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Slow time.

Well, there hasn’t been many posts lately for a number of reasons.

1) the season is over and we see what happens with trades/free agents.

2) Hurricane Sandy knocked my power off for 22 hours. I’m lucky. Many didn’t get power for many more days.

3) I’ve been busy. 48 hours of work this past week and 48 next. 40 Thanksgiving week and I’m not working on the holiday. 50 hour weeks the two weeks after T-Giving.

So we await on the major awards from MLB. So far, Cano and Teix got the GG, Cano and Jeter SS awards.

I don’t know what the Yanks will do yet with their free agents. They did give some qualifying offers (rejected) to Kuroda, Swish and Soriano. I expect Swish and Soriano to be gone. Kuroda is a question mark.

Martin is a free agent. I wouldn’t mind a 2-yr. deal for him, but remember, he only hit .211 last year (with 21 HR). Romine needs a full year at AAA, something his back injury prevented him from last year. So 2013 AAA, maybe 2014 back up Martin. If so, who is the backup? If Stewart, then best to trade Cervelli and see what you can get for him. Sanchez is on the come, so you don’t even know if Romine is the future. Sanchez is a few years away.

SS/3B is a problem. Jeter is 39 next June, and coming off a broken ankle. He had just 9 sb this year, his range is in question and now a broken ankle. I’d love to see Nunez figure more in the lineup for the 35-40 SB potential he brings, but where to put his horrendous defense? And A-Rod looks like a fading star. 38 next July. Do you really want a left side of the infield that has a 39 year old SS and 38 year old 3B? Guess what. You are stuck with it.

Do you bring back Kuroda and Pettitte? One will be 38 next year, the other 41 next June. Then there is Mo. He threw 25 pitches off a mound for a commercial. Good sign, but he will be 43 in a few weeks. Ibanez is on the block. 41 next year. Jones 35. Chavez 35. Who comes back?

This team MUST get younger.

Meanwhile, Toronto mgr. Farrell goes to Boston. Toronto is looking. One-time A’s SS Walt Weiss is now the Rockies’ mgr. Mark McGwire leaves St. Louis to become the Dodgers’ new hitting coach.

The Mets and Jason Bay reach an amicable divorce. That didn’t work out.

College Football: Darrell Royal died at age 88. He won 3 national titles for Texas in the 1960’s (although, as a PSU grad, I’ll dispute that 1969 one).

Lee MacPhail, who was the Yanks’ GM in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s, died at the age of 95. His dad (Larry) owned the Yanks for a brief time (1945-1947). Lee later became the A.L. President and it was he who made the Pine tar ruling.

The Yanks are thinking of flip-flopping Granderson and Gardner, moving the Grandy Man to LF. If they bring Ichiro (39) back for RF, they’ll have a speedy and good defensive OF, but having Ichiro AND Gardner cuts into your power.

If Torii Hunter really wants $20 mil over 2 years, count the Yanks out. He is 37 so it wouldn’t fit the “getting younger” plan.

I worry about next year. Too much age.

As for 6-4 PSU, I’m happy with the job Bill O’Brien has done. It’ll get much harder after this year. I see an offense that has come out of the stone age. Under very difficult circumstances, he has done a good job.

A strange year. My faves are Rivera and Polamalu (Steelers fan) and between the two, I don’t get to see them on the field what with injuries. I’m happy the Steelers are 5-3. They should beat KC tomorrow night, they should reach the playoffs.

But anyone doubting the Texans needs to be aware of them. Houston is for real.


Outside the lines.

Interesting stuff going on elsewhere in baseball.

A lot of rib cage injuries, Jason Bay being the latest. It’s funny how Suzyn Waldman on the radio said to stop the weightlifting. She does have a point. I remember a comment made years ago by Tony Kubek advising flexibility and not muscle-boundness. Interesting.

The sordidness of the Bonds trial is also interesting. The Giambis testimony. Jason’s testimony casts a dark spell on his time in 2003 with the Yanks (but then you wonder how it also affected his poor 2004 and therefore the ALCS of that year). So much went on then, with so many players that all you can do is shake your head. Sad. If you think this is bad enough, what happens when Clemens goes to trial?

Now the Phils have Lidge out 3-6 weeks. Utley already a question mark. Polanco has problems. … and more. Bad Karma there. I wonder what the Phils’ fans that I heard not long ago who predicted 105 wins are saying now? Hey, it’s like I’ve been saying. You have to play the games.


Fisk joins Clark at ripping Big Mac

Carlton Fisk today joined Jack Clark in ripping Mark McGwire. Now Fisk is in the HOF, Clark (despite a nice career, 340 HR) not.

Given that the Vets Committee, made mostly of the HOF members, have NOT voted in any ex-players (Santo, Hodges, Reynolds, etc.) since the Vets committee was reconfigured a few years ago, do you really think a Fisk or other member might, after a McGwire or Clemens (for Fisk ripped him too) exhausts their eligibility on the writer’s ballot, vote said player (Sosa, McGwire, Clemens, Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, we could go on) into the HOF on the Vets’ ballot? I think not.

In my post of yesterday, I mentioned that it was my opinion that the Yanks should play Montero and Romine at other positions on their “days off.” Think about it. Instead of playing 80 games at catcher and 33 at DH, why not spend those 33 games in the OF (well, 25 with the other 8 at DH). Why DH a 20 year old or 21 year old in AA or AAA? Teach him a different position. Make him more versatile and valuable. Berra and Howard both played OF in their careers besides catching. Gil McDougald was an all-star at 3B, SS and 2B.

Munson wasn’t a great OF, but he did play 27 games there in his career. Munson only played five games at 1B, but one of those was on August 1, 1979—the day before his death.

In his MVP year of 1970, Johnny Bench actually played 24 games in the OF. You may remember Bench ending his career as a 3B (and not a great one), playing 195 games there, but did you know Bench played 145 at 1B and 111 in the OF?

Goodness. Jim Edmonds is thinking comeback? He’ll be 40 in June. He didn’t play last year. In 2008 he went .235-20-55, OPS+ 111 for the Padres and Cubs.

Interesting piece from MLBTR:

8:10pm: Jerry Hairston Jr. was on Jim Bowden’s radio show on XM 175 earlier today, and said that the Yankees didn’t make him an offer because they’re waiting on Damon’s price to come down (via Bowden’s Twitter). If true, it would seem that it’s only matter of time before they get a deal worked out.

and from Bowden’s Twitter link above:

Jerry Hairston…”Brian Cashmans going to get mad at me, but Yanks didn’t make me offer because he’s waiting on Damon price to come down” on XM

Would be interesting. Will we see the Limbo Rock regarding JD?

Limbo Rock for JD/Cashman?
How low will JD, Cashman go?

Remember, you can add your “Damon CD” ideas to my previous post. Maybe we can now add Limbo Rock to Lonely Days, Money, Take a Chance on Me and others on the JD current song list.

But Cashman responds (from MLBTR)

Brian Cashman says it’s “right” that he never made an offer to J. Hairston Jr., but “not right” that he is waiting for Damon’s price to drop

It looks like the Angels have their Lackey replacement….Joel Piniero.   

As if they don’t have enough troubles…the NY Post reports of rumors surrounding Bay’s health.

Mets finally land Bay

After sitting on the offer for weeks, Jason Bay finally agreed to terms with the Mets. I wonder if it’s because he had to. There was word that outside of Boston and the Mets, that there were no other offers out there. Are some players pricing themselves too high?

Bay wanted a five-year deal. He gets four years at $66M with a vesting option for the fifth year. 

Bay and the Mets may not be a good match. Bay’s defense was questionable at Fenway with its short LF. How will it be in the more spacious Citi Field?    

From mlb.com:

In Bay, New York gets a right-handed power hitter who batted .267 with 36 home runs and 119 RBIs with the Red Sox in 2009. Bay most likely will play left field for New York.

Bay is best known for his years with the Pirates and is a three-time All-Star.

During his seven-year career in the big leagues, Bay has a .280 batting average with 185 home runs, 610 RBIs and .376 on-base percentage.

Bay’s 162 game average is .280-33-107, OPS+ 131. Excellent. But you wonder how he’ll adjust to Citi Field, which killed David Wright (10 HR) this year. Citi Field isn’t Fenway, that’s for sure.

The Mets only hit 95 HR as a team, and only Daniel Murphy (12) had more than 10 HR. Granted injuries took their toll. Carlos Beltran’s 10 HR came in 81 games. Sheffield’s 10 came in 100 games. Jeff Francoeur’s 10 came in 75 games as a Met.

The Mets did need a power bat, especially if Carlos Delgado is gone (despite Delgado missing all but 26 games in 2009). From last year’s stats, it seems like it would be difficult for others in the lineup to reach 30 HR, and maybe not even 25.

The question is, will Bay?

Another question is, will dominoes start falling now? Will Holliday now look at the Cardinals’ offer and think that’s as good as it gets? Has anyone made JD a serious offer?

As for the Yanks, you have the Reed Johnson talk…but sometimes I wonder if they’ll just bring back Hairston. The 33 year old hit a combined (Cin/NYY) .251-10-39 in 2009. OPS+ only 86. He can play 2b, ss, 3b and all three OF positions. He can platoon in LF with Gardner. The 162 game average is .259-8-46, 21 SB, OPS+ only 85…but hey, he and/or Gardner would be hitting 9th.

Hairston made $2M last year.   

If you missed it, check out Linda Stasi’s article on Charlie Sheen.The “Wild Thing”—in real life— gets chewed out for his she(e)nanagains, and rightfully so, by Stasi. What’s sad is that the public indulges the guy.   

Update: Keith Law has the plusses and minuses of Bay and ramifications at ESPN.com. He rightfully adds that the Mets need more than Bay. One interesting note that he adds is the question of Damon. Could Damon have nowhere else to go and, as Law puts it, “wind up coming back to the Yanks with his tail between his legs?” How much do the Yanks have left for JD? How low and how much of a cut would JD accept, since Bore-a$$ is his agent?

Johnny Damon come January 31?
JD come say, January 31? 

Update II: According to ESPN, the Red Sox are still pursuing negotiations with Adrian Beltre on a deal, meaning that the Lowell deal with Texas (on hold because of Lowell’s injury) would apparently go through once Lowell is cleared. 

Cross DeRosa off Yanks’ list?

Well, Cashman did say that LF wouldn’t be substantive. Meaning no JD, Holliday or Bay. Could it be less substantive than DeRosa?

Over at LoHud, Chad Jennings writes that DeRosa is leaning toward a two-year deal with SF.

I wondered yesterday if, sans the four mentioned above, if Nady returning (and hopefully that recovery for him is going well) is in the Yanks plans.

Over on his blog, NY Daily News writer Mark Feinsand floats the name of Reed Johnson. Average, maybe a bit below. Needs to walk more, but goodness does he take one for the team.

Meanwhile, Omar Minaya’s miserable off-season to date continues. Another free agent spurns the Mets. I don’t know the level of Mets interest, but word is that that they did have an interest in Matt Capps—who like Marquis goes to DC instead.

Spurning the Mets for the Nats. What’s the world coming to?

Mr. Met crying
Maybe a Piniero, Bengie Molina or 
Jason Bay goes there, but as for now,
this just about sums up Mr. Mets’ offseason.

Not that it matters anymore, being that the Yanks pulled the Vazquez deal, but Duchscherer is going back to the A’s. (…and I would suspect that any Sheets talk is now dead as well for the Yanks after the Vazquez deal; not to mention goodbye to Wang.)

Update: The Mets did pick up reclamation project Kelvim Escobar, and signed knuckleball pitcher R. A. “Tricky” Dickey to a minor-league deal. But they are still waiting on Bay (and one major league source says that other than the spurned Red Sox deal and the Mets offer that there are no other serious bidders for him…he must really want to play at Citi Field, right?) and Bengie Molina. They lost out on Lackey, Marquis, Capps… still a rough offseason for Mr. Met (see above).          

Odds and ends. Who else this offseason? LF?

Interesting in that A-Jax and the Melkman are gone but nothing on LF. (Remember that Hairston and Hinske are free agents and we don’t know where they may be headed). So as of now you have Granderson, Gardner and Swisher, and despite everything, Cashman insists that Granderson is the CF.

So who plays LF? Damon has basically said that he knows that he doesn’t fit the Yanks’ payroll. To which I would like to add this to all the Holliday dreamers (nice pun this time of year, but unintended): If JD doesn’t fit the Yanks’ payroll, what makes you think Bay or Holliday will? Wouldn’t it just be easier to bring JD back? After all, he’s a proven entity in NY, unlike the others. Probably cheaper, too. But if he doesn’t fit, then Bay or Holliday won’t either.

As Mike Puma writes in the Post, Damon says that his price is too high for them right now. he doesn’t think he is their solution.

Cashman calls LF “an evolving situation.” I had my pick of Byrd. Who knows about DeRosa at $6M. It appears that JD won’t lower his demands to that range. Cashman states that he won’t be adding a major player to the OF.

What Cashman said I do agree with. It’s easier to find someone for LF than find a pitcher for the #4 spot—especially one who won 15 games last year, consistently gives 200 IP and 200K and was 4th in CYA voting.

No offense to MLBTR, but on 11/11 I pulled off their list of 2010 Top 50 Free Agents and their picks on where people would wind up. They have been consistently wrong. About the only ones they had correct were Pettitte back to the Yanks and Scutaro to Boston. That’s about it.

So who are the OF remaining on the list? Holliday, Bay, Damon (and if you believe Cashman, scratch all of them), Byrd, Vlad (if you think he can play the OF anymore; as with Matsui, I think not); Russell Branyan (yeah, I know, but I’m just listing him here because he has played LF in 150 games; no, I am not interested; great lefty power, .234 BA; 113 OPS+; tons of K’s; 162 game average .234-30-73 with 174 Ks. Last year for Seattle “all or nothing” Branyan hit .251-31-76 with 149 Ks, OPS+ 128). Jermaine Dye is also out there (mostly RF and I don’t think he would be good at switching to LF in Yankee Stadium; also 36 and if the Yanks don’t want to pay for a 36 year old JD, then Dye is off the radar, too).

…and one more name. I wonder if he fits the Yanks plans. I obviously don’t have the medical records and don’t know how that throwing arm is recovering…

but could the 2010 LF be the X-man? Xavier Nady? Nady is a free agent who has no leverage, missing most of the 2009 season (8 for 28, 4 doubles, 2 RBI). Nady is a .280 career hitter. 162 game average .280-21-78. I’d like him to walk a bit more, as his bb/k ratio is 34/107. The career OPS+ is 108.

This offseason, we look at all kinds of various lineups with possible pickups/trades. Let’s say (and I’ll use the Johnson 2nd scenario rather than the Johnson 5th, which is what I’d prefer).

Jeter SS
Johnson DH (with the OBP)
Teixeira 1b
Alex 3b
Granderson CF
Nady LF
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher RF

I put it that way for R/L/S/R/L/R/S/L/S.  … and batting 9th is a guy who had 29 HR and 82 RBI last year. Let me say it again… insane.

I am wondering if Nady may be the rabbit up Cashman’s sleeve. He made $6.55 M in 2009 but $3.35M in 2008 and $2.15M in 2007. Unlike JD, who is coming off a great year and great postseason, Nady has no leverage, coming off a wasted year.

You wonder about his health. Maybe Cashman sees the medical records. Maybe the X-man is the answer at $2M with incentives?

Today I heard talk about that other team in NY. Are they still alive? Good point on Colin Cowherd’s show. Bay turned down Boston, and apparently the only other offer is from the Mets? Shows how badly he wants the Mets, right? The same goes with Benjie Molina, whom the Mets also offered a contract to. Neither exactly rushed to sign it. Not only that, Jason Marquis, a NY lad, didn’t sign with the Mets but went to…the Nationals.

Nice piece by Joel Sherman today. Apparently the Yanks were aware that Holliday would require too much (and Toronto would prefer keeping him out of the division), the Phils wouldn’t like dealing Lee to the team that just beat them in the Series, and despite looking at Harang, Zambrano and a free-agent crop including Piniero, Washburn (looking at him yet again) and Garland, they weren’t bowled over by any of them.

Also interesting in Sherman’s take that Vazquez may have better stuff than Lackey but the fortitude question comes up.

I see Sherman (as I read his column now) raised the point I discussed yesterday: about Vazquez being a 4, and not the projected ace of 2004. Sherman also points out what I pointed out above: Nady on a low-base, high incentive contract could be an option. Lastly he points out something else I mentioned yesterday: either Hughes or Joba gets #5 with the “loser” setting up Mo. Some loss. Other teams would like “losers” like that, right? So it may appear that those who wanted Joba in the bullpen all along (and then take over for Mo) may be getting their wish.

Sad news today for one like me who was a child in the 1960’s (that is age-wise; child IN the 60s not OF the 60’s!): Connie Hines, who played Mrs. Wilbur Post on Mr. Ed, died.

I know he is doing well with the Vikings but I can’t take the Brett Favre drama anymore. The wanting to go back with the Pack after announcing his “retirement.” The going to the Jets. More wishy-washiness. Now the incident(s) with Childress. It seems like Favre thinks he is bigger than the NFL sometimes. I respect his accomplishments… as for the man himself, not so much.

Lastly, let’s hope that Vazquez has a bit of “Ralph Terry” in him. Vazquez, of course, gave up the grand slam to JD in Game 7 of the ALCS that ensured Boston’s 2004 comeback. Let’s hope for redemption, ala Terry. After all, it was Terry who gave up Mazeroski’s WS-winning HR in 1960, only to win two games in the 1962 WS, becoming the MVP of that Series. A 1-0 shutout in Game 7. Granted he got a little lucky when McCovey’s liner went straight to Richardson, but after Maz, Ralph could use the luck.

For those bashing the trade because of what happened in 2004, they best remember their Yankee history and hope the redemption Terry received in 1962 is experienced by Vazquez.  

Like the late 1960’s? Nick Johnson to “Get Back” to the Yankees? Mets Sitting at the Dock of the “Bay”?

There are rumors going that the Yanks could be interested in Nick Johnson to fill the DH spot. In fact, LoHud’s Chad Jennings says that the NY Post’s George King states that the signing of Johnson could be announced tomorrow. The NY Post states that industry sources indicate that Damon “isn’t looking to take a paycut from the $13M he made last year,” and that Boras is looking for at least three years.

If that’s the case, goodbye JD.

I hear talk of Johnson, if acquired, being used in the #2 spot. Jennings even discusses that prospect, because of Johnson’s high OBP. I’m not for that. I’m more inclined at the 5 spot. Let me explain.

I’d like Granderson’s speed at #2. (26/27 in 2007, 12/16 in 2008 and 20/26 in 2009 for SB). The way I see it, after A-Rod at 4 does what he is supposed to do, cleanup the bases, the #5 hitter should be someone with power who can also set the table. Granted that Johnson hasn’t been a power guy. But he can re-set that table after Alex has cleaned it up.

Now I know that Swisher batted 2nd at times last year because of his good eye (97 walks, 129 OPS+). But I can see Granderson’s speed at #2 and also…I’d rather see his lack of plate discipline (years of 141, 141 and 174 strikeouts) perhaps being helped by having Teixeira and A-Rod hitting behind him. The way I see it, Johnson’s patient eye doesn’t need the “help.”  Granderson and Johnson are both lefty hitters and would benefit from having Jeter being held on first by the first baseman. I think Granderson would benefit more. He’s more of a pull hitter than Johnson is.  

Johnson has good points and bad points. The good: The guy has a great eye. A career OBP of .402. This past year it was .426. If A-Rod cleans up the bases, Johnson’s OBP suggests that he can start things up again right in front of Posada, Cano and Swisher. Johnson’s 162 game average is .273-19-80 with 102 walks. It’s said his D regressed a bit (we’ll get to the reason(s) why in a minute) but he was a very good defensive 1B…not that he’d play there much because of Teixeira, but should Teix get a DH day, there would not be much of a dropoff.

The bad points. I mentioned Johnson’s 162 game average. The Injury-prone Johnson has been lucky to get 100 games in a season. In 2002, Johnson became a semi-regular with the Yankees. Since that year (129 games) he has played in 96, 73, 131, 147, ZERO, 38, and 133 games. Good? Dh may enable him to stay healthy. Bad? Teix, Johnson and Swisher could all play 1b. Swisher of course, is your starting RF right now. Johnson is basically just a 1b/dh. If you have Swisher, Teix and Jolly Old St. Nick, what becomes of Juan Miranda? He becomes the Shelley Duncan of SWB. Stuck there unless the Yanks find a taker.

Jolly old st. nick
The Yanks could be getting Jolly Old
St. Nick for Christmas…oops, not this one…

Nick Johnson
…This one.

Johnson hit .291-8-62 last year. OPS+ 122 as he walked 99 times. Washington and Florida aren’t exactly great parks for Johnson. You’d hope that Yankee Stadium would help Johnson powerwise. Only once has he hit more than 15. You would hope that if the Yanks sign him, he could go .280-20-80, draw 100 walks and be the type of person that after Jeter/Granderson set the table for Teix/A-Rod, that Johnson’s OBP can serve to re-set the table as I noted earlier.

One thing the Post notes: as a possible replacement for Matsui, Johnson would be like Godzilla in one regard—-the ability to hit lefties. Johnson is actually better against lefties (.292) than righties (.266).

Johnson made $5.5M last year. Granderson is supposed to make what, $8.5 M? So together, $14M…or just over $1M more than Damon or Matsui made alone last year. So you get two players, both younger (Johnson is 31) and together, the two players’ salaries equal what one made between Matsui and Damon. You can take that other $13M and invest it elsewhere (pitcher?) Is Cashman doing some creative juggling of salary to land someone?

Get Back
If NIck Johnson “Gets Back” with
The Yanks, we hope he won’t
“Let Us Down.”
But hey, it’s where he once belonged.

Good news on A-Rod. No more surgery.

It’s looking more and more like Jason Bay is going to be Mets-bound.

Sitting on the dock of the Bay
The Mets could be
playing Jason Bay’s tune.

I don’t know…I have a sneaky gut feeling that Jason Bay might wind up to be another Kevin McReynolds for the Mets. McReynolds wasn’t bad, averaging about .273-23-87 in his five years with the Mets (1987-1991) but he didn’t seem to me to be a fit, even though McReynolds finished 3rd in the 1988 MVP vote (behind Kirk Gibson and Darryl Strawberry). After going to KC, McReynolds returned and finished his career in 1994 with the Amazin’s. He was decent, but it seemed like more was expected. I just have the same feeling about Bay. That so much would be expected (.280-33-107 is his 162 g. average) but Citi Field may knock him down (to the McReynolds average).

Funny opposites. Jerry Crasnick writes about Mo being the best of the last 10 years and do you know who he has as the worst? El Sid. Yup, Ponson.

Interesting stuff by Chad Jennings at LoHud. First, this quote from Hal Steinbrenner. Read between the lines all you want regarding JD’s situation:

“He was a big part of the reason we won that championship,” Steinbrenner said. “But I think right now there’s just a difference of opinion of what the pay is, quite frankly.”

Granderson will wear #14. Girardi will once again have the target (and goal) on his back as he switches from 27 to 28. I have no problem with that as long as Girardi has a problem several years from now when he desires Ellie Howard’s 32.

Silly debate on numbers elsewhere. I can think of lots of great Yankees whose numbers are not retired (Reynolds’ 22, Gomez 11) and can think of a couple retired ones whose numbers perhaps shouldn’t be. 

No surprise here:

Phil Hughes will have an innings limitation next season, according to Cashman, while Joba Chamberlain will not.

Joba had 157.1 IP last year. If the goal is to increase youngsters by 30, then if Joba starts, 187-190 is the goal. Heck, Pettitte went 194.2 last year (regular season only). Hughes, though, had 86 in the majors, 19 minors. 105 IP. So figure 135? Hence the Joba rules become the Hughes Rules in 2010. 

Girardi did say

that does not mean Hughes is the more likely young pitcher to find himself in the bullpen.

Goodbye Molina? Jennings reports that Girardi said that Cervelli is the backup catcher.

Jennings reports on more (great job by him and Sam Borden, btw). Bold emphasis is mine.

Steinbrenner said he would not “slam the door” if Cashman showed a need to stretch the budget they set last month. Cashman wouldn’t declare the club out of talks for marquee free agents (read: Matt Holliday, Jason Bay), but it sure sounded like it. “I’m not saying yay or nay, but I’m saying we’re operating at this number and that’s that.”
• Why? Because this market dictates caution, unlike last winter’s. “We were very aggressive in last year’s free agent market and it turned out for good reason. There were terrific players available. This market’s a lot different. We played in the better market last year; we’ll be less aggressive in this market.” The Yankees have key free agents to deal with ahead, like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Plus, Cashman called next year’s market is “incredibly more impressive than this one.”

Ok, here is what my lineup would be:

Jeter .334-18-66-30 OPS+ 132 OBP .406 SA .465
Granderson .249-30-71-20  100  .327  .453 (I would hope the average goes up, and that having Teix and Alex behind him helps him. I also don’t want to lose his speed by having him further down in the lineup).
Teixeira .292-39-122   149    .383    .565
Alex .286-30-100-14  147   .402     .532 (and Alex missed 30 games)
Johnson .291-8-62      122   .426     .405 (you hope the SA of .405 goes up; I don’t mind the dropoff in SA here as long as the OBP stays high in front of the SA’s following)
Posada   .285-22-81    133   .363    .522
Cano      .320-25-85    129   .352     .520   
Swisher .249-29-82     129   .371     .498
Melky    .274-13-68-10  99   .336    .416

As you can see, I’d like a high OBP in the middle of the lineup to re-start things.

I don’t know if I want all those K’s by Granderson (years of 141, 141 and 174) in the middle of the lineup. Give me a contact hitter who can use the whole field (Matsui could do that) who is a professional hitter (Matsui was, as is Johnson) with a good eye at #5. Johnson won’t have the 28 HR that Godzilla had, but …

Hey, Lou Piniella batted 5th a lot. He never hit more than 12 in a year. But professional hitter despite not walking often. Check out Piniella’s stats. He had more AB batting 5th in the lineup than anywhere else.

In 1977, Chambliss batted 5th once Reggie was (finally?) moved into the #4 spot. Chambliss hit 20 twice, but only after he went to the launching pad in Atlanta. Chris had 17 HR in 1977 (90 RBI). He hit cleanup in 1976 (17/96). Where did Chambliss hit for the 1978 WS Champs? Mostly 5th. He had 12 HR that year. But a professional hitter who knocked in 90.  

Dodgers interested in Aaron Harang? From mlb.com:

Harang landed a $36.5 million deal off back-to-back 16-win seasons in 2006-07 but has regressed since, going 12-31 the past two years with ERAs of 4.78 and 4.21. His ’09 season was cut short by an appendectomy.