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Game 103. Yanks lose, 8-2.


Rookies Bryan Mitchell and Diego Moreno had a rough night as the Yanks lost to the Chicago White Sox 8-2 on Saturday night. With the loss, the Yanks’ lead over Baltimore is at five. They are 58-45 on the season.

The only highlight for the Yanks’ was Brian McCann’s 17th HR of the year, a solo shot hit in the ninth inning.

Ex-Yankee Melky Cabrera had a 3-run hr.

Is it me, or do Ellsbury and Gardner need to start running more? Now, the two were a combined 0 for 7 with a walk last night so they weren’t getting on base, but it seems like Gardner and Ellsbury have been stuck on 15 and 14 SB, respectively, for a while. The Yanks have 40 SB on the year, 29 by those two guys, and rank 12th in the AL. Just saying that I haven’t seen them run in a while.

Before the game, Nick Goody was sent down, Nick Rumbelow brought up.

Luis Severino will make his MLB debut on Wednesday at the Stadium against Boston.

Mitchell (L, 0-1, 4.73) 4 IP, 4 R, 7 H, 2 walks and 5 K.
Moreno 3 IP, 4 R, 4 H, 1 walk and 0 K. 5.23
Rumbolow 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 0 K.  2.08.

WS: Tigers/Giants

The Tigers & Cardinals had faced off in the WS before, in 1934, 1968 and 2006.

The defending champion Cardinals had a 3 games to 1 lead in the NLCS. It looked like another Tigers/Cards meeting was imminent.

But it’s not.

The San Francisco Giants won a Game 7 for the first time in their history (going back to NY), and will be facing the Detroit Tigers in the WS.

For the Giants, it’s been one heck of a ride. Down 0-2 to the Cincinnati Reds, they came back. Down 1-3 to the Cardinals, they came back.

So there will still be only 3 NL teams to go back-to-back as WS Champs (the 1907-1908 Cubs, who haven’t won since, the 1921-1922 NY Giants and the 1975-1976 Cincinnati Reds).

The only thing that bugs me a little is that much of the Giants success early in the season was due to Melky Cabrera (.346-11-60 in 113 games) and that he was the All-Star Game MVP, helping to give the NL home field advantage. Melky, of course, was then busted for PEDs and got the 50-game suspension. That kind of taints things.

King Felix perfect, Melky not.

Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game this afternoon for Seattle vs. the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s the third perfect game this season, after Humber’s and Cain’s. What is strange is realizing that for 34 years before Don Larsen’s WS perfecto in 1956, there were no perfect games at all. There were none between 1968 (Catfish Hunter) and 1981 (Len Barker). It’s also the second no-hitter by Seattle this season, the other being a combined one.

As for imperfect, maybe we have an inkling now why Melky Cabrera was having a career season, one he never came close to while with the Yankees. The All-Star Game MVP, hitting .346, was suspended for 50 games for testosterone. With the Giants neck & neck with LA for the NL West lead, and with 45 games left, this hurts. Should the Giants make the playoffs, Melky would have to sit the first five games worth…. or all of the NLDS if you want to put it that way (assuming SF wins the division and isn’t a wild card). Now you know why the Giants traded for Hunter Pence of the Phils—because there were rumors a month ago.

Melky dealt….again

Ex-Yankee Melky Cabrera has been traded…again.

The Yanks traded the Melkman after the 2009 season to Atlanta. After a poor 2010 with the Braves, Melky was released and had a great 2011 with KC.

Now KC has traded him to SF for Jonathan Sanchez.

Game 33. Garcia great again. Save #572 for Mo. 3-1 Yanks.

Tonight’s lineup.

1. Jeter SS Hit counter: 2960. .276-2-9 SB 1/3; OPS+ 90
2. Granderson CF .283-11-23 2/3 173 leads MLB in HR
3. Teixeira 1B .259-9-21 0/0 161
4. Rodriguez 3B .263-5-19 0/1 134 Been in slump. Last HR? 4/23; facing Davies, off whom he got #500.
5. Cano 2B .290-8-24 2/2 136
6. Swisher RF .217-2-14 1/1 80 Swish needs to pick it up
7. Posada DH .152-6-14 0/1 68 see Swish.
8. Martin C .264-6-20 2/2 143 slumping lately
9. Gardner LF .233-3-8 5/9 101 was around .140 not long ago

Garcia P 1-2, 2.88 ERA+ 140

No surprises.

Too bad the game isn’t on TV where I am (I don’t get YES). John and Suzyn state that it looks like the Melkman lost 25 lbs. I’d like to see that.

Gardner tripled with two out in the third after the first 8 Yanks went down in order. Hit #2961 (single) by Jeter, ties Sam Crawford on the all-time list and puts the Yanks up 1-0. Next up, Sam Rice at 2987.

…and of all people, the Melkman ties it in the fourth with a HR. Figures.

A-Rod 0 for 2 after the fourth inning. Drops him below .260. (Posada at .149, Swish .213; meanwhile Gardner has raised his average almost 100 points to .242). 1-1 after four.

Swisher saves Garcia with a diving catch with two on and two out in the fifth. Still tied. As for Garcia, 5 IP (so far), 1 R, 5 H, 1 walk and 3 K. ERA 2.70. He and Colon have been big surprises so far.

The catch by Swish, as well as some bad baserunning by KC has hurt the Royals so far.

The Yanks load the bases in the bottom of the fifth. A hit by A-Rod makes it 3-1.

Garcia went into the seventh. Then, the inning that cinched the game for the Yanks. Maybe Girardi went with Garcia a bit too long. He gives up a hit and a walk. Robertson comes in and gets a flyout. But a walk loads the bases. 3-1, bases loaded and one out. D-Rob gets two strikeouts to get out of it. Huge.

Garcia 6+ IP, 1 R, 6 H, 2 walks and 3 K. He goes to 2-2, 2.61. Who knew?
D-rob 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 2 K. ERA 1.35.

Joba for the 8th, not Soriano (see below). A 1-2-3 with 2 K, and Joba hitting 97/98. The Joba we want to see. Is the Joba of 2007 back? ERA to 3.18.

Mo, of course for the 9th. A leadoff single, but a K and a DP (and can Cano turn it or what)? Save #572 for Mo. The Yanks have 20 wins this year (20-13), and Mo has one win and 13 saves. Even at 41, Mo (1.62) is phenomenal.

Hughes to start throwing on Thursday.

Soriano unavailable tonight. Elbow problems. MRI coming up. Hopefully nothing serious. Should Soriano be DL’d, the Yanks have options. Joba throwing well, could go to 8th. The Yanks do have to make a decision on rehabbing Luis Ayala. They could bring him up.

One thing with Hughes, and just a thought since he’s a while away. Say Colon, Nova and Garcia continue to pitch well. When Hughes returns (late June/early July) do you put him in the bullpen to get his feet wet (especially if what Soriano has is long-term and costs him a lot of games) or do you throw Hughes back into the rotation? Just food for thought there.

Jeter’s two hits take him to .283. Posada’s 1 for 3 take him to .147.

Crawford to Boston for 7 yrs and $142M


Woke up to find out Carl Crawford went to Boston for 7 years and $142M. That Werth signing messed everything up. I had Werth to Boston, Crawford to the Angels. Once Werth went to DC, all bets went off, I suppose.

Boston now has a good lineup with speed. As written somewhere, it could look like this: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Crawford, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Drew, Catcher (Saltalamacchia? Aging Varitek? Will they go after Martin?) and Scutaro. Rotation Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Laptops, Lackey and if needed Wakefield (at 44).

The Red Sox 2010 missed the playoffs much as the Yanks of 2008 did. (In fact, both teams had the same record—89 wins). Now Boston is attacking the winter of 2010/2011 as the Yanks did 2008/2009. Yankees fans hope the result is different—otherwise Beantown will have a parade in early November 2011.

Some speed there with Ellsbury and Crawford. At the top of the lineup and in the OF. Think Francona wants to test the Yankees’ catchers out right now?

Do the Angels now focus on Lee? I don’t know. Their focus is more on improving their offense and as such, Beltre could be their #1 target now.

But as for the Yanks, this necessitates getting Lee even more. Especially with the uncertainty of Pettitte’s return.

A Tweet from Sweeny Murti of WFAN:

Guess Yanks do believe 7 yr offer now. Improving their bid so soon tells you how badly they want/need Lee.

Hmmm….Yanks going the painful extra mile and a 7th year? If so, 7 years and 165 M? (That’s 23.57 per). Whew.

You wonder if this now puts Boston over the top as 2011 AL East favorites. If so, I’d still have the Yanks as the wild card for now (pre-Lee). How far the Rays drop will be interesting since Crawford, Benoit, Bartlett (SD) and Pena are gone, and Soriano is to follow. Navarro (not a recent help) went to the Dodgers. That will be one different team and could be passed by Toronto if the Blue Jays can make some good moves. The Orioles are looking to improve but from what I’ve seen haven’t done anything significant yet. Targets (Konerko) still don’t go to Baltimore. I’d expect Buck to have them playing better in 2011 but wonder if it’ll be enough to keep the O’s out of the AL East basement. The O’s are sending prospects to the Twins for J.J. Hardy, though.

Another note from Murti, and a good one:

BOS adding LH bats Crawford and Gonzalez just made LH reliever more important for NYY. Also more expensive! (Downs? Feliciano?)

Remember Logan is all the Yanks have right now. Marte not back until mid-August (if EVER). Logan 2.93 was far lower than he ever put up before. It now looks as if Downs, Feliciano or Romero now a necessity as well. Reyes has signed with the Phils. 

Now here is class. From LoHud. A tweet from Curtis Granderson yesterday:

One year ago today, I was traded to the 27-time World Champion NY Yankees. Thank you fans, teammates, and front office for an amazing year.

I see a report that KC got Melky.

In the Rule 5 draft, the Yanks took 22 year old Robert Fish, a lefty pitcher, from the Angels. In high A/AA in 2010, Fish was just 5-5, 6.79 but did have 73 K in 58 1/3.  They also took Right-hander Daniel Turpen, who went 7-6 with a 4.30 ERA in Double-A last season, out of the Red Sox chain.

The Padres took George Kontos from the Yankees. Kontos, 24, was 0-4, 3.60 for A+/AA/AAA in 2010 for the Yanks farm teams. Lance Pendleton was taken by the Astros. Pendleton was 12-5, 3.61 AA/AAA in 2010 but is 27. More later.   

Update, 12/10/10: Reported that the Angels offered 6 and $108M but were blown away by Boston’s 7/142.

Update, 12/16: See Comments below for Bartlett.

NL CYA to Halladay; some Yankees news.

The Phillies’ Roy Halladay joins Gaylord Perry, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez as those who have won the CYA in both leagues.

The vote was unanimous.

Halladay went 21-10, 2.44. He shared or had the outright MLB lead in wins, CG, shutouts, and IP, and led the NL in hits given up (due to IP of course), batters faced, least walks/9 IP and K to BB ratio. He threw a perfect game as well.

The postseason doesn’t count in the voting, but Halladay threw a no-hitter in the NLDS there as well, and just missed another perfecto by just one walk.  A superb year, capped by his second CYA. Halladay won while with Toronto in 2003.

Recently I listed a list of lefty relievers that the Yanks could target. My #1 choice was Scott Downs, but he is a Type A free agent and the Yanks would have to give up a draft pick should they sign him. With the Yankees targeting Lee, giving up too many picks would hurt. Therefore the Yankees could be looking at my #2 choice, Pedro Feliciano from the Mets, who has led the majors in games pitched in each of the past three seasons. Feliciano will be 35 next August and went 3-6, 3.30 in 92 games for the Mets this year. For his career, Feliciano is 22-19, 3.31. Feliciano is not a type-A free agent.

MLB Trade Rumors states that Marcus Thames might be Japan bound:

  • Meanwhile the Softbank Hawks are working on signing Marcus Thames, according to a Sponichi report passed along by NPB Tracker’s Patrick Newman on Twitter.  Thames, 34 in March, was productive in a part-time role for the Yankees this year.
  • I could see Thames leaving, especially since DH is going to Posada. I wonder about backup OF. I’m not a big Melky fan, but he switch-hits, can PR (lose some weight, Melky) and plays all three OF positions. Decent insurance, and knows NY since he was there before. Popular, too. Just needs someone to stay on and kick his ass, and you wonder about his influence on buddy Robbie Cano. I wonder if the Yanks would take him back or if there were other reasons Melky was traded away, ones which were OFF the field issues?

    MLBTR also states these issues:

  • Yankees GM Brian Cashman ruled out Leo Mazzone but not Rick Peterson for the team’s new pitching coach, reports Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger.

    • Bartolo Colon announced he was attempting a comeback to Yoel Adames of ESPN Deportes in late October while pitching for the champion Dominican team in the Pan-American Games qualifier. He said at the time that he “maintains conversations” with the Yankees, Rockies, Cardinals, and Tigers, though other teams approached him following his complete game victory over Nicaragua on October 10. The 37-year-old right-hander was solid in three of his four appearances in Puerto Rico, the only exception being a 2.3-inning, six-run drubbing by Team USA that Colon chalked up to inadequate rest.


    No surprise in the pitching coach department. My choice, Scott Aldred, is due for an interview soon.

    As for Colon, I have no interest in him. He’ll be 38 next May, and was out of the majors in 2010. Since winning the CYA in 2005 (and I still think Mo, the runnerup that year, should have gotten it), Colon has gone 14-21, 5.18 (2006-2009). ERA+ 89. WHIP over 1.5. Ugh.  


    Long back, and some prospects to watch in 2011

    Kevin Long is back as the hitting coach, signed to a 3-year deal (will all the coaches be getting that to match Girardi’s deal?). It presumably is more than his previous $1.2 M, 3-year deal.

    Interesting. Maybe the Yanks still target Crawford, but LoHud reports that:

    Brett Gardner won the Bill James Fielding Bible Award for left field. Gardner was picked as the best defensive left fielder in the game, not just the American League, giving him one more triumph of his breakout season as an everyday player.

    With that 399 to LCF, I’ve always advocated a LF who also can be a CF, or who has the speed to cover that gap.

    Some prospects to watch for in 2011, age in 2011 on opening day (and where they may start out at):

    Jesus Montero (21.) C. Traded for a major talent, AAA or Majors? 2010 Numbers:   AAA .289-21-75. Bat good but can he catch?

    Austin Romine (22). C. AAA. Longshot majors?  AA .268-10-69. 41 AB in AFL (Arizona Fall League) so far. .244-0-7. If Montero goes back to AAA, then what to do with Romine? Would the Yanks platoon the two at AAA? I can’t see that, and Romine is AAA ready (some scouts think MLB ready). You can’t have one prospect slowing up the other, which is what you probably would get if both Montero and Romine are at AAA.

    Brandon Laird (23) 1B/3B/OF?  AAA.  combined AA/AAA .281-25-102. In AFL to learn corner OF. Played 1B/3B. Corner OF would help. Righty bat can fill OF role if he can adjust. Can play vs. lefties while Gardner or Granderson sits. Probably start at AAA to get more OF corner reps, but a 2011 callup? 52 AB in the AFL so far. .288-3-10.

    Manny Banuelos LHP. (20) AA. Combined 0-4, 2.51 last year, came off injury. 3 levels. 85 K in 64 2/3 IP. 0-2, 4.85 in AFL right now.

    Adam Warren. (23). RHP. AAA or AA. 11-7, 2.59 between High A and AA in 2009. 126 K in 135 1/3.

    Dellin Betances RHP (23). AA. 8-1, 2.11 between High A and AA (only 3 games). 108 K in 85 1/3.

    Eduardo Nunez. SS/3B. (23) Majors. He’ll battle Pena for the backup infielder spot. If not majors, then AAA. If he hits in spring training… Would love to see him make it, and play 30 games each at SS and 3B giving Jeter and A-Rod days off. Pena has the glove and some speed, but if Nunez hits, his bat and his speed are better than Pena’s and hopefully Nunez’  glove isn’t that far behind. MLB .280-1-7 with 5 steals. Just 50 AB. AAA: .289-4-50 with 23 SB in 118 G.

    Greg Golson. (25) OF. AAA. .263-10-40, 17 SB.  I don’t see room for him on the MLB roster unless he really hits in S.T. I see him going back to AAA. The Yanks will probably bring in a veteran (would they bring Melky back as a backup OF? He switch-hits, plays all 3 OF Positions, has NY experience, was DFA’d by Atlanta, and was popular in NY. Melky will still be just 26 on opening day 2011. .255-4-42, 7 SB for ATL in 2010. He (in my mind) isn’t a starter, but wouldn’t make a bad backup, def. replacement, 4th OF type. The Yanks may want someone with more pop, however, and could you have Melky and Thames both on the team? If not, no Melky).

    I may have missed someone. If so, I’ll comment on him in a future post. Yes, I know that I did NOT mention Juan Miranda. Frankly, the Yanks have to decide what to do with him. He’ll be 28 in April 2011, too old to be a prospect, and that is why I didn’t list him. .219-3-10 in 64 AB with the Yanks this past season. .285-15-43 in AAA. The SWB/NY yo-yo, wearing out I-80. The Yanks should probably do him a favor and deal him. Fill a need. I don’t see him getting playing time in NY.

    Colin Curtis will be 26 on opening day 2011. Same with Kevin Russo. I don’t see either playing a major part. Good to watch out for, maybe a callup. Both probably back at AAA.       

    Oh. I should mention that it’s 39 degrees where I am right now (7 pm) in Eastern PA. 39. Imagine game 5 at if it were at the Stadium tonight. The low tonight is expected to be about 28 or 29. Yup. 28 or 29. Baseball in November. Yuk. … and Buddy Boy Selig wants to add 2 more wild-card teams in 2012. I don’t know how he is going to work that one out. I am opposed to it. Hey Bud? It’s cold here. The Fall Classic should be OVER by November 1st.      

    Update: Re: Melky. Maybe getting rid of him was good for Cano (his buddy gone, not hitting those nightspots with him… better concentration). So no Melky = better Cano?

    Update II: I knew I’d forget someone.

    Hector Noesi. 24. AAA. 14-7, 3.20 at 3 levels (Mostly AA) in 2010. RHP. 153 K in 160 1/3.

    Melky Mesa. 24. AA. OF. .260-19-74 with 31 SB at High A. 129 strikeouts. Power, speed, but 24 and AA bound, still only a .236 minor league hitter. Late bloomer?  

    Update III: 11/5/10.

    It’s coming out that Montero may be given every shot at the 2011 starting job, with Cervelli as backup and Posada being mostly a DH. If Romine is ready mid-season, he might even come up, replacing Cervelli. Things are getting interesting.

    Also, I didn’t mention

    David Phelps, above.  (24), I project AAA to start 2011. 10-2, 2.50 combined AA/AAA in 2010. RHP. 141 K in 158 2/3.    


    AAA Phelps, Warren, Noesi 

    AA    Banuelos, Betances, Brackman 

    That’s a nice five pitchers at the AA/AAA level. I will list Brackman here, and didn’t above, because Brackman’s numbers weren’t as good. He is still a prospect, but at 25 and AA is not only a prospect but a project. 10-11, 3.90 in 2010 (High A/AA). 126 K in 140 2/3. 5-4, 5.10 at High A, but things started to kick in at AA. 5-7, 3.01. He had an awful 2009 (coming off surgery) when he went 2-12, 5.91. Very, very much a project.  

    But some very interesting pitching at AA/AAA and you wonder if Aldred, who I’ve touted for the Yanks’ pitching coach, may be more valuable where he is—at SWB.     

    I see J. R. Murphy, who was only 19 this year. I didn’t list him, only because he is yet another catching prospect. If Sanchez starts 2011 at low A Charleston, Murphy could move up to High A. At low A last year, Murphy hit .255-7-54 in 83 games. Not bad, but Murphy, 20 next May, seems to be overshadowed by Montero, Romine and Sanchez.  

    Game 5’s Teixless (and toothless?) lineup, and pregame.

    No Teixeira. Done for the year. Eduardo Nunez activated.

    The lack of clutch, situational hitting makes you miss Godzilla. From the Post:

    in the past three games — five runs and a combined 6-for-39 (.154) with runners in scoring position

    Swish and Teix didn’t do much in last year’s postseason but the Yanks (esp. Matsui in the WS; Damon, too) were able to overcome.

    I can understand the thought process of letting Godzilla and JD go, but others needed to step up (Teix, Swish). They didn’t.

    Be sure to check out this excellent piece on Posada by Joel Sherman.  Exactly what I’d like in 2011. Posada full-time DH, 3rd string catcher, catches every so often. Montero getting time at C and DH with Cervelli getting most of the time at catcher until Montero proves he can catch everyday. Berkman will most likely be gone anyway. 

    And I hope Posada announces early that 2011 will be it.

    As for another graying beard, Berkman thinks Pettitte will be back in 2011. Just a gut feeling, nothing more.

    Whoever Texas’ scouts are, give them credit for a great scouting report, and give the Rangers credit for executing it.

    Speaking of execution (to quote the late John McKay), the Yankees fans are all for it…in regards to a few players right now.

    We await the lineup announcement.

    Strained right hammy for Teixeira. Done for the year. I’d bat Robbie 3rd, even against the lefty. Hell, with 3 HR, he’s the only one hitting. Isn’t the old adage, that you bat your best hitter 3rd?

    I mentioned about Melky being released. I predicted his HR would drop once out of Yankee Stadium and in Atlanta. They did. From 13 to 4. 68 RBI to 42. I knew he would drop off, just not how much. Nice backup OF. Plays all three positions. Not a regular player. As I mentioned, I’d take him back, but only for backup OF.

    The Phils face a situation kind of like the Yanks had last night. Down 2-1 they are going with Joe Blanton instead of Halladay on short rest, and like the Yankees, the Phils are struggling with the sticks. Blanton wasn’t as bad as A.J. this year, but he wasn’t much better.

    Shades of Hinckley, Jodie Foster and President Reagan. A nutcase ran on the field wanting to confront A-Rod about Cameron Diaz. Apparently this guy had delusions of himself and her. There’s more delusions. The guy’s nuts.

    And the lineup has been announced:

    Derek Jeter SS
    Nick Swisher RF
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Alex Rodriguez 3B
    Marcus Thames DH
    Lance Berkman 1B
    Jorge Posada C
    Curtis Granderson CF
    Brett Gardner LF

    CC Sabathia P

    Personally, I am glad to see Cano at 3, despite the lefty Wilson on the mound. With Teix out, you need him there. Not much else you can do. One thing I would have done which Girardi didn’t do was to move Gardner to the leadoff spot, drop Jeter to 2 and drop Swisher to 8 (with Granderson 9). I mean, Swish is 4 for 44 or thereabouts vs. Texas this year. But he’s staying at 2?

    The lowdown for hitters vs. Wilson and CC can be found in the Game 1 preview.


    Girardi to Cubs? Wasn’t going to happen and isn’t happening. Melky released.

    LoHud reports:

    The Chicago Cubs have hired a manager, and it’s not the guy currently leading the Yankees.

    Mike Quade, the Cubs interim manager, has been given the full-time job with a two-year deal. The Cubs were long rumored to be interested in Joe Girardi — a natural fit given his ties to the organization and the area — but they made their decision before Girardi’s season came to an end.

    Three other minor notes with some connection to the Yankees.

    The Braves have released Melky Cabrera. Given the disappointments of both Cabrera and Javier Vazquez, it might be time to refer to this winter’s deal with Atlanta as The Boone Logan Trade.

    The Nationals would like to re-sign Chien-Ming Wang. This story has been out there for a few days. Wang was never healthy enough to pitch for the Nationals this season, but he’s been pitching in instructional ball this fall.

    Yu Darvish wants to stay in Japan. Considered one of the top pitchers on the international market, Darvish was linked to various teams with plenty of speculation that he would be come to the States this winter, quite possibly with the Yankees. (thanks to MLBTradeRumors for the heads up).

    Thoughts. I told people for weeks that Girardi wasn’t going anywhere. Maybe now they’ll believe me instead of a media that wants to hype a “story” even though that story isn’t true. Did I have personal information on Girardi? No. Just a gut feeling. But the people writing all this Girardi to Cubs stuff. Where were they getting it from? 

    Melky is a nice little OF, that’s all. I wouldn’t mind him back with the Yankees, but it would be as a backup OF only. Defensive replacement, can play all three positions, can PR, switch-hits. Familiar with NY. Popular. Backup only and paid that way.

    Darvish is something, but you always wonder about pitchers coming over from Japan. See Irabu, Igawa.

    You really hope Wang can make it back. From back-to-back 19 game winner to where he is now. Tough.