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Baseball Winter Meetings.

Yankee Stadium Frieze
No more action on the Yankees front since the signing of Matt Holliday.

They are rumored to be in discussions with Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen. Chapman is said to want a six-year deal, which is probably a bit much for a closer, although the Yanks did give a six-year deal to the Goose (1978-1983).

There also have been rumors of reuniting with Boone Logan for the bullpen, and of maybe going after Luis Valbuena as a utility man.

There are other relievers the Yanks are looking at also.

A couple of teams did make some moves.

Mark Melancon to SF. 4 yrs., $62MM.

Joaquin Benoit to the Phillies on a 1 yr. deal. $7.5MM

Steve Pearce to Toronto.2 yr. $12.5MM

Washington is still a rumor hotbed regarding them getting Andrew McCutchen, Chris Sale or both.




Waiting for reality.

As always with the Winter Meetings, there are rumors and then there is reality. I love the hot stove league and the chess-like maneuverings. Who goes where, rumors of trades, etc.

But for the purpose of the blog, I don’t have the time to report on every rumor, and there are many of them out there. What I will do is try to focus on the reality and report and comment on what actually happened or went down. But here is a brief rundown, some of which are rumors and hasn’t happened yet (if it will at all).

That said, the Yanks did turn down a Gardner for Brandon Phillips swap. Yes, the Yanks need a 2B after Cano’s departure, and Phillips (.261-18-103 for the Reds in 2013) would have fit the bill. However Phillips is owed $50MM over 4 years, and has a no-trade clause. He also wanted to renegotiate his deal as part of a possible trade. Checking out various info on Twitter, Gardner (who obviously doesn’t have Phillips’ power) had a WAR (Wins Above Replacement) of 4.2 to Phillips’ 1.7. Also, Gardner had an OPS+ of 108, Phillips a 92.

With some recent acquisitions (Cano, Hart, Morrison), one-time Yankee prospect Jesus Montero is available. His stock has dropped (PED suspension, poor defense).

The Astros could be interested in Joba. So are the Tigers. Ex-Yank Raul Ibanez is talking with the Angels.

The Yanks could have interest in Joaquin Benoit. Also Johan Santana, but Santana would have to be on a minor-league, “Let’s see what you have left” deal.

Omar Infante wants 4 years at $8MM+. This could be a deal-breaker when it comes to the Yanks getting him. As with Beltran, KC could be the Yanks’ main competition here.

The Yanks picked up an A-ball pitcher from the Pirates in return for Chris Stewart.

Tigers add V-Mart to Benoit in free agent haul.

The most active free agent spenders this offseason? How about the Tigers?

That may come as a shock to those who continuously blast the Yankees.

After signing reliever Joaquin Benoit to a deal recently, the Tigers have added Victor Martinez to the team. $50MM over 4 years.

I don’t think he’ll catch much, but switch off at 1B/DH with Miguel Cabrera. The Tigers seem committed to Avila, and V-Mart isn’t the greatest defensively (remind you of anyone?) despite his bat.

Still, with V-Mart now gone, what is Boston’s move? Varitek is too old, and Saltalamacchia doesn’t appear to be the answer.

MLBTR, in their predictions, predicted V-Mart to Detroit, but had John Buck going to Boston. As we know, Buck signed with the Marlins.

Torrealba? Pierzynksi?    

Update: I should have mentioned Peralta as well when mentioning the Tigers’ haul. Peralta, Benoit, now V-Mart. Peralta re-signing with the Tigers after Detroit picked him up in midseason. Peralta could have gone on the market. He was granted free agency, but re-signed with Detroit a week later.