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Minor league report.


No minor league report on Friday games. I was out of town.

AAA: SWB (6-4) won 10-4. 2B Thairo Estrada 3 hits, 2 HR, 3 RBI. 1b Gosuke Katoh a 2-run HR. RF Ryan McBroom 2 hits, solo HR. 2 hits DH Billy Fleming. CF Billy Burns 2 hits, 2 RBI.  Drew Hutchison (W) 6 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 4 W, 8 K.

AA: Trenton (5-3) won both games of a DH.

GAME 1: 3-2 in 10. LF Ben Ruta 2 hits, RBI. DH Wendell Rijo 2 hits. 2 RBI for 3B Brandon Wagner. Three scoreless innings starter Brody Koerner. Kaleb Ort five strikeouts in two scoreless innings of relief.

GAME 2: 1-0 win. Wagner solo HR. Garrett Whitlock (W) 6 scoreless IP.

HIGH A: Tampa (3-7) lost 7-6. SS Oswaldo Cabrera 2 hits. RF Stephen Sensley 2 hits, solo HR. C Jason Jopez 2 hits, 2-run HR.

LOW A: Charleston (5-5) lost 5-0. 1B Eric Wagaman 2 hits.


Minor League Report. Gio rebounds nicely.


AAA: SWB (3-3) wins 5-1 over Lehigh Valley. Gio Gonzalez, who after the Yanks had signed him to a minor league deal, gave up 13 R, 12 ER in six innings in his first two appearances (one spring training and one AAA game) , put it together last night, pitching six shutout innings, giving up just 3 hits, and striking out 10. He walked one.

DH Mike Ford and SS Thairo Estrada each had 2 hits and an RBI. CF Billy Burns 2 hits.

With Luis Severino shut down, and, it appears, out until late June/early July, Gonzalez could now become an option for the Yankees’ rotation, or even the bullpen.

Another option could be signing free agent Dallas Keuchel.

But both options as far as the rotation goes, would most likely affect Domingo German, who so far, has pitched very well. As far as the bullpen, it most likely would affect Stephen Tarpley.

AA: Trenton (3-2) won 7-2. 2B Wendell Rijo 2-run HR. SS Hoy Jun Park solo HR. DH Rashad Crawford 2 hits. 3B Angel Aguilar 2 hits, 2 RBI. Three bullpen pitchers 5 IP, 0 R, 1 H.

High A: Tampa (2-4) lost 9-8. DH Matt Pita 3 hits, 4 RBI. 1B Dermis Garcia 2 RBI. 3B Oswaldo Cabrera 2 hits. Starter Rony Garcia 5 IP, 1 R, 7 K. End of game bullpen meltdown.

Low A: Charleston (3-3) lost both games of a DH, 17-3, then 8-3.

Game 1: CF Josh Stowers 2 hits. 2B Kyle Gray a 3-run HR.
Luis Medina 2 IP, 10 R, 10 H, 4 W, 3 K. Gave up 3 HR
Rodney Hutchinson 3 2/3 IP, 7 R, 3 H, 4 W, 3 K. Also gave up 3 HR.

Game 2: Got just four hits.
Alex Vizcaino 4 2/3 IP, 2 R, 1 ER, 3 H, 2 W, 7 K
Aaron McGarity (L) 1 1/3 IP, 6 R, 7 H, 1 W, 1 K. Gave up 1 HR.

S.T. Game 25. Yanks win 6-2 but Betances goes to D.L.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The good news: The Game. The Yanks won 6-2 over the Rays to improve their S.T. Record to 15-6-4.

Luis Cessa continued his strong spring with four scoreless innings.

Aaron Judge singled, walked, scored two runs and drove in one.

Giancarlo Stanton had an RBI double.

Gary Sanchez had 2 doubles and drove in 2 runs.

Greg Bird hit a solo HR.

Billy Burns 2 for 2, RBI

Green 1 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 W, 1 K.
Cessa (W) 4 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 W, 5 K.
Britton 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 W, 2 K.
Coulombe 2 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 1 W, 2 K.
Sosebee 1 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 2 W, 0 K.

The bad news: Dellin Betances to the DL with a shoulder issue. He’ll miss the start of the season.

Estevan Florial has another fracture in the wrist besides the one first diagnosed.

Other news: The Angels’ Mike Trout has 2 years and $66MM left on his deal. That was extended today for 10 more years and some $362MM(!!) .

Leroy Stanton, an OF for the Mets (1970-1971), Angels (1972-1976) and Mariners (1977-1978) from 1970 to 1978 died at the age of 72. He had 14 HR, 82 RBI and 18 SB for the 1975 Angels and 27 HR and 90 RBI for the expansion 1977 Mariners. For his career, a .244 hitter, OPS+ 103.

S.T. Game 14. Cessa makes statement in Yanks’ 6-1 win. Tanaka named Opening Day Starter. A-Rod engaged to J-Lo.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

On a day when Masahiro Tanaka was named the Opening Day Starter, Luis Cessa made a statement about who should fill in while Luis Severino and CC Sabathia are on the shelf.

Cessa pitched four great innings (granted, against Baltimore) in the Yanks’ 6-1 win over the Orioles last night. The win puts the Yanks’ spring training record at 7-6-1.

Paxton and Happ will follow Tanaka, in that order.

Getting back to the game.

C Gary Sanchez drove in 2 runs.

Tyler Wade, who’ll probably stick as a utility man, had a double. Clint Frazier, probably AAA bound to get regular at bats (especially since most of 2018 was lost due to the concussion issues) went 0 for 4.

Greg Bird, fighting it out with Luke Voit for the 1B job only one will win, went 1 for 3 with an RBI.

Billy Burns had a double, RBI and 2 SB. Angel Aguilar went 1 for 1 with an RBI, as the lineup was very prospect-heavy.

Cessa (w) 4 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 W, 4 K.
Tarpley (H) 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 1 K. Don’t count him out for a spot.
Abreu 1 1/3 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 3 W, 1 K.
Diehl 1 1/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 W, 2 K.
Harvey 1 1/3 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 0 W, 4 K. Gave up HR.

In other news, Yankee-related, ex-Yankee Alex Rodriguez and singer/dancer Jennifer Lopez announced their engagement.

Yanks sign OF to minor league deal.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Yanks have traded away a lot of minor league outfielders recently, so they made a move to replenish a little of that depth.

A few days ago, they signed Billy Burns. Burns, a switch-hitting OF, hit .294 and stole 26 bases for the A’s in 2015, when he finished 5th in the ROY voting.

He did not play in the majors in 2018.

For his MLB career with the A’s and Royals, he’s played in 242 games. His 162 g. average is .270-3-37 with 31 steals, OPS+ 84. Decent average, no power, lot of speed.

One update to the Tulo signing: it comes with a no-trade clause.




Game 158. Yanks @ Toronto. CC tries to nail down that playoff spot.

Yanks 93-64, 1/2 game back in AL East.
The magic # for clinching a playoff spot is 1.
OPS+ 108,  ERA+ 108.
Race for best record in AL: Tampa over Yanks by 1/2 game, Twins 1 back.
Yanks are two games worse than Pythagorean record.

Regular lineup. Clinch the spot already!   

Derek Jeter SS .265-10-65-17/22; OPS+ 87     Just one HR out of the park since 6/12 and it came in Toronto. 2918 hits. Lowest BA as full-time player.
Nick Swisher RF .288-28-88-1/3; 128
Mark Teixeira 1B .259-33-106-0/1; 125    leads AL in Runs scored.
Alex Rodriguez 3B .272-29-119-4/7; 124; lowest BA as full-time player.
Robinson Cano 2B .318-28-105-2/4; 139
Jorge Posada C .253-18-57-3/4; 119   Lowest BA since 1999
Lance Berkman DH .250-14-57-3/5; 114  as Yankee? 102 AB. .265-1-8; Once again, Lowest BA as full-time player…
Curtis Granderson CF .251-24-65-12/14; 110
Brett Gardner LF .276-5-46-42/51; 103 

CC Sabathia LHP 20-7, 3.26  ERA+ 133

Ken Burns’ “The Tenth Inning,” his update on where his baseball series ended, is on PBS tonight and tomorrow at 8 pm.

Update: Yanks facing Kyle Drabek tonight, Doug’s son. … that makes some of us feel a bit older…  

The Lineup. LF.

Well, I’m in 2nd place right now for the Lineup as far as fans agreeing with the picks.

The all-time LF (NY Yankees, Giants, Mets and Bkln Dodgers) was Dave Winfield. I did nail that.

The Runnersup? I nailed Rickey Henderson and Zack Wheat.

I chose Bob Meusel (what I have noticed with this is an obvious bias against any old-time ballplayer, unless that ballplayer—meaning pre-1947 or so, is named Gehrig. I mean, no Dickey? No Gordon? C’mon). I also chose Charlie “King Kong” Keller.

The panel’s choices? Lou PIniella and George Burns. Say goodnight, Gracie. Nope, not THAT George Burns.

Let’s compare my choices to theirs.


Meusel  LF for the 1927 Yankees. 1925 AL HR king. Only played 11 years. Average 162 g. season:
309-18-123. As a righty hitter in the OLD STADIUM. Known for a gun of an arm. Average 162 g. average of 16 SB. OPS+ 118. In 1925 he led the league in HR (33) and RBI (138) while being a righty hitter at the Old Stadium.

Keller. What hurts him is only six years with 100+ games played. He lost all of 1944 and most of 1945 due to WWII. In 1946 he was just 29 but injuries after 1946 killed him. After 1946 his high was 83 games and 247 AB in a season. 5th in MVP in 1941 (a year dominated by MVP Dimaggio and .406 Williams). 162 g. average .286-28-105. OPS+ 152. READ THAT AGAIN. 152. The brevity of his career hurt.

Now, their choices:

Piniella. Now I love “Sweet Lou.” But Lou NEVER hit more than 12 HR in a season. Compare him with the above players. He certainly did NOT have Meusel’s arm. 162 Game average? .291-9-71. OPS+ 109. Good. But not Keller’s 152. Not the 118 of Meusel. Lou never drove in more than 88 runs in a season (and that was with KC in 1970). Keller drove in 100 3x, Meusel 5x.

Burns. .287 career. Over 2000 hits. Average 162 g. season would be .287-4-53 with 33 SB. Now anyone who knows me knows that I do value speed. (See Gardner). OPS+ 114 (Their choices? OPS+ 109 and 114. Mine? 118 and 152!)

Sorry, but I will stick with MY picks.