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Odds and Ends.

Chad Durbin signed with Cleveland. Nick Johnson signed a minor league deal with the Indians as well.

I guess the Cleveland Clinic had a lot to do with being a major enticement for “Nicked-Up.”

Garret Anderson retired. He won’t make the HOF, but he had an excellent career. .293, over 2500 hits, four straight years of 100 or more RBIs. 3x All Star, a runnerup for ROY, 2 SS, Got MVP consideration 3x, including a 4th place finish in the Angels’ WS winning year of 2002. OPS+ of just 102, though. He led the league in doubles 2x.

Anderson’s 162 g. ave. was .293-21-99.   287 HR. In the postseason, he was .245-5-22 in 36 games.

Yanks’ news to come. If you have YES, the game is on there this afternoon. A.J. pitching. Could be interesting.  

Another player with a DUI. Austin Kearns got nabbed.

Don’t expect these options to get picked up.

From LoHud:

Kerry Wood was terrific during his two and a half months in New York, and the Yankees have the option of bringing him back before he hits the free agent market, but that seems unlikely.

The Yankees have contract options on three players:

• Wood has an $11-million club option.
• Lance Berkman has a $15-million club option.
• Nick Johnson has a $5.75-million mutual option.

It’s unlikely any of the options will be picked up.

“They’re all pretty obvious,” Brian Cashman said. “I have to sit in the office and look at the numbers and stuff like that, but I think, probably, they’re all such large numbers that we wouldn’t be picking up options for anybody off the top of my head. But I have to sit down and go through it and talk to ownership. But my initial thought is they’re all pretty obvious.”

Berkman wants to play everyday. It is not happening here with Teixeira at 1B, and the Yanks need DH to be rotated among Posada, Jeter and Alex (with Jeter and Alex, that may mean more playing time for Nunez?) Berkman probably wouldn’t want to DH all the time anyway, and he wasn’t worth $15M/yr with the season he just had.

As for Wood, it would be nice to have him back as the 8th inning set-up guy, but those kinds of guys aren’t worth $11M.

As for Nick Johnson and his medical problems? Forget it. You wonder who would take a chance on him. As I’ve stated before, it seems like Johnson was the model for the Operation board game.   

Update, 10/27: The Yanks have indeed declined all three options.


Nick Johnson getting more surgery

The Yanks are off today.

I’ve ran it before, and I’ll need to run it again, since he’ll need surgery again.

Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson on the operating table.

After having wrist surgery once before this season, Johnson will need it again. Hence the photo. It’s safe to say we’ve seen the last of him in Yankee pinstripes. The question is, will anyone take a chance on the oft (always?) injured Johnson?

Speaking of injuries, count me as against an 18-game NFL schedule. It only invites more injuries, one reason being not just the physicality and violence of a normal game, but that players will be more tired with a longer schedule, and therefore more susceptible to injury.

Wow. One day after the divorce is final, Tiger shoots a 65.

Game 104. Yanks @ Tampa

Good article by Joel Sherman in the NY Post about how Cashman is now attempting a do-over from his offseason moves.

Berkman the do-over for NIck Johnson.

Kearns a do-over for Thames (Thames still with the team, but do you expect him in the field now that Kearns is here?)]

Kearns a 1/2 do-over for Granderson, who still has trouble against lefties, forcing a Kearns/Granderson platoon? With Gardner flip flopping between LF and CF?

Wood a do-over for Park.

CC goes today. I’ll be at work.

I’ve always thought that Cashman was better at the deadline than in the offseason, with the exception of CC/Teix/AJ—and that was a no-brainer.    


Derek Jeter SS
Lance Berkman 1B  To let him get comfortable?
Mark Teixeira DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada C
Curtis Granderson CF
Austin Kearns LF
Ramiro Pena 3B

Kearns gets a start. Alex gets a day off from #600. Best thing for him?

LHP CC Sabathia.  

Game 67. Subway Series again. Mets @ Yanks

YANKEES (41-25)
Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada DH
Francisco Cervelli C
Chad Huffman LF
Brett Gardner CF

RHP Javier Vazquez (6-5, 5.43)

Alex at 3B, Posada DH and Cervelli C. Probably the best lineup for now. Granderson gets a day off with the lefty on the mound.  

I think the Yanks need a bat at the trade deadline. The problem is, you want the DH spot rotating between people who need a breather. Meaning Alex, Jeter, Posada…but then when you put those guys in that spot, the replacement on the field (Pena or Russo) is such a dropoff offensively.

Having a 7-8-9 of Gardner, Cervelli and Pena or Russo is not acceptable. You can have Gardner and Cervelli but not all three. Let’s look at the problem.

Gardner is doing well. .313-3-22 with 22 SB. But he is NOT a #7 hitter, and that is where he has been sometimes this year. He needs to be 1, 2, 8 or 9. Him at 7 is not good. Gardner has six major league HR.

Cervelli is doing well. .285-0-29. But he has 1 MLB HR in 236 AB. There have been times when he has batted 7th this year. In the DH league, that isn’t acceptable.

Pena has 174 AB in his MLB career. His bat has been nonexistent this year. .186-0-8 as a backup in 59 AB. He has one MLB HR.

So last night you had eight MLB HR—combined—in the 7-8-9 slots.

Russo is 9 for his first 43 in the major leagues.

Nick Johnson is on the DL and who knows when…or if…he comes back. He was just at .167-2-8 in 24 games when he went down. 24 walks were his saving grace.

Randy Winn was released after going .213-1-8 in 61 at bats.

Miranda was .217-2-7 in 46 at bats.

So the DH position/utility man position hasn’t done much for the Yanks. Then we have the disappointing seasons Teixeira (.224) and Granderson (.234) are putting up right now.

Combine that lack of DH productivity/Johnson on DL, the down years so far of Teix and Gardner, the lack of productivity from backups not named Cervelli or Thames and the diminished power of A-Rod (just 8 HR) and you can see why I want a bat.

Get Lee after the season as a free agent. i am happy with the rotation as it is.

Target a bat now. I’d also like some bullpen help but do realize that the bullpen hopefully gets stabilized when Mitre and Aceves return. I’d still like a bullpen guy.

Bat and bullpen, to me, should be Cashman’s priorities right now.

In 2000, he got the bat. Without David Justice going .305-20-60 for the Yanks in the second half of 2000, the Yanks don’t win the World Series that year.

Hopefully Cashman can find another “Justice” for 2010.

Gardner has been good. He also doesn’t belong in the 7 hole.          



Game 27. Yanks hang on, 7-5 behind Jolly old St. Nicks but Andy is hurting. Blame SI.

The SI cover jinx strikes again. Posada with the calf, Mo with a sidesticker now Pettitte with a sore elbow. He’ll probably have to miss a start. Hopefully not more than one.

Jeter, the only one of the Core Four left unscarred by this week’s cover jinx, wasn’t looking into the camera. Maybe it’s his saving grace. Damn you, SI.

Pettitte got the win to go to 4-0. #233 of his career, but he left after 5 innings and 77 pitches with a sore elbow. He is day to day but I’d expect him to miss a turn.

1 R in 5 IP for Andy. 4-0, 2.08.

Then it got interesting. The Yanks built a 6-1 lead, and won 7-5. HR’s by Nick (3 for 3) Johnson and Nick Swisher. Jolly Old St. Nicks. Christmas in May.

Teixeira remembered that it is May and added a 2-run double.

Mitre came in for Andy. 2 1/3 but gave up a 2-Run HR to Wigginton.

Marte faced one batter, a K. Robertson got the last out in the 8th and started the 9th with a 7-3 lead.

Joba (pitched last two nights) and Mo (sidesticker) were not available.

Robertson got an out, then gave up 2 HR. I like Robertson, 3.30 ERA and 63 K in 43 IP last year, but something has gone haywire this year. He needs to be straightened out. ERA 14.21. Wonder what’s up?

Logan came in and got an out, but gave up 2 walks.

Aceves for the last out and the save.

A bit hairy.

But it’ll be even more hairy if Andy is out for a considerable length of time. We will see who makes his next scheduled start. Mitre? I don’t think that Andy is DL-bound.

In case you are wondering, should an emergency starter be needed from SWB (meaning Girardi wouldn’t want to use Mitre or Aceves for a start), it might be Ivan Nova, who is 2-0, 2.43 in six starts. 32 K in 35 IP. Nova is a 23 year old righty.

There’s the recap. Don’t know if as good as Tim the Wizard’s in the previous post.   😉 


Game 14. Mini-game post. After 5, Yanks up 2-0 and Hughes is dealing.

Yup. Another mini-post due to bed/west coast.

Day game after night game tomorrow. 3:35 Eastern. CC scheduled, and it looks like Cervelli again. Can’t complain, can you?

Nice start. Jeter gets #2767 (single) and Johnson is amazing. Another walk. The average may suck, but 18 walks now. Game 14.

Um. Not good. Strikeout of Teix, runners going, Jeter thrown out at 3B. RATS. Alex flies out.

Ever watch through Gameday and wonder what the hell the umpire’s strike zone is?

Phil hitting 94. 1 walk, but a scoreless 1st with 2 K.

Cano singles, steals 2nd (? Cano?, we are talking Cano?) on Jorge’s strikeout and goes to third on Granderson’s groundout. Winn grounds out to end the top of the 2nd.

Hughes looking good. Whiffs the side in the 2nd. 5 Ks.  

After two groundouts, Johnson walks….again. Like I wrote in the pregame, imagine if he was hitting? Imagine if he had SB speed? Teix makes out. I’ll bet Teixeira can’t wait until May.

1-2-3 for Hughes in the 3rd.  

Back to back three-baggers for A-Rod and Cano in the 4th. RBI groundout for Posada. 2-0 Yanks after 3 1/2. The way Hughes is pitching, you wonder if two runs is enough. He really looks nasty tonight.

1-2-3 for Phil in the 4th. Another K. 6 so far.

Nothing for Yanks in 5th. Baserunning blunder by Gardner but it doesn’t amount to anything. But something he should learn from.

Heading to bed after this inning. Work and the alarm clock come too early.

2-0 after 5. Phil a 1-2-3.

5 IP, 7 K, 0 R and just one baserunner. Go back in the notes above and see how that runner got on, then figure out the rest.

Recap tomorrow.