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Boone runnerup for Mgr. of Yr.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

In a close vote, Aaron Boone came up second for the Manager of the Year Award.

Both he and Rocco Baldelli of the Twins got 13 first place votes, but Baldelli got 13 2nd place votes to Boone’s 9 and won the points count, 106-96.

In the NL, Mike Shildt of St. Louis won despite getting 10 first place votes to Craig Counsell of Milwaukee’s 13. Shildt got 95 points overall to Counsell’s 88.

Gabe Kapler has landed on his feet. Fired this offseason after two seasons as Phillies’ manager, he was hired as the new Giants manager. Former Yankee coach, and current Houston coach, Joe Espada, was in the running.

Lastly, from MLB.com:

The Astros released a statement on Tuesday afternoon saying they were beginning an investigation, in cooperation with Major League Baseball, after a story in The Athletic (subscription required) accused the club of stealing signs electronically in 2017, the year they won the World Series.

3 Yanks nominated for Gold Glove Awards; Twins name Baldelli manager

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Three Yankees are up for Gold Gloves. They are outfielders Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge as well as pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. We’ll see if any actually get the award.

The Twins named a new manager. Rocco Baldelli, the former Rays’ OF, replaces HOF Paul Molitor.

With Game 3 of the World Series tonight between Boston and L.A., the Yanks’ world is a bit quiet right now as they make plans for how they want to attack the offseason.

News on Colon, Baldelli

MLBTR reports that Rocco Baldelli is retiring at the age of 29. It’s sad. In his first two seasons, Baldelli at age 21 and 22 hit .289 and .280, stole 44 bases and hit 27 HR. He was considered to be a can’t miss star—at a time when Tampa Bay (2003 and 2004) needed a star besides Carl Crawford. Then came injuries and illness. As MLBTR reports:

He missed the entire 2005 season and considerable chunks of the 2006-10 seasons as he dealt with foot, hamstring, and hip injuries, plus a type of channelopathy, which has caused muscle fatigue.

After 2004, Baldelli never played 100 games in a season again. From 2006-2010, the number of games he appeared in counted 92, 35, 28, 62 and 10. From that great beginning, to these numbers 2006-2010:

Average 45 games a year, .268-7-22. He retires with a .278 career BA, 60 HR, 60 SB. OPS+ 101.

What could have been.

Meanwhile, a minor league signing for the Yanks as they decide to give Bartolo Colon a look. After reading that, let’s just say that MY Colon isn’t doing very well. Colon pitched for Tony Pena in the Dominican Winter League, and he and scouts must have liked what they saw. Whatever. Colon will be 38 in May, 2011. Since his CYA year of 2005 (when I thought, and I still do feel, Mo should have won the award) when he went 21-8, 3.48, Colon has gone 14-21, 5.18. Those numbers are from 2006-2009. He wasn’t in the majors in 2010. In those four years, Colon only averaged 12 games a year. The last we saw of him, he was 3-6, 4.19 for the White Sox in 2009. Maybe Sidney Ponson’s old pants will still fit him. It’s funny how Baseball Reference has him listed at 6 feet, 185. He probably hasn’t been 185 since his rookie year. 245 to 255 is more like it.

As for the deal, ugh. Desperation. I’ll be (pleasantly) shocked if he makes the Yanks and does well. I’m certainly not expecting it to happen, though. 

An ultimatum by Winn?

Apparently the $2m/yr. OF gave the Yanks an ultimatum, for Winn had an offer on the table from the Nats. The Yanks moved. Whether Damon would have lowered his demands, who knows (most likely not) but when Winn told the Yanks to make a decision or not, it was goodbye Johnny.

Most don’t think either side would have budged. I did read where some in the Yankees hierarchy thought a $6M deal (most of the $ deferred) could have brought JD back, but it would have had to be signed off on by a honeymooning Hal (NY Post article). But many think Hal still would have stuck to his guns.

I hear the radio today. How come every time I hear Harry Chapin, it’s always Cat in the Cradle? Hey, Taxi was a good tune. Why don’t I ever hear that one anymore?

Jim Edmonds, who didn’t play in 2009, signed a minor league deal with the Brew Crew.

3rd? Chad Jennings writes about Pecota’s prediction for the 2010 Yankees. A bunch of crap if you ask me. Hmmm….Seattle has Lee and King Felix and just 86 and no playoffs. Yanks have CC/AJ/Andy and Vazquez. Robertson, Joba and Hughes still developing. But 10 games worse? You never know, but what BS.

I know the Phils have bullpen issues, but just 88 with an infield of Howard, Utley, Rollins and Polanco? Hey, Ibanez, Victorino and Werth isn’t a shabby OF, either. The BS adds up.

Cashman may be getting help. Chad Jennings reports that ex-SD GM Kevin Towers, who is friends with Cashman, may join the Yanks’ front office. A good move if you ask me.

So I am driving home the other night, make a right hand turn onto a one-way street (on my way to my ATM) and what do I see…some SOB coming the other way. (…and yes, I was the one driving the right way).

According to Joel Sherman in the Post, the Yanks may still look at Rocco Baldelli, Reed Johnson or Marcus Thames…but on minor league deals.

MLBTR states that the Mets are interested in Tatis to platoon with Murphy at 1B, meaning goodbye Delgado. They maybe in the market for Smoltz. First Glavine, now Smoltz a Met? It isn’t just politics that makes strange bedfellows (but then we had Damon/Yankees; Gooden/ Yankees and Strawberry/Yankees).

Interesting some rumors. We should hold a “where will JD wind up” contest. Meanwhile, it’s certainly nice to see Boras grovel. 


Good stuff from Lohud…

Got to hand it to Chad Jennings at LoHud. Great work. Go over there and check out their post and the links they have.

First,  a top A’s prospect is giving up baseball, and you’ll be shocked to know why. This prospect, the only 30-30 guy in the minors last season and ranked in the top 10 for the A’s system, is entering the seminary. That’s right. He is giving up what could have been megabucks to become a priest. Now THAT is a story 60 minutes (see prior post) should cover.

Secondly, the Jayson Stark story of a new award dedicated solely to relievers. Good work by Stark, but I add one thing. No offense to Jerome Holtzman, but why not just call it the Rivera Award?

The Phils signed Jose Contreras, probably with the provision that he has a shot at the #5 spot. Given the state of their bullpen (and reader Joe P. can chip in), they probably need him more out of what seems to be a very shaky bullpen moreso than that #5 slot.

Rumors are that the Yanks talked to Edmonds? I can’t see why. He missed all of 2009 and even though he may come cheaply after missing all of 2009, he is a lefty bat. Granted that Gardner could back up all three OF positions, but didnt’ Cashman state that he was looking for a cheap alternative (under $2M, which after missing a year, Edmonds could be) and a righty bat (which Edmonds is not)?

Kevin Cash, who had a cup of tea with the Yankees last year, signed a minor league deal with Houston, per MLBTR.

According to MBLTR, Nady and Baldelli are still on the Yanks’ radar.            

NFL resumes, and Gardner speaks to LoHud

NFL games today. A possible shootout? Arizona and Kurt Warner go to New Orleans to take on Drew Brees & the Saints. Later, it’s the Ravens at the Colts.

Check out Chad Jennings conversation with Brett Gardner over at LoHud. I kind of love how someone mentions that we “still need another OF and not one with a noodle arm playing LF like it’s an adventure.” Here I thought he was talking about Damon. After all, that shoe does fit.

Jennings also checked with Brian Cashman, who denied a rumor that the Yanks inked Rocco Baldelli.

You may also want to check out ex-Yankee Jeff Nelson’s take on who should be the Yanks 5th starter (and who should be bullpen bound). Any guesses out there? Click here and see if you are right.


Odds and ends. Boston makes moves.

Interesting piece from MLBTR, reporting on some Peter Gammons comments:

Gammons believes the Red Sox would sign Jason Varitek if he offered his services for $2MM. Gammons still believes the Red Sox would prefer to take the draft picks and trade for a different catcher.

When you think of that….and then think of what the now-recovering Posada got from the Yanks last year…wow.

Gammons objectivity has been in question a lot lately. No doubt he’s a great writer (HOF) and does his homework, but more of this doesn’t help:

Gammons called Mark Teixeira Scott Boras’ “ultimate client” and that Teixeira is “very well-programmed.”
He notes that there was a lot of “testiness” between Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez in Texas and Gammons wonders how Teixeira will handle the high expectations that come with playing in New York.

Wonder how sour those grapes are?
sour grapes

The “Truth” doesn’t like certain writers and I have to agree. I do wonder where Jon Heyman is coming from with this note on MLBTR:

Heyman confirms that the Yankees are accepting trade offers for Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher.
The Yankees have “no way to trade” Hideki Matsui, noting that he is coming off a knee surgery and has a full no-trade clause.
Heyman also says the Yankees will not trade Johnny Damon saying the team needs him to leadoff and play center field.

Yes, I can see them shopping Nady or Swisher. Yes, I can see Matsui as being untradeable. But NO, NO, NO to Damon playing CF. He isn’t. Hasn’t Heyman ever seen Johnny throw? The Yanks have no interest in Damon as full-time CF, Jon. None.

The Red Sox are signing Rocco Baldelli and John Smoltz.

Baldelli’s health issues have caused him to play in only 155 major league games since 2004. He was 21 for 80, 4 HR 13 RBI for Tampa in 2008. He had one HR in the LCS and another in the WS. He is at .281 for his career with an OPS+ of 102. The big question is how much his health issues will let him play (backup or platoon). He’s still just 27 and a solid player, but a risk.

Smoltz brings questions, and not just for him. The future HOF has 210 wins and 154 saves in his career. ERA 3.26, ERA+ 127. A true gamer, as his 15-4, 4 saves, 2.65 postseason mark shows. He turns 42 in May, however. He did miss almost all of 2008 (3-2, 2.57 in six games, five starts).

So after taking chances by signing a reclamation project in Bart The Colon last year (and judging by how he ballooned weightwise, that must be some colon) and also trading for Paul Byrd, the Red Sox take chances with Brad Penny (30, 6-9, 6.27 for LA, injured the last couple of months) and Smoltz.

So with Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Penny, Wakefield, Smoltz….it’s safe to say that although not official, that Curt Schilling is done…but what do the Red Sox do with Clay Buchholz (23, 2-9, 6.75 in 2008) or Justin Masterson (23, 6-5, 3.16)? There was the short-lived Hanley Ramirez rumor. As for Varitek, would he be a backup or platoon player, for Buster Olney says that Buchholz’s name has come up in talks with the Rangers—talks in which Boston is interested in Jarrod Saltalamacchia (23, .253-3-26 in 61 games for Texas in 2008) ??

I’d watch out for a Boston trade soon.

Bit of a surprise. It appears instead of staying in sunny California, that Trevor Hoffman is going to be closing for the Brew Crew in Milwaukee.

Mangini gets another job and fast. The former Jets coach is now the new coach of the Browns.

Dallas releases Pac-Man. Not too many tears shed over that one.

BCS title game tonight. I hope to catch the 2nd half, or most of it.

Not “Werth” it to Phils. Rays win 4-2.

Even it up?
Sing it, Heart. Even it up.

Jayson Werth made an error in the 1st, and with A-B-C baseball, it helped the Rays to two runs. Later, Werth was doubled off of first on a liner to RF Rocco Baldelli. Meanwhile, the Phils continued to be terrible with RISP in this series so far. In two games, the Phils have stranded 22.

There was a couple of bad calls in the game, both that helped the Rays. A non-strikeout of Rocco Baldelli, and a non-HBP to Jimmy Rollins.

Nice to see the Rays get a run in via a squeeze.

James Shields went 5 2/3 scoreless for the win.

Eric Bruntlett got a HR for one Phils run and the other scored on an error.

So the Series heads back to Philly all even at a game apiece. Saturday night’s game could be in jeopardy, as there is rain in the forecast.

Tampa Bay wins 1st pennant, 3-1. It’s a Rays-Phils World Series.

Since the Yankees of 1978 pulled off the repeat, there have been just two teams to pull it off. The Blue Jays went back-to-back in 1992 and 1993, and the Yanks three-peated in 1998-99-2000.

There will be a new champion in 2008.

…and youth was served.

David Price, the #1 draft pick of 2007, got the biggest out in Tampa Bay’s history, striking out J. D. Drew with the bases loaded, two out, and Tampa Bay up 3-1 in the 8th inning. The 23-year-old Price was a late season callup, and had pitched in just five games in the majors (0-0, 1.93, 14 innings) before being put on the postseason roster. His first win was in ALCS game 2, and here he got the last four outs of Game 7 to put the Rays in the WS. We have seen something like this before. In 2002, Francisco Rodriguez had just five MLB games and 5 2/3 MLB innings under his belt before being put on the Angels postseason roster, and K-Rod got his first win in Game 2 of the ALDS that year vs. the Yankees.

Pedroia HRd in the first for Boston, but Tampa came back on RBIs by Longoria in the 4th to tie, Baldelli in the 5th to go ahead, and then Willy Aybar’s 7th inning HR gave them an insurance run. Matt Garza went 7+, giving up just 2 hits, and won the ALCS MVP award.

The repeat champs (notice how little of the NL—in bold). It’s tough to repeat.

1907-1908 Cubs (and none since)
1910-1911 Phila. A’s
1915-1916 Red Sox
1921-1922 NY Giants
1927-1928 Yankees
1929-1930 Phila. A’s
1936-1939 Yankees (1st team to win 3, then 4, in a row)
1949-1953 Yankees (the record, which will never be broken, of 5 in a row)
1961-1962 Yankees
1972-1974 Oakland A’s (only team other than Yankees to three-peat)
1975-1976 Reds
1977-1978 Yankees
1992-1993 Blue Jays
1998-2000 Yankees

…and I’m going blind from the suits that guy on TBS is wearing. I think he raided the late Lindsay Nelson’s suit rack.

Rays rout Bosox behind Four HR, 9-1. Take 2 games to 1 lead.

B. J. Upton hit a 3-run HR in the 3rd, Evan Longoria also HR’d in the 3rd, Rocco Baldelli hit a 3-run HR in the 8th, and Carlos Pena hit one in the 9th as Tampa beat Boston 9-1 to go up two games to one in the ALCS.

Matt Garza went six innings, giving up just one run in defeating Jon Lester. Paul Byrd gave up the HRs to Baldelli and Pena.