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Yanks make minor deal.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Yanks made a minor deal on Friday, signing Jace Peterson to a minor-league deal.

Peterson, 27, is a lefty hitter who is mostly a 2B, but has also played every other position except for pitcher and catcher.

In 2017, he hit .215-2-17, OPS+ 69 in 89 g. (186 at bats) for the Braves. He was with the Padres in 2014, the Braves 2015-2017. In 383 MLB games, he has a 162 g. average of  .234-6-41 with an OPS+ of 79.

Obviously, not a big move. The way I look at it is this—it provides some infield depth in case a bigger move is made later on that would require giving up a Tyler Wade, Nick Solak or Thairo Estrada in a package deal.

Ex-MLB infielder Rob Picciolo has passed away at the age of 64. Picciolo played for the A’s 1977-1982, Brewers 1982-1983, Angels 1984 and A’s again in 1985. Primarily a SS, he also played the other infield positions and also got into games in LF and RF. A weak hitter who almost NEVER walked (more on that in a minute) Picciolo played in 731 games. His 162 g. average was .234-4–24, OPS+ 56. In 1720 plate appearances, he walked just 25 times. In 1979 for example, he walked just 3 times in 363 plate appearances.

Picciolo played in the 1981 postseason for the A’s. They beat KC in the Division Series and lost to the Yankees in the ALCS. In three postseason games, he was 2 for 8.



Another look at the past. Fritz Peterson.

On BBD, I profile another Yankee of the past. Someone who wasn’t a bad pitcher, but who is remembered for what happened OFF the field… Fritz Peterson. Check it out.

After a brief hiatus from the Classic Yankees series (Rob over at BBD got married), it’ll be picking up full speed in catching up with some posts that have been backlogged. Then it’ll get back to a normal pace. 

What is the real motive behind an unnecessary film?

The big Yankees news in the NY Post today, for me, isn’t found in the sports pages.

It’s found on Page Six, which deals more with celebrities than sports (although there is a mix sometimes).

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, two long-time Red Sox fans, are making a movie called “The Trade,” about the wife-swapping that Yankee pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson did in 1972. 38 spring trainings ago, the you-know-what hit the fan as it became public.

But why a movie now? Why dredge that up? What possible good can become of it (other than to line the pockets of Affleck and Damon)?

Page Six reports that Kekich is desperate to block the film. Why shouldn’t he be? The union of he and the former Mrs. Peterson didn’t last long (The former Mrs. Kekich and Fritz Peterson are still together). According to Page Six,

Kekich has moved away and has a new identity. He is freaked out that those working on the movie found out where he is. He isn’t too keen on having the scandal dredged up again after all this time. Other Yankees from that time have also been really unhelpful with facts and details of what happened. They are stonewalling.

It’s obvious that the guy has created a new life for himself (new wife and daughter) and wants to forget that period of his life. He wants to move on. It’s extremely painful for him. You can imagine that he doesn’t want to bring his current wife and daughter into it more than necessary.

But what is the motive? What purpose would this movie serve? Is it just a vendetta by two Red Sox fans?

Consider the words of Affleck. Page Six quotes him telling MTV

“I’ve come to have a little more respect for the Yankees. There are some of those guys… that look like good guys…But as an institution? Disdain. Contempt.” About the movie’s subject matter, he said: “Guys f***ing each other’s wives—that’s the Yankees.”

Really classy statement by a classless act. The guy must still be mad that Gigli bombed. Let’s hope this film is as big a turkey (gobble, gobble) as that was. 

If the guy wants to go to Fenway Pawk (intentional misspelling there) and root for his beloved Red Sawx (likewise), fine. Boo the Yanks, fine.

But to dredge something up and possibly ruin someone’s life over something he’d rather forget about and move on from? Unacceptable. And for what? His own personal vendetta against the Yankees?

Let it Be, Affleck and Damon.

Haven’t seen their films. Don’t care to.

Especially now.