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Game 121. German wins 16th, Yanks win 8-3.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Before game moves: Yanks DFA Joe Mantiply, send down Brady Lail, release Dan Camarena from SWB. Also, they let go Dan Jennings from SWB. They signed him last month. Jennings only pitched 1 1/3 innings for SWB, giving up five runs, including 3 HR.

They bring up Jonathan Loaisiga and Adonis Rosa. Rosa would make his MLB debut later during the ballgame.

The Yanks beat Baltimore for the 15th time in a row, 8-3, to go to 80-41 on the season. They “only” hit one homer in the game, giving them 60 HR vs. the Orioles this year.

UPDATE: The last time the Yanks beat a team 15 times in a row in the same season was in 1954, against the Philadelphia Athletics—-the A’s last season in Philadelphia.

D.J. LeMahieu led off the bottom of the first by hitting the first pitch he saw for a HR (19).

In the second inning, Gleyber Torres walked, Didi Gregorius doubled him to third and Cameron Maybin singled both runners in to make it 3-0.

Domingo German, who improved to 16-2 on the season, gave up a HR in the fourth that cut the Yanks’ lead to 3-1.

The Yanks came right back with four runs in the bottom of the fourth to make it 7-1. With one out, Austin Romine singled and Mike Tauchman walked. D.J. LeMahieu lined out for the second out, but Aaron Judge doubled in two runs. Nice to see Judge pull this one. He hasn’t been pulling the ball, probably due to complications from the oblique injury he had, but nice to see him turn on this one. 5-1. Gio Urshela singled in Judge. 6-1. Urshela moved to second on a WP and scored on a double by Gary Sanchez. 7-1. Good for Sanchez. The Yanks need to get him going. He was 11 for his last 98 before that double and his batting average dropped into the .220s. It’s still only .228.

German gave up another HR in the top of the fifth that made the score 7-2. The Yanks came back with a run of their own to make it 8-2 in the bottom of the fifth. Maybin walked, went to second on a wild pitch and scored on a double by Tauchman.

Adonis Rosa made his MLB debut and gave up a HR in the ninth. The final score was 8-3.

With the win, the Yanks maintain a 9-game lead over Tampa Bay in the AL East and the magic # for clinching the division is 33.

The Yanks have an afternoon game today (Wednesday). It’s their final game against Baltimore this season. They are 16-2 vs. the Orioles.

It’s taken a long time, but finally some payback for 1966, when the Yanks finished in last place and were just 3-15 vs. the WS Champion Orioles that year. Just saying.

LeMahieu solo HR (19)  .337
Judge 2 RBI
Urshela 3 hits, RBI  .336 (just short of qualifying for batting title, right behind D.J.)
Sanchez 2 hits, RBI
Maybin 2 RBI
Romine 3 hits
Tauchman 2 hits, RBI

True team effort.

German (W, 16-2, 3.96) 7 IP, 2 R, 5 H, 1 W, 7 K.  Gave up 2 HR.
Rosa 2 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 0 W, 2 K.  4.50  Gave up 1 HR.  MLB DEBUT.

Update 2: Rosa was sent back down after the game. No word yet on who is coming up.

Minor League Report. AAA & AA waste good efforts by starters.


AAA: SWB (56-42) blew a 6-0 lead they took into the ninth. They gave up six in the top of the ninth (on four HR) and two more in the top of the tenth to lose 8-6. RF Trey Amburgey 2 hits, solo HR. DH Zach Zehner 4 RBI, grand slam. CF Terrance Gore (recently acquired) 2 hits. The relief meltdown ruined a nice outing by starter Brody Koerner. Ugly loss.

Koerner 7 2/3 IP, 0 R, 5 H, 1 W, 8 K.  3.75
Dan Jennings 2/3 IP, 5 R, 5 H, 0 W, 0 K.  67.50. Gave up 3 HR. 1st game for SWB.
Feyereisen (L, 7-1, 2.66; BS, 2) 1 2/3 IP, 3 R, 2 ER, 2 H, 2 W, 2 K.  Gave up 1 HR.

AA: Trenton (50-44) lost 2-0, getting just one hit in the loss.

Keller (L, 1-1, 2.43) 7 IP, 1 R, 4 H, 1 W, 5 K. Gave up 1 HR
Lail 2 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 W, 2 K.  1.93

High A: Tampa (42-54) won 5-4 in a game called after five innings. DH Estevan Florial 2 hits. 2B Oswaldo Cabrera 2-run HR. C Donny Sands 2 RBI.

Low A:

Charleston lost the completion of Thursday’s suspended game, 3-2. Starter Rony Contreras 5 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 1 W, 5 K. 4.33.

Charleston (49-50) won the regularly scheduled game, 5-1. LF Canaan Smith (.301) 2 hits, 3 RBI. C Mickey Gasper 2 hits, RBI. Charlie Ruegger 5 1/3 scoreless relief IP for the win.

Good stuff from Lohud…

Got to hand it to Chad Jennings at LoHud. Great work. Go over there and check out their post and the links they have.

First,  a top A’s prospect is giving up baseball, and you’ll be shocked to know why. This prospect, the only 30-30 guy in the minors last season and ranked in the top 10 for the A’s system, is entering the seminary. That’s right. He is giving up what could have been megabucks to become a priest. Now THAT is a story 60 minutes (see prior post) should cover.

Secondly, the Jayson Stark story of a new award dedicated solely to relievers. Good work by Stark, but I add one thing. No offense to Jerome Holtzman, but why not just call it the Rivera Award?

The Phils signed Jose Contreras, probably with the provision that he has a shot at the #5 spot. Given the state of their bullpen (and reader Joe P. can chip in), they probably need him more out of what seems to be a very shaky bullpen moreso than that #5 slot.

Rumors are that the Yanks talked to Edmonds? I can’t see why. He missed all of 2009 and even though he may come cheaply after missing all of 2009, he is a lefty bat. Granted that Gardner could back up all three OF positions, but didnt’ Cashman state that he was looking for a cheap alternative (under $2M, which after missing a year, Edmonds could be) and a righty bat (which Edmonds is not)?

Kevin Cash, who had a cup of tea with the Yankees last year, signed a minor league deal with Houston, per MLBTR.

According to MBLTR, Nady and Baldelli are still on the Yanks’ radar.            

Forget “A-Fraud”; should the nickname really be “A-Roid”?

…and to think. Just last week the big stink was of Torre saying that Alex Rodriguez was being called A-Fraud by his teammates. That was pretty much shot down as being one guy doing it jokingly, or if more than one guy, just something said in jest.

The A-Roid? Something completely different.

As reported by Sam Borden on Pete Abraham’s Lohud blog, the you-know-what has hit the fan this morning:

Sports Illustrated.com is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two anabolic steroids in 2003. The magazine cites four independent anonymous sources.


Testing at that time was administered as a survey. Those tests were meant to be anonymous, but the results were seized by government investigators as part of the investigation into BALCO.

MLB banned steroids in 1991 but no punishments were in place in 2003. It also was, and remains, a crime to use such drugs without a prescription.

There are things that I have a problem with here and things I don’t. I do have a problem with something that was supposed to be kept anonymous leaking out. One big problem MLB had was the policy from 1991-2003. How could something be banned but there be no punishments if the rule was broken? It would be like having speed limits but no tickets or fines if you ever go over it. Ridiculous, right?

But as Sam said, it is also illegal to use those drugs without a prescription. I’m not totally innocent in those regards myself. Did I drink alcohol before I turned 21? Put it this way. I went to college. I wasn’t even 18 when I started college. We didn’t exactly have Perrier at our parties.

Had I been caught though, the authorities had the right to punish me. Same with Charles Barkley and Joba. Both were caught with DUI. Same with Michael Phelps and the bong. If you are caught red-handed (or via photographic evidence), you pay the piper.

Since there were no punishments in place before 2004, there isn’t much MLB can do regarding the usage back then, be it Pettitte’s HGH use, Giambi’s travails, or now possibly A-Rod’s.

But the damage to A-Rod may have already been done. For even if innocent (and there are FOUR sources here, not one), A-Rod’s rep is besmirched. Say what you could about his ego, his paranoia, his sensitivity, his playoff performances, his obsession with Jeter and criticize that all you want, the one thing you couldn’t criticize before was his ability. Now that is up for scrutiny also.

It appeared #13 was destined for HOF and a place in Monument Park. HR #600 could come this year if Alex hits 47.

But could it be as A-Roid?

For MLB, seeking a legitimate HR king after McGwire and Bonds, the news comes at the worst time, and ironically in the very week that Henry Aaron (picture below) celebrated his 75th birthday (Feb. 5th) and Babe Ruth (Feb. 6th) was born 114 years ago. As to what Borden continues on,

… depending on how the California court case works out, the other 103 names very well might be made public in the future anyway.

maybe the “Truth”, Josh Imboden had it right in a text message he sent me today….that perhaps Jose Canseco had it right after all…that every one Canseco mentioned actually is guilty. You would hate to think that way, but the way things are shaking out…

Hammerin' Hank
The Bambino
The Clean HR Kings?

Anyway, you would think that this would be a quiet week, right? Spring training about to start, I take my computer in and arrange for a new one.

Just another day in Yankeeland. The continuing soap opera that always is the Yankees continues. We’ll see how this overshadows the entire season.

In case you missed it, Randy Wolf signed with the Dodgers. 1 year, $5M. Jacque Jones signed a minor league deal with the Reds. MLBTR says that Andruw Jones could go to the Rangers on a minor league deal. Ray Durham could retire. The Angels could be interested in Abreu or Adam Dunn (and Garret Anderson is still on the market). Jason Jennings signed a minor league deal with Texas. Tom Gordon signed with Arizona.

A big thank-you to one of my sisters for letting me use her computer when I can until I get mine up and running. Things will be sporadic for a little while yet, but today’s story beared mentioning.

Short Stuff.

I added Chad Jennings’ excellent SWB blog to the links at the right. Be sure to check it out occasionally. It is excellent for keeping track of AAA prospects, various moves, and what the scouts are thinking.

Phil Hughes changed his blog site. I’ve updated the link.

Selig may punish execs, owners

10 p.m. One thing interesting about the testimony that Selig gave to Congress yesterday was his statement that he was considering discipline for not only players named in the Mitchell Report but also for team owners and executives. Interesting, especially if those owners and executives had suspicions or direct knowledge and didn’t report anything.

It’s hard to report on hearsay, but if they did have direct evidence that one (or more) of their players was involved in steroid use, then they should have said something. Heck, even with hearsay, they could have had MLB investigate.

There is precedent for suspending, heck EXPELLING someone because they had evidence of something but didn’t come forward. Did you watch the movie Eight Men Out? Buck Weaver, the third baseman for the 1919 White Sox, wasn’t kicked out of baseball for throwing the 1919 World Series. He was not in on the fix. He was kicked out because he knew of the scheme, but wouldn’t rat on his teammates. His plan was to play hard, not go along with it, but still play to win, even though he knew his teammates were out to sabotage him. Landis threw him out anyway, stating that anyone who knows of such a scheme, even though they are not a participant themselves, will be expelled from baseball. Weaver fought until his death for his exoneration, and was really hoping for exoneration after Landis’ death in 1944. He didn’t get exonerated by either Happy Chandler or Ford Frick. Weaver died at age 65 in 1956 while still fighting for exoneration. Could Selig use Weaver as an example in punishing owners and execs? I can certainly see it.

Besides a possible perjury charge, Miguel Tejada has something else on his mind. A brother was killed in a motorcycle accident in the D.R.

Jon Lieber has signed with the Cubs, for whom he had a 20-win season in 2001. Lieber, who will be 38 in April, missed almost 2/3 of last season. He was 3-6, 4.73 for the Phils (ERA+ 98). His career record is 129-121, 4.28 (ERA+ 103). Yankee fans remember him as probably the most reliable pitcher on the 2004 team when he went 14-8, 4.33 (ERA+ 104). He won Game 2 of the 2004 ALCS vs. Boston, but lost Game 6. He didn’t pitch too badly in Game 6, giving up 4 runs in 7 1/3 IP but losing 4-2. All four runs came after he got the first two men out in the top of the 4th. The killer was a three-run HR by Mark Bellhorn which just cleared the wall.

Doug Mirabelli re-upped with Boston. Do you know how many backup catchers are still available? Here is a list: Barajas, Damian Miller, Lieberthal, Raul Casanova, Bako, DiFelice, Josh Paul (no, not the guy running for President), LaRue, Stinnett, Sandy Alomar Jr. If one of them did sign elsewhere, forgive me, for I missed it. Check the ages on most of them. Hmmmm….

The Marlins signed Mark Hendrickson. I had written that I thought the Yanks should take a flyer on him as a lefty reliever. The big guy did well for the Dodgers out of the bullpen last year, and his splits as far as starter/reliever were pretty significant. Apparently he is going into the Marlins’ rotation. Is this a good move for Hendrickson? They say pride goes before a fall. Maybe he only wanted to start, and maybe not. Looking at those splits however, make me think that the bullpen may be where he is suited best, and with the Yanks not having a lefty reliever to my liking (unless someone surprises me), that the Yanks may have been a fit for him—in relief.

Texas signed Jason Jennings, who as I wrote previously, hasn’t approached his R.O.Y. season of 2002. He hasn’t had a winning season since. As I wrote, since then he has had an ERA under 5.00 just once. I don’t think that homer-happy Arlington will be kind to him. From Colorado to Houston to Texas—the guy needs a pitcher-friendly park for a change, don’t you think?

1/17, 6:15 a.m. Dave Pinto at Baseball Musings has a report that Jim Leyritz’ blood alcohol level was .14 when tested after the crash which killed a young woman and mother of two.

MLBTR has a report that the Twins may be most interested in the Mets’ package for Santana—a package that is prospect-laden. Some mixture of 25-year-old Phillip Humber (0-0, 7.71 in three games with the Mets in 2007, 0-0, 0.00 in two games in 2006), OF 22-year-old Carlos Gomez (rookie year, 125 AB .232-2-12, 12 SB), 22-year-old Kevin Mulvey (12-10, 3.20, mostly at AA), 18-year-old Deolis Guerra (2-6, 4.01 in A+ ball) and 19-year-old OF Fernando Martinez (.271-4-21 in 60 games at AA) may help keep the Big 3 (Joba, Hughes and Kennedy) together in the Bronx, and keep Santana away from the Red Sox.

Comparing the packages for Santana

7:30 a.m. Bryan Hoch of MLB.Com and Bombers Beat (link at right) has a comparison of the packages offered the Twins by the Red Sox, Mets and Yankees. If you were Bill Smith, which one would you take? Would you take any of them or just keep Santana and see where you are and what happens at the trade deadline? If you are Santana, to whom would you waive your no-trade?

MLB Trade Rumors reports that Texas is close to signing P Jason Jennings. Jennings is coming off a torn tendon in his elbow which required surgery last August. Jennings went 16-8 as the 2002 Rookie of the Year, but hasn’t had a winning season since. Granted he was with Colorado before he went to Houston in 2006, but only once since 2002 has his ERA been under 5.00.

MLBTR also reports the Yanks interest in Mike Cameron (and the A-Rod endorsement, mentioned some posts ago). Should this happen, what happens with Melky? Does the Santana deal go through? Is Melky then used in another deal if the Yanks decide not to pursue the Santana deal (like, perhaps, a deal for a lefty reliever like Damaso Marte?) Would the Yanks risk putting Johnny Damon and his arm in CF for the first 25 games of the year? Remember Cameron will start 2008 with a 25-game suspension for testing positive for a banned stimulant.

The righty hitting Cameron is 35 and has three Gold Gloves. A two-year deal should be sufficient—enough for Austin Jackson (21) and Jose Tabata (19) to develop. His average would be less than Melky’s (.250 as opposed to .280) but he would give righty power to complement A-Rod (probably .250-20-80 as opposed to Melky going .280-7-70), good defense, and steal more bases than Melky (probably 20 to Melky’s 12-15). Of course he would cost more. Would the cost be worth it? I think the answer to that is only found in who you would get for Melky. Cameron’s positives? Power, experience, Defense, Righty bat to complement a lot of lefties. Negatives? The suspension, age, money, and a TON of strikeouts (160 last year). Cameron hit .242-21-78 with 18 steals in 23 attempts for the Padres last year. He had 67 walks, but also those 160 Ks. His 162 game career average is .251-22-82 with 28 steals and 156 strikeouts (OPS+ 106; Melky’s is 90). I wouldn’t do this if I were the Yanks unless they have a plan in order which means dealing Melky for help.

The question is, outside of the Santana deal, do they have another deal in place in which Melky is part of it?

Update, 3 p.m. Jacobs Field in Cleveland has been renamed. It will join the corporate brigade and now be called Progressive Field (Progressive Insurance). I hope Yankee Stadium never gets a corporate name. It just wouldn’t be right.

As for the former Jacobs Field, it would have been interesting to hear Yankees fans ideas on what the new name should be. After the attack of the midges in Game 2 of last year’s ALDS, some of the proposed names would have been interesting, and probably unprintable.

Update 4:30 p.m. MLBTR is reporting from Ken Rosenthal of Fox that the Brewers have signed Cameron. The Brewers were looking at a couple of CF, including 40 year old Kenny Lofton.

There are also reports of the A’s possibly dealing Mark Kotsay to Atlanta. In just 56 games (206 AB) last year, Kotsay hit .214-1-20 (OPS + 57). Kotsay is 32 and a .282 hitter (OPS + right at the league average, 100). If he can get back to form, he can possibly give .282-10-60. It would be another “dump a player for prospects” move for the A’s.

11 p.m. In a sign that the Kotsay deal may be done soon, the A’s signed OF Emil Brown. The 33 year old Brown hit .257-6-62 (OPS+ 68) for KC last year. Despite a bit of an off-year, the 62 RBI still led the team. It was the third consecutive year Brown led the Royals in RBI. In 2005 and 2006, Brown drove in over 80 runs as he posted OPS+s of 113 and 109 while hitting in the .280s with 17 and 15 HR. Those last three years are the only years of Brown’s MLB career that he has had more than 150 AB in a season. 2005-2007 symbolized a comeback for Brown, who played in the majors from 1997 to 2001, then was out of the majors for all of 2002-2004.

Update, 1/12, 8:20 a.m. Here is an interesting article by ESPN’s Jim Caple:


Are you aware that no starting pitcher who has started his career after 1967 has yet made the Hall of Fame? Dennis Eckersley doesn’t count. Although Eck began his career as a starter (and won 20 for the 1978 Red Sox), he is in the Hall primarily for his relief work.

If you like seeing pictures and/or diagrams of old ballparks now no more (which the original Yankee Stadium will be soon) here is a site worth your while: