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First impressions, and an endorsement from an unexpected source?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

We can’t read the minds of the Yankees’ front office, but mlbtr.com through Jon Heyman reports that

The Yankees’ first round of interviews seemingly went well, Heyman writes. Boone and Meulens, in particular, “aced” their initial interviews, according to Heyman.

Meanwhile, Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens got support from what may be an unlikely source, an AL East manager he would have to be going up against if he gets the Yankees’ manager job—-Orioles manager Buck Showalter. Check out the story on the link below.


Judge runnerup in MVP voting. Yanks interview Meulens. AFL News.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Aaron Judge finished 2nd in the MVP voting to Jose Altuve. I thought the vote would be closer, but it was no contest. Altuve received 27 of the 30 first place votes to win quite easily. Judge got 2 first place votes and 27 votes for second place.

In the NL, it was a razor-thin victory for Giancarlo Stanton, who won by just 2 points over Joey Votto. Both received 10 first place votes out of 30 but Stanton, barely, got more support up top than Votto.

Other Yankees to receive consideration were Didi Gregorius, who finished in a tie for 20th, and Gary Sanchez, who finished in a tie for 22nd.

We have a spelling correction. It’s Ohtani, not Otani, for the Japanese sensation.

In the Arizona Fall League, Scottsdale lost 7-4.

Yankees’ prospects:

DH Thairo Estrada 1 for 4, RBI. .342
RF Estevan Florial 2 for 4, scored 2 runs, triple, struck out 2x. .286

The Yanks interviewed Hensley (Bam-Bam) Meulens yesterday for the managerial opening. Meulens was a top and failed prospect for the Yanks in the late 1980s, early 1990s. He has been a hitting coach and bench coach for the Giants and as such, won 3 rings (2010, 2012, 2014) and has managed in the WBC (Netherlands, featuring Didi Gregorius) and in winter ball. Meulens speaks five languages.

Of course, if the Yanks select someone like Meulens, they would break their managerial color barrier. No Yankees manager has been anything but white.

Maybe if Elston Howard would have lived, instead of succumbing to a heart condition at the age of 51, he would have become manager of the Yankees. We’ll never know.

Judge and Bellinger unanimous ROYs. Boone, Bam-Bam next to be interviewed. Beltran retires. AFL news.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The verdict is in, and it’s unanimous for the Judge and for Cody Bellinger.

The Yankees’ Aaron Judge and the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger were unanimously selected the Rookies of the Year in the American and National Leagues, respectively.

Judge set a new rookie record with 52 HR, and Bellinger set a new NL record for rookies with 39 HR. Cody’s dad Clay was a utility player for the Yankees in the late 1990s and in 2000 and 2001.

Yankees LHP Jordan Montgomery got consideration, finishing sixth in the voting.

The GM meetings are going on, and Brian Cashman won’t interview managerial candidates anymore until it’s over on Thursday, but the next two candidates are Aaron Boone and Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens.

I wrote about Boone recently. Meulens has been a hitting coach and bench coach for the Giants, and he has managed in the World Baseball Classic and in Winter Ball. He speaks five languages and apparently has ties with Didi Gregorius.

Meulens, 50, was a much hyped prospect for the Yankees in the late 1980s and early 1990s who never panned out. He was with the Yankees for 159 games, 457 at bats, from 1989-1993. All that time basically equalled one full season. He hit .221-12-46, OPS+75 with the Yankees. He also had 16 games with the 1997 Montreal Expos and 7 with the 1998 Arizona Diamondbacks.

Carlos Beltran announced his retirement today, just weeks after finally getting a WS title. Beltran retires with 2725 hits, a .279 batting average, and 435 HR. He played 20 years, from 1998-2017 and finally got a ring with Houston in his final season. He played for KC 1998-2004, Houston (I) 2004, Mets 2005-2011, Giants 2011, Cardinals 2012-2013, Yankees 2014-2016, Texas 2016 and Houston (II) 2017. He was a ROY, 9x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, and 2x Silver Slugger.

Beltran is (according to JAWS on the baseballreference.com site) ranked as the 8th greatest CF of all-time, behind Mays, Cobb, Speaker, Mantle, Griffey Jr., Joe DiMaggio and Duke Snider. Exclusive company.  Beltran should get into the HOF. His 162 g. average was .279-27-99, 20 SB and an OPS+ of 119. 7x he received MVP consideration, and he finished in the top 10 twice.

In 65 postseason games, he hit .307 with 16 HR, 42 RBI and 11 SB.

He would like to manage one day himself. Since he still has a home in the NY area, immediately speculation lent himself to the Yankees’ job. Much respected and bilingual, the problem is his lack of coaching and managing experience, but that isn’t hurting other candidates from being mentioned or interviewed like Boone, Cone or Flaherty.

Cross out two other candidates from the list. Brad Ausmus, recently fired by the Tigers, says he would like to take a year away from managing.

Meanwhile the Yankees asked for permission to talk to A’s manager Bob Melvin, but were refused.

In the Arizona Fall League, Scottsdale won 2-0. Yankees’prospects:

CF Estevan Florial 0 for 3, 3 strikeouts. .242. The 19 yr. old is in a bad slump.
1B Billy McKinney 1 for 3, strikeout. .300
SS Thairo Estrada 1 for 3, triple, scored a run. RBI. .352
SP Albert Abreu (W, 1-2, 2.60) 5 IP, 0 R, 6 H, 2 W, 0 K.

2010 WS Game 5. Lincecum outduels Lee. SF wins title.

It was scoreless into the 7th.

Then each team hit a HR in that inning.

The difference was that Edgar Renteria (the WS MVP) hit a 3-run HR in the top of the 7th for the Giants.

Nelson Cruz hit a solo HR in the bottom of the 7th for the Rangers.

That was all she wrote. 3-1 Giants as the Giants win the series in five.

It’s the first WS title for the Giants since they were in NY in 1954 and just their second since 1933.

Lincecum went 8, 1 R, 3 H and 10 K.  2 walks.
Lee pitched well but his one mistake was a huge one. 7 IP, 3 R, 6 H, 0 walks and 6 K.

As McCarver pointed out, with 2nd and 3rd, one out, they pitched to, and struck out, Burrell (see below). But instead of walking Renteria to set up a force at any base (and the plate), they pitched to him with first base open and two out. Mistake.   

Brian (the Beach Boy, the Beard) Wilson finished the game and WS off with a 1-2-3 ninth.
2 K.

So now Lee goes to free agency. The Yanks will be involved, but Lee now comes off a 0-2 WS.

Good stats from Fox regarding Renteria (joins Gehrig, Berra and DiMaggio as the only ones to have GW Series deciding hits in two WS).

Also that Texas hit just .190 in this series. The Giants won two games by shutout, and this one by giving up just one run.

Pat Burrell? Celebrating (as he did in 2008) but relieved. 0 for 4, 3 more K’s tonight. 0 for the Series.  

But Texas 3-4 hitters were Josh Hamilton (.100) and Vlad (.071).

Dave Righetti, Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens and Roberto Kelly get WS rings. Each was on the last-place Yankees of 1990.

…and even more ex-Yankees.  http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20101102&content_id=15953658&vkey=news_nyy&c_id=nyy&partnerId=rss_nyy

As for Chuck Greenberg’s comments, not worthy of too much comment. He got what was karmically coming to him after making them.


So much for the pitcher’s duel. SF takes Game 1, 11-7

In case you didn’t know, the Giants have a heavy Yankees connection. GM Brian Sabean was with the Yanks many years ago. Three of the Giants’ coaches are Dave Righetti, Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens and Roberto Kelly.

Funny. Righetti, Meulens and Kelly were all on one of the worst Yankee teams ever. The 1990 Yankees.

So much for the duel between Lincecum and Lee. Lee had a key double in the second, and it helped lead Texas to a 2-0 lead after two. But his hitting was better than his pitching.

Which leads me to this. CAN FOX (TONIGHT) AND TBS (LAST WEEK) GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT? They put up the lowest postseason ERAs by a pitcher. They listed Koufax, Mathewson and Lee (1.26 entering this game). YO, GUYS. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE, I AM AVAILABLE. SAY STARTING PITCHER. OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN RIVERA’S 0.71 POSTSEASON ERA? Oh, lest you morons be reminded…. MO HAS “ONLY” PITCHED 139 2/3 POSTSEASON INNINGS.

Ok, back to Game 1 of the WS.  Lee got lit. 7 R, 6 ER in 4 2/3 (why couldn’t the Yanks do that?). I hope Jeff from Pittsburgh is reading this. Former Bucco Freddie Sanchez got 3 doubles off Lee, and another hit later. A four-hit game, 3 doubles. 3 RBI. The Giants got 6 in the 5th. When Lee was replaced, with two on and two out, Darren O’Day gave up a 3-run HR to Juan Uribe.

Lincecum fared better than Lee, but wasn’t great in his own right. 4 R in 5 2/3.  

Mark Lowe for Texas gives up 3 in 2/3 of an inning. 

I wondered about Vlad in the OF. I knew that taking away the DH meant a couple of bad things. Either making Vlad play the field (Just 20 games in the OF in the last two years, 2 errors tonight) or losing a .300-29-115 bat.

Even so, Brian Wilson had to come in to close it out.

SF takes Game 1, 11-7.

I was happy the Celts beat LeBron last night, but tonight…lost to the Cavs.

Girardi close to a three-year deal, more on it when it happens.


Off day Observations

Make Room for Daddy
Hoping Pedro makes room for Daddy, so that Daddy makes 
more room in the trophy case.

What a plotline…and how sweet would it be for the Yanks to win WS title #27 by beating Pedro?

If it’s close and late in games 6 (or 7…obviously Yankees fans don’t want a 7) will Charlie Manuel risk giving all of Philadelphia a heart attack by bringing in Brad Lidge?

Will Cole “I can’t wait for the season to be over” Hamels start if there is a Game 7?

I kind of think the 3-day rest thing is overblown. Lew Burdette (1957) Sandy Koufax (1965) and Mickey Lolich (1968) all won Game 7 on two days rest. A different era, yes…but Burdette and Koufax threw shutouts and Lolich had one into the ninth (Mike Shannon Hr’d off him).

Remember the last Game 6 at Yankee Stadium? All Josh Beckett did with three days rest was to throw a CG shutout.

Pettitte and (hopefully not) CC on three days rest. As for tomorrow night, the big question is how many outs Andy can give the Yankees. Obviously it can’t be only six, which is what Burnett gave. How many between the numbers of 15 and 18? You figure if the Yankees have the lead, that Mo (no Game 5, off day today, just five pitches in his Game 4 save) will have the opportunity for a six-out save. The question is, how long will the bridge to Mo be? You would love Andy 7, Mo 2 and Title 27. But if there has to be a bridge, will that bridge be one out…or six?

Hmmm….did you see this? Hensley Meulens is the new hitting coach for the SF Giants. What, was Kevin Maas or Alvaro Espinoza unavailable?

Nice piece by Kevin Kernan in the Post. Heads in the Game. Jeter on Gomez in the Twins Series (the timing play), Teixeira’s back up to get Abreu in the Angels series, and Damon’s heads-up running in the Phils series. Smart baseball, going back to the Jeter flip play. Some may call it luck. Remember…luck is the residue of design.

Will Andy Pettitte return in 2010? You would hope so, given that Wang won’t be back until what…August? And if he does return then, what Wang do we get? But you wonder…will Andy walk away? If the Yanks win tomorrow night, and Andy gets the W, will he go out on top?

Great stat in the Post. Entering Game 5 of the WS, CC, AJ, Andy and Mo combined to throw 101 of 123 2/3 innings in the postseason—81.7%. 

AJ only threw 2+ innings in Game 5. It wouldn’t shock me in the least—should there be a Game 7—to see Girardi use him out of the bullpen in that game if needed. If there is a Game 7, it is ALL hands on deck. You have all winter to rest.  

Great catch by BG last night but when he hit that wall, I was very worried…especially with Melky already out.  

Yankees postseason stats, all series:

Posada .280-2-8 (and 5 RBI in the WS despite not starting two games. I wrote before about Posada, losing the DH in Game 5 and what would Girardi do. Personally, I thought Molina catching AJ was ok EXCEPT for last night when you lose the DH. Lose Posada and ONLY Posada…ok, but lose Posada AND Matsui…much different.)

Molina 1 for 6; Teixeira .170-2-7; Cano .210-0-6; Jeter .320-3-6; A-Rod .370-6-18; Damon .290-2-9; Matsui .310-3-7; Melky .270-0-4; Gardner 2 for 9; Swisher .140-1-2; Hairston 2 for 6.    

CC 3-1, 1.98; AJ 1-1, 5.27; Andy 3-0, 3.24; Mo 0-0, 5 saves, 0.63; Joba 1-0, 3.38; Hughes 0-1, 8.53; Marte 0-0, 0.00; Robertson 2-0, 0.00;  Aceves 0-1, 4.15; Gaudin one scoreless inning; Bruney 1/3 of an inning, ND, 54.00; Coke 0-0, 6.75