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Matsui to A’s

The A’s have reached a deal with Godzilla, Hideki Matsui. Presumably one-year. Matsui turns 37 next year.


Hmmm….rumors that the “mystery 3rd team” could be Phils? If so, that could be scary. Doc, Oswalt, Hamels and Lee? With that, less than 100 wins would be unacceptable.   


Game 5’s Teixless (and toothless?) lineup, and pregame.

No Teixeira. Done for the year. Eduardo Nunez activated.

The lack of clutch, situational hitting makes you miss Godzilla. From the Post:

in the past three games — five runs and a combined 6-for-39 (.154) with runners in scoring position

Swish and Teix didn’t do much in last year’s postseason but the Yanks (esp. Matsui in the WS; Damon, too) were able to overcome.

I can understand the thought process of letting Godzilla and JD go, but others needed to step up (Teix, Swish). They didn’t.

Be sure to check out this excellent piece on Posada by Joel Sherman.  Exactly what I’d like in 2011. Posada full-time DH, 3rd string catcher, catches every so often. Montero getting time at C and DH with Cervelli getting most of the time at catcher until Montero proves he can catch everyday. Berkman will most likely be gone anyway. 

And I hope Posada announces early that 2011 will be it.

As for another graying beard, Berkman thinks Pettitte will be back in 2011. Just a gut feeling, nothing more.

Whoever Texas’ scouts are, give them credit for a great scouting report, and give the Rangers credit for executing it.

Speaking of execution (to quote the late John McKay), the Yankees fans are all for it…in regards to a few players right now.

We await the lineup announcement.

Strained right hammy for Teixeira. Done for the year. I’d bat Robbie 3rd, even against the lefty. Hell, with 3 HR, he’s the only one hitting. Isn’t the old adage, that you bat your best hitter 3rd?

I mentioned about Melky being released. I predicted his HR would drop once out of Yankee Stadium and in Atlanta. They did. From 13 to 4. 68 RBI to 42. I knew he would drop off, just not how much. Nice backup OF. Plays all three positions. Not a regular player. As I mentioned, I’d take him back, but only for backup OF.

The Phils face a situation kind of like the Yanks had last night. Down 2-1 they are going with Joe Blanton instead of Halladay on short rest, and like the Yankees, the Phils are struggling with the sticks. Blanton wasn’t as bad as A.J. this year, but he wasn’t much better.

Shades of Hinckley, Jodie Foster and President Reagan. A nutcase ran on the field wanting to confront A-Rod about Cameron Diaz. Apparently this guy had delusions of himself and her. There’s more delusions. The guy’s nuts.

And the lineup has been announced:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Marcus Thames DH
Lance Berkman 1B
Jorge Posada C
Curtis Granderson CF
Brett Gardner LF

CC Sabathia P

Personally, I am glad to see Cano at 3, despite the lefty Wilson on the mound. With Teix out, you need him there. Not much else you can do. One thing I would have done which Girardi didn’t do was to move Gardner to the leadoff spot, drop Jeter to 2 and drop Swisher to 8 (with Granderson 9). I mean, Swish is 4 for 44 or thereabouts vs. Texas this year. But he’s staying at 2?

The lowdown for hitters vs. Wilson and CC can be found in the Game 1 preview.


Game 92. Yanks flat as Angels win 10-2. I suggest lineup changes.

A good start. Swisher HR (17) in the 1st, Posada RBI groundout.

After that, nada.

2 hits in the 1st. Just 4 thereafter.

Meanwhile, a bad night for Hughes. It seemed like his curve was hanging a bit, and Hughes went 5, gave up 6 R on 9 h, 3 walks, just 2 K and the ERA goes to 3.99. 11-3 now.

Albaladejo, just up from SWB, went 1 2/3, 1 R, 2 H, a walk and a K. Alby had 31 saves and a 0.96 at SWB. Good read elsewhere on Alby switching from a two-seamer to a four-seamer after an awful S.T.

Park came in and you know how I do not like him. Gave up a gopher ball (but if he is going to give one up, best to Godzilla). ERA now 5.93. I truly hope he is NOT re-signed for 2011. Didn’t want him. Still don’t (and I booed him when he entered on Sunday. I know he got the win that day, but…). Hope he is gone soon.

Gaudin to finish. … and finish poorly. 1 IP and 2 R (6.81)

The Jeter contract talks (contract expires at the end of the year) get more interesting.  His oh for four, and a GIDP drop his BA to .268… consider his age (36) his lowest previous BA (.291) and his lifetime BA (.315). Ouch. Consider also, this…. A leadoff hitter’s job is to get on, and you want him to have speed. Entering tonight:

Gardner:  .305 BA, .398 OBP and 26 SB.
Jeter: .271 BA, .335 OBP and 10 SB.

Girardi? It’s time to get Derek OUT of the leadoff spot. Do you have the guts to drop the Captain?

Swisher, going into tonight, was at .301. 16 HR (#17 tonight). Time to get him OUT of the #2 spot and into a meatier spot.

Time to go Gardner, Jeter (and maybe have Derek bunt more often?) Teix, Alex, Cano, Swish, Posada, the DH (Miranda or Thames),  and then put the VERY underachieving and underperforming Granderson 9th? That is what I would do.

Granderson is down to .233. “Uncle Joe” from the now defunct LVYFC Radio Show, wonders if after signing Crawford (he LOVES Crawford and hopes the Yanks get him) the Yanks move BG to CF and trade Granderson.   

What do you think?

Ok, demeaning maybe to have Derek bunt more. But with Gardner on 1st, Derek sees more fastballs (the threat of the steal by Gardner) and maybe that helps him.   


The captain turns 36 today.

Just two days ago, on the off-day, Phil Hughes turned 24. It’s hard for some fans to remember just how young Phabulous Phil is.

Today, a kind of culture shock, for the captain, Derek Jeter, turns 36 today.

Meanwhile, life begins at 40. With yesterday’s save, Mariano Rivera—who will be 41 at the end of November—drops his ERA to 0.99.  

Pettitte turned 38 recently and Hideki Matsui turned 36 recently as well.

Next month Joe Torre turns 70.

Game 9. On Jackie Robinson Day, a Robinson stars. Cano’s 2 HR lead Yanks to 6-2 win.

I was watching the game at my local watering hole.

Robinson Cano is off to a fast start, and the second sacker who was named for another second sacker hit two homers tonight to continue his fast start to the season. He sparked a 6-2 Yankees win.

Curtis Granderson chipped in with an OF assist (Matsui at home) and two triples.

Derek Jeter upped his hit count to 2761 with two hits (but who’s counting? LOL) and hit career HR #226.

Phil Hughes was strong. A bit wild (5 walks) , and he did commit a balk. 5 IP. 2 R, 3 H, 6 Ks. He gave up one gopher ball—to Matsui.

Watching the game, he had good stuff, a good hop and good movement on the ball. 108 pitches through five hurt him though. He did get the W, however.

David Robertson came in, 1 2/3, 3 K. Damaso Marte 2/3. Joba 1 1/3 and Mo had to come in with two out to face one batter and get the last out. Save #530. Figures the only guy allowed to wear #42 every game finishes it off.

Two of three from Boston, Tampa Bay and the Angels. Considering the woes of Vazquez and Teixeira (0 for 2, 3 walks, now at .091), not bad at all.

The only blemish?  A double by Thames in which he thought it was a HR. He had to bust his ass to get to second. Run until you see the ump twirl his finger, Marcus.

UPDATE: PARK HURT. According to LoHud, Chan Ho Park felt a tweak in his hammy while warming up tonight. I wonder who would be brought up if Park has to be DL’d. I have a feeling it won’t be Melancon, but that the Yanks would go for more balance—meaning a second lefty (no, not Igawa). Meaning Ring or Logan.     

Game 6. Yanks @ Tampa. AJ settles down in Yanks 7-3 win.

The Yanks try to come home 4-2 as they look to do in Tampa what they did in Boston—take 2 of 3. A.J. goes today, then the Yanks are off tomorrow. The home opener is on Tuesday afternoon.

I do know people heading up on Tuesday. I am sure that they will be joining thousands in giving Hideki Matsui a very appreciative round of applause.

I work today, so I’ll have to recap late tonight. Feel free to comment on the game, and remember…keep it clean. Lineup when I get it.

I’ll also have to check who won the Masters, for I’ll miss that too. Phil? Or the Phil-anderer?

…and today’s lineup: Team BA .277

Derek Jeter SS  7 for 23, 2754 hits, 2 RBI .304
Nick Johnson DH 2 for 18, .111, 2 RBI
Mark Teixeira 1B 3 for 20, .150, 3 RBI 
Alex Rodriguez 3B still looking for #584; 5 for 23, .217, 2 RBI  
Robinson Cano 2B 8 for 21, 2 HR, 6 RBI, .381
Jorge Posada C 5 for 14, .357, 1 HR 2 RBI
Curtis Granderson CF 6 for 19, 2 HR, 3 RBI, .316, 2 sb
Nick Swisher RF 6 for 17, 2 RBI .353 
Brett Gardner LF 5 for 13, .385, 3 rbi, 3 SB 

RHP A.J. Burnett 0-0, 5.40

Recap: An excellent road trip for the Yankees. They win 2 out of 3 in both Boston and Tampa–two of the best teams in baseball, on the road, and they win both series after dropping the opener.

AJ started rough, giving up 2 in the first, but settled down. 7 IP, just one K, but 2 R on 6 H. Joba gave up a run in the 8th. Mo pitched a scoreless 9th, no save.

Granderson had an RBI double in the 2nd, but the Yanks didn’t take the lead until Posada (starting off better than I thought a 38 year old catcher would) hit a 2-run HR in the 6th.

Alex added a 2-run double in the 7th and Swisher hit a HR in the 8th.

The final was 7-3.

Off day tomorrow, then the home opener.    


Hot commodity

Taking a school with 4800 to one three-point shot of the national championship—against a Goliath (I know, it’s been overused this week, but…) like Duke and Coach K. Think Brad Stevens stock isn’t sky high right now? And to think, only 33.

Just checking. A-Jax 1 for 5 yesterday, RBI, double. JD 2 for 5, double and 2 RBI. Godzilla 2 hits, including a HR.