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Marlins still making waves

So the Marlins are out on Pujols, despite a ten-yr. offer.

Is Pujols really 31? Even if that, ten years is too much. If he’s really 34 or so, then a ten-yr. offer is insane.

But apparently Miami is also out on Fielder. Fielder, younger, may make more sense but it appears the Marlins, after being spurned by Albert, seek more pitching. There are rumors of a six-yr. deal being tossed at Wilson by both Miami AND the Angels.

They did land LHP Mark Buehrle today (I’ll admit, I wanted Buehrle on the Yanks, but apparently the Yanks didn’t want to go more than two years. Buehrle got $58M/4 yr.). This reunites Buehrle with his old mgr., Ozzie Guillen. Buehrle, who has thrown two no-no’s (one a perfecto) was 13-9, 3.59 this past season, ERA+ 117. For his career, he’s 161-119, 3.83, ERA+ 120, 162 g. ave. 15-11, 3.83. Solid. He’ll be 33, and if I were Cashman, I’d have offered him 2 yr., $30mm. Nothing more. Of course, I don’t know what $$$$ Cash has to deal with. Buehrle got 4 yr., $58MM. I don’t think Cashman wants to go into that 2014 CBA . Meaning nothing (outside of present contracts) into 2014.

The Yankees did win a posting fee on a Japanese SS, Hiroyuki Nakajima. Twitter has reports of him being a good bat, but poor glove despite a recent GG in Japan. The Yanks posting fee of $2mm was enough. They are looking at him and Nunez for the utility inf. spot. Nakajima’s last four years in Japan were: .331-21-81, .309-22-92, .314-20-93 and this past year’s .297-16-100 (21 SB). We don’t know if the pop will translate, but it’s nice pop if it does. The Yanks now have 30 days to sign him.

Huston Street was dealt by the Rox to SD. Street was 1-4, 3.86, 29 saves for Colorado in 2011. He is just 28 but has 178 career saves, 30-21, 3.11, ERA+ 143. He was the 2005 ROY with the A’s.

SD meanwhile, DFA’d Jeremy Hermida.

Could Jimmy Rollins be going back to the Phils? It appears so. As does K-Rod to Milwaukee, where he would be one very expensive setup man.

So now Miami is looking to deal Hanley Ramirez because he had a snit fit about being moved from SS to 3B. He is coming off a bad year, and has had a history of showing up his mgr. Great talent, great asshole.
Grow up, Hanley.

For the record, I saw Hanley Ramirez play for AA when he was a Boston farmhand. I saw great talent. Too bad he progressed into a jackass.

Erik Bedard to the Pirates. Bedard was 5-9, 3.62 combined for Sea/Bos. ERA+ 110. Bedard has never given 200 IP in his career, only once has he given 30 starts in a season. Pass.

Guillermo Mota back to SF. He was 2-2, 3.81 for them in 2011, ERA + 94. Career 39-44, 3.91, ERA+ 106. He is 38.

David Ortiz accepts arbitration from Boston. He did hit .309-29-96 in 2011, OPS+ 154, but he is 36.

Rumors are that the Phils would deal prospect Domonic Brown for Gio Gonzalez of the A’s. Gio would make that rotation … ugh.

For Gonzalez, the A’s wanted Montero as a start…

The Angels are about to sign LaTroy Hawkins. Hawkins, soon to be 39, was 3-1, 2.42, ERA+ 162 in 2011. For his career, he is 63-85, 4.48, ERA+ 104 w/87 saves.

UPDATE: K/ROD accepts Milw. arb. offer. Meaning he’ll be the most expensive setup guy ever.

Tim McCarver, who had a long playing career (and was 2nd in MVP voting to teammate Orlando Cepeda in 1967), was elected to the HOF as a broadcaster. (The Ford C. Frick Award).

DeWayne Wise, who saved Buehrle’s perfecto with a great catch, is about to sign a minor league deal w/the yanks. .219 B.A., OPS+ 62. Better glove than bat.




Yanks get Kerry Wood, DFA Park

ESPN is reporting that the Yanks may be getting Kerry Wood for bullpen help. Wood, of course, has fought injuries his whole career. He is 33, and just 1-4, 6.30 (ERA+ 62) this year with 8 saves. He was 3-3, 4.25 in 2009, 20 saves (ERA+ 99). For his career, Wood is 81-68, 3.71 with 62 saves, ERA +116.   Wood was supposed to have a great career as a starter, but injuries forced him to the bullpen in 2007.

Wood was the ROY in 1998 (13-6, 3.40) for the Cubs, and had a 20K game that year as the Cubs made the playoffs. He missed all of 1999. He battled injuries off and on and had a career high 14 wins in 2003. When healthy, he was overpowering, K-ing 200+  4x, leading the majors with 266 in 2003. The 4 200K seasons are a bit impressive since only twice was he able to give 200 innings. He was only able to give 4 games in 2006.

Wood has averaged 10.3 K/9 in his career. The talent is there, but can he stay healthy?

Wood’s postseason mark is 2-2, 3.68 in 8 games, 5 starts.

Update: The deal is official. Wood to Yanks for cash and/or player TBD.

Waiting for details, but ESPN reports Dotel to Dodgers.

Also, it appears that Rick Ankiel and Kyle Farnsworth(less) are going from KC to the Braves.  

Update II: The Yanks DFA’d Chan Ho Park to make room for Wood. Park was 2-1, 5.60 for the Yanks this year.

I see where Jeremy Hermida was DFA’d by Boston.

Interesting. Big Ben is worried about getting booed by Steelers fans…he should have thought about that before…this Steelers fan is fed up with Big Ben’s antics.   

More deals: AZ involved in sending Qualls to TB, Snyder to Pittsburgh. Pirates send Bobby Crosby to AZ along with D.J. Carrasco and Ryan Church.  

The afterglow.

Watching the parade. I still believe that although the WS MVP went to Matsui that the real MVP is Mo. Every closer pissed away a game this postseason—except for Mo. Papelbon, Street, Broxton, Lidge, Nathan, Fuentes, Franklin…the one solid rock was who else…Rivera, who had a 2009 postseason ERA of 0.56 and whose overall postseason record is now an incredible 8-1, 39 saves and an ERA of 0.74 in 133 1/3 IP.

Reflecting on a year that started in turmoil and disgrace. The steroid allegations and confirmation by Alex. The mea culpa press conference by Alex in which he promised his teammates the season of their lives…then delivered on it. The trials and failures of Wang. Both catchers, Posada and Molina, going on the DL at the same time so that A AA catcher hitting .190 had to be brought up to start. Although not a superstar, Cervelli, that AA catcher, handled himself well. The early season woes of Teixeira, who wound up the co-HR champ in the AL and the AL RBI champ. The emergence of a Cervelli, Robertson, Pena, Gardner and Hughes. Nady going down. Swisher stepping up. The bullpen failures. The takeoff of the team once Alex returned and Hughes, Aceves and Robertson replaced Edwar, Alby and Veras. 

It never comes easy.

…and as I watch, who else to close the parade than Mo?

Nope, it never comes easy. Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues…or raise the trophy.

It Don't Come Easy
Sing it, Ringo. It Don’t Come Easy.…and it won’t come easy in 2010 for whoever wins it. The Yanks will have major decisions to make this offseason. The team is aging. Damon, Pettitte and Matsui are free agents, as is Jose Molina. Mo, Posada and Jeter, while returning, are all over 35. Alex turns 35 next year. For some, a last hurrah?


Heck, the Red Sox already made a move, trading for Hermida. The White Sox sent Fields and Getz to KC for Teahen.  Now today, the Brewers sent J.J. Hardy to the Twins for Gomez. 

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.

But today, we celebrate.

Celebration Time, Come on!     

If you didn’t hear it, it looks like Girardi WILL switch to #28 next year…

and if you didn’t read it, check this out on Girardi’s Good Samaritan work after winning the title. 

…and what is the “Freak,” Tim Lincecum thinking (or NOT thinking due to being caught speeding and with grass?)?

Oh yeah, the guy who denigrated Jeter last week by saying that he’d be a nice backup infielder on the Phils (I wonder how many drinks the idiot had) Jeter. 407, Rollins .217 in the WS.