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Prince a Tiger

Prince Fielder has agreed to a nine-year, $214MM deal with the Tigers. It’ll offset the loss of V-Mart for 2012.

I don’t know if Prince will DH or play 1B. Miggy Cabrera could move back to 3B, but the Tigers lose out defensively there. Of course, Wilson Betemit just went to the Orioles, and Brandon Inge hit only .197 last year. (Update: Prince plays 1B, Cabrera to 3B, DH or RF).

Which reminds me of yet another DH candidate still out there… Magglio. (There are lots of them, aren’t there?). You wonder how low some of them will drop in their salary demands.

More to come.

Oh yeah,…. like father (Cecil) like son. I still remember Cecil hitting balls over the old Tiger Stadium roof.

Francisco Cordero goes to Toronto. He’ll be 37 in May, has 327 career saves, and was 5-3, 2.45, 37 saves for the Reds in 2011.

Posada retires today.

Jorge Posada announces his retirement at a press conference at Yankee Stadium today. See Bronx Baseball Daily (link at right) for a review of Posada’s career.

Cody Ross signed with Boston. He most likely will platoon in RF. Boston still has holes to fill.

Kevin Millwood signed a minor league deal with the Mariners. Omar Vizquel signed with Toronto. Vizquel, the active leader in games, PA and AB, will be 45 in April. He has 2841 hits.

Besides Ibanez, Damon, Vlad, Matsui… forgot another DH still out there: Derrek Lee. One off the board: Wilson Betemit, who signed with Baltimore.

Ex-Phils broadcaster Andy Musser died at the age of 74.


Reyes, now Pujols?

It seems as if the Boss’s ghost has bought the Marlins. After the Bell and Reyes signings, apparently the Marlins are in on Pujols—for a 10-yr. deal. They better hope Pujols actually IS 31.

In the NFL, the Bears are wise. No interest in talking to Favre, no matter what their QB troubles are.

The Twins deal P Kevin Slowey (27) to Colorado for a PTBNL. Slowey had an awful 2011, 0-8, 6.67, ERA+ 60. Career? 39-29, 4.66, ERA+ 90. He’s 20.

Fired managers and ex-players have to love ESPN. Terry Francona replaces Bobby V in the booth for ESPN—after Bobby V replaces Francona as Boston mgr.

Rumor has P Mark Buehrle down to five teams.

The Pirates are interested in signing INF Wilson Betemit (30, KC/Det. 2011, .285-8-46, OPS+ 117, career OPS+ 105, .269 b.a.) to a deal as well as bringing back OF Nate McLouth (30).  McLouth platooned with the Braves, .228-4-16 in 2011, OPS+ 89. McLouth’s best year was in the ‘burgh in 2008, when he was an All-Star, GG, and finished 27th in MVP voting with a .276-26-94 year, 23 steals and a league-leading 46 doubles. Once dealt to Atlanta in 2010, he went south….in more ways than one.

The Cards apparently have P Kyle Lohse on the block…in order to make room for someone else? Lohse did win 14, with a 3.39 ERA, for the 2011 WS Champs.

Mets moves: Trade Angel Pagan (30, .262-7-56, 32 SB, OPS+ 93 in 2011, .279, OPS+ 101 career) to SF for Andres Torres in a trade of CF. Torres hit .221-4-19, 19 SB, 82 for SF in 2011. Alsong with Torres, the Mets get Ramon Ramirez, 30, 3-3, 2.62 in 2011. ERA+ 136. The Mets also signed Jon Rauch. The big righty (6’10”, 33) was 5-4, 4.85 for Toronto in 2011 with 11 saves but an ERA+ of just 88. Career 39-31, 3.82, ERA+ 113.

The Mets also signed Frank Francisco, 32, who along with Rauch was with Toronto in 2011. Francisco was 1-4, 3.55, ERA+ 120 with 17 saves. Career 18-19, 3.72, ERA+ 124.

Game 95. Yanks shut out Rays 4-0.

Yanks 56-38, 2nd in AL East, 1 1/2 behind Boston.
They are in the wildcard spot, 5 1/2 up there.
They are two games worse than their Pythagorean record (a record of what they should be based on Runs scored vs. Runs Allowed).
OPS+ 110, ERA+ 117

Jeter SS .264-3-25  8sb/11att OPS+81   3008 hits
Granderson CF .271-25-68  18/25  149
Teixera 1B .242-25-67  2/3  127
Cano 2B .294-16-61  6/7  128
Swisher DH .252-10-60  2/4  111
Martin C .219-10-38  7/8  89
Jones RF .211-6-17  0/0  92   413 career HR
Nunez 3B .259-3-17  11/15  86
Gardner LF .290-4-19  29/39  115

Garcia P    7-7, 3.43    ERA+ 119

In the first, Jeter singles (#3009, one behind Wade Boggs) and Granderson hits #26.

After three, it is still 2-0 Yankees.

More in the minor league post later tonight, but Eric Chavez got four hits today in his rehab.

HBO will have the documentary on Jeter’s 3000th on July 28th.

With two out in the fifth, and two on, Granderson runs down Longoria’s drive a step from the wall. Great play, and still 2-0 after five.

One-time Yankee Wilson Betemit was traded today by KC to the Tigers.

Nova was placed on the 7-day DL.

Still 2-0 after six.

Garcia goes 6 2/3, 0 R, 8 H, 0 walks and 7 K. He eventually gets the win, going to 8-7, 3.21. With that 3.21, he really deserves better than an 8-7 record.

In the seventh, Garcia left with two out and two on. One of those on base reached because of ANOTHER error by Nunez.

Logan came in, faced his only batter of the night, and got a strikeout. ERA to 3.33.

Robertson for the 8th, and his amazing season continued. 1-2-3, 2 K. ERA to 1.17 and he now has 61 K in 38 1/3 IP. Just incredible.

The Yanks got some insurance in the 9th. Two one-out walks and a groundout put runners on 2nd and 3rd, two out for Nunez. Nunez redeems himself for the error with a two-run single to make it 4-0.

It’s not a save situation, but in comes Mo. 1-2-3 with 2 K. ERA to 1.70.

If Girardi puts Soriano in the 8th inning slot when he is off rehab, I’ll be one PISSED OFF DUDE. How can you get better than 1.17 ERA and 1.70 ERA in the 8th and 9th innings? Your thoughts? The hell with Soriano’s ego, you go with your best. Right now, the best is Robertson in the 8th, followed by the Great Rivera.

Martin’s o for 3 drops him to .217. Um, Cervelli is at .205. I know the primary responsibility for the catcher is to handle the pitching staff, but … Montero or Romine anyone? Then when you throw in the ex-catcher, now non-catcher (Posada) at .224, well…

Ccongratulations to our old buddy, Godzilla. Hideki Matsui hit a HR tonight, and between his playing in the Japanese Leagues and the majors over here, his combined HR total is 500.

After picking up Wilson Betemit in a trade, the Tigers have DFA’d Brandon Inge.  Inge has had a terrible year, .177-1-17 so far. OPS+ 38.

Lefty relief pitcher? Step right up. The Yanks so far signed Brad Halsey and J. C. Romero to minor league deals, now they bring back Royce Ring on a minor league deal. Ring, 30, got in five games with the Yanks last year, 0-0, 15.43. He’s 3-3, 5.29 in his career. Forgive me if I’m not excited.

AL CYA is Cliff Lee; Yanks deal 3 for 1B Swisher.

The only wonder was if it would be unanimous. It wasn’t, but Cliff Lee (22-3, 2.54, ERA+ 175) of the Indians was the winner of the 2008 American League CYA in a landslide. Roy Halladay of the Blue Jays got the four first-place votes that did not go to Lee and came in second. K-Rod came in third.

The Yanks today made a deal for a first baseman. The New York Yankees acquired OF/1B Nick Swisher in a trade with the Chicago White Sox. The Yankees traded infielder Wilson Betemit and minor league pitchers Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez to Chicago in exchange for the switch-hitting Swisher and minor league pitcher Kanekoa Texeira. (From ESPN).

To the Yanks:

1B/OF Nick Swisher. Turns 29 soon, so IN HIS PRIME. Good. .219-24-69 last year, OPS+ 92. Bad year. 162 game average for his career? .244-28-86. Ok, the BA isn’t that great. But that average also includes 91 walks, 143 K a year. 112 OPS+. He walks, has pop. Good. Wish the BA goes up. Let’s hope it does.

P Kanekoa Texeira (so close to a certain 1B). This one intrigues me. I’ve felt for years that Cashman is slowly putting together a bullpen of young guys (and having young guys for trades) that’ll be something. 22, RHP, relief. 6-3, 21 saves between A and AA this year. 61 IP in 51 games. 60 K. Minor league record, 11-5, 2.24 in 113 games. He may start at AA and go to AAA in 2009 but you have to think…Melancon, Robertson, Texeira….Coke (if left in the bullpen)…Whelan… The backend appears to be Mo/Marte/Bruney. Long man? Maybe a battle between Aceves/Rasner/Giese. I haven’t mentioned Veras, Edwar, Mt. Britton, Albaladejo, J. B. Cox… and others. There is more depth from which to work from or make a deal. There is bullpen youth. I like the way the bullpen shapes up. Now to get those two starters.

Leaving the Yanks:
Betemit is the departed Wilson that Tom Hanks isn’t going to miss.

Wilson Betemit. I defended the guy in 2007. I admit my mistake. I had to see the guy over a full year and not just 84 ABs. Hey, sometimes you bleep up. I thought 24 RBI in 84 AB wasn’t bad. It isn’t. But seeing him for the whole year revealed the faults I didn’t see in 2007. He wasn’t good enough defensively no matter where he played. Versatile, but not an expert anywhere. Some pop, but 273 AB as a Yankee yielded 10 HR, 50 RBI (not bad) but 12 walks and 89 strikeouts (very bad). OPS+ mid 80s. .253. Age 27.

Jhonny Nunez. Picked up from the Nats in the Alberto Gonzalez deal. With the Yanks, had only 8 games at AA Trenton. Jhonny, we hardly knew ye. Turns 23 later this month.

Jeff Marquez. Won 15 at AA Trenton in 2007 (3.65) but struggled this year at AAA (6-7, 4.69 there, where he spent most of his 2008 time). 8-8 overall, ERA around 4.47.

Pete Abraham adds: Jeff Marquez was on the 40-man roster while Jhonny Nunez would have required Rule 5 protection. Kanekoa Texeira does not require such protection. The side benefit to this move is roster flexibility.

When I first heard about the trade, I thought, ok, a 1B, and if the Yanks sign Mark Teixeira, then maybe Swisher goes to CF and you trade either Melky or Gardner. But in reading Abraham’s report from a conference call the press had with Cashman about the deal, Swisher is the 1B. Period. Some days he may play a corner position in the OF to give Damon or Nady a day, wherein Posada may play 1B (My Note to Jorge: learn to like it, you 37 year old catcher coming off shoulder surgery. Love ya, but it’s time to get real…). So as of now, CF looks to be a Melky/Gardner spring training battle. In talking about Swisher and the OF, Ca$hman specifically ruled out CF except in emergency.

Which means Teixeira (Mark that is, not to be confused with Kanekoa, the pitcher above) is not Bronx-Bound for megabucks. That megabucks will be used for pitching. Specifically two starters. How high the moon? How high will the “blow them out of the water before they even bid” bid will the Yankees make? Bids can go out starting at 12:01 a.m. Friday morning. Then we’ll see how high the Yanks go for C. C. Joel Sherman of the Post states that Yankee insiders suggest the initial proposal may not be the final offer C. C. sees (C. C. sees…I like that) but that the opening bid will make a statement. One that a Yankee exec says “will separate ourselves” from the pack. Tomorrow we may see the movement on Pettitte that Mark Hale of the Post says has been lacking so far (and why he says beware the Astros….again….something I don’t buy). Hale also states that Mussina’s agent says to check back next week regarding what Moose may do.

I have to give Sherman credit. In this morning’s paper, he wrote, “They (the Yankees) are not nearly as interested in Teixeira or Manny Ramirez as has been portrayed in some arenas. But they do want another big starter with Derek Lowe and A. J. Burnett their next choices.”

(after C. C., of course). Gotta say, regarding Teixeira, Sherman nailed it, and you know how much I do NOT want Manny.

We see the emphasis so far this offseason. Pitching (Texeira above, C. C. and Lowe/Burnett to come), getting younger (Swisher is just 29…letting Abreu and Giambi go), and defense. Shoring up (Marte) and building up (Texeira again) the bullpen. The offseason has just started and so far it looks like a busy one for the Bronx Bombers.

You have to love this from Pete Abraham’s blog. From Carl Pavano: “I look back at those four years with the Yankees, it was exhausting.” Pete replies, “Of course it was. He made 26 starts over those four years after all. And that doesn’t even count all the minor-league rehabs.” Way to go, Pete!

Exhausting. Sheesh.

I thing I continue to dislike is when Pete mentions about Swisher’s contract and that in three years the Yanks may need Posada or Jeter at 1B. I will argue until I turn blue in the face against a Jeter to 1B move. In three years, Jeter would then be a 37 (about to be 38) year old ex-SS playing 1B. That works if you are Ernie Banks. Banks was moved to 1B at the age of 31. Banks also had 512 career HR and when 38 had 23 HR and 106 RBI in 1969. It doesn’t work if you are Derek Jeter, who may have 8-10 HR and 60-70 RBI at that age. As I’ve written, .280-8-60 doesn’t and won’t cut it for an A.L. first baseman.

Lastly, I do wonder what this will mean for people like Shelley Duncan and Juan Miranda. Just wondering who will be the backup first baseman. Swisher is a switch-hitter, so it wouldn’t be a platoon at 1B. Miranda currently is at .310-3-12 in 58 AB in the Arizona Fall League.

Cameron mentioned again, and more speculation.

Joel Sherman writes today that the Yanks have inquired about the possibility of acquiring Mike Cameron from the Brew Crew. The Brewers just picked up Cameron’s option at $10M, but consider themselves too right-handed and would be open to a deal, preferably for pitching, due to the probable losses of C. C. Sabathia and Ben Sheets. The replacement for Cameron could be Melky Cabrera.

Sherman says that the Yanks have also talked to various clubs about Wilson Betemit. To me, dealing two players with poor plate patience is ok by me. I’ll get to Cameron later. I’ve discussed him before. As for others, like Cano and Jose Molina….get some plate patience. It killed the Yanks in 2008.

Sherman states that Melky, Betemit and a pitcher (and I am assuming a lower grade pitcher—NOT Hughes or Kennedy) is probably a package Milwaukee could accept. They shed some salary and get two switch-hitters and pitching help. The Yanks have long wanted Cameron, and although Cameron would be an upgrade, I have my reservations.

First is the age. He will turn 36 the same day that the big G turns 38 this coming January. Remember what I wrote about the # of SS and CF 34 and over on WS winning teams. Would I be comfortable going into 2009 with a 36 year old CF and a SS who turns 35 in June of 2009? No. And God forbid they pursue Manny (37 in May) after that or bring back a 38 year old Giambi at 1B because of not getting a Teixeira, Dunn, etc. Should Matsui be traded (and I’ll get to that), the Yanks could bring the Big G back to DH at age 38, but remember that DHing and the Big G don’t necessarily mix.

Cameron is an above average player with good speed, good power. Career OPS+ 106. An improvment over Melky? Yes. Melky has a career 84 OPS+ and is only 24, but you wonder if he has peaked already. His OPS+ has gone from 95 in 2006 to 89 to 68. He doesn’t run that much (9 SB). The walks went from 56 to 43 to 29. .280 to .273 to .249. He is young enough to rebound, but an OPS+ of 106 would probably be a career year for the Melkman. Cameron missed about a month due to a suspension for violating baseball’s drug policy (not steroid-related) but still had 21 HR and 17 SB this year. The average (.243) and strikeouts (142) are worrisome. Three times he has whiffed 150 or more times in a season. His 162 game average is .250-23-83-28. 72 walks and 158 Ks. Should the Yanks get him, I’d expect .242-18-75-16 (taking into account the age), with 70 walks but around 160 strikeouts. He should hit at the bottom of the lineup. Some may say 7th or 8th, but I might be more inclined to bat him 9th. That way his speed is there in front of Damon and Jeter once the lineup turns around. The biggest worry I have (besides the average and whiffs) is….how many steps has he lost in range?

A deal for Cameron means Gardner is relegated to a backup OF role. I would hope he would be kept for defensive reasons/pinchrunning. As for Austin Jackson, this would be a sign that the job is his if he progresses. At 36, Cameron would clearly be a stop-gap measure for a year or two until A-Jax is ready. Jackson is struggling a bit in the Arizona Fall League, but I wonder if it is just fatigue. Unlike others, Jackson didn’t go there to get at bats or innings (Miranda had 99 games at SWB, Hughes missed most of 2008 with injury, Sanchez came back off TJ surgery). He had a full year.

As for Matsui, an article sent to me by reader Jeff states that one source mentioned a potential three-way deal that would send outfielder Hideki Matsui from the New York Yankees to the Seattle Mariners for a pitching prospect, perhaps Ryan Rowland-Smith. The Yankees would package the prospect with second baseman Robinson Cano and another young player to the Rockies for Holliday. I’m wondering if Phil Hughes would be involved in either deal. The Rockies and Brewers would want pitching. I hope not. Don’t give up on him yet. What the Yanks could give to the Rockies (losing Brian Fuentes) is bullpen help (which would be Rowland-Smith) and maybe another bullpen pitcher to make up for the loss of Fuentes. They have Melancon, Veras, Edwar, Robertson, J. B. Cox, Whelan, Claggett, Coke. Obviously I have listed some that I would not want to deal. But there is a pitching surplus as far as the bullpen goes. Of course if you trade “Great” Britton, someone in Colorado may think he’s a mountain and try to ski him. I just wonder about the “another young player.” Position or Pitcher? Ian Kennedy?

Now say they get Holliday and do the Cameron move. Now they go after Orlando Hudson to replace Cano and make an all-out assault on Teixeira for 1B. Damon slides to DH. Hmm….an infield of Teix (S), Hudson (S), Jeter (R) and Alex (R). Solid on the right side defensively (some Gold Gloves), less so with Alex and Jeter on the left (34 and 35 before 2009 ends). OF of Holliday (R)-Cameron (R)-Nady (R). DH Damon (L). C Posada (S). Hmm. Looks good. Maybe a little too “righty” though. A lefty bat to platoon with Nady would then be nice. Cheap all around OF. Nothing fancy, just have some good pop. Preferably can play all three OF positions. You still have Ransom and Molina as backup infielder and backup C. Age up the middle (Posada, Jeter, Cameron) still a huge concern. Of course two pitchers (CC/Lowe?) still must be had.

The article also mentions that the Yankees also are expected to at least check in on Willy Taveras. I can’t believe that. (It most likely would be if no Cameron). Taveras (27 this Christmas Day) went .251-1-26-68 (OPS+ 56) with the Rockies last year. Hmmm…..in his 20’s, no power, great speed. Does that remind you of anyone currently on the Yanks (Initials B.G.)???

So. Let’s say all this transpires. The Yanks go whole hog. Make deals and like the Royal Mounties, get their men. 2008 numbers.

Damon .303-17-71-29 121
Jeter .300-11-69-11 105
Teixiera (combined) .308-33-121-151
Alex .302-35-103-18-153
Holliday .321-25-88-28-140
Posada .268-3-22 106 (injured. expect .268-17-70? Of course the concern is more on the defense and throwing than the bat; note, given the age, comeback from surgery, I’ll say his stats are similar to what he did in 1998. Games, ABs, performance, etc. So OPS+ 115. Fair?)
Nady (combined) .305-25-97 128
Hudson .305-8-41-108 (missed 1/3 of year, injured). Expect? .282-12-65? 100?
Cameron. .242-18-75-16 100 or thereabouts.

CC 17-10, 2.70 162
Lowe 14-11, 3.24 131 or AJ 18-10, 4.07 105
Wang 8-2, 4.07 109….injured. Expect? 16-9, 3.85 115?
Joba 4-3, 2.60 166 Who knows as full time starter?
Pettitte 14-14, 4.54 95

Not bad. Age up the middle and from Lowe/Pettitte worrisome. Otherwise ok. A bit too righty in the lineup maybe.

Not all those moves will happen. It’s interesting to see the direction of moves that may be being discussed, though. That lineup above is better defensively. A bit younger, without Abreu, Giambi, Matsui. Where you do sacrifice some age (CF, 2B) are still upgraded defensively. No matter what happens, this will be an interesting offseason. Like I stated, I’m not all sold on Cameron, but…

More news from Sherman. Apparently new 1B coach Kelleher has a strong relationship with A-Rod and Robbie Cano. Of course if that rumor about Cano to the Rockies goes through, it doesn’t matter. But in the greater likelihood that it doesn’t…hopefully Kelleher gets Robbie back on track.

Nothing from Moose. His agent states that he wants to make up his mind sooner rather than later but hasn’t made up his mind yet on the life decision. It reminds me of something David Cone once said—that an athlete dies two deaths.

AL Gold Gloves today. I don’t expect any Yanks to be named (unless Mussina gets one). Do you?

Game 150. Cano benched (and not just because Buehrle is a lefty). Coke 1st MLB win, Rivera passes Smith on saves list.

According to Pete Abe, Cano is benched due to what happened yesterday. Good. I hear CSNY singing “Should have been done long ago….”

As I mentioned earlier, Pete repeats: No walks for Cano since 8/20. He emphasizes the 4 for his last 25, no RBI, no runs scored. No nothing lately.

Meanwhile, good point in Pete mentioning that since being recalled, NO at bats for Melky. Notice the lineup tonight. Switch-hitter Melky is NOT playing. Gardner is. Matsui isn’t playing. Heck, look at Gardner and tell Matsui, “Thanks, now get that knee operated on.”

There is something that Pete doesn’t get, though. He has it in for Edwar, we know that (not to mention Girardi, used to for Farnsworth, and others).

EDWAR, WHAT IS HE GOOD FOR?: In his last 18 appearances Edwar Ramirez has pitched 15 innings and given up 14 earned runs on 15 hits and nine walks.

What Pete doesn’t mention is that 3 of those appearances were against the Angels. How about breaking it down more, Pete? 11 R in 1 2/3 innings vs. the Angels. Against the rest, it’s 13 1/3 IP, 3 runs. Edwar has a 4.05 ERA. Take away the Angels and it’s 2.26. Kind of misleading information, no? This isn’t to defend Edwar, who hasn’t been that bad, nor that great. Just giving the truth, that one team OWNS him.

Yanks are 79-70. 4th. 1/2 game out of 3rd. OPS+ 104, ERA+ 98

Damon LF .306-14-62-28-121
Jeter SS .306-11-68-11-109 (really stepping it up now. How long until he gets that record?)
Abreu RF .297-17-89-18-122 (most HR since 2005)
Rodriguez 3B .307-34-100-17-159
Giambi 1B .248-30-92-2-133
Nady DH .282-10-31-0-119 as a Yankee. 46 games.
Ransom 2B 8 for 19. 2 HR 6 RBI. See above. Cano benched.
Moeller C .228-1-8. 79 at bats. Probably getting the call due to familiarity with Aceves at SWB.
Gardner CF .165-0-10. 84 at bats. Note he and not Melky starting vs. the lefty. Melky is still in the doghouse, it appears (at least his buddy is there with him).
Aceves RHP 1-0, 1.29. 14 IP.

Bottom kind of weak. We’ll see.

MAJOR UPDATE: The Brewers, now tied with the Phils for the Wild Card with 12 games to go, pulled a (desperate?) move today, firing Ned Yost and replacing him with Dale Sveum (Shepard Smith on Fox mispronounced him as Dave Sveum). Wow. In the heat of a pennant race, 12 games to go, tied for the wild card and the manager gets canned. Wow.

Meanwhile, a home game is played by Houston (just 2 out of the WC) in Milwaukee against the Cubs last night. Carlos Zambrano throws a no hitter with a crowd of mostly Cubs fans up from Chicago watching. Houston was the “home” team. Couldn’t they have taken the game to a minor league stadium down south? Granted it wouldn’t be in Houston, but couldn’t they play in Oklahoma City, Corpus Christi (Astro’s AA team), Tulsa, Albequerque or some southern place with a minor league park? I know they wouldn’t get a big crowd, but as long as the facilities are ok, the park is ok quality for professional ball, the fences are a decent distance away, why not? After all, the Dodgers played 7 games in Jersey City at Roosevelt Stadium in 1956. Playing a “home” game a few hours from your visitor, many hours from your place, in front of a crowd filled with your visitor’s fans? Shame on MLB.

I see Houston got one hit in their game today.

Recap: I was watching the first half of the Eagles-Cowboys game at one of my brothers. He’s a diehard Cowboys fan. 30-24 Eagles at the half. A half that saw a little of everything, including curses from my brother.

As for the Yanks, they won 4-2. Aceves pitched six strong innings, giving up 2 runs, Phil Coke pitched a scoreless inning and picked up his 1st MLB win, Joba went a scoreless 8th, and Mo the scoreless 9th for the save. Mo’s save, #479, passed Lee Smith for 2nd on the all-time list. Jeter took the collar, so his pursuit of most hits by a player at the Stadium is on hold until tomorrow. Coke has been impressive so far. He hasn’t given up a run yet.

Three hits for Abreu as he tries to make it to .300. The X-man had a 2-run HR in the 2nd, and scored the game-winner on a ground-rule, PH double by Betemit in the 7th. JD singled in Betemit for the insurance run. Cano entered as a PR and stayed in the game for defense. Yanks improve to 80-70.