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Game 162. Yanks win finale in 14, 5-1.

For a while, it seemed like the season and this game would never end.

But end it did and the Yanks won 5-1 in 14 to finish their season 85-77, tied with Baltimore for 3rd in the AL East, 12 out of the division lead and six out of that 2nd wild card slot.

Speaking of which, Tampa Bay has to fly from Toronto to Texas to face the Rangers Monday night in a one-game matchup to determine who IS the second wild-card. The winner flies to Cleveland to face the #1 WC Indians in a one-game playoff Wed. to determine the AL wild card.

I fear this season may be the last winning season for the Yanks for a while.

Houston ended the season on (I believe, I may be off by a game) a fifteen game losing streak. They end 51-111. Ugh. The Yanks struck out 19 Astros in 14 innings.

David Huff started and went 5. 1 R, 3 H, 0 walks and  7 K. Overall ERA 5.50 (Cle/NYY).

Brett Marshall 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 3 K. 4.50.

Dellin Betances 2 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 4 K. 10.80.

Preston Claiborne 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 4.11.

David Phelps 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 2 K. 4.98.

Matt Daley 2 IP (W, 1-0, first MLB win), 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 2 K. 0.00.

David Robertson finished, no save situation. 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 0 K. 2.04.

Down 1-0 in the 8th, the Yanks tied it on a double by Nunez and single by Granderson.

In the 14th, Reynolds HR’d (21). After two strikeouts, Ryan and Almonte singled and Nunez doubled in two. Murphy singled in Nunez.

Before the game, Mo was feated. He received gifts and apologized to the Astros’ fans for not pitching this weekend (classy). He explained that the farewell at the Stadium, with Derek and Andy coming out to get him, was the perfect ending.

Football: It was a rough enough day for this Steelers’ fan to see his team go to 0-4 on the season, but then I found out that #68, L.C. Greenwood, a DE on that great Steel Curtain team of the 1970s, passed away today at the age of 73. Another piece of my childhood gone. Known for wearing those yellow shoes, I remember him in SB IX, acting like a volleyball player in spiking down a few of Fran Tarkenton’s passes. I always wondered why he wasn’t in the HOF. Maybe now he can be put in—too late for him to relish it.


Game 142. Yanks set ignominous record in 13-9 loss.

The Yanks set a record today in a 13-9 loss, and not one they are proud of.

They became the first AL team ever to lose 3 straight at home in which they scored 8 or more runs themselves in each game.

For those who clamored for Huff to replace Hughes in the rotation, reality set in. Huff isn’t as good as Hughes (and even though Hughes hasn’t been good, I warned that Huff would be worse). Huff stunk today.

Huff lasted 3 1/3, 9R, 8 H, 0 walks and 2 K. He goes to 2-1, 6.45. Lit up like a Christmas tree.

Then it was garbage time. Two SWB pitchers finished up.

Jim Miller 1 1/3, 3 R, 3 H, 1 walk and 0 K. ERA 20.25.

Then Brett Marshall. 4 1/3 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 1 walk and 3 K. 5.40.

An important September game to play, just 2 1/2 out of a playoff spot and who are your pitchers? Three guys who spent the year at AAA: Huff, Miller and Marshall. Speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, Robertson has shoulder tendonitis and will be shut down a week. Kelley and Logan have trouble and will each be shut down also. Like I wrote in a previous post, stick a fork in them, they are done.

Gardner had 2 H, 2 RBI. Jeter left the game early, 1 for 4 (Hit 3316, 3 behind Molitor) b/c of problems w/the ankle he broke last year.

Prediction: Jeter exercises his player option for 2014. He has problems and retires mid-2014. He passes Molitor for 8th on the all-time hit list. He does NOT pass Yaz’s 3419. Right now Jeter is at .190 and looking bad.

The minors today.

AAA: SWB lost 2-1. Brett Marshall 7 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 9 K (ERA still 5.13). SWB got just 3 hits, 2 by Corey Patterson (HR).

AA: Trenton lost 5-3. Shane Greene 4 r in 5 1/3. (7-4, 3.48). Only 4 hits for Trenton.

Hi A: Tampa got 3 in the top of the 9th to win 8-5. 2B Rob Refsnyder 3 H, 2 doubles, 2 RBI. 3B Pete O’Brien 2 RBI. 1B Saxon Butler 2 h, 2 RBI. B

Low A: Charleston won 9-6. SS Jose Rosario 3 H, 2 HR, 4 RBI.  Dante Bichette, JR. HR, 2 RBI.

The minors.

Wednesday’s Yankees farm teams’ action.

AAA: SWB lost 6-3. Brett Marshall 7-10, 5.40, 5 R in 5 IP. Yoshinori Tateyama 5 K in 2 scoreless IP. LF Ronnier Mustelier 3 for 3, rbi.

AA:  Trenton won 3-1. Shane Greene 7-3, 3.22 w 1 R in 7 IP. RF Ben Gamel 2 h, 2 rbi.

High A: Tampa won 4-2. Jairo Heredia (3-1, 2.30) 2 R in 7 IP. SS Cito Culver 3 hits. 3B Pete O’Brien 2 h, rbi. DH Jose Toussen 2 rbi.

Low A: Charleston lost 7-4. DH Jake Cave w/2h. Evan Rutckyj 6 R, 5 ER in 2 1/3. (10-9, 5.03).

The minors.

AAA: SWB lost 7-3 to LV. Brett Marshall (5-9, 5.45) 7 R in 5 1/3. Solo HR for 3B Ronnier Mustelier. RF Adonis Garcia w/2H. 2 hits, RBI DH Randy Ruiz.

AA: Trenton won 4-3. Shane Greene (5-3, 3.08) 3 R, 2 ER, 8 K in 6 IP. Tommy Kahnle, who the Phils (50-61) wouldn’t take for 2 months of Michael Young, 2 scoreless IP, ERA 2.22, 3 K. 3B Casey Stephenson 3 for 3, 2 doubles. C  Gary Sanchez first game at AA. Double, RBI. 

High A: Tampa scored four in the bottom of the 9th to win 7-6.

Low A: Charleston lost 6-5. CF Jake Cave 2 doubles. LF Ericson Leonora 2 H, 2 RBI.

The minors.

AAA: SWB  lost 3-2. Brett Marshall 2 R, 1 ER in 6 IP. 1B Dan Johnson 2 doubles, rbi. 2 hits each for CF Adonis Garcia and DH Randy Ruiz.

AA: 11-3 win for Trenton. David Phelps on rehab: 1 R, 6 K in 4 IP. LF Curtis Granderson (rehab) 1 for 3, triple, walk. DH Kyle Roller 2 h, HR, 5 rbi. SS Carmen Angelini 2 h, HR, 2 rbi. 1B Andrew Clark 2 rbi. 3 others with 2 hits each.

High A: 4-1 win for Tampa. Rafael De Paula 1 R, 2 H in 5 IP, 8 K. RF Taylor Dugas 2 rbi.

Low A: Charleston won 3-1. Evan Rutckyj no runs, 1 H in 7 IP. 8 K.

The minors. Nix, Grandy playing for Tampa Thursday.

AAA: SWB won 4-1. 3-run HR for DH Randy Ruiz. Brett Marshall (5-8, 5.35) 1 R in 8 IP.

AA: 4-2 loss for Trenton, who got just four hits. Shane Greene (3-3, 3.03 at AA) 2 R in 6 IP. (7-9, 3.40 overall A+/AA).

High A: Tampa lost 4-2. They will have Granderson and Nix there today.

Bryan Mitchell (4-9, 4.75) 4 R in 6 IP. 1B Tyson Blaser 3 H, triple, rbi.

Low A: Charleston off.

Jayson Nix went 0 for 2 in a GCL game and will join Granderson playing for High-A Tampa on Thursday.