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The minors.

AAA: SWB (57-60) lost 4-1. 2 hits, 3B Zelous Wheeler and 2 hits and the RBI for C Austin Romine.

AA: Trenton (57-60) won 7-5. Jaron Long, son of Yankees’ hitting coach Kevin Long, 2 R in 6 IP. He’s 5-0, 2.78 at Trenton. C Gary Sanchez 2 h, HR, 3 RBI. (.275-12-56). 1B Greg Bird, solo HR. He was just recently promoted. Another recent promotion, LF Jake Cave, 2 hits, rbi.

High A: Tampa (55-59) won 5-2. Brett Gerritse 1 R in 6 IP. DH Eric Jagiello 2 h, HR, 2 RBI. RF Aaron Judge a solo HR. SS Cito Culver 2 h, rbi.

Low A: Charleston (56-58) split a DH. Two 7-inning games.

Game 1: Won 6-2. CF Mike O’Neill (Paul’s nephew) 2 for 2, 2 rbi. 3B Miguel Andujar 3 hits, 2 doubles, rbi. 1b Mike Ford 2 hits, rbi.

Game 2: 1-0 loss. Just three hits by the team.

The minors.

AAA: SWB off.

AA: Trenton ppd.

High A: Tampa won 6-0 on a two-hitter. Brett Gerritse 6 innings. LF Claudio Castillo 2 RBI. Dante Bichette, Jr. (3b) 2 h, rbi.

Low A: They started it, and probably shouldn’t have. Game suspended (rain) in the bottom of the first.

The minors.

AAA: Swb coughed up two in the bottom of the 9th to lose 5-4. Chase Whitley 6 IP, 0 R, 1 h, 1 w and 5 K. 1B Randy Ruiz double, HR, 2 RBI. 2B David Adams 2 H, solo HR.

AA: Trenton lost 5-1.

High A: Tampa had a DH.

G1: Won 11-7. To stay fresh (he’ll be coming back to the Yanks in a few days), Preston Claiborne started and threw a scoreless inning. SS Cito Culver 4 for 4, 2 doubles, 2 RBI. 2B Rob Refsnyder 3 H, HR, 2 RBI. 3B Pete O’Brien 3 for 3, 2 doubles, HR, 6 RBI.

Game 2: Tampa lost 8-0. CF Taylor Dugas & 3B O’Brien 2 h apiece.

Low A: Charleston lost 8-4. Brett Gerritse 2 R in 6 IP. 3b Dante Bichette, Jr. 2-run HR.   LF Ericson Leonora solo HR.

The minors.

AAA: SWB won 7-1. Caleb Cotham 1 R in 5 IP. RF Corey Patterson 3 h, solo HR. C J.R. Murphy 2 h, hr, 2 rbi. DH Randy Ruiz 3 h, 2 doubles, rbi.

AA: Trenton won 8-2. Jeremy Bleich 1 unearned run in 5 IP, 6 K. DH Saxon Butler 2 h, 4 rbi. LF Ramon Flores 2 h, 2 rbi.

High A: 7-3 win for Tampa. Scottie Allen 3 R, 2 ER in 6 IP. (9-5, 3.54). 1B Matt Snyder, HR, 2 RBI. 2B Rob Refsnyder 2 H, 2 RBI. Four others w/2h each.

Low A: Charleston won 2-1. Brett Gerritse 6 IP, 1 unearned run,  8K. RF Ericson Leonora 2 H, rbi.

The minors.

OF Thomas Neal was picked up by the Cubs. He was DFA’d by the Yanks a few days ago.

AAA: SWB won the completion of a suspended game from July 12th, 7-6 in 13 innings.

In the reg. sched. game, SWB lost 3-2. They fall to 56-61 on the season. David Huff (4-6, 3.52) 3 R in 5 IP. Melky Mesa 2-Run Hr. DH Randy Ruiz 3 hits.

AA:  Ttrenton (59-56) lost 3-2. Nik Turley 1 r in 5 ip. C Gary Sanchez double, rbi.

High A: Tampa off.

Low A: Charleston (61-52) lost 1-0. Brett Gerritse (8-6, 3.69) 1 R in 6 IP. LF Ericson Leonora 2 hits.

Update: LoHud blog reporting Phelps to be shut down 2 weeks, Pineda 10 days and Nuno most likely done for the year.

The minors.

AAA: SWB won 2-1 in 12. Caleb Cotham 6 IP, 1 R. 2 1/3 scoreless for Dellin Betances (3.09). David Adams 3 for 6, rbi (now do it in the majors, Adams!). Mustelier and Johnson 2 h each, Neal w/3.

AA: 3-1 loss for Trenton. Jeremy Bleich 1 UE in 4 IP (2.72). Tommy Kahnle 2 scoreless IP (2.31). Word is the Yanks offered Kahnle to the Phils for Michael Young and offered to accept all of Young’s contract and the Phils turned it down. Don’t ask me why. The Phils’ BP sucks. They have an up-and-coming 3B in Asche. They get BP help which they need (Pimplebutt blew another save for them last night) and the Yanks would have assumed Young’s salary. Kahnle is 1-2, 2.31 at Trenton. So now we can only hope Kahnle develops and the Phils rue their decision.

High A: Tampa lost 10-4. Dietrich Enns gave up 8 R in just 2 IP. 3B Pete O’Brien solo HR. 1B Saxon Butler 2 H, 2 RBI.

Low A: Charleston completed a game started 7/7. They lost that one 2-0 despite getting 10 hits. They lost the regularly scheduled game 5-4. Brett Gerritse 4 R, 1 ER in 5 IP.  

Good article in USA Today. Is today D-Day for A-Rod? But the article states how Yankee fans may want to celebrate A-Rod’s suspension. Should he be banned, the Yanks do NOT have to pay his salary, the get under the cap for 2014 and their clock is reset to zero. Meaning they can spend like the Yankees again in 2015. … and some teams don’t like that. They feel as if the Yanks will actually be rewarded for Alex’s misdeeds. Which they very well could be.      

Saturday’s minors.

AAA: 4-3 win for SWB. 1B Dan Johnson 3 H, 2 doubles, 2 RBI. 3B Brendan Harris and LF Ronnier Mustelier each had 2 H, rbi. RF Thomas Neal, just sent back down, 2 hits.

AA:  ppd.

High A: 11-6 loss for Tampa. 3b Nix (expected back Monday) 0 for 4 w/strikeout. LF Granderson 2 for 4, both singles. 2B Rob Refsnyder 2 H, solo HR. RF Taylor Dugas 2 H, 2 RBI. 2 H (double, triple) and rbi SS Ali Castillo.

Low A: 3-2 win for Charleston. Brett Gerritse (8-5, 4.03)  1 R in 5 IP. CF Jake Cave, LF Dan Aldrich and DH Rey Nunez 2 hits each.

The minors today.

AAA: SWB got a run in the bottom of the 9th and won 8-7. Jeter did not play. Brett Marshall 5 R, 4 ER in 4 IP. RF Thomas Neal 2 H, rbi, .324. 2B Brent Lillibridge 3 H, double, HR, 2 RBI. DH Randy Ruiz HR and 2 RBI. C Bobby Wilson 2 H, 2 rbI. LF Addison Maruszak & 3B Josh Bell  2 hits each.

AA:  Trenton off.

High A: Tampa lost 8-4 in a completion of a suspended game. In this game, Eduardo Nunez, now with the Yanks, walked and scored in his only plate appearance. A-Rod, who wasn’t there when the game began, got in and went 0 for 3, striking out twice. CF Taylor Dugas 2 hits.

So far on his rehab—in Low and High A ball—-A-Rod is 1 for 12.

In the regularly scheduled game, Tampa won 7-0 on a one-hitter. Joel De La Cruz 5 no-hit IP. LF Dugas double, rbi. 2 Hits, rbi for 3B Pete O’Brien. C Gary Sanchez solo HR (.269-13-59). RF Yeral Sanchez 2 RBI.

Low A: Charleston lost 2-1. Jose Campos 4 scoreless IP. Brett Gerritse 3 scoreless, 5 K. 2 Hits Dante Bichette, Jr. (.201). SS Cito Culver rbi.

Short season: Jairo Heredia, who showed something before getting injured last year, 5 1/3 IP, 2 R, 4 H, 2 walks and 9 K.

The minors.

AAA: SWB lost 7-4. Brett Marshall (2-4, 7.27) 7 R, 5 ER in 3 2/3. C Bobby Wilson (.211) 2 doubles, solo HR.

AA: Trenton lost 6-2. Nik Turley (5-3, 4.14) 3 R in 6 IP. 3B Kevin Mahoney (.229) 2 doubles. Triple, rbi for SS Walt Ibarra (.324).

High A: 4-1 rain-shortened win for Tampa (called in 7th). Scottie Allen (5-2, 4.37) five scoreless IP. 2B Rob Refsnyder (.283, cooled off after scorching April) 2 hits, RBI. SS Carmen Angelini 3 h, 2 doubles, 2 rbi, .340. 2 h, double, CF Mason Williams (.237).

Low A: Charleston won 8-2. Jose Campos (4.21) 2 R, 1 ER in 4 IP. Brett Gerritse (5-3, 4.76) three scoreless IP. Alex Smith (0.93) two scoreless. SS Claudio Custodio 3 h, triple, rbi (.248). C Wes Wilson 3 h, 2 doubles, 3 RBI (.286). 2B Jose Rosario (.200) 2 h, rbi. 2 h, triple, rbi 1B Rey Nunez (.274).

The Minors Today.

AAA: SWB won 4-3. Wang 3 R in 7 2/3. ND, ERA 2.84. Our old buddies Cody Eppley 2/3 (W, 2-1, 2.13) and Clay Rapada (S #1, 2/3 Ip, 0.00) finished up. Granderson 2-4, RBI. He DH’d today. 2B Corban Joseph 2 hits. 2 doubles, RBI for CF Melky Mesa. C Bobby Wilson 2 H, RBI.

AA:  Trenton won 6-2. Jeremy Bleich 3 scoreless IP. Matt Tracy 2 R in 5 2/3 IP. DH Kyle Roller 2 H, solo HR. 2 H, RBI LF Ramon Flores.

High A: Tampa PPD.

Low A: Charleston won 8-0. Gabe Encinas, Brett Gerritse and Alex Smith combined for 14K. 3 H, HR, 4 rbi for 1B Rey Nunez.  2 H, rbi for both DH Greg Bird and LF Kelvin De Leon.