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No logo for Mussina; Umpire McKean dies.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

As what could be expected for someone who spent his HOF career almost even split between two franchises (10 years with Baltimore, 8 with the Yankees), Mike Mussina has decided to not have a logo on his cap on his HOF plaque.

The late Roy Halladay won’t either. In a somewhat surprising decision, his family decided no logo either. It was expected that Halladay may have a Blue Jay logo on his cap since he spent 12 years in Toronto, and 4 with the Phillies.

Mariano Rivera and Edgar Martinez only played for the Yankees and Mariners, respectively.

It was mentioned that Rivera will be the eighth HOF whose playing career was solely with the Yankees (Derek Jeter will be #9 next year). The others are Whitey Ford, Bill Dickey, Lou Gehrig, Phil Rizzuto, Earle Combs, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle.

Veterans’ Committee choices Harold Baines and Lee Smith, both of whom played for various teams, will both be representing Chicago: Baines the White Sox, Smith the Cubs.

Former MLB umpire Jim McKean passed away at the age of 73. He umpired in 3 WS, 1979, 1985 and 1995.

Waiting for camps to officially open.

Not much happening now. Awaiting word on where Millwood winds up. Waiting for Pitchers and Catchers to officially open Spring Training.

Busy with a few personal items. I did write another piece over on the BBD blog. This profile is on Earle Combs. BBD’s link is to the right.

Celtics 3-0 vs. Lebron and Co. with a win today.

I’m glad a 68 year old legend won the Grammy for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance (Paul McCartney, Helter Skelter, on Good Evening New York City CD; live from his Citi Field concerts, summer of 2009).


MSG the Lineup. CF.

Well, I picked the #1 CF (Mays) and had 3 of the 4 runnersup. Mantle, DiMaggio and Snider.

I differed on one player.

I chose Bernie Williams.

1991-2006. .297 BA, 287 HR.

Average 162 game season, .297-22-98, 11 SB, 125 OPS+. 2x top 10 mvp. 1 batting title. 4 GG.

Their choice was Earle “The Kentucky Colonel” Combs. .325 and a HOF. CF on the 1927 club. 1924-1935, career shortened when he fractured his skull running into the wall at Sportsman’s Park in 1934.  

A 162 g. season for Combs would translate to .325-6-70, 11 SB; OPS+ 126.

The average goes to Combs, a leadoff hitter, the power to Bernie, who was in the middle of the lineup.

I can’t really argue with the panel’s selection of Combs over Bernie. It’s a tossup to me. The only knock against Combs could be his brevity. 9 years of 100 or more games played, but then that injury…

In the leaderboard of fans vs. the panel, I am still in 2nd place.

Next week, pitchers.