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A WS MVP travesty—1997.

Recently I wrote about how the 1952 WS MVP should have gone to Mantle over Johnny Mize. In fact, I argued that Allie Reynolds and Duke Snider (in a losing cause) were, along with Mantle, more deserving than Mize.

Now I’ll give you another scenario where I feel the media got it wrong.

Player A is a pitcher who won the WS MVP.

Player B is his teammate, an outfielder.

Game 1.  Player A goes 5 2/3. Not exactly deep into the game, right? 3 R, 8 hits, 2 walks, 5 K, gives up 2 HR. Gets the win in a 7-4 victory. 101 pitches, 60 strikes.  Effective, not great.

Player B goes 1 for 3, but that one is a 3-run HR, the key blow in the game.

Game 2. Player B is 2 for 4 but his team loses 6-1.

Game 3. Bad game for Player B. His team wins 14-11, he is 0 for 5 with 3 strikeouts.

Game 4. Player B goes 1-3, a 2-run HR, but his team loses 10-3.

Game 5. Player A starts again. He wins. On the plus side, he does go 8 innings, even though he gave up a run in the second and 3 in the third. He runs out of gas in the 9th.

Final line: 8 IP, 6 R, 5 ER, 8 walks and 2 K. 1 HR given up. Yup. 8 walks. Yes, gets the win, but effective….not dominating.

Player B once again upstages Player A. Player B goes 3 for 5, scores 2, drives in 4 in the 8-7 win. His 3-run HR (3rd of the Series) is the key blow in the game (sound familiar? See Game 1). 

Game 6.  Player B is 1 for 3 as his team loses 4-1.

Game 7.  Player B is just 1 for 5 as his team wins the WS in extra innings, 3-2. However, it was HIS single leading off the bottom of the 9th with his team down 2-1 that led to his team tying the game. He went to third on another single and scored the tying run on a SF.


Player A.  2 starts. Both wins. ERA 5.27. 13 2/3 IP. 15 H. 10 walks, 7 Ks.

Player B. 9 for 28. 2 doubles, 3 HR (two of which were the key blows in the games Player A won). 9 RBI.

Player A was Livan Hernandez (1997 WS for the Marlins vs. the Indians).

Player B was Moises Alou.

Alou was robbed, pure and simple. What was the media thinking (oh yeah, the feel-good story of the Cuban refugee…of course the next year we got Livan’s half-brother El Duque).

But Alou was the one who deserved it.



Odds and Ends. Mr. Met on pins and needles.

Johan Santana was scratched again. Word now is that he is out indefinitely. I still have that feeling that Florida will surprise and be the Phils’ biggest challengers in the NL East.

…and no, I still think it’s too early to tell about the Santana/Hughes/Kennedy, fill in the blank stuff yet.

Speaking of the Phils, they released Adam Eaton, who was 4-8, 5.80 for the defending champs last year (ERA+ 75). 68-63 career, but a 4.80 (ERA + 86). 31.

Checking the Post. Freddy Garcia didn’t get off to a good start with the Mets in his spring stint but (He shall be) Livan Hernandez did. The Mets signed 39 year old Ron Villone to a minor league deal. Villone got in 74 games for the Cardinals last year. 1-2,  4.68, ERA+ 91. Career 56-59, 4.75, ERA+ 96. In his late 30’s, Villone has gotten into 79 games (Seattle and Florida) 2005, 70 with the Yanks in 2006 and 74 last year. I’m not so sure that is a good thing. It’s nice he can take the ball, and for the most part he averaged less than an inning per appearance. A LOOGY. But still, do you really want Villone getting 70 appearances for your team? Still, him, Tomko…Jason Johnson…

I hope Bernie does well in the WBC but not THAT well. I don’t want him thinking comeback only to embarrass himself. Do well, but not that well.

Nice quote in the Post from Nick Swisher regarding Brett Gardner: “That is the fastest white dude I’ve ever seen.”

Good beginning for Marbury with the Celtics. Play 10-12 minutes, play well, give Rondo a breather and shut up. Oh yeah, and pick up your ring when finished.

At this rate, Barry Bonds’ trial will come the day he gets his first SS check.

Eagles to lose both Buckhalter AND Dawkins to the Broncos?

How long into the game today before John and Suzyn start doing Broadway songs to disguise that they know nothing about the minor leaguers in the game who were in A or AA last year? 


Just wanted to let you all know that Uncle Joe, Tony, and I will be dusting off the cobwebs putting together a special edition of Yankee Fan Club Radio this Sunday, March 1st.  The show will be available only on podcast, and if you’re still subscribed to our feed, the content should be pushed down to you like all of our other shows over the last four years.

 Being that my work schedule has me 1-10 on Sundays and 8-7 on Mondays, I guess I won’t be hearing it until Monday or Tuesday evening.  





I can’t believe it is almost 9:45 pm as I type this. I got my new computer today and it turned out I had to get a new printer as well. Some things were just getting too old.

I don’t have a wife or children, but I can sympathize with the dad who has to put his child’s bike, WiA, toys, etc. together all day and night. For that’s what I have been doing all day. Putting the computer together, downloading the printer and other software, etc., etc, etc.  …. and it’s been taking hours.

Some of you have written my personal e-mail and were quite welcome to do so. I lost some of the e-mail addresses, so Jason, Mike, Joe P, Alex, Jeff, Nick…and all who wrote me, please send me an e-mail so I can “recover” your e-mail addresses. I’d appreciate it. (Also to those I forgot!)

I see where Livan Hernandez might sign a minor league deal with the Mets.

Finally. Pitchers and catchers. It’s a shame that the book on A-Rod has been moved up to capitalize on the controversy. Moved up to April 14th—two days before the Yankees officially open up the new Stadium. So instead of the focus being where it should be—on the new palace—it’ll be on the book and Alex. That saddens me.

Joe Girardi has a different spring training this year. He has to be extra careful with Posada (not catching until mid-March), Rivera and Matsui. These three, all mid-30s or late-30s, are coming off surgeries, are important to the Yanks in 2009 and have to be “eased” into opening day. You don’t want any setbacks after all three had surgery.

I start a new work schedule tomorrow, the 15th. Thanks for bearing with me and being patient while I was awaiting the new computer. There are still some bells and whistles to work out on this new toy and a new schedule (1-10 Sunday and 8-7 Monday means not much on those days!) to work out.

Meanwhile baseball’s steroid policy from 1991-2003 can be best described as:

Baseball attacks the steroid issue, 1991-2003    

Game 115. Yanks shut out Texas 3-0.

Recap: Moose went 7 scoreless and Jeter Hr’d (tying Bill Dickey with #202) as the Yanks shut Texas out 3-0. Big outing tomorrow for Ian Kennedy. Not only that, the Yanks got good news from down below. A total minor league recap will be coming tomorrow morning, but for a sneak peek, hit more Continue reading

Game 111. Rasner without Moeller equals lousy again. Giese keeps them in the game. Flip-Flop? Newcomers, Nady (HR, 6 RBI) and Pudge (HR) lead comeback for a 14-9 win. Girardi mismanages?

Recap: A huge win for the Yanks, who were down 5-0 in the 4th due to a poor outing by Rasner. He and Ponson must be the “Box of Chocolates” Forrest Gump talked about. You don’t know what you are going to get. Rasner will have to find a way to pitch to catchers not named Moeller.

The Yanks came back in large part to the two new acquisitions. Pudge HR’d, and X marks the spot as Nady hits a 2-run ground rule double, a 3-run HR and an RBI single. 6 RBI. The Angels, so fundamentally sound, give up 10 unearned runs in the 14-9 Yankees comeback win. A huge win for the Yanks, especially after the 1-0 heartbreaker Friday night. Joba tomorrow, with momentum from Saturday and Sunday.

Girardi did make a move (or non-move) I found questionable. Hit more to find out what it was… Continue reading

Game 109. Yanks waste superb Ponson effort. Mo loses it in 9th, 1-0.

Recap: These are games the Yanks MUST win. When Ponson or Rasner goes out there and gives you seven shutout innings, you MUST win. The Yanks didn’t, as the offense came up empty. A 1-0 loss as once again, Mariano Rivera comes into a tie game and gives up a run. It’s odd how this year he won’t blow the save but when put into a tie game he gives up the run. Once again the Angels have the Yankees’ number. Ponson may have saved his rotation spot, but this one really hurts. Continue reading

The Joba Plan?

Joel Sherman of the N.Y. Post reported this morning that team officials confirmed that Joba Chamberlain will start the season in the bullpen. I do wonder who those team officials are, since it wasn’t Brian Cashman, who still states that Joba will train as if he is going to start. The plan is for Joba to pitch no more than 140 innings in 2008, and apparently the plan is to start him in the bullpen, send him down to the minors in June to increase his innings, then bring him back once he is up to 6 innings a start in order to start in the second half of the season. So the first two months the Yanks would have a Joba-Mo killer endgame duo while other pitchers basically stretch what is basically an audition for bullpen jobs in spring training right through to Memorial Day.

Then, the plan is, the guy who proves himself in the first two months sets up Mo while Joba spends June in Scranton stretching out his arm. The guy who proves himself doesn’t necessary have to be a reliever. If they think someone like a Karstens or Horne has proved himself and is best suited for the role, so be it. They will convert a starter if necessary.

Now this raises questions. First of all, this supposedly would set the rotation as Wang, Andy, Hughes, Moose and Kennedy. Supposedly. Remember that many times a manager doesn’t have to make the decision that all fans and blogs are all worried about. Many times, because of performance and/or injury, the decision is made for you. All you need to confirm that is to look at the end of last year’s spring training where Wang and Karstens received minor injuries and couldn’t go north with the team. Hence the opening day starter was Pavano. Who knows if an injury, God forbid, puts Kei Igawa into the rotation?

Anyway, here are some questions. First off, if Joba is kicking butt in April and May, who replaces him in June when he is sent down to stretch out his arm? Dave Pinto of Baseball Musings makes a good point in asking, “if he will be limited to 140 IP, why have some of those innings [wasted] in the minors?” Another question is this: when Joba is ready to start the second half, who does he replace in the rotation? Will the Yanks then go to a six-man rotation, or do they then move Hughes or Kennedy to the bullpen in order to restrict their innings and protect their arms?

One thing to keep in mind is that the Yanks have just two off-days between the opener on March 31st and May 4th. In prior years, the Yanks had enough off days in April to “hide” the 5th starter such as a Jaret Wright or Igawa. They could go with more or less a 4-man rotation in April. Not this year. It means the kids (and Mussina) have to be ready to go. With the lack of off-days, maybe that six-man rotation may be necessary later on due to snow or cold postponements in April. Remember how many games Seattle had to make up last year and how one Cleveland/Seattle game had to be played in Milwaukee?

Lastly, Sherman writes that the Yanks are enamored with the recovery (TJ surgery) arm and makeup of Mark Melancon. Last year very few fans, other than myself, heard of Joba. I was touting him as someone to watch. Never in my wildest dreams however, did I think he would start at A ball and rocket right up to the majors. Melancon only has 6 2/3 pro innings under his belt. He’ll be 23 at the end of March, and some think he could rocket through the minors ala 2007 Joba.

As always, only time will tell–with the “Joba Plan” and with Melancon.

Livan Hernandez signed with the Twins, and I don’t think it’ll work out. As I wrote before, in each of the past four years Livan’s numbers in four major categories have gotten worse: IP, WHIP, ERA and K’s. Now he’s coming from the NL to the AL, and that could be further trouble.

The Astros are looking at Shawn Chacon. Chacon, 30, was 5-4, 3.94 (ERA+ 110) for the Pirates last year in 64 games (4 starts). Ironically, his career has been a heads and tails one. Good year/Bad year/Good year/Bad year….the good years have been the odd years and the bad ones the even years. Buyer beware, Astros. Chacon is 43-58 in his career with an ERA of 4.98 (ERA+ 96).

Funny, I heard a trivia question on the radio and no one was answering it correctly. I knew this one right away. There are only two QBs who have won both the Heisman trophy and a Super Bowl MVP.

Roger Staubach and Jim Plunkett.

No, due to work I won’t be able to catch up with the “festivities” that will be going on in Congress tomorrow. I catch up on those when I get home.