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Happy New Year! Things are quiet….

As we usher in the New Year of 2013, things have been quiet in Yankeeland.

There are no hot rumors of trades or signings as we still wonder who will be the Yanks’ catcher and DH in 2013, not to mention who’ll fill out the bench.

A couple aging Hall-of-Famers are coming off major injuries (Jeter, Rivera) and another (?; steroid abuse, Alex) will miss half the year if not more because of an operation.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of free agents still available. None of the major ones really fit the Yankees needs, and with the Yanks cutting back on spending, the $$$ isn’t there for them.

Michael Bourn, Kyle Lohse and Rafael Soriano are still out there. Soriano could be a fit, only because he went 2-1, 2.26 with 42 saves in filling in for the injured Rivera last year. But Soriano probably wouldn’t want to go back to the setup role he was unhappily doing in 2011. But after a strong year, it’s interesting that he opted out and still is unsigned.

Boston has been talking to Adam LaRoche, since the Napoli deal may fall through.

Shaun Marcum and Joe Saunders are out there. So are Jose Valverde and Delmon Young.

Young is a righty bat, which the Yanks could use, and a .284 hitter. He was the ALCS MVP vs. the Yanks last year. Although his 162 g. average is .284-16-89, his OPS+ is just 98 due to a poor BB/K ratio. (27/115).

There is still Scott Hairston. There’s Thome or Berkman.

There’s …. (fill in the blank).

But it appears the Yanks are “dumpster-diving.” Who they pick up between now and the start of spring training (and it’s getting closer), who knows?

As of now, who will  be the C, DH or bench?

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate has gone up 2%… and that’s just from all the NFL coaches and GMs being fired. Black Monday indeed.


Yanks interested in Andruw? Bonderman?

First things first. The Rangers and Beltre are now a match. Young to DH/utility, and where will that leave Vlad?

LaRoche to the Nats. Didn’t get three, but two with an option.

As for the Yanks, could they have interest in Andruw Jones? It seems like Jones has been around forever, but he’ll be 34 in April. He still has pop, 36 HR in the last two years in a platoon role. The BA is alarming, .214 and .230 in the last two years but the 407-career-HR (tied with Duke Snider) Jones is a better defensive ballplayer than Marcus Thames. Granted Jones isn’t what he was defensively (a 10x GG winner) but he should be able to handle the corners and provide pop. He may also come pretty cheaply. He does bring tons of playoff experience from his long tenure with the Braves. So I see some positives (as I try to ignore that injury-riddled and just Coyote-ugly 2008 season from Andruw). Still has pop, decent glove. How old is he, though… is it an OLD 34 that he’ll be? And can the .256 career hitter hit .256? If it’s .250 with pop, it wouldn’t be so bad. The recent .220’s do concern me. Worth a gamble, but only at VERY low cost.

Another the Yanks are rumored to be interested in is Jeremy Bonderman as they pick through the rubbish of what is left pitcher-wise. The list includes Garcia, Millwood, Francis, possibly a Brian Bannister, Colon … and Bonderman. Bonderman is just 28 (Bannister 30), so he has youth on his side, but he’s another risk. Bonderman was just 8-10, 5.53 (ERA+ 76) last year for the Tigers, and is 67-77, 4.89 (ERA+ 90) for his career. His best year was in 2006 when the Tigers won the AL pennant. Bonderman was 14-8, 4.08 (ERA+ 112) that year. It just seems like everyone out there are guys with 5.00 ERA’s and very Sidney Ponson-like.

HOF selections (if any, I expect Blyleven and Alomar, don’t know if any others will make it) announced today at 2 p.m.          

Hmm, what controversy will the Jets come up with next? Now massage therapists suing them/Favre. In the last year, besides Rex’s blowhard bit, they’ve had Rex’s foul language on a reality show, Saenz, Sterger, the knee that was stuck out, Rex’s wife’s feet, now this. What next? Sheesh.   

Quick Update: When Cashman says that there isn’t much out there…he’s right.

Also, we should be hearing about arbitration results with Hughes, Joba and Logan soon.  

Beltre to Texas? Not yet; Pettitte to decide this week?

There were some reports that Adrian Beltre is going to Texas on a five or six year deal worth $90 to $96MM. MLBTR states that Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News offers a “semi-educated guess” that the Rangers will  shift Michael Young to a DH/utility role rather than trade him.

MLBTR and MLB.com however, report that “nothing is remotely imminent” between the team and the third baseman.

Beltre and Rafael Soriano are the top free agents still available, then Pavano. It is rumored that Pavano may decide between the Twins or Nats soon. 

The Yanks could still be interested in Brian Fuentes, MLBTR reports. Could the Yanks go with Logan, Fuentes and Feliciano? Fuentes would be insurance for Mo, but would have to accept a setup role, and  less money than he may like. Maybe that’s why Cashman is waiting—for the price to drop.

Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon could be in serious trouble.

On Wednesday, we find out if the baseball writers elected anyone to the HOF.

Finally, is this the week we hear from Pettitte whether he is coming back or retiring?       

Update, 1/4/11: Apparently Beltre and the Rangers are closing in on a six-year deal, with Michael Young changing positions yet again.  $90 to $100MM. If Young moves (again) and goes to DH, what then with Vlad? As we saw in the WS last year, OF for Vladdy isn’t a good idea anymore.

WS MVP Edgar Renteria could be Cincy-bound.

The NY Post states that Pettitte may not decide this week, and if he calls the Yanks, it may be only to let them know he is returning. That no call means he is retired. Pettitte has already told the Yankees to carry on as if he wasn’t returning.

It looks like Adam LaRoche will take the Nationals’ two-year offer at $8 to $9 MM per season.


A signing and a possible signing as the year closes

MLBTR reports that Derrek Lee  has signed a one-year deal with the Orioles for about $7.5-8MM. Lee hit .260-19-80 for the Cubs and Braves in 2010. OPS+ 103. For the 35 year old, it was a come-down from .306-35-111, OPS+ 146 (and 9th in MVP voting) in 2009. Camden yards should help Lee, but you wonder if age is catching up to him. He is a .282 career hitter with 312 HR in his career. He won a WS with the Marlins in 2003 and finished 3rd in MVP voting in 2005. He’s a 2x All Star and 3x Gold Glove. His 162 g. average for his career is a solid .282-28-90, OPS+ 123.

It looks like Adam LaRoche may be DC-bound, especially since with the Lee signing, an option is now off the table. MLBTR states that the Nats offered him a two-year deal, although LaRoche is seeking three years and about $21MM. LaRoche, 31, hit .261-25-100 for Arizona in 2010, OPS+ 106. He did have 172 strikeouts. For his career, LaRoche has a 162 game average of .271-26-93, OPS+ 114 but 141 strikeouts. He’s a lefty bat, which Washington can use to balance out the righty power of Werth and Zimmerman.


Trade talk as deadline looms. UPDATE: The deals. Yanks get Hairston.

Forget someone else as far as potential new Yankees at the deadline. Washburn goes to the Tigers for left-handers Luke French and Mauricio Robles.

It looks like Halladay is staying in Toronto, so it looks like the Yanks will be facing him next week.

Washburn is having a bounce-back year. 8-6, 2.64. ERA+ 162.

What I’m concerned about is the Red Sox rumors I am hearing.

In the previous post, I wondered about more rest for A-Rod. Especially on Toronto’s turf. Alex is at .247. The error in Tampa, what should have been an E-5 last night. Last 7 days .190, last 14 days .234. Last 365 days .252.

more rest for A-Rod?
More rest needed for A-Rod?

More on the trade talk, and moves as we approach the deadline.

Update: Beimel from Nats to Rockies for 2 minor leaguers.

The Yankees picked up some bench depth with Jerry Hairston. They dealt low-A From MLB.com:

Hairston played six positions this year for the Reds, including all three outfield spots, though he was primarily used as a third baseman and shortstop.

He is batting .254 with eight home runs and 27 RBIs this season.  

Pete Abraham adds:

The New York Yankees today acquired infielder/outfielder Jerry Hairston, Jr. from the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for minor league catcher Chase Weems.

Hairston, 33, batted .254 (78-for-307) with 18 doubles, 1 triple, 8 home runs, 27 RBI and 7 stolen bases in 86 games with the Reds in 2009, appearing at third base (33G), shortstop (31G), second base (9G), left field (9G), right field (5G) and center field (3G). He has hit .271 (71-for-262) with 7 homers in 70 games since May 5 after opening the season with a .156 (7-for-45) average and 1 home run through his first 16 games.

He is a .259 career hitter (OPS+ just 84). Hopefully the versatility comes in handy. I wonder now what the Yanks next move is. Is Ransom gone? Hopefully with Hairston and maybe Pena (Sept. callup) the Yanks have versatility.

More from MLB.com:

Nick Johnson went from the Nats to the Marlins for a minor leaguer.

Orlando Cabrera goes from the A’s to the Twins for a minor leaguer.

Boston traded just-acquired-from-Pittsburgh Andy LaRoche to Atlanta for Casey Kotchman. They also got Victor Martinez from the Indians for Justin Masterson and two minor leaguers.

…and Toronto made a deal. Not Halladay, however. Scott Rolen to the Reds for  third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and Minor League pitchers Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart.

…and another one. Jake Peavy goes to Chicago after all. Nope, not the Cubs (rumored all offseason) but to the White Sox for left-handers Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard and right-handers Dexter Carter and Adam Russell.


Fed-up Boston deals Manny to Torre & Dodgers.

Now we really see if Joe Torre can manage anyone. The laid-back Torre will have his hands full now, as the Dodgers acquire Manny Ramirez from the Red Sox. In return, the Red Sox get Jason Bay from the Pirates in the 3-way deal. The Pirates get Craig Hansen (1-3, 5.58, 2 saves for the Red Sox this year), and OF Brandon Moss (.295-2-11 in 78 AB) from Boston. Both are 24. From LA, the Pirates get 3B Andy LaRoche, 24 (.203-2-6 in 59 AB) and another minor leaguer.

Manny was at .299-20-68 with Boston (OPS+ 140) and Bay .282-22-64 for the Pirates (OPS+ 35). Not a bad return for Boston, but Bay isn’t Manny (508 HR, one of the greatest righty bats ever), and we don’t know how he will respond to a pennant race or Boston’s atmosphere.

I just know that I’m happy not to see Manny Ramirez kill the Yanks anymore. He was a .321 hitter vs. the Yanks with 55 HR. Goodbye, good riddance.

Now if Manny leads the Dodgers to a division title and the media kisses Torre’s butt by then calling him a “genius,” I’ll go ballistic.

Other trades: The Mariners sent Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins. Considering how Yankee hitters teed off on Rhodes throughout the years, I’m sure there were tears shed in the Yankee clubhouse.

The Yanks sent the ex-D.A., Alberto Gonzalez, to the Nationals. A.G. was 9 for 52 in his brief time with the Yanks this year. He was .250-4-23 at SWB. In return, the Yanks get a 22 year old pitcher, Jhonny (yes, the spelling is correct) Nunez. At AA Harrisburg (about 80 miles from me), Nunez was 0-0, 1.12 in 8 IP. 8 K. At A+ Potomac, he was 2-8, 5.22, 82 K in 81 IP.

Junior Griffey takes his 608 HR (one behind Steroid Sammy Sosa) to the White Sox. .245-15-53, OPS+ 103 in what could be his last hurrah.

Guess who makes an appearance with the Yanks? With Farnsworth(less) gone, Chris “Great” Britton gets called up.

The Yanks had a scout watching Freddy Garcia’s workout today.

Posada’s recovery time is a minimum of six months. That basically means February 1st, 2009…just a few weeks before pitchers and catchers. Note that I bolded the word MINIMUM. For a reason. Don’t be surprised if he misses the first month of 2009.

Interesting stuff from Kevin Millar on Edwar. He is convinced Edwar was throwing at him, which he probably was. He called Edwar a “Cute little thing” and said that he was “fortunate to be in the big leagues” and that it was a good thing Edwar was ejected, because he would have taken him to Monument Park. Big words for someone 1 for 4 with 3 Ks vs. Edwar. More: “The kid doesn’t throw that hard and doesn’t have very good stuff…I love facing him.” Edwar is 2-0, 2.35 with 44 K in 38 1/3. Someone should tell Millar that. By the way, Millar should remember that Boston saved him from eating lots of sushi. Remember? From Was Watching…   

Back in 2003—from the Times:         

Kevin Millar was obtained by the Boston Red Sox in a cash deal with the Florida Marlins yesterday after the Japanese team he agreed to sign with last month released him from his contract.

The Marlins received an undisclosed payment for Millar, 31, a first baseman-outfielder.

Millar, who led Florida with a .306 batting average last season, agreed in early January to a two-year, $6.2 million contract with the Chunichi Dragons of Japan’s Central League. The Marlins released him in exchange for a $1.2 million payment from the Dragons. Millar, who was being pursued by the Red Sox, then changed his mind about playing in Japan, saying his family did not want him to leave at a time of possible war with Iraq.

After talks with Major League Baseball officials, the Dragons released Millar on Friday for an undisclosed payment, the commissioner’s office said. One of the negotiators said the amount would be $1.2 million to $1.5 million.

Theo Epstein, Boston’s general manager, said the Red Sox were not involved in the discussions to free Millar from the Dragons. 


I know the Mike & Mike show has a Michael Bolton tune for the Favre/GB fiasco. Are you as sick and tired of the Green Bay/Brett Favre dance as I and many others are? I think there is a better song to describe their dance and what’s going on.

Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) by Gladys Knight and the Pips.