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Minors and news on the off-day

Checking Twitter, from various sources:

Apparently the Yanks have no interest in Carlos Beltran. Mets looking for big-time prospect.

Buster Olney of ESPN reports that if the Nats don’t promote J.C. Romero, that he will opt out and sign a AAA deal with the Yankees. The Yanks are looking for a LOOGY, since Feliciano and Marte are on the DL and neither can be counted on. Logan hasn’t done a good job vs. lefties and is the only lefty in the bullpen. Romero,  35, was 0-0, 3.86 in 24 games with the Phillies this year. Righties hit .297 off him, Lefties .208. For his career, he is 33-28, 4.07. Frankly, I’d rather get ex-Yankee Randy Choate back, but he’d cost something. Romero wouldn’t.

CC trying to sell ex-teammate Prince Fielder on NY, per SI’s Jon Heyman. He says it’s an indication CC wants to stay with Yanks, even if he exercises the opt-out. Fielder in Yankee Stadium? Nice dream, but he’d DH and cost a ton to do it. The problem is if Tiex 1B, Fielder DH, (Posada forced out to retirement or another team), what about the aging Jeter (38 next year) or A-Rod (37 next year)? They’ll need more days off and need to DH more. Like I mentioned, nice dream. How long can you keep Alex or Derek in the field? Eventually not only does the offense go down, so does the D.

Joel Sherman reports that the Mets offered a similar deal on K-Rod to the Yanks, but the Yanks refused. First off, for what two players? Secondly, having not one, but TWO discontented closers now setting up (and ones with volatile temperaments in K-Rod and Soriano) would be like setting fire to gasoline. Soriano threw some today.

AAA All-Star Game: IL wins 3-0. One-time Yanks prospect Zach McAllister (now Cleveland) 2 scoreless for the win. SWB’s Adam Warren 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 1 K.

Somehow, I don’t think Jeremy Hermida (599 MLB games, full-time Marlins 2007-2009), Cody Ransom (35 years old, 219 MLB games, A-Rod’s sub when A-Rod had the hip surgery) or Dana Eveland (95 MLB games, 16-22, 5.74) should be allowed to play in a AAA all-star game. There should be a limit on age and # of games played in the majors. I want to see prospects, not washed-outs, if you know what I mean.

AA Eastern League ASG: East (Trenton’s division) lost 8-3. Trenton’s Corban Joseph 2 for 3. Austin Romine 1 for 2, rbi (this after a good Futures Game performance). Banuelos 1 scoreless IP, 3 K. Betances scoreless IP, 1 K.

High A: Tampa won 5-3. Neil Medchill 2-run HR.

Low A: Charleston lost 11-6. Ramon Flores HR, 2 rbi. Kelvin De Leon solo HR.

Staten Island (short season): Mason “Classical Gas” Williams 4 h, .360.

GCL: Dante Bichette, Jr. 2 h. double, rbi.

The minors today

AAA: SWB lost a rain-shortened (8 inn.) game 8-1. Dave Phelps 4 IP, 1 R, 4-5, 2.91. Lance Pendleton, just sent down, 2 r in 1 2/3 (must have been the packing, trip, etc.). Brackman pitched a scoreless mopup inning. Ex-Yanks farmhand Zach McAllister tossed four scoreless innings for Columbus. Jorge Vazquez is in a slump, down to .268.

AA: Trenton lost 3-2. Pat Venditte 0-3, 3.20. Craig Heyer 1 r in 6 ip, 2.83.

High A: 3-1 win for Tampa. Jairo Heredia 7-1, 3.36. It’s nice to see him get it back after some recent problems. Heredia, 21 had some major trouble at Tampa last year.

Low A: Charleston lost 5-1. Gary Sanchez 2 for 3, double, HR and up to .255-5-24.

Key midseason pickups playing postseason parts.

As we watch the divisional series, we see some key midseason pickups that have played or will play a huge role for their new clubs.

Cliff Lee was close to going to NY in a deal fronted by prospect Jesus Montero (more on that later). Instead he wound up in Texas. In game 1 of the ALDS, 7 IP, 1 R, 5 H and 10 K. … and of course, no walks.

Lee is now 5-0, 1.52 in the postseason for his career. The free agent-to-be will be heavily desired, especially by the Rangers who want to keep him, and the Yanks, who will have C.C. trying to lure his ex-teammate to become a teammate once again.

Lee was 8-3, 2.34 for Seattle when he was traded to Texas. With the Rangers, he went a mediocre 4-6, 3.98. 12-9 overall, ERA 3.18. Seven complete games (if he came to the Yanks, would he say, “who needs Mo?”) led the AL. 185 K and just 18 walks. Led the majors in WHIP, BB/9 and K per BB. A superb pickup for the Rangers and you wonder where he will be in 2011. A 16-9, 3.85 average season, ERA+ 112. At 32, expect a three to four year deal. Would the Yanks offer 4 years at a total of $80 to $88 million?

Talking about Lee brings us to Roy Oswalt. Upon getting Halladay (age 33, 21-10, tied with CC for most wins in MLB, 2.44. 9 CG led MLB. 4 shutouts led MLB. A perfect game. Led MLB in IP. Led the NL in BB/9, K per BB, etc. … then a postseason no-no), the Phils traded Lee. Most wondered why not keep both for a killer trio with Hamels? The Phils were hit with injuries and were stumbling along when they dealt for Oswalt. It was as if they realized their mistake and rectified it midseason. They could not get Lee back, but they could acquire another ace, and an ace is what Oswalt has been. Look at Halladay’s numbers. The wins, ERA, CG, IP, shutouts, etc. Now add Oswalt’s Philly record of 7-1, 1.74 to that. The only game Oswalt has lost so far as a Phillie was his first one, right off the plane. Since that, either a win or a ND. He was 6-12, 3.42 for Houston before the deal. Good numbers, no support. Overall this year, Oswalt (33) was “only” 13-13, but with a 2.76 ERA. Halladay 2.44. Oswalt a combined 2.76, 1.74 as a Phillie. … and you wonder why they are favored. Oswalt led the NL in a category Halladay didn’t … WHIP. Oswalt enters tonight’s game with a 4-0, 3.66 postseason record.

Then add Hamels, who was just 12-11, but with a 3.06 ERA at age 26. 2.44, 2.76 (1.74 as a Phil) and 3.06. That is a tough trio.

Now to the Yankees, who picked up Wood at the trade deadline. Wood was 1-4, 6.30 with the Indians and coming off an injury when the Yanks picked him up. Since then, Kerry Wood has been phenomenal in pinstripes. 2-0, 0.69 as the Yanks 8th inning guy. 31K in 26 IP. The walks (18) were a bit disturbing. Overall 3-4, 3.13, but those Yankee numbers stand out.

Last night Wood was just dominating in the 8th. 1-2-3 with 2 k. He had some trouble in Game 1 (2 outs but a hit and a walk) but it looks like he is the 8th inning guy this whole postseason. If he continues to pitch like last night…

…finally Berkman. Just 1 HR in 106 AB as a Yankee. .245-13-49 with Houston. .255-1-9 as a Yankee. .248-14-58 overall. He looked to be a bust, but he had a big HR and double and 2 RBI last night.                      

I have no clue what Kearns will do, if anything. Another midseason pickup. We know the numbers. 38 K in 102 AB as a Yankee. 2 HR, 7 RBI but a lot of LOB. .235 or so since his midseason pickup.  

But you see how some midseason pickups could really influence things. Heck Pat Burrell could get in the thick of things. Pat “the bat” flubbed with the Rays (.202-2-13) but picked it up with SF (.266-18-51). You don’t know. Maybe he makes an impact.

Joel Sherman today in the NY Post discussed the Lee-to-the-Yankees that didn’t happen. Who knows if the Yanks get Lee next year anyway? So let’s look at who the Yanks would have given up. Maybe by not giving up these kids, it’ll be a good thing…maybe the kids develop.

C Jesus Montero wound up .289-21-75 after a slow start in AAA. He won’t turn 21 for another seven weeks or so. He hopes to make the Yankees out of spring training but even if he doesn’t, it appears as if 2011 will see his MLB debut sometime.   

P Zach McAllister was dealt to Cleveland for Kearns. The 22 year old righty pitcher was 8-10, 5.09 for AAA SWB then went 1-2, 6.88 at Columbus. An ugly AAA year for him. Combined 9-12, 5.29.

2B David Adams was expendable because of Cano. (and Nunez, Russo…) He was turned down by Seattle because he was hurt. At the time he had played 39 games at AA, hitting .309-3-32. He didn’t play another game all year.

In place of Adams, Seattle wanted P Adam Warren. Warren, 23, was 7-5, 2.22 in high A before a promotion to AA where he went 4-2, 3.15. A solid 11-7, 2.59 year for him. We’ll see if he starts 2011 in AA or AAA.       

Game 122. You can’t do that. Yanks lose 6-0.

The B-Side of the Beatles #1 hit of 1964, Can’t Buy Me Love, was called You Can’t Do That.

Tonight, that song was appropriate. AJ, in his first three batters, gave up a single, walk and HR. Down 3-0, no outs, and 3 batters.

Against King Felix, who came into tonight just 8-10, but 2.62. No run support.

Giving Felix Hernandez a three-run cushion before he takes the mound? Same as Halladay or Lee. No chance.

So the Yanks lose 6-0. Hernandez 8 shutout innings, 11K, just 4 H. 9-10, 2.51.

Burnett 7 IP. 9-11. 4.80. Once he gave up 3 in the first, you figured his goose was cooked. 7 IP. 6 R, 12 H, 3 walks and  4 K. Gaudin the last 2. 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks 1 K. 6.04 overall ERA.

Yanks stay one up. Rays & Boston lose.

A-Rod Dhs. Just one AB and the calf acts up. Problem?        

Update: I should have mentioned that Zach McAlllister is going to the Indians as the player to be named later in the Kearns deal. McAllister, 22, was 7-5, 2.23 at AA last year but has struggled this year at AAA, going 8-10, 5.09.

BBD, through the Post, reports that Ivan Nova will be called up in September and will join the rotation. Apparently that’s one way to hold down Hughes’ innings.

To me, it’s an audition for 2011 for Nova. I don’t expect the Yanks to re-sign Javy Vazquez, who is a free agent. Nova, 23, is 12-3, 2.86 at AAA SWB this year. He could be the fifth starter for the Yanks next year. He pitched in two games for the Yanks earlier this year, giving up no runs in three innings.           

Game 90. Rays 10, Yanks 5. AJ awful.

Burnett lasted only 2+ innings and was bad A. J. again. Unreliable. 4 R in 2 + innings. 7-8, 4.99.

What’s more, he left with lacerations on his pitching hand, caused, they say, by tripping and trying to break his fall.

You never know what kind of performance he’ll give you.

Moseley (7.50) and Gaudin (6.52) wrapped up an ugly pitching performance.

Teix (18) and Posada (11) homered.

The slumping Jeter is down to .269. Those contract talks at the end of the year are getting more interesting.

Of course, A-Rod is only at .269 himself, but Alex still has some pop in his bat.

A concern. Age is showing. Not in a crash, but in slippage.

Heading to the Stadium today. Pettitte vs. Price.  

I was at SWB last night. Zach McAllister got lit up then I got, hoo-boy, Igawa. Igawa didn’t disappoint, giving up 3 HRs. Golson, Chad Tracy and Bruntlett homered. We left in the 8th with SWB down 11-6.



Lee to Texas.

For most of today, it appeared Cliff Lee was headed to the Bronx. 

Well, Lee won’t be facing the Yanks tonight. But not because he is a Yankee.

Seattle backed out of a deal with the Yanks that would have sent Montero, Dave Adams and Zach McAllister to the Mariners for Lee. Adams has had a high ankle sprain and the M’s were leary. The Yanks could have and may have tried to substitute Eduardo Nunez or Corban Joseph for Adams but Seattle wouldn’t bite. Later, Seattle came back and wanted more and the Yanks said no. That is when Seattle knew they had a deal with Texas secured.

So Lee is a Ranger.

A look at the players involved in the Yanks/Lee talks, and other top Yankee prospects. 

Lee we know about. 8-3, 2.34 this year. A ridiculous 89 to 6 K to BB ratio. Won 2 games for the Phils in the 2009 WS. 98-55, 3.84 for his career, a 162 g. average of 16-9, 3.84. CYA in 2008 when he went 22-3.

Montero would have been a focal point in the deal. The AAA SWB C is just 20 and has struggled at AAA a bit after breezing through the low A/High A/AA ranks. He is hitting .253-6-35.

David Adams has been out with an ankle sprain which helped to negate Lee to the Yanks. The 23 year old righty hitting 2b is at .309-3-32 for AA Trenton this year. He hit .286-7-75 between low A Charleston and High A Tampa in 2009.

Eduardo Nunez had 33 errors at AA Trenton last year, but hit .322-9-55 with 19 SB. This  year the 23 year old righty hitter is hitting .304-3-40 with 18 SB for AAA SWB.

Corban Joseph is a 21 year old 2B at High A Tampa who is hitting .315-6-46. Last year for low A Charleston, Joseph, a lefty bat, hit .300.

Zach McAllister is 22. He has struggled at bit at AAA, going 7-5, 4.45 for SWB this year after going 7-5, 2.23 for AA Trenton last year.

I don’t know what more Seattle may have wanted. Some other names to know:

Ivan Nova: 23, RHP. 7-2, 3.04 at AAA SWB right now. Pitched 2 games, 3 IP for the Yanks earlier this year. 0 R, 4 H, 0 walks and 1 K.

Hector Noesi: 23, RHP. Between High A and AA this year, 11-3, 2.21. 6-4, 2.92 last year between low and high A.

Austin Romine: 21 yr. old C at AA Trenton. Righty bat, like Montero. Son of ex-MLB player Kevin Romine. Currently .281-6-44.

J.R. Murphy. 19 yr. old C. Righty bat. 9 games in the GCL last year, currently at low A Charleston. In his 55 minor league games, .263-3-35.

Gary Sanchez. Just 17. C Righty bat with GCL Yankees. In his first 14 minor league games, 20 for 52, .385. 3 HR, 15 RBI.                    

Brandon Laird. 22. Righty bat. 3B/1B. Brother of Gerald Laird. .278-19-81 at AA Trenton right now.

Minors 5/15/10

AAA: 2-1 win for SWB. Mc Allister 2-2, 4.40,  1 R in 7 IP. Melancon (2.86) and Albaladejo (10 saves, 1.56) with scoreless innings. Chad Huffman (OF) HR. Eduardo Nunez, RBI (SS, .331). Montero struggling at .236. SWB leads the International League North with a 21-14 record. 1/2 game better than two teams.

AA: 6-2 win for Trenton. D. J. Mitchell 4-2, 4.95. C Austin Romine (.296) 3 RBI. 2B, 3B for 2B Dave Adams (.317). Trenton is in 2nd place, 3 1/2 GB in the Eastern League East.    

High A: Tampa won 2-1 in 11. 3 hits for 2b/ss Walt Ibarra (.387). Hector Noesi five scoreless (2.72). 2 2/3 scoreless for Pat Venditte, (2.42). 3rd at 18-18 in the Florida State League North.

Low A: Charleston lost 3-1. Shaeffer Hall 3 R in 7 2/3. 2-2, 2.04; 17-19 in South Atlantic League Southern.