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Happy New Year! Things are quiet….

As we usher in the New Year of 2013, things have been quiet in Yankeeland.

There are no hot rumors of trades or signings as we still wonder who will be the Yanks’ catcher and DH in 2013, not to mention who’ll fill out the bench.

A couple aging Hall-of-Famers are coming off major injuries (Jeter, Rivera) and another (?; steroid abuse, Alex) will miss half the year if not more because of an operation.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of free agents still available. None of the major ones really fit the Yankees needs, and with the Yanks cutting back on spending, the $$$ isn’t there for them.

Michael Bourn, Kyle Lohse and Rafael Soriano are still out there. Soriano could be a fit, only because he went 2-1, 2.26 with 42 saves in filling in for the injured Rivera last year. But Soriano probably wouldn’t want to go back to the setup role he was unhappily doing in 2011. But after a strong year, it’s interesting that he opted out and still is unsigned.

Boston has been talking to Adam LaRoche, since the Napoli deal may fall through.

Shaun Marcum and Joe Saunders are out there. So are Jose Valverde and Delmon Young.

Young is a righty bat, which the Yanks could use, and a .284 hitter. He was the ALCS MVP vs. the Yanks last year. Although his 162 g. average is .284-16-89, his OPS+ is just 98 due to a poor BB/K ratio. (27/115).

There is still Scott Hairston. There’s Thome or Berkman.

There’s …. (fill in the blank).

But it appears the Yanks are “dumpster-diving.” Who they pick up between now and the start of spring training (and it’s getting closer), who knows?

As of now, who will  be the C, DH or bench?

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate has gone up 2%… and that’s just from all the NFL coaches and GMs being fired. Black Monday indeed.



Game 106. Garcia gets 10th win behind Gardner’s bases-loaded double, 4-2. Save #586 for Mo.

Freddy Garcia goes today, and can only hope for more of the offense that scored 8 and 17 runs yesterday.

Garcia and Nova are tied for 2nd on the team in wins with 9 each. CC has 15. I wish the Yanks would stop messing with Nova. Pull Hughes from the rotation and stick with Nova from here on out. Phil can try to regain his starting spot next spring training. Heck, right now, if the playoffs started tomorrow, my four starters would be CC, Colon, Garcia and NOVA. Not AJ, not Hughes.

Here’s today’s lineup. 3 hours to go for the trade deadline. Nothing with the Yanks yet. Yanks 63-42, 2nd in AL East, 2 back. 5 1/2 up for the wild card.
Four games worse than the Pythagorean record. OPS+ 110, ERA+ 121.

Gardner LF .279-4-24  32sb/42att  OPS+ 104   leads AL in SB
Jeter SS .269-4-36  11/14  85    3020 hits tied with Palmeiro, 3 behind Lou Brock on the all-time list. 
Granderson CF .269-28-77  19/28  146
Teixeira 1B .246-29-79  2/3   126
Cano DH .297-16-68   6/7   124
Swisher RF .270-14-62  2/4   123     remember when Swish was at .215?
Chavez 3B .295-0-8  0/0  107
Martin C .228-10-40   8/9  88
Nunez 2B .268-3-24   15/19   89

Garcia P  9-7, 3.23  ERA+ 129

Atlanta gets Michael Bourn from Houston. .303-1-32, leads MLB in SB (39). He led the NL in SB in 2009 and 2010. A .271 career hitter, no power, lots of speed. 2 GG, 1x All-star.

The Yanks are looking into Mike Adams and Heath Bell from SD, and Wandy Rodriguez of Houston.

From Jack Curry of YES:

Banuelos will be promoted to Class AAA 4 next start. He was 4-5 w a 3.50 ERA at AA Trenton. Allowed 1 run in 6 1/3 in last start on 7/27. By moving Banuelos to AAA, Yanks will determine if he can be late-season addition. FB command has been issue. Avg about 5 walks per 9. If the Yankees see enough from Banuelos at AAA, there’s always chance he could get starts in majors, with Nova and/or Hughes sliding to pen.

For first time in a while, heard Yankee folks drooling about Montero’s bat again. They see him as option at major league level soon.

After 2day, the Yankees are leaning toward using a 6-man rotation for a turn.

Keeps Hughes/Nova in rotation. Extra rest for Colon/Garcia.

From Joel Sherman

For those asking, Phil Hughes definitely has one option to be sent back to minors if necessary 

Indians close to a deal with SD for Ryan Ludwick. A’s send Brad Ziegler to Arizona.

With two out, the Yanks load the bases in the 1st, but Swisher grounds out.

The Orioles get a run in the  3rd on two walks and a single. 1-0 Baltimore. The Yanks load the bases with one out in the 3d, but Swisher fails again. GIDP.

Gardner with a bases-loaded triple in the 4th. 3-1 Yanks. Jeter was HBP in the 3rd and has to leave the game. A Granderson groundout scores Gardner 4-1 after four.

Mike Adams goes to the Rangers from SD.

With Jeter out and Cano DHing, the Yanks don’t want to lose the DH, Nunez goes from 2B to SS, and Cervelli goes to 2B (!)

Orioles get a run in the sixth on a single, SB, single. 4-2 Yanks after six. The Yanks had 2nd and 3rd, one out, couldn’t score. Outside of Gardner’s triple, they have been wasting scoring chances today.

Jeter ok. X-Rays negative on hand after HBP. Day to day.

40 minutes to go. Nothing imminent on Yanks and any deal.

Garcia done after six. 6 IP, 2 R, 5 H, 2 walks and 6 K. ERA to 3.22, down .01 from the beginning of the game.

From Sweeney Murti: Freddy Garcia has given up 3 ER or less in 15 of  his 19 starts.

Noesi in. Yanks lose the DH as Cano takes the field, replacing Cervelli at 2B. Defensive move in a 4-2 game.

Noesi gets two outs, gives up a single. Robertson in. SB. Flyout.

Noesi 2/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 1 K. ERA to 3.28.

NFL: Burress to Jets.

Pirates get Ludwick from SD.

1st and 3rd, one out in the bottom of the 7th. Yanks strand them. 10 LOB.

The amazing Robertson strikes out the side in the 8th. 42 1/3 IP this year, 68 K. ERA to 1.49.   1 1/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 3 K.

Mo for the 9th. A 1-2-3. Garcia goes to 10-7, 3.22.

Mo’s 27th save. His ERA goes to 1.79 and it’s save #586 of his career. He’s tied for the league lead in saves. At the age of 41.

The trade deadline has passed. The Yanks made no moves.