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The Minors.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA; SWB lost 2-0. Brady Lail 2 R in 6 IP. James Pazos (combined 3-1, 1.27 AA/AAA, lefty reliever) two scoreless IP. Two hits each for OF Ben Gamel and C Gary Sanchez.

AA: Trenton won 9-7. 2B Tony Renda two hits, solo HR. 1B Rob Segedin 2 h, HR, 3 RBI. 3 hits 3B Cito Culver; 2 h, 2 rbi CF Jake Cave. Two others with two hits each.

High A: Tampa won 5-1. Jonathan Holder 1 R in 7 IP. 2 rbi each for LF Ericson Leonora and RF Jake Skole. Two hits each for 1B Dan Fiorito and DH Mike Ford. SB #81 (A/High A) for SS Jorge Mateo.

A: Charleston lost 7-4; 3B Billy Fleming 2 h, 2 rbi. Three others with two hits each.

The Minors.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA: SWB (72-55) won 11-5. 2B Rob Refsnyder 2 h, 3 rbi. DH Gary Sanchez a 3-run HR. RF Aaron Judge 3 for 3, double, solo HR. C Austin Romine 3 h, 2 rbi. 1B Kyle Roller and SS Gregorio Petit  two hits each.

AA: Trenton (65-60) won 8-2. Cale Coshow 5 1/3 scoreless IP. 1B Dante Bichette, Jr. triple, 3 rbi. 2B Tony Renda 2 h, 2 rbi. RF Mark Payton 3 hits. C Francisco Arcia 2 h, HR, 2 RBI. DH Rob Segedin two hits.

A+: Tampa (61-65) won 4-1. Chaz Hebert 1 R, 8 K in 6 IP. Jorge Mateo 79th SB (A/A+ combined) of the season. 3B Miguel Andujar HR, 2 rbi. 2B Abiatal Avelino 3 for 3, 2 doubles. DH Dustin Fowler and LF Ericson Leonora each had 2 h, rbi.

A: Charleston (59-66) won 10-5. CF Devyn Bolasky 3 h, 2 rbi. C Hadley Raddad HR, 3 rbi. RF Austin Aune HR, 2 rbi.

The Minors.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA: SWB won 3-2. Eric Wooten 5 2/3 innings of scoreless relief. Aaron Judge (.248 at AAA) 2 rbi. 2 hits each for LF Ben Gamel and 2B Rob Refsnyder.

AA: Michael Pineda will make a rehab start for Trenton on Sunday. Trenton lost 6-5. CF Mark Payton 3 hits, solo HR. DH Jake Cave 2 h, rbi.

High A: Tampa lost 6-4. LF Ericson Leonora HR, 2 rbi. SS Jorge Mateo with 2 hits and a SB (combined A/A+: 76).  DH Abiatal Avelino 2 hits, and his 48th SB (A/A+).

A:  Charleston won 12-10. SS Vicente Conde 4 for 5, 3 doubles, 5 rbi. DH Isaias Tejeda 3 hits, 2 rbi. Two others with 2 hits and an rbi each.

The minors, and trade deadline risks.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

With the Yankees off yesterday, a look at the minors and a look at risks at the trade deadline.

AAA: SWB won 2-1 on a walkoff inside-the-park HR by CF Ben Gamel. Kyle Davies 7 IP, 1 unearned run. 3 h, 1 walk and 8 K.  Caleb Cotham two scoreless IP of relief. (W, 2–0, 1.07). Gamel also had a double. Besides Gamel, 1B Greg Bird and 3B Jose Pirela each had two hits.

AA: Trenton off.

High A: Tampa won 4-2. LF Ericson Leonora a 2-run HR. Five others with two hits each. Jordan Montgomery 6 IP, 2 R, 1 ER, 6 H, 2 walks, 7 K.

A: Charleston off.

Funny how people are still complaining that the Yanks didn’t do a major splash at the trade deadline. I have a few thoughts on that.

For those who say that “the Boss” would have done something, face facts. The Boss, George Steinbrenner, has been dead for five years now. Accept that fact and accept that it is a new regime with his son Hal who isn’t his father. He will run things differently. Also, things weren’t always peaches and cream with George. Remember him trading away talents like Jay Buhner, Bob Tewksbury and Doug Drabek?

So for those who wanted a big deal, were you really going to trade away Luis Severino for what may turn out to be a two-month rental? As much as I would like the Yankees to win every year, you don’t want to sacrifice the future for a one-year quick fix. And don’t kid yourself. You can’t get something for nothing. The Yanks would have had to give up top talent like Severino to get something. You weren’t getting a David Price type talent for lower tier talent.

Here are examples of teams that went for it and paid for it.

8-12-87. The Tigers trade John Smoltz to the Braves for Doyle Alexander. Alexander goes 9-0 down the stretch for the Tigers. The Tigers make the playoffs as the AL East champ and lose the ALCS to the Twins. Alexander goes 14-11 in 1988 and 6-18 (leading the majors in losses) in 1989 then retires. The Tigers don’t make it back to the playoffs until 2006. Smoltz goes to the Braves, is in the playoffs every year from 1991-2005 (except for the 1994 strike) and goes to be a Hall of Famer.

8/30/1990: The Red Sox trade Jeff Bagwell to Houston for Larry Andersen. Andersen goes 0-0, 1.23 as a two-month rental. Boston wins the division but loses the ALCS to Oakland. Bagwell goes on to hit 449 HR for the Astros. He played a lot in the cavernous Astrodome. Imagine him with the Green Monster at Fenway.

Is that what these people want?

Also, some people, upset with Stephen Drew, are wondering if the Yanks should pursue Chase Utley. I wonder if these people realize that Utley, although the greatest Phillie 2B ever (and JAWS has him ranked 12th best 2B all-time), has been worse than Drew this year.

Drew: 32, $5MM, free agent after this year. 94 g. .194-13-32, OPS+ 77.

Utley: 36, $15MM, 69 games, .190-4-28. OPS+ 55. Utley has had a far better career than Drew, and is a borderline Hall of Famer.  His vesting option ($15MM each of the next three years) will not kick in because he won’t make 500 plate appearances this year. But a lot of money for someone four years older who is having a WORSE year for even Drew. Utley WAS great. He no longer IS.

Really, do you want that?

The Minors.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA: SWB (43-31) won 8-1. Jose De La Cruz 4 scoreless, hitless innings of relief. CF Ben Gamel 3 hits, 2 rbi (.302). 3B Cole Figueroa 3 hits, 1 rbi. Two others with two hits each.

AA: Trenton (38-34) won 7-3. Brady Lail 7 IP, 1 R, 3 H, (4-3, 2.48). DH Mark Payton 3 h, HR, 2 rbi. 1B Greg Bird 2 rbi. RF Devyn Bolasky and 3b/LF Jose Rosario each with 2 hits, rbi.

High A: Tampa (34-36) split a DH.

Game 1: Won 5-1. CF  Dustin Fowler 3 for 3, 3 rbi. 1B Dante Bichette, Jr. 2 rbi.
Game 2: Lost 7-5. Two more hits for Fowler, 2 rbi Bichette. 1B Mike Ford 2 rbi. LF Ericson Leonora two triples.

A: Charleston off.

The Minors.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA: SWB lost 7-1. RF Ben Gamel, SS Gregorio Petit and 3B Cole Figueroa 2 hits each.

AA: Trenton won 6-5. CF Jake Cave 3 h, 2 doubles, 2 RBI. 2B Tony Renda 2 RBI (he was the one picked up by the Nationals in the Carpenter trade).

High A: Tampa won 7-5. SS Tyler Wade HR, 2 rbi. 3 h, rbi RF Mark Payton. 3 RBI LF Ericson Leonora.

A: Charleston won 6-5. 2 h, 2 rbi CF Dustin Fowler. 2B Vicente Conde 3 h, 2 doubles, 2 rbi. C Collin Slaybaugh 2 h, rbi.

The minors. One more rehab start for Nova.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Ivan Nova will have at least one more rehab stint before rejoining the Yanks. It appears to be Friday and the Yanks didn’t say where, for SWB or Trenton. It appears as if it will be for SWB. Both teams are on the road, but SWB is at Lehigh Valley, and that isn’t far from SWB or NYC.

AAA: SWB off.

AA: Trenton off.

High A: LF Ericson Leonora a solo HR in a 3-2 Tampa loss.

A: Charleston won 15-6. 1B Chris Breen 3 h, 2 doubles, HR, 7 RBI. 2 hits, double, HR, 4 rbi for LF Austin Aune. Charleston banged out 19 hits. Two others with three hits, three others with two.

The minors.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA: SWB lost 2-1. Bryan Mitchell (4-5, 2.79) 2 R in 7 IP. Interesting that Jose Pirela has been playing the OF (with Rob Refsnyder staying at 2B) since Pirela was sent back. 2 hits for 3B Gregorio Petit.

AA: Trenton lost 4-2. Double and solo HR for RF Aaron Judge (.283-10-37).

High A: Tampa lost 5-4. LF Ericson Leonora 2 HR, 3 rbi. 2B Abiatal Avelino 2 hits, solo HR.

A: 10-5 Charleston win. DH Austin Aune 2 doubles, triple, HR, 4 RBI. 1B Chris Breen double, HR, 2 rbi. SS Jorge Mateo 2 hits, 2 RBI, 2 SB (41).

The Minors. Nova ready to return?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA: It looks like the Yanks will need to make a decision soon. Ivan Nova had a great rehab outing and looks about ready to return. Do they put him in the rotation (most likely)? If so, who gets taken out? (I know what the Yanks will probably do, I know what I would do, and they are two different things, put it that way). Does Nova come back and go into the bullpen for the time being (unlikely)?

Nova gave up just one run in six innings on his rehab last night. He gave up five hits, one walk, 3 K. He looks ready. 2B Rob Refsnyder homered and drove in two runs in SWB’s 5-1 victory.

AA:   Trenton lost 4-1. Not much in the way of highlights to report on this one.

High A: Tampa scored two in the 10th to win 8-6. 2 H, 3 RBI for CF Mark Payton. 2 hits, solo HR LF Ericson Leonora.

A: Charleston lost 7-3. 2 hits, rbi, DH Dustin Fowler (.300).


The minors, and moves.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Yanks were off today, but did pick up a half a game over Tampa Bay because of the Rays loss to the Angels. In that game, Albert Pujols passed Mickey Mantle on the all-time HR list, hitting #537. The Yanks now have a 2-game lead in the AL East.

The Yanks brought up Mason “Classical Gas” Williams up from AAA. How I hope they play that song for his walk up. It’d be perfect, right? Williams, 23, between AA/AAA this year, was at .318-0-22 with 13 sb. Good speed, CF, lefty hitter, no power, good defense. He’ll enable Gardner to go back to LF and be there until Ellsbury is ready. Last year, Williams hit just .223 at AA with 21 SB. While he is up, the Yanks hope he plays good D, and gets the occasional hit and SB.

So in the past few days, (and LoHud had a nice chart)…

Ryan replaces Pirela as backup IF. Ryan better D, and the vet. Pirela maybe the better hitter, but Ryan earns the bigger $$$.

Williams replaces Flores in the OF.

By necessity, because of Miller’s DL stint, Chris Martin (fresh off rehab) replaces him.

I think Miller returns after the ASG.

In a few weeks, Ellsbury and Nova should be ready. Ellsbury replaces Williams. As for Nova, that’s a more difficult call. Do you send Lindgren down? Does Nova go into the rotation with Warren to the bullpen (appears that way)? Does Nova go into the bullpen? Does Lindgren stay and say, the Yanks DFA Rogers or Capuano?

In addition the Yanks traded David Carpenter to Washington for a minor league second baseman, Tony Renda, who will probably go to AA.  Renda, a righty hitter, is 24 and was hitting .267-1-23 with 13 SB at AA Harrisburg.

Now for the minors.

AAA: 9-2 win for SWB.  Kyle Davies (5-3, 4.03) 2 R in 6 1/3. 1B Kyle Roller 2 h, 3 rbi. 3B Cole Figueroa 3 h, 2 doubles, rbi.

AA: Trenton won 6-0 on a combined one-hitter. Sergio Santos, just acquired, pitched a scoreless inning with 2 K. C Gary Sanchez (injured bruised hand) left the game in the 2nd and his replacement, Francisco Arcia, homered. Judge, Bird, Jagielo and Arcia all w/2h and an RBI.

High A: Regular game: Tampa lost 3-1. Gregorio Petit, on rehab, 1 for 2 w/a walk.

Makeup of 6/10 rainout: 4-3 loss. SS Tyler Wade, C Kyle Higashioka and LF Ericson Leonora all with 2 hits each.

A: 4-3 win for Charleston.  CF Dustin Fowler 2 h, HR , 2 RBI.