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Here we go again…

I heard some of Cowherd this morning (you may know my opinion of him. Lots of times I think Cowherd is full of BS). Once again, I hear “greatest rotation ever” talk about the Phils Phront Phour.

You may recall I wrote about that here, and it was repeated over on the LoHud blog. How about they do something first? Don’t give them that title before they do anything. Are the Phils the favorite for the 2011 title? Most probably, yes. But how many preseason favorites in any sport wind up short of the prize?

I discussed the 1990s Braves staffs. Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz and (given the year, Avery, Neagle or Millwood). One title. Think those staffs match up well with the Phils? There are other good staffs that I mentioned that match up well with the Phils’ staff. Check back on this blog or go to LoHud’s archives.

Yeah, they are good. Make them earn the title. Don’t hand it to them now. I’m sick of the hyperbole. Part of me would like to see them phold just to shut up the media. I mean, come on.

The Yanks finally formally announced the signing of Andruw Jones. They DFA’d Brian Schlitter, a righty reliever, to make room on the 40 man for Jones. So I guess we will never hear Sterling say that Girardi is going to the Schlitter.

BBD has a pic up of the newly svelte CC. Looks good. Meanwhile about those “muscles” (we hope it’s 15 lbs of muscle and not fat) Joba put on, SI’s Jon Heyman tweets:

not saying jobas fat, but he looks like he may have swallowed one of the clubhouse kids


Remember, new OT rules for NFL playoffs now take effect.

Listening to the radio today, I was reminded by Colin Cowherd about the new OT rules for the NFL playoffs this year. Don’t worry if you forgot—Cowherd said that Peyton Manning even forgot about them.

In short, if one team gets the kickoff, it must score a TD for the game to be automatically over without the kicking team getting possession. If the receiving teams only scores a FG, then the kicking team gets the ball with the chance to tie or win the game. If they don’t, then game over.

Cowherd did make a good point about OT games. Generally, even if a team wins in OT, bet on them to lose the next week. It didn’t work as far as my Steelers are concerned, though. The Steelers were in two OT games this year. The opener vs. Atlanta, a 15-9 win. The next week, the Steelers beat the Titans 19-11 (thanks to a kickoff return TD). Later in the year, the Steelers beat the Bills 19-16 in OT (thanks to a Polamalu INT at the 1 late in regulation and the drop of a sure TD by the Bills WR in OT). The next week the Steelers beat the Ravens 13-10. You may remember that one. Polamalu came with a blindside blitz on Flacco with just a few minutes left in the game and Baltimore winning 10-6. The ensuing strip of the ball and Steelers’ recovery led to the winning TD.

But still, a good point by Cowherd on the effects of an OT game in the week following.    

Thoughts before I retire to bed.

Interesting. We all make mistakes but one from ESPN. I goofed when I thought Feller’s Opening Day no-no was 1946. It was 1940. But I admit it and apologize.

ESPN twice has said that Feller K’d 15 in his MLB debut. Wrong. First MLB start, yes. But not his debut. I think Kurkjian was one who missed this one. He pitched in relief a few times before that start. I apologize. Do they? Are you kidding? Hey, I majored in Radio & TV Broadcasting. That is what scares me a bit. Never, never, never accept what the media gives you on face value. Research. Look it up yourself. Make sure what is right. Otherwise (and especially NOT with sports) you may easily be accepting propaganda, and (not to preach) that is dangerous.

Here is an example. Colin Cowherd (who I’ve often accused of spreading bulls**t) said that AJ’s troubles last year were based on divorce proceedings. AJ and his agent (who happens to be Braunecker, Lee’s agent) deny it. Granted we still don’t know why A.J. tanked or the reason for that black eye, but spreading reports on the Burnett marriage like that? Especially when there are children involved? What does Cowherd know about it? Even if true, I don’t feel that it’s an area Cowherd should delve into. Some privacy please?   

Ok. NFL. I see on ESPN a Bears’ player complaining about the conditions that may be for the game this weekend in Minnesota. Outdoors due to the Metrodome roof collapse. I shed crocodile tears. Worried about your footing? How about studying NFL history? Like the 1934 NFL Championship Game. Wear sneakers. Think this player knows about that game? Most likely not. He probably doesn’t know about the 1967 NFL Championship—the Ice Bowl.

Interesting to see the media battle it out. The Daily News states Yankees contact with Rafael Soriano, last year’s Rays’ closer who is now a free agent. The NY Post says no contact or just a dream since Soriano would want to close and would want closer $$$ to be a setup man. Cashman won’t go there. I believe the Post more than the News on this one. But it’s another example of what I wrote. Research! (Hey, anyone wanting to hire me, I’m available. NOT KIDDING. Check the link to contact me, shoot me an e-mail. Some media outlets really need a proofreading person and HERE I AM!)

Yanks close to Feliciano? See what I wrote earlier. Apparently they also talked to Fuentes. I can’t see them signing both but wouldn’t THAT be nice (apologies to Boone Logan, but…).

Washington trades Willingham to A’s. So A’s get Willingham and Matsui this week. Derrek Lee could be Nats’ bound to team with Werth and Zimmerman, but where is the lefty bat?

Jenks to Boston to setup Papelbon. Ouch. I do wonder now about Papelbon. Red Sox inquire about Rivera, now get Jenks. Could, heaven forbid, Papelbon wind up Mo’s replacement in a couple of years? It’s not like Beantown is showing him any love this offseason.

Yanks looking at Freddy Garcia? Sheesh. I’m hoping it’s as a possible replacement for Vazquez at #5 and not as the #2 or #3. Garcia turns 36 next summer. A mediocre 12-6, 4.64 this year for the White Sox. ERA+ 94. 5-10, 5.02 from 2007-2009.     

So who are the Yanks after for a utility man/righty bat? With Gardner (lefty), Granderson (lefty) and Swisher (switch), the Yanks are after a utility man who has a righty bat. Especially since Thames appears Japan-bound. Pena is a nice utility guy who can’t hit much, and even though I like Nunez’ potential, he is unproven and doesn’t have the pop. Rumors are the Yanks are looking at both Bill Hall and Jerry Hairston, Jr. With Hairston, they know what he’s like. He was there down the stretch in 2009 and throughout the postseason. Both he and Hall provide a person who can play 2B, 3B, SS and the OF. Hall has a bit more pop than Hairston.

Magglio back with the Tigers.  Wood to the Cubs.

As a PSU alum, I’m glad to see a dynasty possibly continue. Nope, not JoePa and PSU football, but PSU women’s volleyball. They had a long undefeated streak end earlier this year, but they will play for the national championship on Saturday night. Should they win, it would be their fourth consecutive title.

That’s it for now! Good night.   


Game 2. AJ superb as Yanks even series, 3-1. Now, No DH.

1st. Easy 1-2-3 for AJ. Good sign. Pedro also starts sharp with a 1-2-3, 2 K. 

2nd. AJ still looks great, but the victim of bad luck. Ibanez bloops a 2-out double down the left field line, and Stairs hits one past Alex. Ruled a hit, but A-Rod should have had it. Could have easily been an error. 1-0 Phils. In the Yanks half, Alex is on a couple of Pedro’s pitches but fouls them off. He takes strike three. 3rd K for Pedro. On top of 10 by Lee, that’s 13 Ks by Phils’ pitchers so far. Ruiz is underrated, the Phils have a good scouting report, Yanks hitters slumping…or all of the above.  Matsui singles, Ibanez makes a nice diving catch off a Cano blooper and Hairston flies out.

3rd. AJ walks two but gets Howard whiffing again to end the inning. Molina walks, but nothing. 12 innings and all the Yanks have so far….one unearned run.

4th. Single by Werth, picked off by Molina.  Ibanez whiffs. 5th K for AJ. Yanks have to start hitting.  Flyball. AJ is really doing well, but so is Pedro.

FINALLY! Teixeira ties it up. HR. 1-1 after 4.

5th. AJ works around a double by Ruiz. Pedro does the same after a two-out double by Jeter.

Back later.   

Recap: AJ went 7 and the Yanks didn’t need a “bridge to Rivera.” Girardi went right to Rivera, who got a six-out save, although he had to work for it.

Ryan Howard got the Golden Sombrero.

In the sixth, Matsui made it 2-1 with a HR. It would be the game-deciding run. AJ went 7, 1R, 4H, 2 walks and 9K. He had to be that good. Pedro pitched well, giving up 3 R in 6 IP.

In the seventh, Hairston (bless him) dunked a single to right, justifying Girardi’s move to him. (Molina was 0-1 with a walk, but who could argue with how he called the game; or, for that matter, the pickoff of Werth at first that Molina pulled?) Gardner pinch-ran and went to third on a single by Melky, which chased Pedro. Posada then pinch-hit for Molina and faced Park. He knocked in Gardner with a huge insurance run. 3-1 Yanks.

Mo ran into trouble in the 8th, but got Utley to GIDP with 1st and 2nd, one out to end the inning. It appeared like Utley beat the rap, but another shaky call by the umps. The inning before, Damon lined into a DP, but replays seemed to show the ball hitting the ground before Howard caught it (and threw it away). The Yanks could have had bases loaded, no out and Teixeira up. Instead, end of inning. The Phils could have had 1st and 3rd, two out and Howard up. Instead, end of inning.

Mo did have to work. 39 pitches. Thank goodness today is an off-day but I wonder if he’ll be ok for 2 innings in Game 3. The others may be needed.

A big win for the Yanks. They needed it and the bats still aren’t hitting. Colin Cowherd thinks that A-Rod (0 for 8, 6 Ks) is done for the series. Maybe. Maybe not. All it takes is one swing. Cowherd is so full of cowshit sometimes. He said A-Rod looked bad. Yes, on some swings. I did see a couple of swings where it appeared Alex was on the ball and fouled it straight back. Just missed. So…we will see.

The Yanks will lose the DH now in Philly. No Matsui. Some bats (Teixeira, Cano…who is playing RF vs. Hamels—Hairston again?) need to awaken…Swisher if he plays RF, Alex.  1 unearned run in game 1. 3 runs in Game 2. The Yanks are where they are this postseason because of the pitching…not the lineup.

Here is the runs scored/given up:

7; 4 (11 Inn); 4; 4; 4 (13); 4 (11); 10; 6; 5; 1; 3  = 52 runs/11 games.  4.7 g.
2; 3 (11 inn); 1; 1; 3 (13); 5 (11);   1; 7; 2; 6; 1  = 32 runs/11 games. Less than 3/g.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Games 4 and 5. Does CC come back on 3 days rest? Burnett? Does Gaudin actually get a start vs. the Phils potent lineup? Gaudin has only pitched 2 1/3 innings vs. the Phils in his career. Do the Phils start Happ? Does Lee go on 3 days rest? Do they dare start Blanton (0-3, 8.18 vs. the Yanks in his career?)

Goodness how I’d love to see Sabathia .261-3-14 in 92 at bats hit a HR. 1 walk, 23 strikeouts for CC but if he gets into one…

In case you are wondering, no Yankees pitcher has ever hit a WS HR. 

Pettitte is a .134-1-13 hitter in his career (186 AB). Should Gaudin start, he is a 1 for 32 hitter. Burnett is .132-3-9 in 266 AB.

From the ridiculous comments department:

I was out and met one real idiot last night who said that Jeter was a nice player who’d be a backup on the Phils. Thought he was just joshing but he said (seriously) that Rollins was so much better than Jeter. I mentioned 2747 hits and .317 career average better? Mentioned the 84 point BA difference this year (.334 to .250). He asked if Jeter ever won an MVP. I replied, no, but that anyone in any given year could have a great year and win one. Mentioned that Zoilo Versalles won an MVP. He said “who?” and I said case closed. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/v/versazo01.shtml for Versalles career stats (.242 career BA). It’s amazing how some people are just idiots or don’t want to see greatness. This isn’t to knock J-Roll, a good player, but what is it in Jeter that people don’t want to acknowledge his greatness?

Unreal. Our friend Ty quoted a professor he may have had who said “There will always be assholes.” (I don’t think the Prof was a proctologist!)

Rollins is a very good player. 30. 1 MVP. Another top 10 finish (#10). He has hit .291 or better once in his career. Once. His MVP year. His 162 game average is .274-17-72, 38 SB in 46 attempts. OPS+ 97. Yes. 97. Surprisingly below the 100 league average. Great range. Good defender. 3x all-star. 2x GG (even though we know the GG voting is bogus at times.) HOF? We’ll have to see. But even if HOF, not first ballot. .296 is the highest he has ever hit in his career. Led league in triples 4x. SB once. Runs once.

Jeter? In his full seasons, he has never hit LOWER than .291. 162 game average .317-17-81, 23 of 29 in SB. OPS+ 121. No MVP like Rollins has, but six top-10 finishes (and possibly a 7th this year). A WS MVP, an All-Star Game MVP. 2747 hits. ELEVEN seasons of .300 or better (as opposed to NONE by Rollins). Led league in runs once, hits once. 10x all-star. A FIRST BALLOT NO-DOUBT HOF. Derek surprisingly, has 3 GG, even though his range is constantly knocked.

Both are great, but for that guy (and others) to denigrate Jeter is absurd. Absurd. Bartender? Cut them off.

Sorry Chicago, but I’m glad…

Sorry Chicago, but I’m glad you lost out.

Let another country deal with the terrorists (Munich, 1972) or the cost (Montreal, 1976). We really don’t need the Olympics here. Sure, it would be nice, but…

I do like what I heard on Colin Cowherd’s show…that it costs $48 million just to bid on the Olympics. $48 million could go a long way here, don’t you think? For example, I go to work each day. State road. One lane each way. A new high school opened up near there. It’s another town’s high school but within my town’s borders (don’t ask…). But now I battle two high school’s traffic. One lane each way. Traffic is backed up on the way to work. Think I wouldn’t like that Olympic bidding money used to expand the road just a few miles from my home?

Nope. Whoever gets it, Rio or Madrid…enjoy the 2016 Olympics. You can also have all the headaches that go with it.

Speaking of….Cowherd compared the bid to that of Boston bidding for Dice-K, where you have to spend so much just to talk to the person. The same could be true in years to come. $50 million just to TALK to Yu Darvish?

But I liked the way he compared it. Imagine if it was a pretty girl. You have to spend money just to bid on her. I’m not talking sex or prostitution here. But consider, you have to spend money JUST TO GET HER PHONE NUMBER. No guarantee of a date (of which dinner, dancing and a movie would cost you more) but just the phone number to call and ask for and evening out. Good analogy.           

RF solution?

Before I start, a tidbit to pass on.

I’m listening to Colin Cowherd while taking an unexpected day off. (Had a little emergency—not serious—to take care of).

Colin references the Rolling Stones. Something in regards to teamwork, I think. But he mentions Jagger, Richards, Watts, Wood and Wyman.

Hey Colin…Wyman isn’t a Stone anymore. He quit the group in December, 1992. That’s over a decade and a half ago.

Now to the subject. RF at the new Stadium, and its propensity for HR is the subject of much debate. ESPN’s Mike and Mike show commented on it again today. I wonder what the weekend vs. the Phillies could bring, what with two pitching staffs having ERA’s of (before last night) 5.21 (Yankees) and 5.33 (Phillies). There will be lefties going in the series…Hamels and Happ for the Phils, Andy and CC for the Yanks. Still, you wonder. The Phils bring in Utley, Howard, Ibanez… It could be “slugfest weekend.”

But what to do? You can’t change anything until the season is over, but what to change? How to fix? The Yanks can’t sandblast the wall and remove a few rows of seats. They won’t lose those hundreds of seats and thousands of dollars of revenue.

My solution? A wire mesh screen. Put bolts up at the base of the second deck. Run the cables down to the RF fence. Granted, this only takes up the porch and a different solution would need to be found for the area in front of the bleachers. We’ll get to that later.

A wire mesh screen has been done before. Maybe the fans won’t like seeing through a screen, but it’s better than other alternatives. Hey, the screen would be like the backstop screen behind the catcher. Same idea, but without the top.

Here’s an example of what I mean. All you have to do is go back in time.

Forbes Field.

From the 300 at the RF foul pole to the 375 in RF, there was a 28′ screen running from the upper deck down to the wall. You probably can’t see it in this photo, but it would run from the foul pole to the bend, basically from the base of the upper deck down.

Forbes Field

 Forbes Field.

Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis had a screen in front of its RF pavilion that ran up to the roof. The wall was about 11 1/2 ft. high, topped by a screen about 25 more feet high. With a RF of 310 down the line and 354 to RCF, the screen was needed.

Here is a photo of RF at old Sportsman’s Park that helps symbolize what I mean. The screen runs from the roof down.

Sportsman's Park
RF at old Sportsman’s Park, (Musialville, if you will). 

You also had the abomination known as the LA Coliseum with it’s 42′ high screen.  

L.A. Coliseum
Look closely and you can see the 42′ high screen from
when the Dodgers played at the Coliseum, 1958-1961.
LF line? 251 ft.


What I think the Yanks could probably do if the RF problem continues is to run a screen, as seen above, from the base of the 2nd deck down to the top of the fence. Granted there will be traditionalists who might say it detracts from, or isn’t, “Yankee Stadium,” but you can’t keep going with RF being like it is now. That’s not baseball. Maybe when the old place comes down there won’t be a wind current or whatever is going on, and HRs to RF will be reduced. But what is going on now isn’t right.

As far as what to do with the RF in front of the bleachers (where the upper deck stops), the only solution is to raise the fence. You can’t disturb the sight lines of the bleacherites, who need to see, so maybe plexiglas like the Metrodome’s LF would have to come into play to raise the fence. Something you can see through. Who knows, maybe extend the screen.


I am just offering some suggestions about what to do with RF without blowing up part of a $1.5B stadium. Feel free to add yours.

I don’t like cheap HRs. I don’t know what the problem is, but HRs should be earned. Right now you hold your breath on anything hit to right.

Who’d have thought…the way things are now, JD a 40 HR guy? (Sounds like Brady Anderson’s 1996!) 

So here is what I suggest: the screen would run from the base of the second deck to the bullpen. HRs would have to go into the 2nd deck, or clear the screen (bleacher area to the right of the bullpen). Just trying to get some integrity back, and come to think of it, it would also stop some “Jeffrey Maier” incidents… 

Where the screen should go