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Pitchers, 2019 S.T. schedule and 2020 AAA All-Star Game.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Sorry, was very busy at work with a lot of overtime and have been sick (to the point where I have very little voice left) but catching up…

Nathan Eovaldi won’t be coming back to the Yankees. The free agent re-signed with Boston on a 4-yr., $67MM deal.

Cleveland extended Carlos Carrasco for 4 years, but Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer may be had in a trade. Mike Clevenger is very cost effective for the Indians, so he may not be available.

Hyun-Jin Ryu re-signed with the Dodgers, one yr. $17.9 MM. Pitched well (1.97 ERA for them in 2018) but the lefty missed 1/2 the season.

Arizona may be looking to unload Zack Greinke’s salary in a deal, and the Giants may want to do the same with Madison Bumgarner.

But you wonder what the Yanks would have to give up in a deal. Miguel Andujar?

The Yanks are still looking to trade Sonny Gray and would like another starter to join Severino, Paxton, Tanaka and CC in the rotation. Hopefully a #3 or better.

Some free agents available are Happ, Lynn, Keuchel, Kikuchi,  Charlie Morton, Gio Gonzalez, Wade Miley…. so you can see outside of Happ and possibly Keuchel (who is up and down and slipping) a dropoff.

Apparently the Yanks didn’t even make an offer to Corbin. They apparently told him they were comfortable with $17-$20MM per year for 4-5 years and when Corbin said he was looking for Yu Darvish $$$ (and he eventually got 6 yrs at $23.5MM per from Washington), the Yanks basically said good luck.

The AAA All-Star Game will be hosted by the Yanks’ AAA club in Moosic, PA (Scranton/Wilkes Barre, or as is usually abbreviated, SWB).

Good video recently on the YES network showing how Luis Severino was tipping pitches at the end of last year. Apparently Boston picked up on it (hence Sevy’s poor outing in Game 3 of the ALDS) but the A’s didn’t (or else maybe Oakland wins the Wild Card game). It may also explain his pedestrian second half.

The Yanks announced their 2019 spring training schedule. Pitchers report Feb. 13, first workout the next day. Position players report Feb. 18 with the first full-squad workout the following day. The first spring training game will be Feb. 23 vs. you-guessed-it, Boston.

Sad to read about a failed car robbery that resulted in the deaths of two players (one being Luis Valbeuna) in Venezuela. You fear for the players from Venezuela and their safety, like Gleyber Torres. Maybe (hopefully?) Gleyber can just come and stay here in the U.S. instead of being subject to the B.S. going on in Venezuela.




The other #9s. Infield options.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

#9, as we know, is retired for Roger Maris.

But with this new year of 2018, it marks the 40th anniversary of the Yanks’ great comeback in 1978.

One key member of that team was Graig Nettles. Who can forget his defensive wizardry in Game 3 of that 1978 WS that turned the series around? Nettles was on 5 division winners, 4 pennant winners and 2 World Championships with the Yankees from 1973-1983. He led the AL in HR with 32 in 1976, led the Yankees in WAR (Wins above Replacement) in both 1976 and 1977, was a 5x All Star in his 11 years with the Yanks, and finished in the top 10 for AL MVP in 1977 and 1978.

Isn’t it about time Nettles, 73, was honored with a plaque in Monument Park?

And while they are at it, another player who wore #9, Hank Bauer, who played for the Yankees from 1948-1959, could be honored with a plaque as well for his WS record 17 game hitting streak. Bauer died in 2007. It’s 60 years since that streak ended in 1958.

1938, 1958, 1978, 1998… lets’ hope the Yanks 20 year streak of WS titles continues…

I am not saying co-retire the number 9, as the Yanks did with #8 (Dickey and Berra), but shouldn’t Nettles and Bauer have plaques? In the case of Nettles, especially, it is long overdue.

The Yanks may or may not be looking into additional infield help. Apparently they are talking with Ji-Man Choi about him returning to AAA SWB as insurance for a possible injury to Greg Bird. Choi was 4 for 15 for the Yanks in 2017, hitting 2 HR.

Todd Frazier and Eduardo Nunez are still on the free agent market and the Yanks could have interest in one or the other. Of course the market for them has to drop or the Yanks need to unload some $alary (Ellsbury, for example). But Richard Neer (spelling?) of WFAN suggests that the Yanks should just go with the rookies, Miguel Andujar at 3B and Gleyber Torres at 2B and see how they do and then make a move, if needed, at the trade deadline of 2018.

Will the Yanks get a veteran infielder, or will they go with two rookies to start the season? We’ll see.

So far the free agent and trade market has been glacially slow.


ALDS Game 1. Yanks shut down, lose 4-0.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

All this morning, I heard about how Terry Francona was a dummy for pitching Trevor Bauer, arguably his third best pitcher, in Game 1 of the ALDS against the Yankees, instead of Corey Kluber, who may win his second CYA this year.

Excuse me? Francona has 2 WS titles and almost (last year, extra innings in Game 7) a third, to his name. Give the guy credit, he knows what he is doing.

So Bauer takes a no-no into the sixth inning. The Yanks managed only three hits all night.

Now, not to make excuses, but the HP umpire’s strike zone tonight left something to be desired. Didi, Headley and Judge, to name three, argued against some calls tonight, and in watching the game, I had to agree. Judge had the “Golden Sombrero.” 0 for 4 with 4 strikeouts.

The Yanks have a problem. In the wild card game, Severino only lasted one out. Tonight, Sonny Gray was knocked out in the fourth inning. You can’t burn your bullpen.

Gray got out of a bases-loaded, no out situation in the second by only giving up one run.

He gave up a two-run HR to Jay Bruce in the fourth. Bruce doubled and scored the previous run.

The Yanks only got three hits tonight, but struck out 14x.

In the fifth, Bruce got a SF. Yup, him again. There were rumors about the Yanks going after Bruce, who started the year with the Mets, at the trade deadline. Instead of the Mets trading him to the Yankees, he got dealt to Cleveland.

That hurt tonight. Bruce got 2 hits, one a HR, and drove in 3 runs in the Indians’ 4-0 win. So Cleveland takes Game 1 of the best-of-five series, 4-0.  Cleveland only got 5 hits all night, but made them count. By contrast, the Yanks only got 3 hits. Castro had 2 of the three hits.

Gray (Loss) 3 1/3 IP, 3 R, 3H,  4 W, 2 K. Gave up 1 HR.
Warren 1 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 W, 1 K.
Garcia 2 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 2 W, 3 K.
Betances 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 3 K.

Good to see Betances on track.

Game 2 could be rained out Friday, with a lot of rain in the forecast.

CC vs. CYA candidate Kluber in Game 2.  A tough road for the Yanks. But then, they are facing a team that set an AL record of 22 wins in a row, and who has won 34 of their last 38 games.

In the other ALDS game, Jose Altuve hit 3 hr for Houston as the Astros took Game 1, beating Boston, 8-2






New profile on BBD.

In continuing with profiles of ex-Yankees over at Bronx Baseball Daily, I continue the two a week profiles with Frankie Crosetti. Feel free to click the link and read the profile over there.

Next week I will profile two crew-cut legends, Moose Skowron and Hank Bauer.

Will this be A-Rod’s breakout postseason? AJ gets personal catcher and is tabbed for Game 2

While with Seattle, A-Rod had a couple of decent postseasons.

1997 5 for 16, 1 HR RBI
2000 4 for 13 2 RBI
2000 ALCS (vs. Yankees) 9 for 22 2 HR 5 RBI

While with the Yankees he had a superb 2004 ALDS. 8 for 19, 3 doubles, 1 HR and 3 RBI.

But starting with the 2004 ALCS…trouble.

2004 ALCS 8 for 31 2 HR 5 RBI
2005 2 for 15
2006 1 for 14 and the 8 spot in the lineup
2007 4 for 15, 1 HR , 1 RBI

Will this be the year he has a great postseason? He is due.

It’s not without precedent that stars breakout after struggling for a bit.

Barry Bonds.

1990 3 for 18; 1 RBI;   1991 4 for 27 0 RBI   1992 6 for 23 1 HR 2 RBI
1997 3 for 12 2 RBI    2000 3 for 17 1 RBI

Finally in 2002, 5 for 17, 3 HR, 4 RBI; NLCS 3 for 11 HR 6 RBI, and WS 8 for 17, 4 HR 6 RBI (yes, we know. **** next to all, and 2 for 9 in 2003).

Yogi Berra struggled early on. 1947 3 for 19 (1 HR); 1949 1 for 16; 1950 3 for 15 (1 HR); 6 for 23 in 1951; 6 for 28 (2 HR though) in 1952.

Same with Hank Bauer. 1 for 6 in 1949. 2 for 15 in 1950. 3 for 18 in 1951. 1 for 18 in 1952.

Like with Bonds, eventually the law of averages caught up with Yogi and Bauer where they eventually had good postseasons.

Heck, Reggie did have the 9 for 20, 1 double, 5 HR and 8 RBI 1977 WS, but that was preceded by a benching in the 1977 ALCS (2 for 16)

Is this the time for Alex’s postseason breakout?

Checking in one thing…I always thought that David Letterman was the southside of a northbound horse.  Nice to see him confirm it. 

I guess that Girardi wants Pettitte’s experience in Game 3 on the road. Game 3 can be the most important game in a best of five (Torre always thoughjt so). Sam Borden reports that Burnett is starting Game 2. Burnett’s first postseason start comes at home in front of friendly fans (where he would go in Game 5 if needed) while Pettitte and all of his postseason experience (he has made 35 postseason starts, 14-9, 3.96) gets the road start.

Not only that, but Borden reports that AJ will have a personal catcher….Molina.

For the record, in the 16 games that Posada caught AJ, 13 HR, Opp. BA .270
Under Molina (11 games) 7 HR and .221.

Chad Jennings adds that

• Brett Gardner does not expect to start in the playoffs.

Meaning PR duty for Posada or Molina.