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If you don’t have your health…

…you don’t have anything.

Yesterday we saw a surprising announcement by Florida coach Urban Meyer, as he announced that he will step down after the Sugar Bowl due to health reasons.

Hopefully, for his and his family’s sake, everything turns out well. Two ND coaches, Leahy and Parseghian, had to resign at early ages due to health reasons. 

In baseball news, Everyday Eddie Guardado signed a minor league deal with the Nats (the Nats do seem busy, don’t they?). Bobby Howry signed with Arizona.

…and I see in the Sound Off in the NY Post a couple of readers who seem to justify what I wrote yesterday about fans overestimating one’s worth…it’s one thing to be a fan favorite (Melky) but it’s another to be so good as to be indispensable. Melky wasn’t indispensable. Granted that there are players who bring something to the team that can’t be counted in stats. I don’t feel that was Melky. He’s a nice player and I wish him well. But he is no more than an average to slightly below average OF who’ll hit .270, hit 10 HR, drive in 60 runs. He isn’t a .300-25-100 guy and never will be. An average OF with good speed, but who it appears will never steal 20. Average all the way around. As for the letter writers knocking Vazquez, see what I wrote before on Vazquez being a #4 giving 200 IP and 200 K. The Yankees didn’t get Vazquez to be an ace. Put it this way—Melky alone (or with two prospects as this was) doesn’t bring back an ace. As for 2004 (one writer didn’t do his diligent research and wrote 2003), see my piece a few days ago on Ralph Terry.

It was a different time in the early 1960s. Then, a Ralph Terry could redeem himself. Now it seems you get run out of town. Is that kind of change really for the better?      

As for today, let’s see how the playoff picture shakes out in the NFL.

More trouble for Clemens/Bonds

I don’t know why McNamee saved the syringes in beer cans. He says to cover his ass after he injected Roger’s. Unsavory to be sure.

ESPN reports that tests have linked Clemens’ DNA to blood in those syringes.

ESPN reports that a urine sample Barry Bonds took in 2003 has come back positive for PEDs.

I’m no lawyer, but this is looking worse and worse for Clemens and Bonds. It’s one thing to have used, and both players would be coming up on the 2012 HOF ballot (and both’s chances of getting in then are fading fast), and another to be found of perjury within a federal court and/or to Congress.

MLBTR has interesting news on Ken Griffey, Jr. You’d wonder how he’d fit in with the Yanks, but I don’t think he is suited for CF anymore, and the Yanks already have too many aging players what with Damon, Jeter, Posada, Mo and Matsui to go adding a 39 year old Junior.

Also from MLBTR:

According to SI.com’s Jon Heyman, Adam Dunn received a contract offer from the Nationals. He’s been sitting on it for a while, indicating the Nats are not his top choice. Jayson Stark has said Dunn prefers the Dodgers, and is waiting to see how the Manny Ramirez situation plays out.

Jon Rauch at 6’11” was the biggest thing in Washington (2005-2008) for a while, but he was a pitcher. Dunn at 6’6″ would remind people of the “Capitol Punisher,” Big (6’7″) Frank Howard. Both LFs, both not that great defensively, both tall 40-hr guys.

Hondo, Frank Howard
The biggest thing in Washington in the late ’60s. (Sorry, Tricky Dick).

The one and only “Truth” has Baltimore on his radar as a surprise team for 2009. Well, I don’t know about that, but they added Ty Wigginton today. I would have liked Wiggy as a backup infielder for the Yanks, but he can’t play SS. Still, good righty bat, 31, 1B-2B-3B, OF, 128 OPS+ last year, 105 for the career…but he most likely wanted to go somewhere where he could play everyday. He wouldn’t do that with the Yankees. He gets $3M/yr. for 2 years. Ransom may work out, but I’m not sold on Berroa. A backup infielder won’t play much with Teix (Swisher can back him up here, not that Teix needs many days at DH), Cano, Jeter and A-Rod. Still, you want some kind of insurance.

Wigginton will replace Millar at 1B for the O’s. DH some. MLBTR does state Wiggy had a severe Home/Away difference. At Minute Maid, with that short LF, Wiggy hit .343 with 15 HR. He hit .234 with 8 HR on the road. So maybe Yankee Stadium wouldn’t have suited him. The bandbox that is Camden Yards will probably suit him well.

Eddie Guardado signed a minor league deal with Texas.

Interesting Abreu news. Mets not interested. MLBTR quotes ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick as saying

the White Sox “floated the possibility” of one year and $8MM to Abreu’s agent Peter Greenberg, and then talks stalled. The Sox haven’t made progress in trading Dye, which would be necessary to sign Abreu.

Hmmm…Abreu is singing Clarence “Frogman” Henry’s “Ain’t Got no Home…”

Anthony McCarron fills in on Mark Feinsand’s blog, and has updates on Posada and Wang.

Perez back with Mets


Joel Sherman of the Post is reporting that Oliver Perez is back with the Mets. $12M per for 3 years. Sherman thinks this means Pedro won’t be back and forget about Sheets.

Speaking of Sheets, MLBTR reports that things are hitting a snag between Sheets and the Rangers. They do report that the Rangers are getting close to an agreement with Eddie Guardado.

The Blue Jays offered a minor league deal to Kevin Millar. We’ll see if he accepts it. He may have to. 37, .234-20-72 for Baltimore in 2008, OPS+ 87.

The Cubs traded Rich Hill (11-8, 3.92 (ERA+ 119) in 2007, just 5 games with Cubs in 2008; 29 in March, lefty) to Baltimore for a player to be named later. To make room for Hill, the Orioles dfa’d Brian Burres (lefty, 28 in April, 7-10, 6.04 for Baltimore in 2008, ERA+ 75).

Game 131. Boston in for probably the last time at this Stadium. 7-3 Boston as Alex, Andy are awful.

Recap: At one point in the game, the Yanks top 3 hitters were 6-10, but the Yanks had just 3 runs, two on two solo HRs by Johnny Damon. Which tells you how Alex and the big G were with runners on base. Awful again, and Alex heard the boo-birds, who were angry at seeing the 9th DP from Alex in his last 19 games. Pettitte gave up 6 in 4 2/3, the victim of questionable umpiring, a couple flukey hits, and Boston doing what the Yanks haven’t done all year—get the big hit. The Yanks needed a sweep. They won’t get it. You can hear the funeral music. Hit more for more news, and a great quote from the “Yankee Truth”… Continue reading

Gossage to enter Hall as a Yankee

12:50 p.m Goose will go into the HOF as a Yankee. I saw a lot of people were doing searches on what cap he would have on. There was a nice touch at the press conference as 1978 teammate and Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson welcomed his ex-teammate into the Hall. The only other surviving member going in this year, Dick Williams, will be going in with an A’s cap—the team he led to World Series titles in 1972 and 1973.

It looks like “Everyday Eddie” Guardado could be going to Texas. After elbow surgery in September of 2006, Eddie probably needs a new nickname. He pitched in 15 games for the Reds last year and had no decisions or saves to go with a 7.24 ERA. At 37, he is a risk. You don’t know how his comeback will turn out. He is 41-55, 4.32 (ERA+ 108) with 183 saves for his career. Hey, if you are lefty and can still lift your arm, some team will sign you.

From Dave Pinto’s Baseball Musings: Miguel Cairo has signed with the Mariners. Miggy hit .253-0-15 with 10 steals (OPS + 66) for the Yanks and Cards last year. For his career, he is at .267 with an OPS + of 75. As we know, he has no power—only 27 HR. He does have an excellent SB success ratio of 78%. It’s been the norm to blast Miggy in the past few years, and I don’t know why. Miggy isn’t an all-star, but if he was, he wouldn’t be a role player off the bench, would he? He is who he is…a role player off the bench who can play different positions. He does the little things. You hope he hits .260 or so. He’ll steal a base, and lay down a bunt. His defense will be decent and not kill you. For the people who have criticized Cairo, may I point out who was on the bench in recent Yankee championships? Check the bench of the great 1961 Yankees team. Now throw out Johnny Blanchard. Hector Lopez hit .222. Billy Gardner hit .212 in 99 at bats. Joe DeMaestri was 6 for 41. Andy Fox hit .196 for the 1996 Yankees. From 1999 to 2001, Clay Bellinger hit .200, .207 and .160. Fred Stanley hit .219 for the 1978 Yankees. I think the critics should get off of Miggy’s back.

Ex-Red Sox owner Buddy LeRoux has died at 77.

Some blogs are reporting a Brian Roberts to the Cubs deal. Pinto’s blog has a reference to Andy MacPhail saying it’s not a correct rumor.

Pete Abraham’s blog lists the Yanks top 10 prospects as listed by Baseball America. You can go there for the whole list. Here are some observations.

#2 is 21 year old Austin Jackson, who hit .304-13-59 with 33 steals, mostly at A ball. A bit of a surprise in that he passed # 3 Jose Tabata, who hit .307-5-54 with 15 steals at A ball. The 19-year-old Tabata had surgery on the hamate bone in his hand, and that limited him to only 103 games. If you are wondering, Joba is # 1 and Ian Kennedy # 4. Hughes pitched too many major league innings to qualify for the list.

# 6 is Jesus Montero, who is only 18. Montero got 107 at bats in the Gulf Coast Rookie League last year, and went .280-3-19.

Check those ages. Then consider that Kennedy is 23, Joba 22 and Hughes just 21. Yankee fans hope the future is quite bright. Keep in mind, though, that Eric Duncan was atop the list a few years ago and now he isn’t in the Top 10 and I don’t think he’ll ever make it. In fact, Eric Duncan was left unprotected in the Rule 5 draft, and no team picked him up.

Finally, Hank Steinbrenner opens his mouth again. Hal is quiet and never heard from. As for Hank, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Now he states that while the Santana deal is still on, that the extension wouldn’t be for more than five years if the Yanks do get Santana. Hank, zip it.