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Game 63. Yanks blow out Mets, Santana, 15-0.

Well, I asked AJ to step up, and he did. Burnett pitched 7 scoreless innings, K-ing 8 while giving up just four hits. Robertson and Hughes finished up, each pitching one inning, each striking out two for a total of 12 overall.

Meanwhile, a surprise. The Yanks touched the great Johan Santana for 9 runs in 3+ innings. Santana couldn’t get an out in the 4th and left giving up 9 earned runs.

HRs by Matsui and Cano. Jeter went 4 for 4 with 2 RBI, Damon had 3 RBI, Cano was 3 for 4 with 3 RBI. Francisco Cervelli even chipped in with 3 hits.

Looks like the Lakers will win the NBA title. I texted congrats to my bro-in-law out near LA. For Phil Jackson, title #10 as a coach, passing the legendary Red Auerbach.

The Yanks have an off-day Monday.

Manny, Dodgers close?

Reports are that Manny and the Dodgers are closing in on a two-year deal. Some say the deal is done, others say some stuff has to be worked out.

As far as where Manny’s head will be after all this (and probably not getting what he wanted), who knows? But then who ever knows where Manny’s head is?

It looks like Johan Santana won’t make Opening Day for the Mets.

Nomar signed with Oakland.

Now A-Rod (is the guy a human soap opera or what? Drama queen #1) has a cyst on his butt.  This immediately reminded me of Mantle’s late 1961 hip abscess, from when the Mick got a bad shot from a quack.   

S.T. Game 5. Yanks lose slugfest 13-11.

The Yanks pounded out 19 hits today, but lost a slugfest to the Reds 13-11.

Brett Gardner, believe it or not, hit another HR. He also had a double, going 2 for 3 but also made a baserunning mistake. Probably being over-aggressive in trying to win that job from Melky. So far he is surely making a case. It was apparently windy there. How much the wind helped the HR, who knows, but so far so good for Gardner. Let’s hope though, that the two HR don’t take him out of his game. We don’t want “Willie Mays Hayes” hitting the ball in the air too often. It’s not his game. 100 pushups at the ready. 

Jeter was 3 for 3, Teixeira 2 for 3. Robbie Cano was 3 for 3, HR’d and had 4 RBI. A-Rod had 2 doubles and drove in 2 runs. Kevin Cash went 2 for 3. After this game, various Yankees leave for the WBC. As for Alex, an interrogation by MLB tonight or tomorrow.

John Rodriguez also HRd for the Yanks.

Jesus Montero however, strained a groin trying to track down a passed ball. He was 1 for 1 before the injury. Jonathan Albaladejo got a bruised leg on a comebacker.

Pitchingwise, not good. Al Aceves started, and gave up 3 runs in 1 IP. Not a good way to try for the long man role. With Giese getting rocked yesterday, so far advantage Brett Tomko(!). Albaladejo gve up 1 run in 1 2/3. Cox 1 run in 1 1/3. Marte pitched 1 inning and gave up 2 HR. Bruney gave up an HR in his inning of work. Christian Garcia 4 R, 3 ER in 1 inning. Finally Mark Melancon gave up an unearned run in his inning. Melancon did K two. All in all, Yankees pitchers gave up 13 R, 11 earned, and 14 hits.

A nice day for the bats, not for the arms. The Reds scored in every inning save one.

Nats GM Jim Bowden resigned over allegations of skimming Latin American players’ bonuses.

Good news for Santana and the Mets. Looks like the elbow won’t need to be checked out, but stayed tuned. 

In the NFL, not only do the Eagles lose Buckhalter and Dawkins, now Sheppard. No more Lito Shuffle.

Boz Scaggs. No more lito shuffle in Philly
No more Lito shuffle for Eagles fans.

Finally, prayers that a fishing boat lost in the Gulf of Mexico is found with the inhabitants being safe. Among the passengers on that boat are two NFL players. 


Odds and Ends. Mr. Met on pins and needles.

Johan Santana was scratched again. Word now is that he is out indefinitely. I still have that feeling that Florida will surprise and be the Phils’ biggest challengers in the NL East.

…and no, I still think it’s too early to tell about the Santana/Hughes/Kennedy, fill in the blank stuff yet.

Speaking of the Phils, they released Adam Eaton, who was 4-8, 5.80 for the defending champs last year (ERA+ 75). 68-63 career, but a 4.80 (ERA + 86). 31.

Checking the Post. Freddy Garcia didn’t get off to a good start with the Mets in his spring stint but (He shall be) Livan Hernandez did. The Mets signed 39 year old Ron Villone to a minor league deal. Villone got in 74 games for the Cardinals last year. 1-2,  4.68, ERA+ 91. Career 56-59, 4.75, ERA+ 96. In his late 30’s, Villone has gotten into 79 games (Seattle and Florida) 2005, 70 with the Yanks in 2006 and 74 last year. I’m not so sure that is a good thing. It’s nice he can take the ball, and for the most part he averaged less than an inning per appearance. A LOOGY. But still, do you really want Villone getting 70 appearances for your team? Still, him, Tomko…Jason Johnson…

I hope Bernie does well in the WBC but not THAT well. I don’t want him thinking comeback only to embarrass himself. Do well, but not that well.

Nice quote in the Post from Nick Swisher regarding Brett Gardner: “That is the fastest white dude I’ve ever seen.”

Good beginning for Marbury with the Celtics. Play 10-12 minutes, play well, give Rondo a breather and shut up. Oh yeah, and pick up your ring when finished.

At this rate, Barry Bonds’ trial will come the day he gets his first SS check.

Eagles to lose both Buckhalter AND Dawkins to the Broncos?

How long into the game today before John and Suzyn start doing Broadway songs to disguise that they know nothing about the minor leaguers in the game who were in A or AA last year? 


Just wanted to let you all know that Uncle Joe, Tony, and I will be dusting off the cobwebs putting together a special edition of Yankee Fan Club Radio this Sunday, March 1st.  The show will be available only on podcast, and if you’re still subscribed to our feed, the content should be pushed down to you like all of our other shows over the last four years.

 Being that my work schedule has me 1-10 on Sundays and 8-7 on Mondays, I guess I won’t be hearing it until Monday or Tuesday evening.  




Posada, Bruney, Shelley spark Yanks 5-1 Spring Training win.

Jorge Posada won’t catch in a game for a couple of weeks, but if today’s hitting display is any indication of how that throwing shoulder is coming around, Yankee fans will be very happy to see the 37-year-old back to being the Posada of old and not an old Posada.

Jorge HR’d and doubled today in the Yanks 5-1 victory over the Devil Rays. Shelley Duncan added a 3-run blast in the Yanks first spring training game at “The Boss.” (George M. Steinbrenner Field). The two of them accounted for all 5 of the Yanks’ RBIs.

Once again, the pitching looked good. Hughes started, and although he hit two batters (Pete Abraham says that pitching coach Dave Eiland is working with pitchers to throw inside and not to worry about the 2 HBP) and walked another, he gave up 0 runs or hits in his two innings of work. Phil Coke followed with two scoreless innings, then Bruney (more on him later), Marte, Cox, Melancon and Albaladejo. Boxscore here.   

The Yankee Truth himself, Josh Imboden, was able to watch the game on YES and give a report. He said (and Abraham reports) that Bruney looked awesome, hitting 95 already. Brueny could be huge this year. Josh also thinks that the CF job is Gardner’s to lose, even though Melky is out of options. Gardner had an OF assist today. Josh wasn’t impressed with Cox, who gave up the only Rays run in his inning of work. Melancon and Albaladejo looked alright, as did Marte. After giving up just four hits yesterday, Yankee pitchers (7) gave up just five today—three by J. B. Cox.

Get a new driver. Apparently the Yanks weren’t happy with the chauffeur Alex had yesterday. They “took care of it” as Cashman states. The driver was Alex’s notorious cousin. Which leads one to wonder what the hell A-Rod was thinking. That cousin is now barred. According to Abraham,

The Associated Press just reported that the Yankees have ordered A-Rod to keep his cousin away from ballparks for the rest of the season. 

You think they would have done this after the press conference. But then they probably didn’t think Alex would be so dumb as to have the guy pick him up after yesterday’s game. Like he didn’t think the press would jump all over that?    

Michael Vick gets house arrest. Hmm…maybe they should now release about 50 pit bulls into the house?

I do wonder why Cano was ahead of Nady and Posada today. Probably means nothing. We’ll see.  

Met fans are probably holding their breath. Johan Santana was scratched due to a tender elbow. We’ll see how that develops.

Teix to Boston?

ESPN’s Buster Olney and Peter Gammons are reporting that the Red Sox are closing in on Mark Teixeira, the best bat in this year’s free agent class. Teixeira, who hit .308-33-121 in 2008 for Atlanta and Anaheim, a 151 OPS+, has a OPS+ of 134 for his career, will be just 29 next year, and has two Gold Gloves. .290 BA and switch-hits. Basically, everything to love, nothing to hate.

Except, for Yankee fans, the likelihood of his going to Boston.

Teix would play 1B for Boston, with Kevin Youkulis going to 3B should this deal go through. Apparently it would be $22M/yr for 8 years. The Red Sox would then look to deal Mike Lowell, who had hip problems late last year and who will be 35 next year. Lowell only played in 113 games in 2008 due to his problems, hitting .274-17-73, OPS+ 103. Lowell has a 110 OPS+ for his career, BA .279 and a Gold Glove. The 2007 WS MVP (and 5th in reg. season MVP), Lowell’s health is the issue.

The team affected the most of course, is “Uncle Joe’s” least favorite team (or one of his least favorites), the Angels. Having already lost K-Rod to the Mets, the Angels need to find a closer to replace him. Now in losing Teixeira, the Angels need to find a bat to go along with Bad Vlad. Could it be Manny?

As for the Yanks, they never were really in the bidding for Teix, concentrating their efforts on pitching. As for the bats, the Yanks are looking for rebounds. Whether Posada (37) or Matsui (35 next June) can come back from injuries remains to be seen. Cano, at 26, is being counted on heavily by the Yanks to bounce back. Robbie had an OPS+ of just 86 last year, after two seasons of 126 and 120. The Yanks need that 120 back.

As of now, with the Cameron deal dead for now, CF looks like a spring training battle between Melky and Gardner. I read where the Yanks have mixed opinions on David DeJesus of KC. Here is a comparison:

Melky 2008: 129 g. .249-8-37-9 SB OPS+ 68, 414 AB age 24
Gardner: 42 games .228-0-16 13 SB OPS+ 53, 127 AB age 25
DeJesus: 135 games .307-12-73 11 SB OPS+ 119, 518 AB age 29 (29th b/day sat.)

I’ve always liked DeJesus. I don’t know why the mixed opinions, but if I can do Melky for DeJesus (as opposed to Melky for Cameron) I go for it.

DeJesus career numbers? .287, OPS+ 105. Lefty hitter. Yankee Stadium would suit the lefty hitter better than Kauffman Stadium. 162 ga. ave. .287-11-71. Hometown boy, from Brooklyn and Rutgers. What are your thoughts on DeJesus? I don’t know if KC would want a second, but I’d do Melky and Igawa for DeJesus in a heartbeat (then again, I’d give away Igawa for a pizza and a six-pack of beer).

I have to leave at present to get to sleep. There is a big storm, mostly sleet and ice (yuk) due for the East on Friday and my shift hours have been changed to compensate. Catch you soon.

BTW, check out Sam Borden’s comments on Pete Abe’s blog (Abraham link at right). Nice comments on how various people persuaded CC and A.J. to come to the Bronx. Also nice to see how NOT going after Santana influenced the CC deal. A selling point to CC was that the Yanks targeted CC last offseason, waited him out and kept their prospects like Kennedy and Hughes. The Yanks gambled that they could get CC as a free agent for only money and therefore turned down Santana, which would have cost them as much money AND the prospects. Yes, the Yanks “sacrificed” 2008 by doing so, but hopefully by winning the gamble, getting CC and keeping the prospects, the payoff will come…soon and not just for one year but for several.