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Yankees make incremental move.

You remember when, in playing SCAT, the card game, that you would put down a 3 of hearts and pick up a 5 of hearts because it gave you more points? (Especially if you already held the Ace and King of Hearts?)

That is kind of like the move the Yankees did yesterday. They picked up Chris Martin for cash from Colorado. Martin is a RHP, and a project. He did make the majors last season, and went 0-0, 6.89 in 16 games. 15 2/3 IP, 14 K. He is 6’8″, a big boy, and 28 years old.

In picking him up, they DFA’d Gonzalez German, a 27-year-old RHP, who they got from the Mets for cash just last month. German was 0-0, 4.75 for the Mets in 2014 in 25 games, 31 K in 30 1/3 IP.

Apparently the Yanks felt that Martin is, or has to potential to be, an incremental upgrade over Germen. We’ll see. It doesn’t appear like a major move or upgrade, but…. see the SCAT reference above.

The Yanks finalized their coaching staff. The hitting coach will be Jeff Pentland, who will have Alan Cockrell as the asst. hitting coach. Joe Espada (3b/infield). Tony Pena moves to 1b Coach and Rob Thomson becomes the bench coach. Larry Rothschild is the pitching coach and Gary Tuck the BP coach.

One thing I’ve pointed out elsewhere. Some people wanted a former major leaguer to be a coach. Sometimes it works. But coaches have to teach and just because someone was talented themselves doesn’t mean they can teach. Charlie Lau was a great hitting coach who was a .255 hitting catcher. Meanwhile, Ted Williams was the manager of the 1972 Texas Rangers who only hit .217 as a team.

So the #4 seed won the national championship? What’s scary is that Urban Meyer thought next year would be the time. A lot of sophs and juniors here. Ohio St. and TCU (who finished #3) are on top of a lot of lists right now for the best of next year.

Championship Sunday is set. AFC: Colts @ Patriots (the 4th straight AFC title game for New England), and NFC: Green Bay @ Seattle. Both home teams are favored by about 7.


Missing out…

The worst thing about having to work today?

Missing out on the bowl games.

The best part of the NFL Playoffs?

No Ryan (Rob or Rex).

Yanks bring back Andruw Jones

The Yankees today signed Andruw Jones to a one year deal, worth $2 MM, plus another $1.4 MM in incentives. He’ll do the same job as he did in 2011, that is, backup OF, start vs. lefties, defensive replacement, PH. Jones will be 35 in 2012, and has 420 career HR. He hit .247-13-33 in 2011, OPS+ 122.

The Mariners signed George Sherrill. Toronto signs 41 year old Darren Oliver.

Saw a nice NFL stat today from ESPN. Drew Brees has thrown a TD pass in 42 consecutive games—just 5 short of Johnny Unitas’ record.

Lastly, that Baylor/WA game last night was ridiculous. 67-56 Baylor. Nope, not college basketball. Football. No D whatsoever.

Reyes to Marlins, 6 yr. $106MM

Jose Reyes is no longer a Met. The SS signed with the Marlins, 6 yr. $106MM.

Reyes is a talent, but some recent injuries have me wondering if six years is too much and if Miami overpaid.

The 28 yr. old will supplant Hanley Ramirez at SS for the Marlins, as the Marlins plan to move Ramirez to 3B. Reyes led the NL in B.A. in 2011, hitting .337 (although he backed into it the final day). He led the majors in triples with 16 while going .337-7-44, with 39 SB and an OPS+ of 143. He was an All-Star and finished 11th in MVP voting.

For his career, Reyes is a .292 hitter, OPS+ 106. His 162 g. average is .292-12-65, 57 SB. Four times he has led the majors in triples.

Reyes, however, has missed 25-30 games each of the last two years due to injuries. In 2009, he missed some 120 games due to injury.

Ramirez, meanwhile, had a terrible 2011, missing 60-65 games with injury and hitting just .243-10-45, 20 SB, OPS+ 85. Ramirez, the 2009 batting champ in the NL (.342), was a 30/30 guy in 2008. His 162 g. average is .306-25-83, 41 SB and an OPS+ of 132—numbers the Marlins need him to get back to. Ramirez turns 28 later this month.

With Heath Bell and Reyes, the Marlins are making a splash, and it appears they aren’t done. There could be more “fish in the sea” that they attempt to land.

The Phils, meanwhile, looked to strengthen their bench with the acquisition of Laynce Nix. Nix, 31, hit .250-16-44, OPS+ 103 for the Nats in 2011. For his career, the OF/PH is a .244 hitter, OPS+ 85. His 162 g. ave. is .244-17-60.

The Mets struggled to go 77-85 last year, and now have lost Capuano and Reyes. You wonder if they’ll go into full-fledged rebuilding mode and dump David Wright. They are stuck with that awful Jason Bay contract. Not only that, but Johan Santana missed all of 2011 except for two minor league games late in the year, and who knows how good his return will be?

As for Jimmy Rollins, the other top all-star SS out there, as Buster Olney of ESPN reports, the Brewers are the main competition to the Phils bringing Rollins back.

…but as for the Marlins, they aren’t done. They look like (with a new Stadium, a new name [Miami instead of Florida] and a new manager [Ozzie Guillen]) the Yankees right now. Bell, Reyes, and rumors have them targeting Pujols or even Buehrle.

Reyes AND Pujols? And more?

Football: PSU’s fallout continues as they drop to the Ticket City Bowl, 1/2/12 in Dallas vs. Houston. Other, more prestigious bowls passed up 9-3 PSU (due to the scandal) for teams 7-5 and 6-6 that PSU beat this year. Still, it’s a nice matchup for the bowl, as PSU will take on 12-1 Houston.

But Alabama winds up with a “mulligan.” Despite losing 9-6 earlier this year to LSU, the Crimson Tide gets a rematch in the National Championship game. I can’t say I’m happy about that. They had their shot…and at home, too. Okla. St. probably deserves it more.

Auburn wins title, 22-19.

An SEC team won the national title for the fifth straight time, as a last-second FG won it for Auburn, 22-19. A play that led up to it saw the RB “tackled,” but he wasn’t down. He was on the defender and didn’t hit the ground. He rolled over and encouraged by his team, continued to run. Good call.

The AP top five is Auburn, TCU, Oregon, Stanford and Ohio St. 

Could Les Miles be going from LSU to Michigan?

Tom Bradley isn’t going to Pitt after all, as Pitt instead takes Tulsa’s coach, Todd Graham, as their new coach. Bradley still could be set up to be JoePa’s successor at Penn St. In what, 2030? (J/K).   

Brad Penny is rumored to be going to the Tigers. The Rangers are talking to Jim Thome. Yanks apparently out on Bonderman.

So, anyone taking 111 as their daily number today in the lottery (today is 1/11/11)?

Update: Once again, some Philly fans don’t behave well. Booing Santa, cheering when it appeared Michael Irvin might be paralyzed (I don’t like hot dogs, of which Irvin was one, but I don’t root for devastating injuries), Pukemon, the tasering incident, snowball incident, Judge and a court in the Stadium, now this. It’s sad that the good fans get overshadowed by these jackasses, but …. What has to happen is this. The good fans have to rise up and say, (To quote Twisted Sister) “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” In other words, police themselves. But it seems that the rowdies have intimidated those classy fans too much—that out of fear of being hurt themselves by these hoodlums, they don’t speak up. That shouldn’t be. In order to stop this garbage, the good fans (which you would hope are the MAJORITY) need to make it known that this behavior is uncalled for. I hope these jerks are caught and prosecuted.    

Update II: Miles is staying at LSU.

Rays trade Garza to Cubs.

Just earlier today, I listed WS MVPs from 1997 through 2010 and remarked that only three were with the team they won WS MVP with… Mo, Jeter and Hamels. Now a recent ALCS MVP is gone from the team he led into the WS.

2008 ALCS MVP Matt Garza, along with two minor leaguers, was dealt to the Cubs for five prospects, a few of them of course, being top prospects.

Garza, 27, was 15-10, 3.91, ERA+ 101 for the Rays in 2010. For his career, the RHP is 42-44, 3.97, ERA+ 107. He’s 2-1, 3.48 in postseason play.  

Sigh….Andy still deciding. From MLBTR:

Pettitte told Brian Costello of the New York Post at his home in Texas that he’s just “chilling out, hanging” and still hasn’t decided whether he’ll play in 2011.



Maybe this clip from Help! will let Andy know how we Yankees fans feel.  (click the link…
sing it, George…)  

In NCAA news, Luck stays at Stanford, Ingram coming out for the draft. Since Luck was projected as a possible #1 pick, does this mean the #1 pick also switches from Luck to Ingram?

Another PSU defection?

Already we’ve seen that QBs Rob Bolden and Kevin Newsome are looking to transfer out of Penn State’s program.

Now there may be someone else. Not a player.

After the Pitt debacle, in which Wannstadt’s replacement, Mike Haywood, was let go after just four weeks because of a domestic violence incident, rumors are that Pitt is going to hire Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley.

As a PSU alum, I’m happy for Bradley. I also wonder if it accentuates the need for Joe to go.

I love JoePa. I love what he has done and meant to and for Penn State. But put it this way, I’m worried about succession here. For years, it was thought defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky would take over for Joe. In 1999, Sandusky retired (I thought that is when Joe should have left, but give Joe credit for Orange and Rose Bowl appearances since then). One good assistant and possible replacement gone.

Now another could be gone. So if anything happens, who now replaces Joe when it is time (it’s coming, we don’t know when and many would say it’s past due)?

Some might say instead of taking the Pitt job, Bradley should be taking over the PSU job. Now. 

Much as I respect JoePa, I disagree with those who say Joe should leave whenever he wants. He’s the employee, the university is the employer. Let’s not forget that. I always have maintained that when a coach gets bigger than the university, there are problems. Granted Joe hasn’t embarrassed PSU as some other “bigger than the university” coaches have embarrassed their employer, but still.

So who’s next in line if Bradley goes? Please don’t say Jay Paterno. There are alumni like myself who aren’t happy Jay is there in the first place and definitely don’t want him replacing the old man. Nepotism, anyone? Galen Hall is an assistant coach, as is Dick Anderson. Both were head coaches elsewhere (FLA and Rutgers) but both aren’t that young anymore themselves.

Here is a wish, probably not to come true. Joe hangs on a few more years, (I’m not happy about that, but…) and in a couple of years, Urban Meyer gets the itch to coach again. PSU then goes after Meyer.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?