popup.

1 2/3 for Hughes. 0 R, 1 H, 2 walks, 1 K. 5.86.

Kontos in.

2/3, 1 R, 0 H, 2 walks, 1 K. 3.38. It goes to 5-2.

Ayala 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk, 1 K. ERA to 1.64.

Brackman the final 2/3. 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk, 0 K. 0.00.

The Rays win 5-4. Bumbling Boston lost again, and now it’s a flat out tie for the wild card lead with two games left.

If there is a 163rd game, it’ll be in Tampa.

I texted a couple of friends tonight. We are in agreement. This may be the only time in our lives where we hope the Yanks throw in the towel and tank it—just to screw Boston.

Game 157. Jeter, Montero spark Yanks to 9-1 win.

Jeter SS .297-5-57  15sb/21 att  OPS+ 95   see prev. post. 3084 hits. .300?
Granderson CF .270-41-119  24/34  145  MLB leader in R, RBI
Teixeira 1B .245-37-104  4/5  114   The .245 is disappointing
Rodriguez 3B .281-16-61  4/5  119     1 HR to tie Griffey on all-time list
Cano 2B .305-27-116  8/10  131   see below
Swisher RF .262-23-84  2/4  118   see below
Jones LF .244-12-32  0/0  121    419 HR
Montero DH .313-3-8  0/0  143    15 for 48
Martin C .236-17-62  8/9  91

Garcia P  11-8, 3.77  ERA+ 117

Yanks 95-61, magic # for best record in A.L. is 2 over Det. & Tex.

OPS+ 108, ERA+ 120. Three games worse than Pythagorean record.

An audition for the #3 postseason rotation spot for Garcia, who has struggled lately. The NY Post actually has writers advocating Burnett for the 3 spot.

The Post also advocates switching Cano and Teixeira in the batting order. Cano has been getting int. walked a lot lately, and it could be a sign of postseason strategy. If so, maybe he needs A-Rod protecting him. Swisher’s postseason B.A. is .162. Hopefully that changes this year, but in two years as a Yankee, Swish has one of the worst postseason records by a Yankee. 1 for 12, 3 for 20, 2 for 15 in 2009, 4 for 12, 2 for 22 last year (ALDS, ALCS and WS respectively). That’s a combined 12 for 81. .148.

Not only that, you have a #3 at .245, #5 at .305. The concern is in having Granderson and Cano, two lefties back-to-back. But Teix has to pick it up. Even if it means HITTING THE OTHER WAY to avoid the shift. God, I hate it when they just hit into the shift. If they are giving you something, TAKE IT.

Did you know? Chipper Jones passed Yaz in HR. Chipper 453, Yaz 452.

The Yanks get six in the second. Yankee fans must be rejoicing. Bury Boston now!

With one out, Cano singles. Swisher walks, Jones singles. Montero singles in one run, Martin singles in two and Jeter crushes a 3-run HR (6, career 240, hit #3085). 6-0 Yanks.

With two out in the third, Swisher and Jones single, and the impressive looking Montero (DH in the playoffs w/under 75 MLB at bats under his belt?) doubles in two to chase Lester. 8-0 Yankees after three. In his first 50 MLB at bats, Montero has 17 hits. .340-3-11.

Very encouraging start by Garcia. Very encouraging.

9-0 after six. Montero is hot. HR #4. Four RBI for him on the day. 3 for 3.

Garcia 6 IP, 0 R, 6 H, 1 walk, 3 K. Encouraging. ERA to 3.62, same as Nova’s.

Crawford doubles in a run off Valdes in the 7th.

Valdes 2/3, 1 R, 2 H, 0 walks or K. ERA 3.12.

Wade 1 batter, an infield hit. ERA stays at 1.98.

Logan finishes the 7th. Gets out of the 1st and 3rd, two out jam.

End 7, 9-1 Yanks.

Logan strikes out A-Gone to start the 8th. Ayala comes in and gets the next two Red Sox.

Logan 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 1 K. ERA to 2.88.

Ayala 2/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 0 K, ERA to 1.67. Did you expect that in the spring?

Kontos a 1-2-3 9th, 2 K.

Yanks win 9-1. Magic # for best record in the league: 1. If the Rays win, they’ll be just 1 1/2 back of Boston for the wild card.

Game 154. Yankees win opener, clinch playoff spot. #603 for Mo.

Phil Hughes was scratched from today’s game (day game of a day/night DH) due to back spasms. Hector Noesi makes his 1st MLB start.

Yanks 93-60, 6 up on Boston with 9 to go. Magic #’s 3 for the division (over Boston) and 2 for a playoff berth (over the Rays). The Yanks could win the division by sweeping the Rays today combined with a Red Sox loss.

Four games worse than the Pythagorean record. OPS+ 108, ERA+ 120.

Day off for Teixeira, Martin & Granderson. Cano DHs, Romine C…and Jorge at 1B in what could be one of his last home games as a Yankee.

Gardner CF .262-7-36  45sb/58 att   OPS+ 92  AL SB leader
Jeter SS .296-5-57  15/21  95    .300? 3082 hits
Cano DH .305-26-113  8/10  130
Rodriguez 3B .281-16-60  4/5  119   629 HR
Swisher RF .261-23-84  2/4  118
Posada 1B .238-13-40  0/2  88   how many Yankee games left? 
Jones LF .243-11-29  0/0 119  418 HR
Nunez 2B .261-4-29  19/25  79
Romine C  1 for 7 in MLB career

Noesi P    2-1, 4.01   ERA+ 111   1st MLB start

Nice piece on Mo by Joel Sherman in a special NY Post section. Check it out, either by getting the paper or going online. “Mariano’s Mountain.”

Quick lead for the Yanks. After Noesi has a 1-2-3 in the top half of the first, Jeter singles, A-Rod doubles. 1-0 Yanks.

Noesi doesn’t last long. Pitch count trouble. He gives up a 2-run HR in the 3rd. Valdes in.

Noesi 2 2/3, 2 R, 4 H, 1 walk, 2 K. ERA to 4.14. 55 pitches.

End of three, 2-1 Rays.

Off to work. Recap later.

RECAP: The Yanks clinched a playoff spot with a 4-2 win. Down 2-1 going into the bottom of the 8th, Eduardo Nunez tied it up with HR #5.  With one out, Gardner singled, SB #46 followed, and Jeter walked. Whereupon Cano (how about HIM for MVP consideration?) doubled in two.

Valdes went 1 1/3, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk, 3 K. 2.25.

Kontos 2/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks or K. 3.86.

Laffey 2/3, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 1 K. 4.10 (Sea/NYY).

Wade 1 1/3, 0 R, 0 h, 0 walks, 1 K. 1.98.

Logan (Joe used everyone, like a S.T. game) 2/3, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 0 K. 2.92.

Ayala the win. 2-2, 1.69. 2/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 2 K.

… and #603 for Mo, who gets the save with a 1-2-3 9th. GO, K, flyout. Mo’s 44th save of the year (and he turns 42 in 10 weeks!) lowers his ERA to 1.95.

Game 153. Champagne on Ice! Yanks win 5-0. Magic numbers drop to 3 (Div.) and 2 (WC).

The Yanks won 5-0 over Tampa Bay tonight in a combined shutout, and in so doing, reduced their magic numbers to 3 for the division (Boston lost) and 2 for a playoff spot (over Tampa, who the Yankees beat).

Ivan Nova was great again, and if he isn’t the #2 starter for the postseason… he improved to 16-4 for the season, ERA 3.62.

Nova went 7 2/3, 0 R, 6 H, 3 walks and 3 K.

Logan got the last out in the 8th, 2.97.

Ayala a scoreless 9th. 1.71.

The Yanks got four in the second, and that basically was the whole game. Swisher doubled, Chavez singled him home. Martin and Gardner singled to load the bases. Granderson cleared them with a double.

With two out in the fifth, Gardner and Jeter singled,  Granderson got an infield hit, 5-0.

Granderson 3 H, 4 RBI (119). Jeter 2 hits (3082).

The score could have been far worse. The Yanks were 5 for 20 with RISP.

Game 151. A lot of regulars get a day off. Offense takes a day off as a result. Yanks lose 3-0.

Yanks 91-59, 4 1/2 up on Boston in the AL East. First Place.
Magic Numbers: 8 for division and best record in the A.L., 5 to make the playoffs as the wild card. OPS+ 108, ERA+ 119
Four games worse than the Pythagorean record.

A lot of regulars get today off.

Gardner CF .262-7-36  45/58  OPS+ 93   leads AL in SB
Nunez 2B .254-4-29  19/25  76  Slumping
Cano DH .305-26-112  8/9  129    one behind Granderson for AL RBI lead
A-Rod 3B .287-16-59  4/5  124    629 HR, one behind Griffey
Swisher RF .261-23-83  2/4  119
Chavez 1B .271-2-25  0/0  87
Martin C .234-17-61  8/9  91
Dickerson LF .333-1-6  3/3  125    11 for 33
Pena SS .074-1-2  0/0  (-17)  Yes, that’s MINUS 17. HR in 1st AB this year, ONE FOR 26 since.  

Garcia P  11-7, 3.71  ERA+ 119

A lot of sub-100 OPS numbers (100 = average) as a lot of regulars get a rest.

The Yanks, with two on and one out in the first, try a double steal, but the back end (Cano) is thrown out.

Lind HR’s off Garcia in the 2nd. Freddy walks the next batter, but a CS helps him…then another walk. K, SB. Popup. 1-0 Toronto after two.

Lind hits another HR off Garcia in the 4th. 2-0.

Walk, error by Garcia, SF make it 3-0 Jays in the 5th. Garcia exits, Laffey in.

Walk. I see nothing in Laffey.

Ayala in. Bases loaded, two out. He gets a flyout. 3-0 Jays after five.

Garcia 4 2/3, 3 R, 5 H, 3 walks, 4 K, ERA to 3.77.

Laffey 1 batter, a walk.

Proctor in the 7th. He gets into a jam. Valdes comes in, bases loaded, one out. He gets out of it.

Ayala 1 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 1 K. ERA to 1.74.

Proctor 1/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 2 walk, 0 K. …  and I have no idea why Girardi is imitating Torre in his (over)use of Proctor.

End of 7 1/2, still 3-0 Jays. Yanks have just 4 hits. Ramiro Pena? After a HR in his first MLB at bat this season, he has now gone 1 for his next 29.

Next time you or anyone knocks Nunez, consider that. (Btw, Nunez has two of the four hits).

Um, make that three of the five the Yanks had today. Yanks shutout 3-0. Garcia falls to 11-8.

Valdes 1 1/3, 0 R, 1H, 0 walks, 2 K. Kontos came in, 1/3 IP (out on a CS).

I’ll update the magic Numbers when the Boston/Tampa Bay game becomes final.