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Beltre, one of the greatest 3B ever, retires.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Adrian Beltre announced his retirement from baseball today, and will most likely be a first ballot HOF in 2024.

Beltre, listed on baseball-reference.com as the 4th greatest 3B ever (behind Mike Schmidt, Eddie Mathews and Wade Boggs, and ahead of George Brett, Chipper Jones, Ron Santo and Brooks Robinson) finishes his career with 3166 hits (16th on the all-time list) and 477 HR (30th). He was a 4x All-Star, 5x Gold Glove, 4x Silver Slugger, and 2x Platinum Glove winner. Six times he finished in the top 10 for MVP voting, including a runnerup finish in 2004 and a 3rd place finish in 2012. He played for the Dodgers 1998-2004, Seattle 2005-2009, Boston 2010, and Texas 2011-2018. My guess is he goes into the HOF as a Ranger. His 162 game average was .286-26-94, OPS+ 116. In 28 postseason games, he hit .261-5-11.

A passing. Ken Howell, who pitched in the majors from 1984-1990, passed away November 9 at the age of 57. He pitched for the Dodgers 1984-1988 and the Phillies 1989-1990. His best season was in 1989 for the Phils, when he went 12-12, 3.44, ERA+ 103. He went 38-48, 3.95, ERA+ 92 in his MLB career, 162 game average 9-11, 3.95, ERA+ 92. He got into one postseason game with the Dodgers in 1985 against the Cardinals in the NLCS.

I’ve seen some news about the Yankees and Manny Machado that make me laugh and want to shake my head.

First off, Reggie Jackson is raising some concerns about the statements Machado made that he isn’t “Johnny Hustle”. Now I do agree that Reggie has the right to question Machado’s remarks, and mentioned that a lack of hustle wouldn’t play in NY. But lest we forget June 18, 1977, when REGGIE’S lack of hustle after a bloop single made Billy Martin pull him from a game in Fenway and which almost caused a brawl between Billy and Reggie in the dugout? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Also, A-Rod apparently is calling Machado a “fine young man.” So a guy who was suspended from baseball for an entire year due to steroid usage is being a character witness for Machado? (Shaking my head).


Game 115. Texas trounces Tanaka, Yanks, 12-7.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Ronald Guzman hit 3 HR for Texas, and Adrian Beltre added another as Texas beat the Yankees, 12-7, Friday night.

Masahiro Tanaka’s troubles in giving up the gopher ball continued, as he gave up 3 HR.

In the fourth, Beltre hit a 2-run HR (#469 of his career, passing Chipper Jones on the all-time list). Beltre, an all-time great, also is up to 3134 hits in his career. Later that inning, Guzman hit the first of his three HR for the night, and Texas was up 3-0.

Texas got two in the fifth to take a 5-0 lead.

Brett Gardner got the Yanks on the board in the bottom of the fifth with his 10th HR of the season.

Guzman led off the sixth with his second HR of the game to make it 6-1 Texas. A.J. Cole relieved Tanaka then, and three more runs scored that inning to make it 9-1.

The Yanks came back with three in the bottom of the sixth. With one out, Stanton walked. With two out, Gregorius singled. Andujar hit a ground-rule double to knock in one run, and Luke Voit singled in two.

Guzman hit his third HR of the game in the top of the seventh to make it 10-4.

In the bottom of the seventh, Austin Romine hit his 7th HR of the season to cut it to 10-5.

Texas got two in the eighth, 12-5.

In the bottom of the eighth, Didi and Andujar singled, and both moved up on a wild pitch. Romine drove in both with a single. 12-7, the final score.

An area of concern. Gleyber Torres went 0 for 5, and is hitting just .227 since June 9. His average has dropped from .308 to .269 since then.

Another…. Chad Green has been slumping lately, too.

Didi Gregorius 3 hits
Andujar 2 hits, RBI
Voit 2 RBI
Gardner solo HR
Romine 3 hits, HR, 3 RBI

Tanaka (L, 9-3, 4.08) 5+ IP, 6 R, 6 H, 3 W, 2 K. 3 of the 6 hits given up were HR.
Cole 2 IP, 4 R, 2 ER, 5 H, 1 W, 2 K.  5.08 (Wash/NYY)
Green 1 IP, 2 R, 3 H, 0 W, 1 K.  2.98
Britton 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 W, 3 K.  3.80 (Balt/NYY)\

Boston beat the Bad News Bears (sorry, Baltimore Orioles) 19-12. The Orioles once had an 8- 3 lead in that game. So the Yanks are 9 back.


Game 76. Yanks lose, 7-1.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The unfortunate pattern continues. The Yanks battle to get to .500 or a game above, then go on a losing streak. Then they battle back to .500 or a game above, and another losing streak.

CC Sabathia battled Cole Hamels for seven innings, giving up a 2-run HR to Adrian Beltre in the first, and was behind 2-0 entering the eighth. Then it all fell apart as Texas got five in the eighth to salt the game away. 7-1 Texas.

A-Rod got a SF in the bottom of the eighth.

Carlos Beltran left the game in the first inning with hamstring tightness. He is day to day. If Beltran had strained or tore the hamstring, I wonder what the Yanks would have done. Personally, I’d run Refsnyder (.293) out there or bring up the red-hot Aaron Judge. I think the Yanks would just run Aaron Hicks out there. But Hicks, at .206, hasn’t shown us much this year. Just my opinion, but I’d rather see Refsnyder or Judge get a shot.

For Beltre, it was his 424th career HR. To me, he doesn’t get the ink he deserves. 2845 hits, 424 HR. He is one of the best 3B ever. Baseball Reference, in fact, lists him as the 5th greatest 3B ever.

Jim Hickman, a 1962 original Met who was on the 1969 Cubs team that collapsed, and who also was the man who singled home Pete Rose in the 1970 All-Star Game when Rose barrelled over catcher Ray Fosse, died recently.

Sabathia (L, 5-5, 3.17) 7+ IP, 6 R, 8 H, 1 walk, 2 K. Gave up 1 HR.
Swarzak 1 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 0 walks, 0 K. 4.50
Mullee 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 2 K., 4.50. Came up, Yates sent down.

The Yanks fall to 37-39.


Yanks interested in Andruw? Bonderman?

First things first. The Rangers and Beltre are now a match. Young to DH/utility, and where will that leave Vlad?

LaRoche to the Nats. Didn’t get three, but two with an option.

As for the Yanks, could they have interest in Andruw Jones? It seems like Jones has been around forever, but he’ll be 34 in April. He still has pop, 36 HR in the last two years in a platoon role. The BA is alarming, .214 and .230 in the last two years but the 407-career-HR (tied with Duke Snider) Jones is a better defensive ballplayer than Marcus Thames. Granted Jones isn’t what he was defensively (a 10x GG winner) but he should be able to handle the corners and provide pop. He may also come pretty cheaply. He does bring tons of playoff experience from his long tenure with the Braves. So I see some positives (as I try to ignore that injury-riddled and just Coyote-ugly 2008 season from Andruw). Still has pop, decent glove. How old is he, though… is it an OLD 34 that he’ll be? And can the .256 career hitter hit .256? If it’s .250 with pop, it wouldn’t be so bad. The recent .220’s do concern me. Worth a gamble, but only at VERY low cost.

Another the Yanks are rumored to be interested in is Jeremy Bonderman as they pick through the rubbish of what is left pitcher-wise. The list includes Garcia, Millwood, Francis, possibly a Brian Bannister, Colon … and Bonderman. Bonderman is just 28 (Bannister 30), so he has youth on his side, but he’s another risk. Bonderman was just 8-10, 5.53 (ERA+ 76) last year for the Tigers, and is 67-77, 4.89 (ERA+ 90) for his career. His best year was in 2006 when the Tigers won the AL pennant. Bonderman was 14-8, 4.08 (ERA+ 112) that year. It just seems like everyone out there are guys with 5.00 ERA’s and very Sidney Ponson-like.

HOF selections (if any, I expect Blyleven and Alomar, don’t know if any others will make it) announced today at 2 p.m.          

Hmm, what controversy will the Jets come up with next? Now massage therapists suing them/Favre. In the last year, besides Rex’s blowhard bit, they’ve had Rex’s foul language on a reality show, Saenz, Sterger, the knee that was stuck out, Rex’s wife’s feet, now this. What next? Sheesh.   

Quick Update: When Cashman says that there isn’t much out there…he’s right.

Also, we should be hearing about arbitration results with Hughes, Joba and Logan soon.  

Beltre to Texas? Not yet; Pettitte to decide this week?

There were some reports that Adrian Beltre is going to Texas on a five or six year deal worth $90 to $96MM. MLBTR states that Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News offers a “semi-educated guess” that the Rangers will  shift Michael Young to a DH/utility role rather than trade him.

MLBTR and MLB.com however, report that “nothing is remotely imminent” between the team and the third baseman.

Beltre and Rafael Soriano are the top free agents still available, then Pavano. It is rumored that Pavano may decide between the Twins or Nats soon. 

The Yanks could still be interested in Brian Fuentes, MLBTR reports. Could the Yanks go with Logan, Fuentes and Feliciano? Fuentes would be insurance for Mo, but would have to accept a setup role, and  less money than he may like. Maybe that’s why Cashman is waiting—for the price to drop.

Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon could be in serious trouble.

On Wednesday, we find out if the baseball writers elected anyone to the HOF.

Finally, is this the week we hear from Pettitte whether he is coming back or retiring?       

Update, 1/4/11: Apparently Beltre and the Rangers are closing in on a six-year deal, with Michael Young changing positions yet again.  $90 to $100MM. If Young moves (again) and goes to DH, what then with Vlad? As we saw in the WS last year, OF for Vladdy isn’t a good idea anymore.

WS MVP Edgar Renteria could be Cincy-bound.

The NY Post states that Pettitte may not decide this week, and if he calls the Yanks, it may be only to let them know he is returning. That no call means he is retired. Pettitte has already told the Yankees to carry on as if he wasn’t returning.

It looks like Adam LaRoche will take the Nationals’ two-year offer at $8 to $9 MM per season.


Crawford to Boston for 7 yrs and $142M


Woke up to find out Carl Crawford went to Boston for 7 years and $142M. That Werth signing messed everything up. I had Werth to Boston, Crawford to the Angels. Once Werth went to DC, all bets went off, I suppose.

Boston now has a good lineup with speed. As written somewhere, it could look like this: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Crawford, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Drew, Catcher (Saltalamacchia? Aging Varitek? Will they go after Martin?) and Scutaro. Rotation Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Laptops, Lackey and if needed Wakefield (at 44).

The Red Sox 2010 missed the playoffs much as the Yanks of 2008 did. (In fact, both teams had the same record—89 wins). Now Boston is attacking the winter of 2010/2011 as the Yanks did 2008/2009. Yankees fans hope the result is different—otherwise Beantown will have a parade in early November 2011.

Some speed there with Ellsbury and Crawford. At the top of the lineup and in the OF. Think Francona wants to test the Yankees’ catchers out right now?

Do the Angels now focus on Lee? I don’t know. Their focus is more on improving their offense and as such, Beltre could be their #1 target now.

But as for the Yanks, this necessitates getting Lee even more. Especially with the uncertainty of Pettitte’s return.

A Tweet from Sweeny Murti of WFAN:

Guess Yanks do believe 7 yr offer now. Improving their bid so soon tells you how badly they want/need Lee.

Hmmm….Yanks going the painful extra mile and a 7th year? If so, 7 years and 165 M? (That’s 23.57 per). Whew.

You wonder if this now puts Boston over the top as 2011 AL East favorites. If so, I’d still have the Yanks as the wild card for now (pre-Lee). How far the Rays drop will be interesting since Crawford, Benoit, Bartlett (SD) and Pena are gone, and Soriano is to follow. Navarro (not a recent help) went to the Dodgers. That will be one different team and could be passed by Toronto if the Blue Jays can make some good moves. The Orioles are looking to improve but from what I’ve seen haven’t done anything significant yet. Targets (Konerko) still don’t go to Baltimore. I’d expect Buck to have them playing better in 2011 but wonder if it’ll be enough to keep the O’s out of the AL East basement. The O’s are sending prospects to the Twins for J.J. Hardy, though.

Another note from Murti, and a good one:

BOS adding LH bats Crawford and Gonzalez just made LH reliever more important for NYY. Also more expensive! (Downs? Feliciano?)

Remember Logan is all the Yanks have right now. Marte not back until mid-August (if EVER). Logan 2.93 was far lower than he ever put up before. It now looks as if Downs, Feliciano or Romero now a necessity as well. Reyes has signed with the Phils. 

Now here is class. From LoHud. A tweet from Curtis Granderson yesterday:

One year ago today, I was traded to the 27-time World Champion NY Yankees. Thank you fans, teammates, and front office for an amazing year.

I see a report that KC got Melky.

In the Rule 5 draft, the Yanks took 22 year old Robert Fish, a lefty pitcher, from the Angels. In high A/AA in 2010, Fish was just 5-5, 6.79 but did have 73 K in 58 1/3.  They also took Right-hander Daniel Turpen, who went 7-6 with a 4.30 ERA in Double-A last season, out of the Red Sox chain.

The Padres took George Kontos from the Yankees. Kontos, 24, was 0-4, 3.60 for A+/AA/AAA in 2010 for the Yanks farm teams. Lance Pendleton was taken by the Astros. Pendleton was 12-5, 3.61 AA/AAA in 2010 but is 27. More later.   

Update, 12/10/10: Reported that the Angels offered 6 and $108M but were blown away by Boston’s 7/142.

Update, 12/16: See Comments below for Bartlett.

Stunner! Werth to Washington

I didn’t see this one coming, did you?

I had Jayson Werth all pegged for Boston and that nice Green Monster. You figured 30 HR 100 RBI there, right?

I mean, no major free agent signs with the Nats, right? Especially since they don’t have Dunn anymore?

So much for that theory.

Jayson Werth signed a 7-yr. deal with Washington today ($18M per), giving the Nats back a little power that they lost when Dunn signed with the White Sox. Maybe now the Nats go after, say, Carlos Pena to replace Dunn at 1B?

It’ll be interesting to hear the boos in Philly the first time the Nats come there in 2011. As for the Phils, you wonder who they are looking at as far as a righty-hitting OF with pop. They do have Ben Francisco, but the balance in Philly’s lineup is now all out of whack. The power is all lefty-oriented (Utley, Howard, Ibanez and rookie Domonic Brown). You have switch-hitters with some, but not great pop in Rollins and Victorino, and righty bats Polanco and Ruiz aren’t known for power, either.  The Phils may be shopping for a righty-hitting OF with power to balance out that lineup.

As for Boston, I’d expect them to go all out for Crawford now, or to re-sign Beltre. They couldn’t finalize the Adrian Gonzalez deal and now a bat seemingly made for Fenway (Werth) is off the table. Hmmm…    


Oh, that thing Cashman is doing? Rappelling or whatever they call it? Don’t expect any pics on here of that from me. Just seeing those pics of him up there— 22 floors up —gives me the creeps. Whatever phobia it is that is the fear of heights, well I have it in spades.