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WS Game 3. Muncy’s walkoff HR wins it for LA in 18th, 3-2.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

In a game that ended around 3:30 AM Eastern Time, the Dodgers won the longest WS game in history, 3-2 in 18 innings, on a Max Muncy walkoff HR off of Nathan Eovaldi to avoid an 0-3 deficit in games. Boston leads two games to one.

With the game going so long, teams will have to decide who starts Game 4 (see below), and players could be exhausted. Eovaldi threw 97 pitches of relief in Game 3.

Joc Pederson homered for the Dodgers in the third to put them up 1-0.

In the sixth, Manny Machado hit what he thought was a HR, showboated, and wound up with a long single instead of a double. So far this postseason, there is a lot NOT to like about a team potentially signing him as a free agent. So much talent, too many headaches. If the Yanks sign him, could they be getting another A-Rod, another person with so much talent and so many headaches?

Funny how Manny adores A-Rod, A-Rod is pushing for Machado and A-Rod despite his TV connections, is still a Yankees’ advisor. You wonder if A-Rod will bring Machado, and all his talent, but also all his problems, to the Bronx.

A-Rod redux. And just like A-Rod, a guy who wants to play one position, but is forced into another (although, with Didi’s injury, Machado may get to play the position he desires, at least temporarily, but then what? Where does Andujar go if Machado does wind up a Yankee?)

Dodgers’ starter Walker Buehler was brilliant.

But in the bottom of the eighth, Jackie Bradley tied it with a HR off of Kenley Jansen.

Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers pulled a rock, getting picked off of first in the bottom of the ninth. In the top of the tenth, he made up for it by throwing out a runner at the plate for an inning-ending DP.

Boston scored in the top of the 13th, but left the bases loaded. LA came back to tie it up with two out in the bottom of the 13th on an error, setting the stage for Muncy’s walkoff HR in the bottom of the 18th. Muncy had just missed winning it with a walkoff HR in the bottom of the 15th, as his long drive was just foul.

Wood the winner, Eovaldi the loser. As the NY Post’s Joel Sherman reports, the Dodgers didn’t use Rich Hill, and have him to start Game 4, but Boston used Price in relief, used up Eovaldi, and didn’t even use Drew Pomeranz who now may be forced to start Game 4. Who starts?

The Hank Aaron awards for league’s best hitters went to Christian Yelich of the Brewers and Boston’s J.D. Martinez.

And if you want a good chuckle, agent Scott Bora$$ says that Jacoby Ellsbury will be ready to go for the Yanks in 2019 spring training. What else did you expect Bora$$ to say? The guy is great at fleecing owners.

Dodgers go 1 up, Boston 2 up in LCS’s. Didi has successful surgery; Machado

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Dodgers went up 3 games to 2 over Milwaukee and are one game away from returning to the WS with a 5-2 win yesterday in Game 5 on the NLCS. Clayton Kershaw, who has had postseason trouble in the past, pitched like the ace he usually is.

Boston took a 3 games to 1 lead over defending WS champ Houston in the ALCS, beating them 8-6 Wednesday night. Jackie Bradley, who hit a grand slam in Game 3, hit a 2-run HR in Game 4. Closer Craig Kimbrel has been shaky this postseason, but with the bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the ninth, LF Andrew Benintendi made a diving catch to save the game for Boston. If the ball drops and gets past him, Houston at least ties, and probably wins, the game. Also, fans interfered earlier with a ball that went for an out instead of a HR, and that too, cost Houston. Was the call correct? Who knows, but there is a good article by Joel Sherman in the NY Post today criticizing MLB for continuing to use overweight, 66-yr. old umpires as the OF umps down the line.

Didi Gregorius of the Yankees had successful Tommy John surgery on his right (throwing) elbow. Once again, he’s expected to miss at least half of the 2019 season.

Meanwhile, one possible replacement for Didi, Manny Machado, isn’t helping his free agent cause. As talented as Machado is, his lack of hustle and sometimes dirty play is turning a lot of people off.

In an interview on the Michael Kay show, Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman states that teams have inquired about Gary Sanchez, but that Sanchez is unavailable, even after his disappointing 2018 season.


PSU has a new coach. Through Brown…again?!

In 1949, PSU head coach Bob Higgins stepped down as PSU head football coach.

Follow along, now.

In 1947, the “Hig” took PSU to the Cotton Bowl. They had a 13-13 tie in that game against SMU and Doak Walker. There was some controversy in that Cotton Bowl, due to Mel Triplett (who later played for the 1956 NFL Champion Giants) being on that team. Triplett was black.

After the 1948 season (7-1-1), Higgins was forced to retire due to bad health. His son-in-law turned out to be Steve Suhey, a star of that 1947 team.

One of Steve Suhey’s sons turned out to be Matt Suhey, an excellent back on the PSU team that lost the 1979 Sugar Bowl (1978 season) to Alabama, 14-7. Suhey was one (along with Mike Guman) stopped by Alabama in a crucial goal line stand.  Eventually Matt Suhey’s son played at Penn State, marking three generations…

Higgins coached at PSU from 1930-1948. Before that, he had a distinguished football career at PSU Pre and Post-WWI.

There was a one-year interim (Hugo Bedenk) in 1949 between Higgins and Rip Engle.

Engle came from Brown. In doing so when he began the 1950 campaign, he brought along his QB, who had just graduated…a guy named Joe Paterno.

So Engle came from Brown. He then coached PSU from 1950-1965, with JoePa as an assistant.

Then came JoePa, for  what seemed like an eternity. 1966-2011.

For just four games, Tom Bradley took over. A loss to Nebraska the week JoePa was canned. It was a home game. Then, two games on the road…a win at the Horseshoe, Ohio St., and a big loss at Wisc. Then, a loss in a bowl game to Houston.

I feel for Bradley, whose hands were tied. I wish him the best, at PSU or elsewhere. He wanted to be a head coach, but God Forbid, not in these conditions.

So PSU now has a head coach, and where did he graduate from? Brown, the same institution that gave us Engle (coach) and JoePa (graduated from there), not to mention George Paterno (who, as Joe’s brother, broadcast PSU games).

So now we have Bill O’Brien as head coach, who graduated from (let me say it again…) Brown. With  a name like that, you’d think he’d be Kelly’s assistant at ND, wouldn’t you?

But O’Brien has his work cut out for him. I, for one, want to see what he does with PSU’s offense. Bolden, for example, stinks. Look at this year’s bowl game where he was 7 for 26 or so. His comp. pct., even when “platooning” with McGloin (who, because of a locker room scuffle, concussion and seizure, was ineligible for the bowl game), stunk.

PSU’s offense has seemingly (except for 1982 and 1994) been stuck in the caveman era. Maybe their QB should be that GEICO caveman. Good RBs (and I am a PSU grad; those RBs being Mitchell, Harris, Cappy, Suhey, Guman, Warner, Dozier, Enis, McCoo, Thomas…) … but….

I, for one, will be interested in seeing how someone who coached Tom Brady with the Patriots does with a PSU offense.

It could be VERY interesting in that respect.

Oh…. BTW…. O’Brien’s alma mater? Let me repeat that. Brown. So the lineage continues, from O’Brien back to Paterno back to Engle.

Now, I wonder….

JFK Jr. went to …. Brown.

Hmmm….. Had he not died in that plane crash, does that mean that JFK Jr., no football pedigree at all (save for his family’s touch football games), could have been a candidate for the PSU football position? Doubtful of course, and highly unlikely. But….

But if just being a Brown grad qualifies you, it could have been interesting. After all, PSU is in the middle of nowhere.

Hmmm….JFK, Jr. on the coaching staff. The Brown connection. Engle, Paterno, JFK, Jr. Forget O’Brien.

Imagine the sexy girlfriends coming into PSU with JFK Jr. on that coaching staff.

Not to mention Emma Watson from Harry Potter fame, who attends Brown.

Hmm… O’Brien. Too bad he doesn’t have the late JFK Jr. and/or Emma on his staff…

Maybe THAT could be the way to turn PSU around….

No game. Milton Bradley busted on felony charge.

Milton Bradley has talent, when it’s applied correctly. Unfortunately, there is much more that comes with Milton Bradley, and here is another instance of that. Bradley was booked on an unspecified felony charge. As recently as 2008, Bradley led the AL in OBP, OPS and OPS+.

The Twins are finally close to finalizing the Pavano deal.

As far as a righty-hitting alternative to Andruw Jones for backup OF, one alternative, Scott Hairston, signed with the Mets. I think Jerry Hairston may still be available. Barring them, Damon, although a lefty bat, is an option, but those chances of a JD return, I believe, are small. Yes, Vlad is out there but he’ll want to be more than a backup, and besides, the WS showed us that putting Vlad in the OF isn’t a good idea. Vlad is DH or nothing, and the Yanks already have a full-time DH in Posada.





Auburn wins title, 22-19.

An SEC team won the national title for the fifth straight time, as a last-second FG won it for Auburn, 22-19. A play that led up to it saw the RB “tackled,” but he wasn’t down. He was on the defender and didn’t hit the ground. He rolled over and encouraged by his team, continued to run. Good call.

The AP top five is Auburn, TCU, Oregon, Stanford and Ohio St. 

Could Les Miles be going from LSU to Michigan?

Tom Bradley isn’t going to Pitt after all, as Pitt instead takes Tulsa’s coach, Todd Graham, as their new coach. Bradley still could be set up to be JoePa’s successor at Penn St. In what, 2030? (J/K).   

Brad Penny is rumored to be going to the Tigers. The Rangers are talking to Jim Thome. Yanks apparently out on Bonderman.

So, anyone taking 111 as their daily number today in the lottery (today is 1/11/11)?

Update: Once again, some Philly fans don’t behave well. Booing Santa, cheering when it appeared Michael Irvin might be paralyzed (I don’t like hot dogs, of which Irvin was one, but I don’t root for devastating injuries), Pukemon, the tasering incident, snowball incident, Judge and a court in the Stadium, now this. It’s sad that the good fans get overshadowed by these jackasses, but …. What has to happen is this. The good fans have to rise up and say, (To quote Twisted Sister) “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” In other words, police themselves. But it seems that the rowdies have intimidated those classy fans too much—that out of fear of being hurt themselves by these hoodlums, they don’t speak up. That shouldn’t be. In order to stop this garbage, the good fans (which you would hope are the MAJORITY) need to make it known that this behavior is uncalled for. I hope these jerks are caught and prosecuted.    

Update II: Miles is staying at LSU.

Another PSU defection?

Already we’ve seen that QBs Rob Bolden and Kevin Newsome are looking to transfer out of Penn State’s program.

Now there may be someone else. Not a player.

After the Pitt debacle, in which Wannstadt’s replacement, Mike Haywood, was let go after just four weeks because of a domestic violence incident, rumors are that Pitt is going to hire Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley.

As a PSU alum, I’m happy for Bradley. I also wonder if it accentuates the need for Joe to go.

I love JoePa. I love what he has done and meant to and for Penn State. But put it this way, I’m worried about succession here. For years, it was thought defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky would take over for Joe. In 1999, Sandusky retired (I thought that is when Joe should have left, but give Joe credit for Orange and Rose Bowl appearances since then). One good assistant and possible replacement gone.

Now another could be gone. So if anything happens, who now replaces Joe when it is time (it’s coming, we don’t know when and many would say it’s past due)?

Some might say instead of taking the Pitt job, Bradley should be taking over the PSU job. Now. 

Much as I respect JoePa, I disagree with those who say Joe should leave whenever he wants. He’s the employee, the university is the employer. Let’s not forget that. I always have maintained that when a coach gets bigger than the university, there are problems. Granted Joe hasn’t embarrassed PSU as some other “bigger than the university” coaches have embarrassed their employer, but still.

So who’s next in line if Bradley goes? Please don’t say Jay Paterno. There are alumni like myself who aren’t happy Jay is there in the first place and definitely don’t want him replacing the old man. Nepotism, anyone? Galen Hall is an assistant coach, as is Dick Anderson. Both were head coaches elsewhere (FLA and Rutgers) but both aren’t that young anymore themselves.

Here is a wish, probably not to come true. Joe hangs on a few more years, (I’m not happy about that, but…) and in a couple of years, Urban Meyer gets the itch to coach again. PSU then goes after Meyer.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?           

Cubs/Marlins deal

The Cubs traded talented but troubled OF Milton Bradley to Seattle for Carlos Silva. Bradley had one year with the Cubs, .257-12-40 ops+ 99. This after a superb 2008 with the Rangers, .321-22-77, OPS+ 161. Bradley’s attitude made him unacceptable to the Cubs and once again he has to find a new team. Silva missed most of 2009, going 1-3, 8.60 for Seattle in 8 games after a disastrous 2008 when he went 4-15, 6.46. Silva is 60-64, 4.72 in his career (ERA+ 92) while Bradley is a .277 career hitter with a career 115 OPS+.

I’m looking at various rumors. There’s one where the Yanks were interested in Mark DeRosa, but that DeRosa’s asking price was too much. I’m wondering…would the Yanks have used him in LF or as a super-utility guy (which they really don’t need). DeRosa is 34 and the Yanks were smart if, as reported, DeRosa wanted a three-year deal.

According to the Post, even though the Yanks save some $12M (Granderson/Johnson 2010 contracts vs. Damon/Matsui’s 2009) the Yanks may not be able to allocate the money. Apparently there is a budget and it’s less than 2009’s.

It’s interesting to see where the other starter the Yanks would like is coming from. For all the talk of Marquis or Piniero, it just may be that someone like Ben Sheets would be the person. There is rumors of the Yanks being interested in Sheets, but the talented but oft-injured (missed all of 2009) pitcher may have to be brought in on a low-base, high-incentive pact. He’s a talent, but one not seen on the mound often enough.

Sheets is just 86-83 in his career, but struggled for years with a then-poor Brewers club. Career ERA 3.72, ERA+ 115. He K’d 264 in 2004. The guy is a 4x all-star, but has topped 160 IP only once since 2004. Sheets is just 31.

Another pitcher the Yanks are said to be looking at is Kelvim Escobar. The 33 year old missed all of 2008 and pitched in only one MLB game in 2009. 101-91 4.15 (ERA+ 112) in his career, and some indications are that teams (Yanks?) are looking at him solely for relief. I would think that he would be on that low base/high incentive (or a minor league deal) like Sheets. 

It’s not official, but apparently the only thing keeping Johnson’s signing from being so is the physical. The agreement has been reached. See the previous post and the comments for my thoughts of Johnson and where he should be in the order (as opposed to where others think he should be).

There is a blog with an all-decade Yankees team. I think it’s pretty straight-forward, especially since some positions have had only one guy there the whole decade. Personally, I probably would break it down to quarter-centuries. More competition, I would think. If we went back to say, 1984, then who would you take at 1B (Mattingly, Giambi, Tino, Teix). Do you place a restriction on someone like Teixeira, who has only one year with the Yanks? Do you say “at least three years with Yanks”? How about 2B. Now we have Randolph, Knobby, Soriano and Cano. Just saying.

I just hope that for the first qtr. century, that I’m still around in 2025 (when I’d turn 64—cue the song—) at the end of that year.