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Stunner! Werth to Washington

I didn’t see this one coming, did you?

I had Jayson Werth all pegged for Boston and that nice Green Monster. You figured 30 HR 100 RBI there, right?

I mean, no major free agent signs with the Nats, right? Especially since they don’t have Dunn anymore?

So much for that theory.

Jayson Werth signed a 7-yr. deal with Washington today ($18M per), giving the Nats back a little power that they lost when Dunn signed with the White Sox. Maybe now the Nats go after, say, Carlos Pena to replace Dunn at 1B?

It’ll be interesting to hear the boos in Philly the first time the Nats come there in 2011. As for the Phils, you wonder who they are looking at as far as a righty-hitting OF with pop. They do have Ben Francisco, but the balance in Philly’s lineup is now all out of whack. The power is all lefty-oriented (Utley, Howard, Ibanez and rookie Domonic Brown). You have switch-hitters with some, but not great pop in Rollins and Victorino, and righty bats Polanco and Ruiz aren’t known for power, either.  The Phils may be shopping for a righty-hitting OF with power to balance out that lineup.

As for Boston, I’d expect them to go all out for Crawford now, or to re-sign Beltre. They couldn’t finalize the Adrian Gonzalez deal and now a bat seemingly made for Fenway (Werth) is off the table. Hmmm…    


Oh, that thing Cashman is doing? Rappelling or whatever they call it? Don’t expect any pics on here of that from me. Just seeing those pics of him up there— 22 floors up —gives me the creeps. Whatever phobia it is that is the fear of heights, well I have it in spades.