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S.T. Game 32. Yanks beat O’s 11-8

The Yanks beat Baltimore 11-8 tonight to run their S.T. record to 13-18-1.

Mason “Classical Gas” Williams was 1 for 2 with 2 RBI. Eduardo Nunez was 2 for 3 with an RBI. New 1B Lyle Overbay was 2 for 5. Brennan Boesch had a 2-run HR. He and Francisco went back to back. Addison Maruszak and Bobby Wilson each had 2 rbi.

Dave Phelps went 5 1/3, 3 R, 4 H, 2 walks and 9 K. He was great until the 5th.

1 R in 2/3 for Spence, 4 R in 2/3 for Pinder.

Cedeno 1/3 scoreless. Goody and Claiborne each with a scoreless inning.

Hughes will miss his first start of the season, DL. Jeter will not play in  another spring game— even if Minor league — until next week.

Tim McCarver  (who a lot of us don’t like) is packing it in after this season.

Marlins still making waves

So the Marlins are out on Pujols, despite a ten-yr. offer.

Is Pujols really 31? Even if that, ten years is too much. If he’s really 34 or so, then a ten-yr. offer is insane.

But apparently Miami is also out on Fielder. Fielder, younger, may make more sense but it appears the Marlins, after being spurned by Albert, seek more pitching. There are rumors of a six-yr. deal being tossed at Wilson by both Miami AND the Angels.

They did land LHP Mark Buehrle today (I’ll admit, I wanted Buehrle on the Yanks, but apparently the Yanks didn’t want to go more than two years. Buehrle got $58M/4 yr.). This reunites Buehrle with his old mgr., Ozzie Guillen. Buehrle, who has thrown two no-no’s (one a perfecto) was 13-9, 3.59 this past season, ERA+ 117. For his career, he’s 161-119, 3.83, ERA+ 120, 162 g. ave. 15-11, 3.83. Solid. He’ll be 33, and if I were Cashman, I’d have offered him 2 yr., $30mm. Nothing more. Of course, I don’t know what $$$$ Cash has to deal with. Buehrle got 4 yr., $58MM. I don’t think Cashman wants to go into that 2014 CBA . Meaning nothing (outside of present contracts) into 2014.

The Yankees did win a posting fee on a Japanese SS, Hiroyuki Nakajima. Twitter has reports of him being a good bat, but poor glove despite a recent GG in Japan. The Yanks posting fee of $2mm was enough. They are looking at him and Nunez for the utility inf. spot. Nakajima’s last four years in Japan were: .331-21-81, .309-22-92, .314-20-93 and this past year’s .297-16-100 (21 SB). We don’t know if the pop will translate, but it’s nice pop if it does. The Yanks now have 30 days to sign him.

Huston Street was dealt by the Rox to SD. Street was 1-4, 3.86, 29 saves for Colorado in 2011. He is just 28 but has 178 career saves, 30-21, 3.11, ERA+ 143. He was the 2005 ROY with the A’s.

SD meanwhile, DFA’d Jeremy Hermida.

Could Jimmy Rollins be going back to the Phils? It appears so. As does K-Rod to Milwaukee, where he would be one very expensive setup man.

So now Miami is looking to deal Hanley Ramirez because he had a snit fit about being moved from SS to 3B. He is coming off a bad year, and has had a history of showing up his mgr. Great talent, great asshole.
Grow up, Hanley.

For the record, I saw Hanley Ramirez play for AA when he was a Boston farmhand. I saw great talent. Too bad he progressed into a jackass.

Erik Bedard to the Pirates. Bedard was 5-9, 3.62 combined for Sea/Bos. ERA+ 110. Bedard has never given 200 IP in his career, only once has he given 30 starts in a season. Pass.

Guillermo Mota back to SF. He was 2-2, 3.81 for them in 2011, ERA + 94. Career 39-44, 3.91, ERA+ 106. He is 38.

David Ortiz accepts arbitration from Boston. He did hit .309-29-96 in 2011, OPS+ 154, but he is 36.

Rumors are that the Phils would deal prospect Domonic Brown for Gio Gonzalez of the A’s. Gio would make that rotation … ugh.

For Gonzalez, the A’s wanted Montero as a start…

The Angels are about to sign LaTroy Hawkins. Hawkins, soon to be 39, was 3-1, 2.42, ERA+ 162 in 2011. For his career, he is 63-85, 4.48, ERA+ 104 w/87 saves.

UPDATE: K/ROD accepts Milw. arb. offer. Meaning he’ll be the most expensive setup guy ever.

Tim McCarver, who had a long playing career (and was 2nd in MVP voting to teammate Orlando Cepeda in 1967), was elected to the HOF as a broadcaster. (The Ford C. Frick Award).

DeWayne Wise, who saved Buehrle’s perfecto with a great catch, is about to sign a minor league deal w/the yanks. .219 B.A., OPS+ 62. Better glove than bat.




Looking like a bunch of Game 5’s…

As we know, the Yanks and Tigers have a 5th and deciding Game 5 tonight (Thurs.).

The Cardinals beat the Phils to force a Game 5 Friday in Philly.

As I type this (12:15 A.M. Thurs. morning), Arizona leads Milw. 8-4. Should they hang on (7th inning) Game 5 will be Friday in Milwaukee.

Nail-biting time.

BTW, saw good news for those of you who can’t stand McCarver. Terry Francona will be in the booth instead of McCarver for ALCS Games 1 and 2.

Game 118. Day of redemption for Hughes, Posada. Jorge GS, 6 RBI in Yanks’ 9-2 win.

Huge start for Hughes, who, it appears will be bumped from the rotation. It’s AJ and Hughes for the #5 spot, and Hughes has the bullpen experience AJ doesn’t have.

Yanks 71-46, 2 back of Boston for the division, 7 up for the WC spot.
4 gms. worse than the Pythagorean record. OPS+ 110, ERA+ 119

Posada gets a game.

Gardner LF .280-5-28  36sb/47att  OPS+ 105
Jeter SS .276-4-41  12/16  89    3034 hits
Granderson CF .273-32-93  22/32  148     40/30?
Teixeira 1B .247-32-86  3/4  124
Cano 2B .302-20-81  8/9  131
Swisher RF .269-14-64  2/4  119
Chavez 3B .295-1-14  0/0  109
Posada DH .230-9-31  0/2  83
Martin C .225-12-46  8/9  87

Hughes P 2-4, 7.11   ERA+ 59

Interesting stuff in the Post today. First off, Sherman’s column on Mo and how the Core Four is proving more mortal. Pettitte is retired, Jeter is in the .270’s, OPS+ in the high 80s as opposed to .314, OPS+ 115, Posada has been benched (playing today, but see his numbers above) and now Mo has had three consecutive lousy outings. He’s still 1-2, 2.40 with 30 saves.

At 41, people look for any excuse to write Mo off. I’ve had discussions here and on other blogs regarding this. It seems like people have been wanting to write Mo off for some six years or so now. Yes, I know Mo gave up HRs in two consecutive games, almost three (double off the monster). I also know the fact that he turns 42 on November 29 and is mortal. I also know that in the last four years lefties’ B.A. against him has gone up in each of those years. the cutter may not be cutting in as much. One day age will catch up to him.

I also know that Mo’s history shows blips between say August 4 and August 23. It is like Superman for 20 days meets kryptonite. Each time Mo snaps out of it.

Am I one to throw him under the bus already? No. For me, Mo has to show over a more extended period of time that he has lost it. The people throwing him under a bus now probably conveniently forget that before these last three outings, that from June 1st to August 5th of this year, Mo had an ERA of 1.29. You knew that 1.29 wasn’t going to last all year. He was due for a blip.

Now if Mo is like this for 3-4 more weeks, and continues to be shaky not for one bad week, but for four consecutive weeks, every time out, then I’ll worry. But not now. Not after ONE bad week.

The standards Mo has applied to himself and has set are sometimes ridiculously high. Someone else, three bad outings in a row, you wait it out and see how he is over a month. Mo? People write him off after one bad week. Shouldn’t Mo get the same benefit of a doubt? Mo’s ERA is 2.40, not far off his career average of 2.24. Maybe he’s not the Mo who averaged a 1.86 ERA from 2003-2010, but he isn’t bad. Maybe he turns into a Dave Righetti ca. 1987-1990 type, when “Rags” averaged 4-4, 3.40 and 29 saves a year. Those numbers by Righetti weren’t bad numbers. A lot of teams would kill for those numbers out of their closer, especially one in his early 40’s. But they aren’t Rivera numbers, and if Mo puts up those numbers, people want to throw Mo under a bus and say he’s done.

Like I said, let’s see what Mo does over the next month before we throw him under the bus. He’s earned that. Not after three bad outings.

More news: Cashman defends A.J. Sorry Cash, you are the only one. Saying the fans’ reaction is emotional bull**** that doesn’t accurately reflect reality? He’s 8-9. Take away Hughes, and he’s the only starter (CC, Nova, Colon, Garcia and AJ) with a 1) losing record and 2) an ERA over 4.00. When Cash defends AJ it’s like Tom the consigliore defending the Godfather…  there’s no good reason to defend him other than…

I don’t know about today’s game. It’s some 40 minutes before gametime and the sky is getting dark…. in fact, it’s now raining here.

McCarver. Ugh. Ok, Tim, you state the Yanks come playoff time will have a problem with DH against lefties. Um… Chavez? I understand the concern about Posada (.230-9-31, OPS+83) but um, A-Rod will be back in a week to 10 days, and Chavez (.295-1-14 in 78 ab) can DH. If Chavez can maintain his 109 OPS+, then what is the problem? McCarver. Ugh.

Jeter (honored for 3000 pre-game) makes an error in the first. A DP (6-4-3) gets him off the hook. Gardner gets picked off in the bottom of the 1st.

It looks like A-Rod will DH again today. He wants another DH day before going back to 3B.

With two out in the 2nd, the Rays put two on, but Hughes gets out of it. A single and two walks load the bases for the Yanks with no out in the 2nd for Chavez. Chavez pops up. Posada gets a nice hand. Sterling & Waldman state about how much the Yanks want him to succeed. True. But they don’t say the other truth. That the fans are also saying goodbye. Jorge comes through with a two-run single. 2-0 Yanks after two.

Hughes making his case. Three scoreless.

Jeter gets hit 3035 and the Yanks get two on, two out in the bottom of the 3rd. Swisher strikes out. 2-0 after three.

In the fourth, Posada gets his second hit and a hit by Gardner puts men on 1st and 2nd, two out. But Sterling and Waldman are brown-nosing Posada so badly on the radio it’s embarrassing. Jeter lines out. Still 2-0 after four.

Well, at least Torre isn’t there to abuse him…. the Yanks sign Scott Proctor to a minor league deal. Ugh. Proctor was 2-3, 6.44 for the Braves this year.

Lightning and thunder were I’m at. Not so NY, but there later?

Granderson ties Bautista for the MLB lead with HR #33 in the fifth to make it 3-0. Can he wrest the MVP away from Adrian Gonzalez?

And… if this is Jorge Posada’s swan song, he’s having one great last day. After Granderson’s HR,  and Teix’s flyout, Cano doubles and Swisher and Chavez walk. Jorge breaks the game open with HR #10 (271 of his career). It’s a 6-rbi day (so far, we’re only in the fifth) and it puts the Yanks up 7-0. 7-0, end of five. For Posada and Hughes, a day of redemption.

Some trouble for Hughes in the 6th. HR, triple, K, RBI groundout make it 7-2.  Nevertheless, this has been a good outing for Hughes, and Girardi’s decision gets tougher. The Yanks come back. Granderson singles, Teix doubles him in. A groundout, walk and forceout By Chavez bring in Teix. 9-2 after six.

Hughes is done. 6 IP, 2 R, 4 H, 1 walk and 6 K. He makes Girardi’s decision tougher as to who #5 will be, him or AJ. It should be Hughes based on recent performance, but as I stated, Hughes has bp experience, AJ doesn’t.  Hughes ERA goes to 6.55 as he went to 3-4.

Wade in for the 7th. He has a 1-2-3.

Jeter gets hit 3036 in the 7th. He’s now chasing Carew 3053, Henderson 3055 & Biggio 3060. Still 9-2 after seven.

Wade also pitched the 8th. 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 1K. ERA 2.31.

Noesi a scoreless 9th. 1-2-3 with a K. 3.96 for his ERA.

Yanks win 9-2 to go to 72-46.

Game 29. Yanks crush Boston behind Teix 3 HR, Cervelli 5 RBI, 14-3.

1st. Jeter singles (infield), Gardner gets a bunt single but Teix GIDP. Ugh. Alex walks, Cano flies out. Darn it, Teix, heat up. CC has a 1-2-3.

2nd. Yanks down 1-2-3. CC gives up two singles but gets a K and a DP.

3rd. Ramiro Pena leads it off with a double. Jeter walks and Gardner bunts the runners over. RBI singles by Teixeira and Alex. Cano GIDP. 2-0 Yanks.   

Damn. CC gives it back. Two out. Hr to McDonald, HBP Pedroia and HR Martinez. 3-2 Boston.

God, I want to mute McCarver and Buck.   

4th. The Great Gazoo comes through. Walk by Swisher, 2-base error and Cervelli singles home a run. Winn was gunned down at the plate, though. Cervelli to 2nd.  To 3rd on a WP.   He is stranded. 1-2-3 for CC.

5th Teix breaks the tie. About Time, Teix! HR. #3. A walk, single  and walk load the bases with two out for….the Great Gazoo. Cervelli. He’s been amazing and is that again. A 2-run single. 6-3 Yanks. Can you believe Cervelli is hitting… .415? Maybe every Yankee should wear that helmet.

A lineout, walk and popup. CC gets an 0-2 count, then two balls and …. the tarp. Rain delay.   

Checking other blogs. LoHud has some good news about Nick Johnson. Inflamed tendon, not torn. Meaning hopefully Johnson is back sooner. Unless he tears it sneezing or something.

Junior Griffey. Hanging on too long? Last year he only hit .214, but did have 19 HR, upping his career total to 630. Right now he is at .216. Only two of his 16 hits are for extra bases.

Game resumes. Poor CC. One strike away from a possible win. Rain. Aceves gets a popup to end the 5th. I can’t see it though, the beginning was on Fox, but I can’t get the conclusion. To the radio.

ANOTHER DAMNED INJURY! Aceves gives up two hits but gets two outs in the 6th. He gets hurt in making a pitch. It doesn’t look good. Logan in. Gets a K to end the inning.

Have to find out about Aceves. Damn it. UPDATE: back trouble.

Welcome to the team, Teixeira! His 2nd HR of the game. Now his season starts.

RBI single for Swisher in the 7th.

Robertson gets work to continue to right himself.  Not good. A K, but 2 singles. Joba time. He gets out of it.

2-run single for Swisher in the 8th. 2-run single for Cervelli. Cervelli had 3 hits, 5 RBI and now is hitting a ridiculous .429.

Kevin Russo made his MLB debut and flied to right in his first AB.

Joba gets two out in the 8th, a walk and Marte came in.

The capper—after a Jeter double, Teixeira hits his third HR of the game. The first two were lefty, the last one righty. As with last year, it seems his season starts on 5/8. (Last year, 5/8 was when Alex came back; I believe Alex vs. the Angels was the last time a Yankee had 3 hr in a game).

Marte gave up a walk in the 9th. Nothing else.

Be a few days off for Aceves. Enough already. The nicks and pains are getting ridiculous. Aceves did get the win, 3-0. He has started his career 14-1.

14-3 win. 21-8 despite the injuries.

Teixeira 4 for 6, 3 HR, 5 RBI and gets over the Mendoza Line.  Swisher 3 RBI, Cervelli 3 for 4 with 5 RBI.  


From Lohud:

Sabathia said the pitch that hit Dustin Pedroia was simply a fastball that got away from him. Girardi said the same thing. “His fastball was cutting today, and that’s happening a little bit with him. When he does that, his command is off.”

Wonder if McCarver can read that?

A numbers game, and look at the people under the bus

Andy Pettitte doesn’t have to report until Monday. It’s a postscript to what I wrote yesterday of how will this offseason and his controversy and revelations affect him?

Pete Abraham reports that Joba Chamberlain is stating that his best pitch so far in warmups is his change. We didn’t see that too often last year. Can you see a batter expecting the 98 MPH fastball or killer slider and getting the change? It might be like that Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs pulls the string. Pete also states that 21 has been assigned (which gets O’Neill fans upset, as 24 to Cano upset Tino fans) but 6 and 51 haven’t been assigned. Another interesting statement is that Mussina, Farnsworth(less) and Bruney appear to have lost weight. Lastly, he reports that WEBMD helped Shelley Duncan in diagnosing and getting treatment for that blood clot this offseason.

Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News adds:

• Phil Hughes will wear 34 (he wore 65 last year)
• Chris Woodward will wear 11
• Nick Green will wear 12 (he wore 17 during his first stint with the Yankees)
• Jason Lane will wear 19
• LaTroy Hawkins will wear 22 (I guess Clemens’ number won’t be retired)
• Sean Henn will wear 30 (he gave up 34 for Hughes)
• Ian Kennedy will wear 31 (he wore 36 last year)
• Edwar Ramirez will wear 36 (he wore 31 last year)
• Ross Ohlendorf will wear 39 (he wore 60 last year)
• Darrell Rasner will wear 47 (he wore 27 last year) 

If you’ll remember correctly, 27 is now being worn by Manager Joe Girardi to remind him of the goal (Title #27).

Is it me, or did Roger seem to throw everyone under the bus yesterday in order to try to save his ass? His wife, Pettitte, the Blue Jays team doctor, even his mom (who he said told him to take B-12, to which Congress said it should only be taken in certain instances of which Roger doesn’t qualify)? 

Tim McCarver wrote a book called The Perfect Season : Why 1998 Was Baseball’s Greatest Year. How ironic that title seems now. Given what we know now about rampant steroid abuse in that period, will he write a followup? 


Looking back on things, it’s amazing how the GOP favored Clemens and the Democrats favored McNamee. Even here, the two parties can’t agree.