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Better 3-4 combo?

So Josh Hamilton has now become an Angel. 5 yrs., $125 MM.

That leads me to now wonder… which is the better 3-4 combo?

Do you go with the Angels and Hamilton/Pujols?

Or the Tigers with Cabrera/Fielder?

Prince a Tiger

Prince Fielder has agreed to a nine-year, $214MM deal with the Tigers. It’ll offset the loss of V-Mart for 2012.

I don’t know if Prince will DH or play 1B. Miggy Cabrera could move back to 3B, but the Tigers lose out defensively there. Of course, Wilson Betemit just went to the Orioles, and Brandon Inge hit only .197 last year. (Update: Prince plays 1B, Cabrera to 3B, DH or RF).

Which reminds me of yet another DH candidate still out there… Magglio. (There are lots of them, aren’t there?). You wonder how low some of them will drop in their salary demands.

More to come.

Oh yeah,…. like father (Cecil) like son. I still remember Cecil hitting balls over the old Tiger Stadium roof.

Francisco Cordero goes to Toronto. He’ll be 37 in May, has 327 career saves, and was 5-3, 2.45, 37 saves for the Reds in 2011.

Tigers win Game 3, 5-2

The Tigers got 3 HR and won Game 3 of the ALCS to cut the Texas’ edge to two games to 1. Miguel Cabrera had a HR and an RBI double.

Sheffield retires. Thoughts on Pujols.

Gary Sheffield made it official, announcing his retirement. Sheffield didn’t play in the majors in 2010. In his last season, 2009, Sheff hit .276-10-43 for the Mets as a platoon player. OPS+119. Not a bad way to go out.

Sheffield will be on the HOF ballot after the 2014 season. I doubt he’ll make it. He should, based on what he did on the field. But the taint of BALCO…

The good: .292 lifetime BA, 509 HR, over 1600 RBI. OPS+ 140. 1 WS ring (1997 Marlins). Over 2600 hits. 1 batting title. Eight 100 RBI seasons. 9x All-Star. 5 Silver Sluggers. 253 SB. Six Top-10 MVP finishes, including one runner-up and two thirds.

The bad: In the Mitchell report. BALCO. A often surly personality. The way he left Milwaukee (and some other places, which contributed to Milw. 1988-1991, SD 1992-1993, FLA 1993-1998, Dodgers 1998-2001, Atlanta 2002-2003, Yankees 2004-2006, Detroit 2007-2008 and Mets 2009). For someone with 509 HR and a superb OPS+ of 140, that is a lot of teams.

Albert Pujols didn’t come to an agreement with the Cardinals and could be a free agent at the end of the season. Pujols’ first ten seasons have been unbelievable. .331. 408 HR. 3 MVPs. Top 10 for each season in the MVP voting. Besides winning it three times, he has been the runner-up four times. Only once did he finish less than 4th in the MVP vote. He’s 31. So what then, since starting in 2012, an eight-year deal would take him from ages 32 to 39? $200 MM is “only” 25 MM a year. It does seem more than fair, but is Pujols looking to match or top A-Rod’s deal? Is he looking for $30MM a year? Would you be happy paying a guy over $25 MM after he turns 35 (as the Yanks are now doing with A-Rod)?

Where would Pujols go? Who could afford him? Now that is a question. The Red Sox have Adrian Gonzalez at 1B. Youkilis at 3B. The only spot is DH (shoving the aging Ortiz aside), and you really have to doubt that Pujols (who has won two GG) would want to DH. The Yanks have Teixeira at 1B, who is excellent defensively and who costs a bundle. A-Rod is at 3B. The Yanks will need to DH A-Rod (36 in July) and Jeter (37 in June) more often. Posada could retire after 2011, so there may be an opening, but how high would the Yankees take the payroll? They already have a huge albatross with A-Rod’s contract. They’ll have to deal with Cano and Swisher soon. Not only that, if CC opts out after 2011, the Yanks HAVE to bring him back at a higher salary than he is currently making (not to mention Soriano’s opt-out clauses).

The one place Pujols could fit might be LF. But I don’t think the Yanks have the flexibility there. Nothing against Gardner, but Pujols is probably the best player in the game. As for Boston and LF, they just gave a huge multi-year deal to Carl Crawford. So with those two big bucks franchises out, where would Pujols’ landing spot be?

As far as the Yanks are concerned, the only way Pujols works probably would be if Pujols somehow could do a “reverse Ruth.” That is, if the Babe went from being one of the best pitchers of his time to being an all-time great slugger, then Pujols doing the exact opposite and going the other way around. From being one of the greatest sluggers of all time to one of the game’s best pitchers.

Too bad it can’t and won’t happen.

But imagine if it could?     

BTW, Mo arrived in camp today. He was held up by some illness (flu bug?) hitting his kids.   

Breaking news is that Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers was arrested on a DUI, and the details aren’t pretty. Those who remember what happened in the final weekend of 2009 have to be concerned. Cabrera is very talented (AL MVP runner-up last year) but very troubled. It could be that instead of spending spring in training camp, that he needs to spend it in rehab.   

AL MVP to Hamilton, Cano is 3rd.

Interesting columns in the Post regarding Jeter. I wonder if they feel the same way regarding Mo’s demands? Click both links.

The AL MVP goes to Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. The Yanks’ Robbie Cano finished third. The runnerup was Miguel Cabrera. Hamilton got 22 of the 28 first place votes, Cabrera got 5, and the other went to 4th-place finisher Jose Bautista.

The only Yankee 2B to win the MVP? Joe Gordon in 1942 (despite Ted Williams’ Triple Crown!)  

I’ll let you know the other Yankees to get consideration when the vote is posted. 

Update: CC finished 13th. A-Rod 15th, Teixeira tied for 19th.

Morneau to miss first round.

If the Yanks face the Twins in the first round, they will not have to face Justin Morneau. Morneau is still recovering from a concussion. In only half a season of play (80 games), Morneau was on an MVP-type pace, .345-18-56.

The Seattle Times also reports that catcher Joe Mauer returned to the Twins’ lineup for the first time since hurting his left knee 11 days ago. And shortstop J.J. Hardy also played after missing seven of the last eight games with a sore knee and migraine headaches.

I know what Yankees’ fans are thinking…but be careful what you wish for.

LoHud reports that the Red Sox were interested in Kerry Wood but were outbid by the Yankees.

Josh Hamilton will play for the Rangers, but it won’t be easy. He broke two ribs on September 4th, and Evan Longoria of the Rays has missed seven consecutive games with a strained quad.

Survival of the fittest, anyone?    

And among the non-contenders, Miggy Cabrera and Felix Hernandez have been shut down…


Game 121. Numbers game. 9 in 6th mean 15th for Hughes in 11-5 win.

I know that Josh Hamilton is up for MVP consideration, but the show that Miguel Cabrera and Robbie Cano put on in the last four days has them up for that as well.

Cabrera hit 4 HR in the four game series against the Yankees. But Cano, moved up to the cleanup spot with A-Rod out, hit 3 HR of his own.

Today, Cabrera hit a 2-run HR off of Hughes in the first, but Phil clamped down from there. Hughes improved to 15-5 (following CC’s 16-5 and the injured Pettitte’s 11-2), 3.90. 6 IP, 2 R, 4 H, 0 walks and 6 K. He retired his last 11.

The Yanks tied it in the 4th on rbi by Swisher and the resurgent Granderson.

The Yanks broke it open with 9 in the sixth. Teixeira walks, Cano doubles to make it 3-2. Swisher walks. Posada singles in a run, 4-2. Granderson walks to load the bases. Kearns doubles in two. 6-2. After Pena made out, a walk to Gardner but ball four is a passed ball. 7-2. Jeter two-run triple. Cano hits HR #24. 11-2.

Mitre finished up the last three innings and got the “save.” 3 IP, 3 R, 6 H, 1 walk and 3K. No offense, but a performance that should not have received the questionable “save” statistic. The first save of his career. ERA 3.86.

Cano 3 for 5, 3 runs scored and 3 RBI. Kearns two hits and 2 RBI.

Oakland came back on the Rays. Yanks up by 1 over Tampa, 6 1/2 on Boston.

Thinking magic #’s? It’s too early, but if you are interested… 41 for the division (Tampa, but the Rays are only 1 back). More realistic to consider now?  35 for a playoff spot (wild card/Boston).   

Coming up? A post on great SS at age 36. We know Jeter has had a mediocre season. Not a bad season, mind you, but mediocre. Compared to the other seasons of his career, the worst season to date. When you set the bar so high, a mediocre year becomes the worst. So how does Jeter at 36 compare to other great SS at 36? I’ll be writing on that soon. Stay tuned.    

A move today as Pedro Feliz, 3B for the Phils the past couple of years, goes from Houston to the Cardinals for their stretch drive.   


Game 120. Yanks win nasty 9-5 game over Tigers.

On Monday night, the Yanks lost to the Tigers when Derek Jeter GIDP with the bases loaded.

Brett Gardner, the runner on first, did as he must do. Try to break up the DP. Keep the game alive. He went in hard, late, but CLEAN.

Carlos Guillen received a bruised knee on the play and is on the DL. But Gardner didn’t veer, he went straight over the bag, and, I repeat, CLEAN. Guillen did get the DP,  game over, Tigers win.

On the first pitch of the bottom of the first, Jeremy Bonderman, pitching for Detroit, hit Gardner. There was no doubt that it was a retaliation pitch.

The Yanks retaliated on Bonderman in proper fashion. Two batters after Gardner was HBP, Teixeira HR’d (27). Cano followed (23). Back to back and a 3-0 lead.

Miggy Cabrera homered off of Moseley in the 2nd. 3-1. Then in the 4th, on an 0-2 count, he did it again. 3-2, and a prelude to fireworks.

Bottom 4. Kearns walks, and the two guys you least expect to get extra base hits do so. Pena triples and Gardner doubles. A double error brings in Gardner. 6-2 Yanks.

Moseley is shaky and gives up a 2-run HR in the 5th. 6-4. That’s it for Moseley, who gives up 4 runs in 5 IP. 5 hits, 3 of them HR. 2 walks and 2 k. He got the win, goes to 3-2, ERA at 4.76. Hmm…. .500 or thereabouts, ERA upper fours. Sounds like AJ and Javy.

Bottom 5. Granderson hits #13. Why couldn’t Kevin Long have fixed his swing two months ago?

Joba (4.92) pitched a scoreless 6th, 1 hit, 1 K. In the 7th, Logan (2.79) gave up 2 hits around a K. In comes Kerry Wood, who gives up a single. Ouch. Game on the line. 7-4 but bases loaded and one out. Wood (4.66, but that is overall) then strikes out the next two batters. Damage averted.

A two-out bases-loaded ground-rule double by Kearns seals the victory in the 7th at 9-4….or so it seemed. 

Now, some fireworks. Chad Gaudin in for Wood in the 8th. Now after Gardner was hit, both teams received a warning.

The first batter Gaudin faces is Miggy Cabrera, he of the two HR off of Moseley. He gets one in the back. No ejection. Leyland isn’t pleased, especially after the warnings of before.

Here, I’d like to digress. Note that above I said that Gardner’s slide was CLEAN. In the early 1960’s, maybe even in 1961, in which the Yanks won 109 to Detroit’s 101, Tiger OF Al Kaline was asked about Maris and Mantle. Kaline didn’t discuss the power but talked about their OVERALL play. Kaline made a comment such as “they are two of the most feared baserunners in the league in breaking up double plays. They go in hard, but clean.” Such as Gardner did. But as we know today (and I am OLD SCHOOL), players today are such wusses.

So Cabrera got one—in the back. Damon singled, Peralta walked. Um, this game isn’t over yet. Out goes Gaudin (6.31). In comes David Robertson (3.68, brilliant lately and has EARNED the 8th inning). One run scores but that is all. The eventual final score of 9-5.

But it isn’t over. Leyland was ejected for arguing after Miggy Cabrera got hit. Now Jeter is up in the bottom of the 8th and how he wasn’t hit, who knows. One right between the legs. Now Girardi is ticked but he didn’t come out and risk ejection. So much for the warnings.

Had this gone on, we may have seen a Bronx Brawl.

Some semblance of order in the 9th. Mo. 1-2-3 and the GREAT ONE lowers his ERA to 1.02.

Tampa won in the afternoon. Boston won tonight. Status quo.

3 hits for Teixeira tonight.

Big trade for Atlanta. Get Derrek Lee from the Cubs. Going to move Troy Glaus to 3B as Chipper is done for the year. Replace Chipper’s bat.




OF on the move

Rick Ankiel signed a deal with KC. He hit .231-11-38 last year for St. Louis, OPS+ 76. 26 walks, 99 K. In 2008, Ankiel, the former pitcher, hit 25 HR for the Redbirds.

The Mets traded for Gary Matthews Jr. from the Angels. Matthews hit .250-4-50 for the Angels last year, OPS+ 83. A move designed to help ease the Beltran hurt. Matthews, 35, is a .258 career hitter, OPS+ 93. To get him, the Mets traded reliever Brian Stokes, 2-4, 3.97 with the 2009 Mets.

Octavio Dotel signed with the Buccos.

So, Tiger Woods is apparently in a sex-addiction clinic in Mississippi. I would hope it isn’t co-ed.

Speaking about addiction, Miggy Cabrera has been going for treatment of alcohol abuse. His drunken domestic abuse episode with his wife during the last weekend of the season sure didn’t help his Tigers, who blew a 3 game lead with 4 to play.

Interesting bit in the NY Post today. 60 Minutes does a feature on the preponderance of Samoans in the NFL, but in 1988 Jimmy the Greek got canned for his thoughts about the preponderance of blacks in the NFL. One reader (and the Post) pointed out that the views espoused by both seemed similar…only the same network (CBS) that canned the Greek in 1988 airs similar viewpoints now?

Add Fergie Jenkins to the bash McGwire now bandwagon.


It’s the Twins!

The Twins win a hell of a ballgame in 12 innings to become the Central Division champ and send the Tigers (and Verlander) home for the year. The Twins have won 18 of their last 22. The Tigers become the first game ever to have a 3 game lead with 4 to play to blow it.

Brian Duensing (I know…who? 5-2, 3.64) vs. CC tomorrow. (It’s not official as I write this, but after a 12 inning game and a plane ride to NY, don’t you think the Yanks will want to put an emotionally drained, exhausted team on the field ASAP?)

Pavano vs. Burnett in Game 2 on Friday? I was AT the Pedro “Who’s your Daddy” game in which that was chanted all night. If you think fans wanted Pedro’s hide that night, what do you think will happen Friday? Fans won’t want to just beat the American Idle….they want him knocked out and EARLY. After what it seems like ripping the Yankees off for $39.95 million over four years and producing just nine wins for that four-year deal, Yankee fans don’t want to just beat Pavano. They want blood. They (and I) want to see a line like this:

1 1/3 IP. 8 R. 10 H. 3 Walks and 0 K.

We want total embarrassment. God help us, let it be so. Especially after what he didn’t give 2005-2008. Since Eddie Lee Whitson, is there a more hated ex-Yankee (even more so than Kenny Rogers? Yes, I do recall that Rogers got his revenge in 2006, please don’t let it happen with Pavano too!)

All in all though, Yankee fans got want they wanted. An extra inning game. An emotionally drained team with a worn-out bullpen.

Better yet…no Verlander.

Miggy Cabrera HR’d for Detroit (least he could do after this weekend). Mauer (the probable MVP) hr’d also.

While I respect the Twins, Mauer, 18 of their last 22 and Nathan as their closer ….no Morneau.

With Morneau, the Yanks still were 7-0 vs. the Twins this year.  

Twins ERA+ just 92. No offense to the Twins but a Minnesota win in the ALDS over the Yanks would be a monumental upset.

Giving the Twins a game. (After 7-0, law of averages) Yanks in 4. A sweep wouldn’t surprise me (even though Josh, “The Truth” is wary of the hot team).