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Ex-CYA winner Halladay dies in plane crash; no GG for Gardner, Judge; AFL news.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

2x CYA winner and 8x All Star Roy Halladay was killed yesterday in a plane crash. He was 40.

Halladay pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays (1998-2009) and Philadelphia Phillies (2010-2013) winning 203 games. He won the CYA for Toronto in 200 and for the Phillies in 2010. He finished second in 2008 and 2011.

He was a 3x 20-game winner. On two other occasions he won 19.

He led the majors in wins twice, games started once. Seven times he led the league in complete games (a horse), four times in shutouts, four times in innings pitched.

He even finished top-10 in MVP voting twice—Sixth in 2010, Ninth in 2011.

In 2010, he pitched a perfect game in the regular season, then in the postseason threw a no-hitter in the NLDS.

He was 203-105 for an excellent winning pct. of .659. His 162 game average was 17-9, 3.38, ERA+ 131.

He was 3-2, 2.37 in five postseason starts.

He is eligible for the HOF with next year’s voting, after the 2018 season, along with Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, among others. He has a good case.

What is also remarkable is how he rebounded and became a stud pitcher after having had a disastrous 2000 season—4-7, 10.64 ERA. That says a lot.

Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge were finalists for the Gold Glove awards, but both were denied. In LF it went to Alex Gordon, and Mookie Betts won for RF.

In the Arizona Fall League, Scottsdale lost 3-2.

Yankees’ prospects:

CF Estevan Florial 0 for 2, 2 walks, scored a run. .268
1B Billy McKinney 1 for 3, walk, scored a run. .313
SS Thairo Estrada 1 for 3, walk, .375

RP Cody Carroll 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 0 K. 0.00





Game 49. Tonight’s lineup.

It’s the same lineup as last night, except that A-Rod Dh’s, Chavez is at 3B.

Roy Oswalt to Texas. Phils lose Halladay for 6-8 weeks. Yanks sign relief pitcher Ryota Igarashi. He’ll go to AAA. 81 games in his career, Mets/Blue Jays. 5-2, 6.17, ERA+ 62.

Yankees announced today each of their affiliates will hold their own HOPE Week during the 2012 season.

All things are GO for David Robertson and Brett Gardner to rejoin the Yankees in about 10 days.

Yanks 26-22, 3rd in AL East. 2 1/2 out. Even with the Pythagorean record. As of now, NOT in a playoff position. OPS+ 111, ERA+ 106.

Jeter SS .335-5-18  3/4  123   3156 hits, debuted 17 yrs. ago today.
Granderson CF .261-15-26  1/4  139
Rodriguez DH .277-7-19  6/6  110
Cano 2B .295-7-20  1/1  125
Teixeira 1B .263-9-30  1/2  116  tied w/Swish for team lead, RBI
Ibanez LF .260-9-28   2/2  119
Swisher RF .242-8-30  0/0  103
Chavez 3B .279-3-6   0/0  108    last RBI on 5/14
Martin C .186-4-12  1/1  80   still on the “Interstate”

Who’d have thought two years ago that the big HR threat in the lineup would be Granderson?

LHP Andy Pettitte  2-1, 2.53   ERA+ 171

Andy is looking for career win 243, and #206 as a Yankee. His last win surpassed Yankee great Herb Pennock on the all-time list, and his next win will tie Hall of Famer Juan Marichal.

Kershaw wins NL CYA

Clayton Kershaw won the National League Cy Young Award after going 21-5, 2.28. As with Verlander in the AL, he won the “Triple Crown” of pitching for his league, leading the league in wins, ERA and strikeouts. Roy Halladay was second, Cliff Lee third and one-time Yankee Ian Kennedy fourth.

Could Bobby V be the next manager of Boston? Rumors are they’ve chatted.

Meanwhile, Dale Sveum is the new Cubs manager. Sveum played for Milwaukee 1986-1988, 1990-91, the Phils 1992, White Sox 1992, A’s 1993, Mariners 1994, Pirates 1996-1997, Yankees 1998 and Pirates II 1999. He hit .236, OPS+ 82 in his career. His best year was 1987, when he had 25 HR and 95 RBI.

As an interim manager, Sveum took over the Brewers for the last twelve games of the 2008 season and went 7-5. The Brewers were the wild card, and Sveum managed them in the NLDS, losing to the Phils three games to one.

Brian Schneider, who graduated from my hometown’s high school, re-signed with the Phils today.

ALDS Game 1 Resumption. Nova strong outing, Cano GS, 6 RBI lead Yanks to 9-3 win.

Remember when Gossage wanted to go after Gibson in the 1984 WS and Gibson hit a HR? Kirk Gibson should have remembered that when he left Ian Kennedy pitch to Prince Fielder. Of course the pitcher’s ego will say he can get him out. Gibson should have trusted his own brain and guts over Kennedy’s ego. Fielder hit a 2-run HR. 4-1 Brewers take Game 1.

The Phils, down 3-1 in the sixth, had their bats wake up then and they won Game 1 11-6. After giving up a 2-run HR to the Big Puma, Lance Berkman in the first, and 3 hits in the first two innings, Halladay didn’t give up any hits the rest of the way. He went 8. The Cards got 3 in the 9th.

Now for the resumption. To remind you of what happened last night, Delmon Young homered in the 1st off of CC. 1-0 Tigers. In the bottom half, Jeter struck out but reached on the WP (hustle!). Granderson walked, both runners moved up on Cano’s groundout and Jeter scored on A-Rod’s groundout. CC had a 1-2-3 second. We pick it up in the bottom of the second. Ivan Nova will now be pitching for the Yanks.

One problem with TBS: Whatever they say is “very funny”? Usually isn’t.

A quick start for the Yanks. Posada singles to lead off the resumption, and Martin doubles. Gardner grounds into a FC. Posada trapped off third, poor baserunning. 1st and 2nd, one out.  Yanks get a break on a balk. 2nd and 3rd. Jeter whiffs. So does Granderson. You gotta be kidding me. NOTHING out of it. You HAVE to get at least one there. Posada’s bad baserunning may have cost them a run. He’d have scored on the balk (but that’s the fallacy of the preassumed outcome).

Both teams go down 1-2-3 in the third.

Still 1-1 after four.

GREAT play by Jeter and Martin. With one out, Nova issues a walk and two singles. But on the second single, Granderson to Jeter to Martin nails Avila at the plate. How Martin held on escapes me. Nova gets out of it.

With two out, Granderson singles. Cano hits one off the top of the wall, RBI double. 2-1 Yanks after five. The ball hit the very top of the wall and came back. As Sweeny Murti tweeted, at least it wasn’t a ground rule double. Robbie just missed a HR.

Up 0-2 on Jackson in the sixth, Nova walks him. Jackson is the only SB threat on Detroit. Mistake. Runner goes, Cano covers, ball hit right to the bag. DP. Diving catch by Swish ends the inning.

Leadoff double (going the other way!) by Teix to lead off the bottom of the sixth. Big run here. The Yanks need to get more runs. Swisher stinks yet again in another postseason AB (.162 in postseasons entering this game. .148 as a Yankee, worst of ANY Yankee with 75 or more postseason ABs) Strikeout. Jorge walks. Martin’s groundout moves the runners up.

Gardner with a 2-run single! Huge. 4-1 Yanks and Soriano, Robertson and Rivera are getting ready. Jeter singles. 1st and 3rd. Jeter SB. Granderson walks.

CANO HITS A GRAND SLAM! 8-1 Yanks after six.

CC 2 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 4 K by the way.

Heading out for a bit. I can breathe (and celebrate a bit?) now.

Back after a couple of celebratory drinks:

Yanks go up 9-1 in the 8th on an RBI double by Cano. 6 RBI. He matches a Yankees postseason record. (Richardson and Matsui WS; Bernie ALDS).

Nova tires in the 9th. He does get the win, and what a great job he did for a rookie. He pitched six scoreless innings before tiring and getting pulled in the 9th.

6 1/3, 2 R, 4 H, 4 walks and 5 K.

Ayala came in. 1/3 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 walks or K.

Once it was 9-3, bases loaded, two out, Girardi said “Enough of this.”

The Great One. Mo. Three pitches. Bing, Bang, Boom. K. Game over.

No save for Mo. The postseason ERA goes from 0.7088 to 0.7071. (140 IP, 11 ER. When it’s that low already, it’s harder to lower it more!)

Game 121. Controversial HR dooms Yanks 5-4. Not a good b/day (40) for Jorge.

Boston lost today. The Yanks will stay 1/2 game back if they lose, go up 1 1/2 if they win. Boston’s had troubles: Ortiz bursitis in a heel, Gonzalez lack of recent power (stiff neck).

Yanks 74-46, three worse than the Pythagorean record.
OPS+ 111, ERA+ 119.

Jeter SS .283-4-46  13sb/17att  OPS+ 92   3041 hits
Granderson CF .273-33-94  22/32  149
Teixiera 1B .249-32-89  3/4  124
Cano 2B .306-21-85  8/9  134
Swisher RF .269-14-64  2/4  119
Jones DH .240-7-24  0/0  106
Martin C .226-12-48  8/9  85
Nunez 3B .268-4-26  18/23  89
Gardner LF  .286-5-30  36/47  108

Colon P 8-6, 3.31    ERA+ 128

The Cubs offered Carlos Zambrano to the Yanks at the deadline. Given what’s recently happened, is anyone surprised the Yanks said no?

Sheesh. U of Miami. We knew they were always trouble, now this. Poor Al Golden (PSU roots who brought Temple up from the ashes).

Before his meltdown last night, Roy Halladay was 52-0 when pitching with a lead in the 9th.

Jeter singled (3042) to lead off the game but was picked off. Granderson (MLB leader in R, AL leader in Triples and RBI) hit #34 to put the Yanks up 1-0. With two out, the Yanks load the bases on a single and two walks. An opportunity to break it wide open, but Martin flies out.

Rumors are, btw, that A-Rod looks tentative in the field. More on his 2nd rehab game in SWB on the minor league report.

El Duque officially retired today. He’ll be 46 soon and hasn’t pitched in the majors for a while. Guess no time like now to make it official?

In the 3rd, Granderson gets a leadoff double, and with two out, scores on a Swisher single. 2-0 Yanks.

Colon gives up the lead in the 3rd. Leadoff double, single, 3-run HR by Gordon. After an out, Colon gives up another gopher ball, 4-2 KC after three. The 2nd HR? Reviewed and controversial.

Jeter doubles in the 4th (3043). Stranded.

Mid 5th, still 4-2, KC. Leadoff triple for Melky in the 5th. Walk. Forceout makes it 5-2.

Martin hits #13 in the sixth to cut the deficit to 5-3.

Colon is done after five. 5 IP, 5 R, 7 H, 2 walks and 4 K. The two killer HR. ERA to 3.54. Noesi in. He has a scoreless sixth. 5-3 KC after six.

In the 7th, Jeter (hot) gets his 3d hit of the night. Ever since coming off the DL, he’s turned back the clock (except for the HR). Hit #3044 puts him nine behind Carew on the all-time list. It’s a leadoff double, time for the Yanks to get back in this game.  Granderson walks. Big chance here for the Yanks. 1st and 2nd, no out. They do nothing. Teix, Cano & Swisher all strike out.

Noesi goes 3 scoreless, 3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk, 1 K, ERA to 3.67.

Jeter gets his 4th hit of the game in the 9th. B.A. to .290, hit 3045. One out. A HR can tie it. Granderson singles. Now a HR can give the Yanks the lead.  Teix walks, Cano gets a SF on a full-count pitch. 5-4. Down to their last out. PB. 2nd and 3rd. Swisher walks. Jorge the birthday boy (40 today) is up. It’s not a good birthday. Jorge strikes out to end the game.

Colon drops to 8-7, 3.54.

Yanks lose 5-3, stay in 1st by 1/2 a game.


NL CYA to Halladay; some Yankees news.

The Phillies’ Roy Halladay joins Gaylord Perry, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez as those who have won the CYA in both leagues.

The vote was unanimous.

Halladay went 21-10, 2.44. He shared or had the outright MLB lead in wins, CG, shutouts, and IP, and led the NL in hits given up (due to IP of course), batters faced, least walks/9 IP and K to BB ratio. He threw a perfect game as well.

The postseason doesn’t count in the voting, but Halladay threw a no-hitter in the NLDS there as well, and just missed another perfecto by just one walk.  A superb year, capped by his second CYA. Halladay won while with Toronto in 2003.

Recently I listed a list of lefty relievers that the Yanks could target. My #1 choice was Scott Downs, but he is a Type A free agent and the Yanks would have to give up a draft pick should they sign him. With the Yankees targeting Lee, giving up too many picks would hurt. Therefore the Yankees could be looking at my #2 choice, Pedro Feliciano from the Mets, who has led the majors in games pitched in each of the past three seasons. Feliciano will be 35 next August and went 3-6, 3.30 in 92 games for the Mets this year. For his career, Feliciano is 22-19, 3.31. Feliciano is not a type-A free agent.

MLB Trade Rumors states that Marcus Thames might be Japan bound:

  • Meanwhile the Softbank Hawks are working on signing Marcus Thames, according to a Sponichi report passed along by NPB Tracker’s Patrick Newman on Twitter.  Thames, 34 in March, was productive in a part-time role for the Yankees this year.
  • I could see Thames leaving, especially since DH is going to Posada. I wonder about backup OF. I’m not a big Melky fan, but he switch-hits, can PR (lose some weight, Melky) and plays all three OF positions. Decent insurance, and knows NY since he was there before. Popular, too. Just needs someone to stay on and kick his ass, and you wonder about his influence on buddy Robbie Cano. I wonder if the Yanks would take him back or if there were other reasons Melky was traded away, ones which were OFF the field issues?

    MLBTR also states these issues:

  • Yankees GM Brian Cashman ruled out Leo Mazzone but not Rick Peterson for the team’s new pitching coach, reports Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger.

    • Bartolo Colon announced he was attempting a comeback to Yoel Adames of ESPN Deportes in late October while pitching for the champion Dominican team in the Pan-American Games qualifier. He said at the time that he “maintains conversations” with the Yankees, Rockies, Cardinals, and Tigers, though other teams approached him following his complete game victory over Nicaragua on October 10. The 37-year-old right-hander was solid in three of his four appearances in Puerto Rico, the only exception being a 2.3-inning, six-run drubbing by Team USA that Colon chalked up to inadequate rest.


    No surprise in the pitching coach department. My choice, Scott Aldred, is due for an interview soon.

    As for Colon, I have no interest in him. He’ll be 38 next May, and was out of the majors in 2010. Since winning the CYA in 2005 (and I still think Mo, the runnerup that year, should have gotten it), Colon has gone 14-21, 5.18 (2006-2009). ERA+ 89. WHIP over 1.5. Ugh.  


    Phils stay alive, NLCS going back to Philadelphia

    Roy Halladay wasn’t at his sharpest, but he outdueled Tim Lincecum and the Phillies stayed alive in the NLCS with a 4-2 win.

    The series moves back to Philadelphia with the San Francisco Giants up three games to two.

    The Giants are looking for their fourth pennant since moving from New York to San Franscisco in 1958. They lost the 1962 World Series in seven, the 1989 Series in four straight (with the earthquake interrupting things) and the 2002 Series in seven.

    Their last WS championship came in 1954—when they were still in New York.

    The Phillies are seeking to become the first NL team since the 1942-1944 Cardinals to win three consecutive pennants.

    The only NL team to win four pennants in a row? The 1921-1924 NY Giants.