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Game 37. Yanks blow it as many stars align. Twins 6-3.

I can hear it now. Is Mariano on the downside? Is Rivera done?   

It drives me nuts. Yes, he is 40. He is also human.

In the 8th inning, the Yanks were up 3-1, courtesy mostly of a 2-run triple by Randy Winn. Mitre was surprisingly strong, 5 IP, 1 R. HR by Morneau.

Robertson hopefully is getting back on track. 2 IP. Scoreless.

Yanks have a 3-1 lead entering the 8th. Joba, who got the loss, got two out but left with the bases loaded. Teix missed getting the last out on a play he may make most of the time. It would cost the Yanks.

Mo comes in with no margin of error. He walks Jim (569 HR) Thome. Then a grand slam by Kubel. Twins win 6-3, Joba with the loss.

No offense to the Fifth Dimension, but the moon was in the 7th house and Jupiter was aligned with Mars. Consider all of this:

  • The last Twins win in NY before today was 7/4/2007.
  • Mo had tied a record with 51 straight save conversions at home. He was going for the record. Now over.
  • Mo’s 2010 ERA entering today was 0.00. You didn’t expect him to go the whole season with that, did you?   
  • Mo hadn’t walked a batter with the bases loaded since 2005.
  • Mo had only given up one grand slam in his career. Oops. Fourth. My fault. He did give up at least one when he was a starter in 1995. I don’t know about the other one. Anyway, this was the first since 2002. Funny, but that one was in Cleveland, and that year the LV Yankee Fan Club’s road trip was to Cleveland. A busload was there in 2002. I have friends with a partial season package who were at the stadium today.

In short, a lot of things were just plain due to happen. And they happened. On to tomorrow.

No, Mo isn’t done. Just overdue to blow one…and by various methods.

I see the Celtics held on to win game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals by 4. They had a 20 point lead or so at one time.

Amazing the run the Flyers are on. The last I saw, they were up 5-0 on Montreal. Not only did they come back from down 0-3 to Boston, but they had to win an overtime shootout in the last game of the season just to make the playoffs.

LoHUD has interesting news.

The following were all DFA’d today: Edwar, Gaudin and Bruney.

Meanwhile, Hector Noesi has been promoted to AA. The 23 year old RHP was 5-2, 2.72 at High A Tampa in 8 starts. 53 K in 43 IP and just 6 walks. Think that is a fluke? Consider this. 2009. Low A and High A. Combined 6-4, 2.92. 117 IP. 118 K and just 15 walks.

Other minors. Kei UGH-Gawa has an ERA of 5.31 at SWB. Brandon Laird 3 hits, 2 HR and 7 RBI for AA Trenton today.




Time to get serious

I usually don’t pay too much attention to spring training results (wins/losses, that is) until about now. I do check out which guys are hot, who is not and which minor leaguers are impressing. As for the actual results, so many are determined by guys who won’t make the team that concentrating on a won-loss record is fruitless.

But now that guys have been cut, sent back to the minors, etc., you are basically left with the core. For example, LoHud presents us with tonight’s lineup.

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Johnson DH
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada C
Curtis Granderson CF
Nick Swisher RF
Brett Gardner LF

RHP Javier Vazquez   

Except for Javy, it sure looks like the Opening Night lineup (CC would go in the opener). Now I really get serious, as they most likely are.

You see Granderson listed in CF. The NY Post is reporting that what you see above is what it will be. Granderson in CF (the comfortability/adaptability factor weighs in here–let the newcomer get his feet wet without having to switch positions as well) and Gardner in LF. It’s easier this way for LF also. You don’t have to juggle as much should you want to get Winn or Thames time in LF and sit Brett “the Road Runner” against some lefties.

The Post also is reporting that Hughes will get the #5 spot. Nothing official (Hughes or Granderson) has been announced by Girardi.

On the Road again, (sing it, Willie)… the Texas stay for Edwar Ramirez didn’t last long. I guess he was too thin to wear one of those 10-gallon hats. The Rangers dealt Edwar to the A’s today.

Doc Gooden got into more trouble. DUI, and apparently a) the influence was a drug, not alcohol, b) there was a child in the car and c) he left the scene of an accident. Between him and Straw, what could have been.

MSG had their first installment of the Lineup last night. The catchers. The Lineup chooses the best from among the Yanks, Mets, Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants. Yogi was #1 catcher with the four runners-up being Campy, Piazza, Posada and Carter. It’s not what my vote would have been. I had Yogi #1, and yes, did have Campanella and Piazza as two of my four runnerups. No offense to Posada, but how can you exclude Bill Dickey? Dickey is a HOF catcher with a .313 career batting average who was the main catcher on SEVEN WS Championship Teams.

I also had Munson as my runnerup over Carter. Why, you may ask? Here is my answer. This is about the best of NY. Not Montreal. Carter’s best years did NOT come as a Met, they came as an Expo. Let’s look at Carter’s METS numbers:

1985 .281-32-100  OPS+ 138; All Star, 6th in MVP, Silver Slugger
1986 .255-24-105  OPS+ 115; All Star, 3rd in MVP, Silver Slugger, Mets won WS
1987 .235-20-83    OPS+ 83; All Star  ….   um, see some serious slippage here?
1988 .242-11-46    OPS+ 93  All Star; Mets won NL East, lost in NLCS; more slippage.
1989  .183-2-15     OPS+ 51   Just 50 games.

Carter had just TWO seasons in NY that were really something. TWO. You are going to put those TWO good NY seasons over Dickey’s career? or Munson’s?

If you are talking who had the better career, Carter or Munson, ok…Carter. But who had the better NEW YORK career? C’mon.

The next episode will be on the first basemen. If anyone besides Gehrig comes out on top there should be a revolution! But there are many good runnersup candidates. Terry, Kelly, Merkle, Hodges, Camilli, Moose, Mattingly, Tino, Giambi, Hernandez … You can go onto The Lineup and make your selections now. 10 pm on 3/30, the panel will unveil their answers.  


Lots of news today. Did the Yanks dump the wrong guy?

Yanks lose to the Pirates in S.T. action today, 10-5. CC went 4 2/3, 3 R, 3 H,  2 walks, 2 K but he and Girardi were happy with his progress. You look for things other than stats in S.T., especially from trusted veterans.

However Albaladejo was awful again. Girardi took Alby north at the end of camp both in 2008 and 2009, but I can’t see it happening this year. Girardi says the sink isn’t there. Joe apparently likes Albaladejo, but his spring has been brutal. For example, CC’s numbers, although not great, are inflated because Albaladejo couldn’t seal the deal. Come in with 2 out, get that last out. Instead, the inherited runners scored, adding 2 runs to CC’s stats. Then Alby gave up 3 more. So instead of 1 run charged to CC, it was 3. Alby gave up 3 runs in 2/3 of an inning. 3 hits. One walk. ERA for S.T. of 45.00 so far. Stats don’t matter too much, but 45.00?

When the Yanks signed Chan Ho Park, room had to be made on the 40 man roster. Edwar Ramirez was DFA’d and eventually dealt to Texas. I know that Bronx Baseball Daily had a poll, Edwar or Albaladejo. Did the Yanks keep the wrong guy?

Melancon pitched a scoreless inning. 1 hit, 2 K. Surely a midseason callup if there is an injury in the bullpen. Dustin Moseley gave up 3 in 1 inning, Ivan Nova 1 in 1 IP.   

Nick Johnson HR’d in that 10-5 loss. Good stick so far. Will he turn on some power? He seems to have won the #2 slot. It appears that the lineup will look like this:

Jeter SS, Nick Johnson DH, Teixeira 1B, Alex 3B, Cano 2B, Posada C, Granderson CF or LF, Swisher RF and Gardner LF. Winn could be in the mix for LF, as could be Thames. If Thames plays, you could have a guy hitting 9th capable of 20 HR a year if he gets regular playing time.

The key is Cano in the 5 spot. He hit .320-25-85 last year, but imagine what those stats could have been like if he hit with RISP. With 2 outs and RISP, he only hit .204. It was .207 overall with RISP.

So it would be R/L/S/R/L/S/L/S/then L (Gardner) or R (Winn or Thames). Of course if Granderson continues to struggle vs. Lefties, Thames and his power could hit 7th and Granderson could be dropped to 9th, which wouldn’t be so bad…his speed in front of Jeter.

The Yanks sent Zach McAllister down. Expected. He’ll start at AAA and could be a callup if he does well and someone is injured.  

Check Bronx Baseball Daily for a nice piece by regular reader Jason who writes about Jesus Montero.

Looks like Boston has trouble with Dice-K. A stiff neck means he probably isn’t good to go north with the club. Meanwhile Baltimore as 2B trouble as Brian Roberts’ back is acting up.

NBA News: More trouble for Boston. Beat by Cleveland. 17-18 in the last 35. They seem to have gotten old and mediocre overnight.   

NFL news: NY gets a new LT. The Giants had Lawrence Taylor. Today, LaDainian Tomlinson signs a deal with the Jets.

Meanwhile, days after signing Jake Delhomme to a deal, the Browns deal Brady Quinn to Denver. 

March Madness begins as Kansas, Ky, Syracuse and Duke are the #1 seeds. Lehigh, not far from where I live, has the unenviable task of taking on the Jayhawks. Temple has Cornell, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cornell pull off an upset. Villanova is seeded #2 in the South (Duke #1) with ND #6. Let the “Madness” begin.                   

CC struggles, Yanks lose S.T. game to Pirates, 12-7.

CC Sabathia struggled in his 2nd spring tuneup, giving up 5 runs in 2 1/3 (7 H, 1 walk, 2 K). The Yanks did have a 7-6 lead entering the 8th, but Boone Logan (1 1/3, 2 R) and Hector Noesi (1 IP, 4 R, 3 ER) blew the game for the Yanks as they lost 12-7.

Nick Johnson was 2 for 2, both hits solo HR. Jon Weber had 2 hits and 2 RBI and Jorge Posada had 2 hits and an RBI. 

Recently DFA’d Edwar Ramirez was dealt to Texas for $$$ considerations.

Meanwhile, it’s starting to come down.

Trouble in Twinsland: Joe Nathan has a torn elbow ligament that could cost him the 2010 season.   


Classic sees Canada win hockey gold in OT; Yanks DFA Edwar

I wish I could have seen it rather than be at work.

With just 24 some seconds left, the goalie pulled for an extra attacker and the host country, Canada, ready to celebrate, the USA tied the gold-medal hockey game 2-2.

But in OT, 22 year old Sidney Crosby, already one of, if not the best, player in the NHL, scored to give the Canadians the gold medal. The USA settles for silver but takes home 37 medals from these Olympics.

For Crosby, a Stanley Cup and a gold medal in a year’s time. The Penguin follows, PIttsburgh-wise, in the great steps of Mario Lemieux and  Jaromir Jagr.

A nice tradition that the “Igloo” in Pittsburgh has. Good to see the Penguins and Steelers making up for the Pirates.

Well, Chan Ho Park arrived in Yankees camp today. To make room for him on the 40-man roster, the Yankees DFA’d Edwar Ramirez. Edwar went 6-2, 5.22 in 96 games with the Yankees 2007-2009. ERA+ 85. Below average. He did have a decent 2008 when he went 5-1, 3.90 ERA+ 118. He did K 116 in 98 1/3 innings in his tenure, but walked 56 in those 98 1/3—too many. 19 of his 93 hits given up were HR. Good change, too many walks and when hit, was hit hard.

Edwar turns 29 soon. He seemed to me like a decent enough stopgap pitcher. By stopgap, I mean someone to hold the fort until a Melancon, Robertson, Hughes, Joba could develop. When brought up in 2007, Vizcaino, Bruney and Farnsworth(less) were the bridge to Mo (which Joba would assume late that year).  All three had ERAs of 4.30 or higher. Edwar had an 8.14 in his stint.

In 2008, Joba started 12 games, relieved in 30. Edwar, Farnsworth and Veras were decent if not spectacular. ERAs 3.59 to 3.90. But in 2009 Edwar slumped to a 5.73. He wasn’t alone, as the trio of him, Albaladejo and Veras were soon replaced. Aceves, Robertson and Hughes were the ones to help the Yankees to a title (and you can throw in Bruney if you want, despite Bruney’s not being used much in the postseason).    

Stopgap while guys like Hughes, Joba, Robertson and Melancon got ready. Three have earned their wings. Now for Melancon to do it. But with Park (guaranteed a bullpen spot), is there room for Melancon?

Not only that, what does the Park guaranteed signing mean for Aceves, Gaudin and Mitre? Besides watching the Joba/Phil battle, the battle for the long man could prove interesting. I would tend to believe that Mitre is the odd man out. Which leaves Aceves/Gaudin to battle for the 2nd long man role besides Park. Could Aceves be out after a 10-1, 3.54 season? That’d be tough to swallow, wouldn’t it?      



Game 147. Jays @ Yankees. Cervelli’s walkoff wins it, 5-4.

YANKEES (93-53)
Magic #s. 6 for playoffs. 12 for Division. 12 for best AL record.

+7 pythagorean. OPS+ 120; ERA+ 102
Jeter SS .332*-17-64-26*/31*-128 (2729 hits; 3rd in AL BA; tied for 3rd in runs scored, Damon is 2nd)
Hairston LF (a day for JD) .258-2-11-0/0-110 (as Yankee)
Teixeira 1B .286-35*-111**-2/2-142*
Rodriguez 3B .285-25-84-11/13-142*
Matsui DH .277-24-82-0/1-128
Swisher RF .257-27-79-0/0-130
Cano 2B .320-23-77-4/10-124 (7th in AL BA; leads AL in games played–he’s only missed one…can you believe he is tied for 2nd in the league in total bases? Teix is 1st…)
Cabrera CF .280-12-63-10/12-101
Molina C (probably a good thing Posada sits against the Jays tonight…)

Pitching: RHP Chad Gaudin (1-0, 3.42 with Yankees; ERA+ 131).
The fill-in as Andy’s shoulder gets some rest. Hopefully that rest helps!

The 2010 Yankees schedule is out. They open and close in Boston, as previously reported. Opening Day at the Stadium is against those pesky Angels. Interleague is strange. The Yanks go to LA and Arizona (and the Dodgers have NEVER visited Yankee Stadium for Interleague….only the WS). Of course there is the home and home vs. the Mets. The Astros and Phils join the Mets as interleague home games. I don’t understand why the Phils. After all, the Phils played three in Yankee Stadium this year. You’d think the Yanks would have to go to Philly, but no. So it is Mets H and A, Phils and Astros @ H, LA and Arizona Away. The Yankee Fan Club has their road trip next year, and some thought it would be an interleague game. Unless Club Prez Chuck is chartering a plane (and that is HIGHLY unlikely), I would say the answer is no.

You can check the whole schedule here.

The Post stated that only twice before have the Yanks opened and closed a season at Fenway. They were in 1938 and 1950. Being that the Yanks won the WS in both of those years (and both times in sweeps), hopefully it is an omen!   

Just saw this. Somewhere in the land called Honah Lee, Puff the Magic Dragon is crying. Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul and Mary, passed on today at the age of 72.

Puff the Magic Dragon
Mary has left us.

The Yanks got two in the first on and RBI double by Teix and a single by Godzilla but then the bats went silent. Toronto was forced to go to the bullpen and piece it together after Tallet went down with an injury but the Yanks couldn’t capitalize.

Gaudin pitched well and it’s 4-2 Toronto in the 7th. In 5 2/3, Gaudin gave up 3 runs. Not bad, and he actually has been more reliable in his spot starts than AJ or Joba have been recently. Bruney came in, and his postseason spot could be in jeopardy as he gave up a run without getting an out. If the Yanks go with a 3-man rotation in round one (because of the extended schedule), Joba drops into the bullpen. Robertson (who will begin throwing again soon) could be ready. Joba, Robertson, Aceves, Gaudin, Hughes and Mo are six righty relievers. Bruney could be the odd man out. You then would have Coke and Marte. Eight relievers with the three starters.

Two big updates from Pete Abraham:

UPDATE, 6:53 p.m.: More on the suspensions:

Posada and Carlson were initially given four games without pay and a $3,000 fine. Both appealed and it was reduced to three days with pay and the fine. They start serving tonight. Posada wasn’t going to play tonight anyway and he has a stiff neck from the fight.

Meanwhile, Rod Barajas got a $1,000 fine. Shelley Duncan got three games and a fine. Edwar “The Terminator” Raimrez was fined as was an apparently feisty Kevin Long.

Joe Girardi, meanwhile, came to the defense of John McDonald.

“There’s been some reports that John McDonald gave me my little thing on my eye and that is totally incorrect. John McDonald is a local kid that is a good man. From watching the tape. I didn’t see John McDonald touch me, and he actually sought me out today and we talked about it. He was quite disturbed that his name was mentioned in that sort of situation. He’s a peacemaker, he’s a local kid and I just want to clarify that.

“I got elbowed by one of my own players that I won’t disclose because it was an accident trying to pull someone off, so I don’t want John McDonald to have a bad name because this is a good man.”

One of his own players? No wonder Joe was so ripped last night.

UPDATE, 7:40 p.m.: Ian Kennedy is pitching tonight for Scranton in the IL Finals. You can watch the game live by clicking on the video link at www.swbyankees.com. Good luck to Ian as he continues his comeback.        

Edwar fined. Now that is funny. Edwar is so skinny that you can’t imagine him fighting. He’s so thin you have to find him to land a punch. Like trying to hit a pencil.

As I wrote before, the Joba rules could come off next year and be replaced by the Hughes rules (think about it, with Phil in the bullpen now and in the rotation next year…)…meaning maybe Kennedy takes over the 2009 Hughes role? Getting Ian back on track could be huge for the 2010 Yankees.

Yanks have a shot in the bottom of the 7th. Hairston up, bases loaded, down 4-2, two out. Nope, he makes out. 7 innings played. Yanks have 4 hits. Only 2 since the first. I know the plane is waiting for Seattle but…

…and after Seattle it’s those pesky pests the Angels. Huge series for best record in the AL.

Hughes gets work in. A 1-2-3 8th.

Texas losing. Magic # for a playoff spot could go to 5.

One of the other magic #’s, AL or Division will drop to 11 since the Angels are playing Boston.

SO CLUTCH! Goodness how he will be missed. Godzilla ties it with a 2-run HR.   

To the 9th. Mo in. Bunt single. Forceout, 1-6. People sometimes forget how great a fielder (except for that one occasion, Game 7 of the 2001 WS) Mo is. Flyout. SB. Ground out. The incomparable Rivera has another shutout inning and the ERA drops to 1.66.

God, I’d love to see Gardner win it with a walkoff, but for him, it might have to be an inside-the-parker. Wouldn’t that be something? 

Gardner does do his job. Singles. Now for the SB.

…and he gets it. People sometimes forget how important the speed game can be. Just look at the double steal the other night. SB #22. Jeter grounds out. Gardner to third.

Cervelli up. Now HERE is the time for the squeeze! 

Nope, but Cervelli does win the game with a single. 5-4 Yankees. 94-53. Texas lost, so the magic # to clinch a playoff spot is now FIVE.

The magic # for AL best record is now 11. AL East also 11. One of those numbers will drop to 10 tonight, depending on who wins the Angels-Red Sox game (now tied 7-7 in the 8th as I write).

Minors: Tampa (High A) is up 4-0 in the 5th and can win the FSL title with a win tonight. SWB (AAA) lost 4-1 and is down 0-2 in their best of five finals of the International League. The good news is that Ian Kennedy threw 3 innings. 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and six Ks. The bad news? He was replaced by Igawa. 3 R in 4 IP.   

Later…have a good evening. 



Game 146. Meat Tray’s (Mitre’s) 4 meatballs doom Yanks, 10-4.

No shock. Mitre goes 5, gives up 7 R on 4 HR. He does hit a batter, which I didn’t think much at the time. A pitcher has to come inside.

The Yanks, to their credit, did get 11 hits off of Halladay in 6 IP, but Halladay got tough when it mattered. Swisher had a couple of doubles, Gardner and Jeter had RBI’s but A-Rod was thrown out at the plate (Alex doubled, Matsui singled) and that was all she wrote. After Mitre was pulled, the B-team came in. Edwar gave up a run in 1 1/3. Melancon a run in 1 1/3. Melancon did hit a batter and threw 2 WP. I don’t believe he was throwing at anyone either. You have to understand the situation. Melancon is pitching in his 13th MLB game. Think he is throwing at anyone? C’mon, now.

In the bottom of the 8th, Jesse Carlson throws behind Posada. Gardner eventually drives home Posada, and Carlson appears to nudge Jorge as Jorge comes home. Words and a brawl. Expect Jorge to get a suspension, as will Carlson. Carlson seems to have gotten the worst of it. He has a welt on the side of his head. I don’t know what his issue was. I don’t think Mitre or Melancon (esp. Melancon, a rookie) was throwing at anyone. I was kind of hoping that Jorge would do to Carlson what Graig Nettles did to Bill Lee in 1976. Pick him up and deposit him on (and separate) his pitching shoulder.

That, and the 1998 Benitez Brawl, when the coward Benitez plunked Tino in the back, are two of the biggest Yankees brawls I remember. Well, throw in Pedro/Zimmer and Varitek/A-Rod as well. Also some O’Neill/Seattle (when Lou would try to dust Paulie).

Michael Dunn gave up a HR in the 9th.

The Yanks did get 15 hits tonight, surprising since Halladay started. But Meat Tray’s Meatballs (I gotta work on the copyright to that) doomed the Yanks. Thank goodness he won’t (HE BETTER NOT BE!) be on the postseason roster. The Yanks need to dump his 3-3, 7.63 ERA come the offseason.

Amazing that the Yanks are 93-53 considering the 3-3, 7.63 of Mitre and the 1-6, 9.64 from Wang. 

The Yanks magic # for getting into the postseason still drops to 6 however, as Texas is losing big. The AL East stays at 12. The best record in the AL drops to 12, since Boston beat the Angels.

SWB lost Game 1 of the International League finals 4-1. Tampa was forced to a fifth and deciding Game 5 of the FSL finals by losing 3-1 tonight.