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Trade deadline 4 pm today.

The trade deadline is at 4 pm today. It looks like nothing is imminent regarding the Yankees.

Rafael Furcal appears to be heading from the Dodgers to St. Louis.

A Red Sox-A’s deal for Rich Harden fell through.

Forget Jiminez, Yankees fans. He’s going to the Indians. The Yanks wanted a physical from the Rockies on Jiminez a few days ago. Colorado refused. The Yanks pulled all four players the Rockies wanted (Nova, Montero, Banuelos and Betances) off the table. The Rockies changed their official offer to Nova and two of the other three, Cashman would not budge. Cashman offered another package built around Phil Hughes (no longer untouchable) and other prospects. The Rockies said no. No physical? Our top four prospects? I’d have told the Rockies where to go, too.

The Yanks checked in on the A’s Josh Willingham, didn’t like the price (from Ken Rosenthal).

Derrek Lee goes to the Pirates. Orlando Cabrera to SF.


Various signings, around the blogs and more

Headed to Houston
Aaron Boone is headed to Houston.

Houston signed Aaron Boone to a one-year deal. Boone, 36 next year, platooned for the Nats in 2008, hitting .241-6-28 OPS+ 77. He is a .264 BA, 94 OPS+ hitter for his career, and of course will always be welcome at future Yankee Old-Timer celebrations. Funny how I’ve seen this photo many times but never paid attention to what was going on behind Boone….namely Mo.

How ticked are the Braves over the Furcal Fiasco? They won’t have anything to do with Furcal’s agents, basically saying “deal with the other 29 teams, but…

Sing it, Tom

Don’t Come Around Here No More.

Juan Rivera re-upped with the Angels for three years. The 30 year old hit .246-12-45 OPS+ of 86 last year in 256 AB. Career, .284, OPS+ 106.

$195 M for 8 years? Espn’s Gammons and Olney report that apparently the Red Sox found out that their $165-$170M offer to Teixeira was about $25M short. Which is why they backed off. Both, however, don’t count Boston out yet.

PSU’s women’s volleyball team will be playing for the national title. Ok, not big news to some of you. They beat Nebraska 3 sets to 2 in the semis. Ok, still not impressed. How about this….those two sets were the only sets those women have lost all season so far. How ’bout that?

Some interesting tidbits in the Post today. The Elias Sports Bureau states that with the signings of CC and A.J., it is only the 2nd time in the last 105 years that a major league team added two pitchers in the offseason who each had at least 17 wins the previous year. The other time? 2004, when the Astros took 2003 Yankees Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens.

Nice quote by Brian Cashman in Mike Vaccaro’s column of being damned if they do (spend on free agents) and damned if they don’t (go with the kids). He can’t win.

George King states according to Joe Girardi, Pettitte wants to return. “They continue to talk,” Girardi said. “It takes time.” Hopefully the middle ground will be struck soon between the parties.

King also states (not in these words, but close to it) how with the signings of CC and A.J., Girardi’s seat became a little hotter.

Is the Yanks’ offense good enough? We know that pitching wins titles, but will the Yanks offense pick up? As stated before, they are counting on comebacks from Cano, Posada & Matsui. Some still write of Manny. Sigh. No Manny. Please. It’s amazing how some write of him, while others say there is no Yankee interest.

The deal for Cameron may be dead for now, but it doesn’t mean that some Yankees won’t push for it. A-Rod was a teammate of Cameron’s in Seattle and he’d love Cameron in the Bronx. The Post’s Dan Tomasino reports that CC would also like his ex-Brewer teammate.

Recently I wrote of the pinstripes and its “slimming effect.” Here is another take on CC and the pinstripes that I think you will like.

Lastly, Pete Abraham has this story on CC. Just what Yankee fans want to hear. One thing is for sure…that sounds like “The Truth’s” kind of guy.

NFL Legend “Slingin'” Sammy Baugh dead at 94; Furcal back to Dodgers

The last surviving member of the first NFL HOF class (1963), Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, has passed on at age 94.

As Jets fan “Tim the Wizard” may know, Baugh was the Titans (their nickname before the Jets) first head coach.

Baugh, besides being one of the greatest QBs of all-time, was a great defensive back and punter. Many of his punting records still stand.

From Wikipedia:

As Player
Washington Redskins (1937-1952)

As Coach
New York Titans (1960-1961)
Houston Oilers (1964)

He (Baugh) also led Texas Christian to two bowl game wins, a 3-2 victory over Louisiana State in the 1936 Sugar Bowl, and a 16-6 victory over Marquette in the first annual Cotton Bowl in 1937 after which he was named MVP. He finished fourth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1936.

In a 1943 game, Baugh passed for 4 TDs and intercepted four passes in the same game.

In his Redskins career, Baugh led the Redskins to two NFL championships, in his rookie year of 1937 (28-21 over the Bears) and in 1942 (14-6 over the Bears). He played for and lost the NFL title in 1940 (see next paragraph) to the Bears, 1943 to the Bears, and 1945 to the Cleveland Rams.

The 1940 game led to a famous quote by Baugh. That NFL title game was won by the Bears 73-0. Early in the game, Washington missed out on a scoring attempt. When asked by a reporter if the play might have turned the game around, Baugh replied that it sure would have. The final score would have been 73-7 instead of 73-0.

The 1945 NFL title game, won by the Cleveland Rams (they went to LA after that season and now are in St. Louis) was decided by a safety, as Cleveland won 15-14. On one play in that game, Baugh went back to pass and his attempt hit the goal post (then on the goal line) for a safety—hence the margin of victory. The rule was later changed to make it an incompletion. Now, with the goalposts at the back of the endzone, that rule is irrelevant.

A legend. Pure and simple.

Now to baseball.

The A’s made an offer to Rafael Furcal. He turned them down. Then it appeared as if the Braves had a deal with him. Nope. The Dodgers swooped in and kept Furcal. 3-year deal.

Celts move to 23-2 after a tough win in Atlanta tonight.

Sad news. Former Astro reliever Dave Smith is dead of a heart attack at 53. Smith was 53-53, 2.67 in his career, Astros 1980-1990, Cubs 1991-1992, with 216 saves. ERA+ of 129. He pitched in three postseasons for Houston, 1980-1981 and 1986. Met fans may remember Game 3 of the 1986 NLCS. It was Smith who gave up the two-run game-winning HR to Lenny Dykstra in that game.
A few days ago, I wrote about the “slimming” effect that the pinstripes may have on CC. It appears I’m not the only one with that thought. Here’s another take.

SS on the move. One definite, the other?

There were reports that Rafael Furcal may be going back from whence he came. The 31 year old SS came up with the Braves, and it has been reported, but not confirmed yet, that he’s going back there. The 2001 ROY spent 2001-2005 with Atlanta before going to the Dodgers. In 2008, he played great but not often. Just 36 games, .357-5-16, OPS+ 164. For his career, .286 with an OPS+ of 96. His 162 g. average for his career is .286-12-59 and 36 SB. MLBTR however, is reporting Furcal’s agents are still talking to the Dodgers. For now, it’s best to just say that he is leaning toward Atlanta.

Meanwhile, another SS is on the move, as Cesar Iztruris leaves the Cardinals for the Orioles. Izturis, 29 in February, hit .263-1-24 with 24 SB for the Cards in 2008. OPS+ 67. He won a Gold Glove in 2004 with the Dodgers, but Oriole fans better think “Mark Belanger” here. For his career, Izturis is a .260 hitter (better than Belanger’s .228) but with an OPS+ of just 67 (Belanger’s was 68).

OF Joey Gathright signed with the Cubs after being non-tendered by the Royals. Gathright, 27, hit .254-0-22 with 21 SB. Only four of his 71 hits were for XBH. OPS+ 59. Career .263, OPS+ 68.

Finally, Kenny Lofton denies badmouthing the Yanks to CC.

ESPN is reporting that PSU gave soon-to-be 82-year-old football coach Joe Paterno a three-year extension. This is funny—

“…The parties might re-evaluate their circumstances and alter the arrangement by either shortening or extending its length as necessary…”

Moose, Maddux… more?

Coming home from work and listening to the radio, I heard that Pitt won today. Win #9. The announcer said it was Pitt’s first 9 or more win season since 1982. The rest of the story? You know what 1982 was, don’t you? Dan Marino’s senior year. (My senior year at PSU as well. PSU beat Pitt 19-10 at Beaver Stadium in the last regular season game that year before beating Georgia 27-23 in the Sugar Bowl for the national championship.)

Mussina and Maddux have retired, but what of Maddux’s other two amigos? Maddux is 42 and in 2008 he probably had the best year of the three, going 8-13. At least he had a full season. Glavine had elbow and shoulder surgery. He’s a few weeks older than Maddux. If he comes back, it’ll be at age 43. He was 2-4, 5.54 in 2008 in 13 g. ERA+ 77. 270 wins retired with Mussina. 355 with Maddux. Glavine has 305. I’m not done. What about John Smoltz? Smoltz is a year younger than his former teammates. He’ll be 42 next May. He got into just six games in 2008. 3-2, 2.57, ERA+ 165. 210 wins, but remember he closed for a few years. 154 saves. 15-4 in the postseason, better than Maddux and Glavine. Imagine a HOF ballot in 2014 that has Mussina, Maddux, Glavine AND Smoltz on it. Who knows, maybe even Frank Thomas if no one picks him up. As of now it looks like Griffey will be back, but with whom? Pedro? Schilling? The point is, we have seen Mussina (who should be a HOF) retire, and Maddux (who will be one) do the same. Are there more coming, so much more that the ballot for the 2014 induction will have a ton of first-timers who are worthy? Pedro says he wants to play (MLB Trade Rumors), but who’ll have him after he has been 17-15 since 2005, with only 48 games pitched in those three years? 5-6, 5.61 this year (ERA+ 75)?

Dec. 1973 to Dec. 2008. From celebrated hero to sentenced convict. (Should have been done in 1995, but…) Finally O.J. gets his. Speaking of, is it me or does anyone else think of Rollie Fingers every time they see Fred Goldman?

Fred Goldman

Kevin Kernan has an article on Ian Kennedy in the NY Post. Most interesting is that Ian went back to USC, where he starred in college, to work with Tom House, who has been the Trojans’ pitching coach for the past two seasons. If that name sounds familiar, it should be. House was a major league pitcher, but is most remembered for a catch. As a member of the Braves, he was the one who caught Henry Aaron’s 715th HR on April 8, 1974. Nolan Ryan has praised House’s work.

Jonathan Albaladejo continues to do well in the Puerto Rican Winter League.

A-Rod will be playing for the Dominican Republic in the WBC, along with Big Papi.

Rafael Furcal has turned down an offer from the A’s.

Interesting. MLB Trade Rumors has an article that six teams are interested in Randy Johnson and one of them is the Dodgers. Torre wants him? That would surprise me a little.

Looks like Andy back. A correction and the story of Game 2 of 1966 WS.

I made one goof of yesterday. Furcal made three errors in the fifth, not two (I was watching the debate, sorry). Anyway, the three errors by Furcal in one inning matched that of Dodger CF Willie Davis in Game 2 of the 1966 WS.

Game 2 of the 1966 WS turned out to be the last game Sandy Koufax ever pitched. Koufax went 6 innings, giving up 4 runs, 1 earned in taking the loss. Davis wasn’t the only Dodger making errors in that game. Ron Fairly, Jim Gilliam and Koufax’s replacement, Ron Perranoski, also made errors for the Dodgers in that game. Six errors in all. The Dodgers lost the game 6-0 on their way to getting swept in that series by the Orioles. In fact, the Dodgers went the last 33 innings of that series without scoring a run.

And who beat Koufax in that game? A young 20 year old who would go to the HOF himself—Jim Palmer. Palmer was 9 days away from his 21st birthday, and he threw a CG 4-hit shutout.

The Yanks are having meetings to plan their offseason strategy. We still don’t know about Mussina, leaning towards retirement. This story, however, indicates that Pettitte will be back. Andy is 36, 37 next June, and coming off a 14-14, 4.54 season—his first without a winning record. The winner of the last game at Yankee Stadium would like to pitch in the new one. Fine. I just hope that Andy is amenable to a pay cut from the $16M he made last year.

Longoria a “Ray” of Sunshine. CC lousy. M & M boys lead LA.

Tampa wins Game 1 6-4 behind two HR by Evan Longoria, who was 3 for 3 with 3 RBI. Grant Balfour came out of the bullpen with the bases loaded, one out, Tampa up 6-3 in the 7th and got two K’s. Great job.

I’ll be busy so a recap will be coming later. C. C. Sabathia stunk in Philly, getting knocked out after 3 2/3. Shane Victorino hit a grand slam. A key at bat came from Brett Myers, who worked out a walk after fouling several pitches off. Who’d have thought that he’d show more in that AB than we’ve seen from Robbie for most of the year (j/k).

I’ve always liked Victorino. Before the Yanks signed Johnny Damon and were looking for a CF, I was thinking of him and David DeJesus. I’m not on in all of whom I want on the team, but those two have had decent years. I definitely didn’t want Corey Patterson, and he stunk this year. I remember wanting Mark Hendickson, but only as a lefty reliever. He wanted to start and went to Florida. He was pulled from the rotation. 7-7, 6.24 as a starter. 0-1, 3.03 in relief. Should have listened to me, Mark. I didn’t want Washburn, who wound up 5-14. Washburn pitched only one inning after August 30th.

Like any GM, I got some right, some wrong. But looking at some guys, I didn’t do too badly.

Back with more later, but one thought: Doesn’t Sabathia and Prince Fielder look like a tag-team sumo wrestling duo to you?

The Phils hung on to win 5-2. Once again, Brewer bats were silenced. Hamels only gave up 2 hits in 8 IP in Game 1, and Myers gave up just 2 hits in 7 IP yesterday. With their pitching troubles (Gallardo’s inactivity, no Sheets), the Brewers need to hit. They haven’t. If the Phils continue to get good pitching, they’ll be tough. I won’t be surprised to see the veteran Moyer take advantage of the young Brewers impatience and softly and surgically cut through the Brewers and deliver Philly a sweep.

The Dodgers are one game away from sweeping the Cubs. 1908 and counting. Rafael Furcal had three hits, and the M & M boys (Martin and Manny) led the Dodgers again. Martin’s bases-clearing double gave LA a 5-0 lead, and Manny hit another HR and drove in two in the Dodgers’ 10-3 rout. Phils and Dodgers are both up 2 games to nothing. Should they meet in the NLCS, it’ll be for the 4th time. The Dodgers won in 1977 and 1978, and the Phils won in 1983. In another key game between the teams, Phillie Dick Sisler’s HR in the top of the 10th beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the final game of the 1950 season, giving the “Whiz Kids” the pennant. Had Brooklyn won that game, the teams would have had a best-of-three playoff (like what the Dodgers would have the following year with the Giants) for the pennant.