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Harold Baines and Lee Smith elected to HOF. Piniella just short, no Boss.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

George Steinbrenner didn’t come close to making the HOF, as he got less than 5 of the 16 votes from the “Today’s Era” panel.

Making the hall through this method were OF/DH Harold Baines, and relief pitcher Lee Smith. Lou Piniella, who was being considered as a manager, not a player, missed out by one vote.

Baines played for the White Sox (1980-1989), Rangers (1989-1990), A’s (1990-1992), Orioles (1993-1995), White Sox again (1996-1997), Orioles again (1997-1999) Indians (1999) Orioles yet again (2000) and finished with yet another tour with the White Sox (2000-2001). His #3 was retired by the White Sox in 1989…. when he was still playing.

Baines never got more than 6.1% from the writers while on the ballot. He had 2866 hits in his career, 384 HR. He was a 6x All-Star who finished in the top 10 for MVP voting twice. His 162 g. average was .289-22-93, OPS+ 121. He hit .324-5-16 in 31 postseason games.

Smith is third on the all-time saves list with 478 saves. He pitched for the Cubs (1980-1987), Red Sox (1988-1990), Cardinals (1990-1993), Yankees (1993), Orioles (1994), Angels (1995-1996), Reds (1996) and Expos (1997). He was a 7x All-Star who never got more than 50.6% on the writer’s ballot. He was 71-92, 3.03 in his MLB career, and his 162 g. average was 5-6, 3.03, 32 saves, ERA+ 132. In four postseason games, he was 0-2, 8.44 with one save.

Piniella, who missed by one vote, managed the Yankees (1986-1988), Reds (1990-1992), Mariners (1993-2002), Devil Rays (2003-2005), and Cubs (2007-2010), winning the WS with the Reds in 1990. He managed seven teams to the postseason. He was 1835-1713 as manager, winning pct. .517. His 2001 Mariners went 116-46 before losing to the Yankees in the ALCS. Eight of his teams won 90 or more games in a season.



Steinbrenner and Piniella on HOF list, Finalists listed for major awards.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Top 3 finishers for next week’s awards have been named. From MLB.com

Mookie Betts, OF, Red Sox:

Many thought teammate J.D. Martinez might join him as a finalist, but he missed the cut, meaning he won’t be in the top 3.

Jose Ramirez, 3B, Indians:

Mike Trout, OF, Angels:

Nolan Arenado, 3B, Rockies:

Javier Baez, 2B/SS, Cubs:

Christian Yelich, OF, Brewers:


Corey Kluber, RHP, Indians: After winning the AL Cy Young Award in 2014 and ’17, Kluber is a finalist for the third straight year.

Blake Snell, LHP, Rays:

Justin Verlander, RHP, Astros:

Jacob deGrom, RHP Mets:

Aaron Nola, RHP, Phillies:

Max Scherzer, RHP, Nationals:

Miguel Andujar, 3B, Yankees:

Shohei Ohtani, RHP/DH, Angels:

Gleyber Torres, 2B, Yankees:

Ronald Acuna Jr., OF, Braves:

Walker Buehler, RHP, Dodgers:

Juan Soto, OF, Nationals:

Kevin Cash, Rays:

Alex Cora, Red Sox:

Bob Melvin, A’s:

Bud Black, Rockies:

Craig Counsell, Brewers:

Brian Snitker, Braves:



Late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, former managers Lou Piniella, Davey Johnson and Charlie Manuel, and six players headed by Lee Smith are on the 10-man ballot for the baseball Hall of Fame’s Today’s Game Era committee to consider next month.

Harold Baines, Albert Belle, Will Clark, Orel Hershiser and Joe Carter also are on the ballot for the 16-man committee — which meets Dec. 9 at the winter meetings in Las Vegas — to consider. The committee considers candidates from 1998 to the present, and a candidate needs at least 75 percent of the vote to be elected.

Yankees news: Yanks add Holliday, no Hall yet for the Boss.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

There hasn’t been a report for a while because things have been relatively quiet in Yankee land.

With the winter meetings about to start, that may change soon.

The first order of business was that the Yanks signed Matt Holliday to a one-year deal worth #14 MM. Holliday will mostly DH, and will play the occasional 1B to spell Greg Bird and maybe a bit of LF too. He will be 37 next season, and is a .303 career hitter with 295 HR. Last season, in 110 games, he hit .246-20-62 for St. Louis, with an OPS+ of 107. For his career, his OPS+ is 134. A 7x All-Star, Holliday was a close runnerup to Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies for the 2007 NL MVP. Outside of 93 games for the 2009 A’s, he has spent the rest of his career in Colorado and St. Louis. He made it to three World Series, winning it in 2011.

The Yanks had interest in bringing Carlos Beltran back, but he signed with Houston for 1 year and $16MM. There was also talk of them being interested in lefty pitcher Rich Hill, but the 37 year old Hill signed a 3 year $40 MM deal with the Dodgers.

I don’t know how much interest they had in Yoennis Cespedes, who went back to the Mets for 4 years and $110 MM (too much $$ in my opinion).

Edwin Encarnacion is out there, but the Yanks probably didn’t want to go too many years and too much money with someone entering their mid-30s. Hence a one year deal with Holliday.

With the signing of Holliday, it does not appear as if the Yanks will now bring back free agent Billy Butler.

The Yanks made a couple of moves, the most important being that they basically released Nathan Eovaldi and Jacob Lindgren. Both won’t pitch in 2017 due to Tommy John surgery. Lindgren was picked up by the Braves. In two seasons with the Yanks,  Eovaldi was 23-11, 4.45, ERA+94. Lindgren, a top draft pick a few years ago, got in seven games, seven innings, for the 2015 Yankees, going 0-0, 5.14.

Executive John Schuerholz and ex-MLB C0mmissioner Bud Selig were selected to the Hall of Fame by a committee yesterday. Among those not getting in were George Steinbrenner and Lou Piniella (for Lou’s managing).

More when things happen. Meanwhile is PSU alum is happy about the Nittany Lions winning the Big 10 Title and going to the Rose Bowl.


Lou back in game? And not with Yankees

When Lou Piniella retired as manager, partly for family reasons (ill mother), you knew he might return some day as an advisor. You didn’t think it might be a quick return though.

It seems to be, though.  

It also would have been nice to see Sweet Lou come back to the Yanks as an advisor. After all, he’s a Tampa guy who once managed the Rays. The Yanks minor league complex is in Tampa, and it would figure if Lou wanted to stay close to home that he’d sign back with the Rays or with the Yankees.


From MLB.Com:

The longtime World Series-decorated player and manager, who retired from managing the Cubs in August because of the failing health of his mother, will reportedly sign on with the Giants’ front office as a special adviser. The Giants did not confirm the report.



Piniella has known Giants general manager Brian Sabean since the 1980s, when both worked in the Yankees organization. Sabean interviewed Piniella for the Giants’ managerial job after the 2006 season, but Piniella took the job with the Cubs instead, and Sabean hired Bruce Bochy, who led San Francisco to the World Series title in 2010.

The Chronicle added that Piniella, who lives in the Tampa Bay area, will remain in Florida while performing the duties of his new position.

 Would have been nice to see Lou back with the Yanks in a front office capacity, though.



Can Sweet Lou be back as an advisor?

From the AP this week:

Lou Piniella has an invitation to take part in next year’s Old-Timers’ Day at Yankee Stadium.

Piniella was at a New York Yankees‘ fantasy camp on Thursday and spent about 30 minutes talking with team co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner.

Steinbrenner says he’s sure Piniella will take part in the festivities (and) says he hopes Piniella will someday consider rejoining the Yankees in an advisory role …  Steinbrenner says Piniella will “always be a consultant for me.”

I can’t wait to hear the reception Lou will get at the Stadium on Old-Timer’s Day 2011. As far as being an advisor goes, I’d love it.

Lou could stay in Tampa, be close to his ill mom (a reason he retired; I also think that at 67 and after over two decades in managing, he was burned out), and advise the Yankees’ Tampa team (including Hal and Hank, who reside there). Now in his late 60’s, it seems like a great job for Lou if he wants it.

…and no, I don’t believe Lou (as suggested elsewhere) would be a “manager in waiting” if Girardi has a bad year. For one thing, I don’t think whoever wrote that realizes that Joe G. just signed a three-year deal. For another thing, Lou’s age. I think, manager-wise, he has had it.  

But who’d have thought Lou AND Reggie could both wind up on the same team (albeit as advisers) in the 2010’s? We all hope they get along better than in the late 1970s…

I was always a Lou and Thurman guy. No offense to Reggie, but when sides were drawn in those Bronx Zoo days….

Lou as advisor.

Count me in on that one.

MLBTR is reporting Yankee interest in J.C. Romero. I hope not. I live in a predominant Phillies area (about 60 miles from there and 100 miles from NYC, not only that but the Phils AAA team is in my backyard). There is a reason Romero was let go.

…and the steroids issue as well. (Yeah, I know about Alex, but when you already have someone under long-term contract who’s stained himself that’s a bit different than going and getting someone who already has that stain).

Count me out on Romero.    

Game 124. By the “C.” Cano, CC lead Yanks to 10-0 rout. 30 over.

With today’s win, the Yanks go 30 over to 77-47.

Surprisingly, they are 12-0 without A-Rod.

A few days ago, I mentioned how this could be a great opportunity for Cano. Great meaning this: the guy is in the middle of an MVP race with Josh Hamilton and Miggy Cabrera. With Alex out and on the DL, it’s a perfect time for Cano to enhance his candidacy by carrying the team. What better way to state “I’m the MVP?”

So what does Robbie do today? He drove in 6 runs with a grand slam and a 2-run single. That’s the way to make your case!

It’s the 10th grand slam of the season for the Yanks, tying the team record set in 1987 when Don Mattingly hit six (a single season record) all by himself.

Besides Cano’s granny (his 25th HR), Kearns (10, combined) and Posada (15, 258 career) added solo shots in the 10-0 shutout win.

CC went six (rain) and improved to 17-5, 3.02. After coming so close last year (19 wins, and couldn’t win in his only shot for #20), hopefully this year he cracks the 20-win barrier for the first time. He went the six innings, no runs, 3 hits, no walks and 8 K. He’s really kicking into high gear.

1 2/3 for Wood, 2 hits and a walk, no K. Combined ERA 4.40, but he’s done great as a Yankee since coming over.

Joba finished up. 1 1/3. 1 hit, no walks or K. ERA 4.80.

Still 1 up on Tampa. They and Boston won.

Lou Piniella was supposed to retire at the end of the year. He announced that today would be his last game. Apparently his mom is ill. Lou may have wanted to retire in the fourth inning or so today as his Cubs were pasted in his final game as manager, 16-5. I can’t wait for Lou to come back to the Stadium for Old-Timers day for a much deserved ovation.

Hopefully Stephen Strasburg is OK. He was pulled after 4 1/3 yesterday with a flexor tendon problem in his elbow. It may need surgery but the Nats are awaiting the MRI. Regardless, he should be shut down for the year. He is too valuable a commodity to mess around with.

The Dodgers got some help as they dealt for Rod Barajas of the Mets. LA lost Russell Martin for the year a few weeks ago and they are some ways out. They needed the help.          


Game 92. Angels @ Yanks.

The Yanks called up Albaladejo. I don’t know how long it’ll last, since Mitre is going on Saturday (replacing the injured Pettitte in the rotation) and a move will have to be done for Mitre.

Tonight’s lineup:

Yanks 58-33, +2 1/2; OPS+ 115, ERA+ 105

Derek Jeter SS .271-8-44-10/13; OPS+ 97 (100 is league average). Pick it up, Derek! 2850 hits.
Nick Swisher RF .301-16-53-1/2-145
Mark Teixeira 1B .253-18-62-0/1; 125  leads team in HR.  
Alex Rodriguez 3B .272-15-73-2/4; 126  598 HR, 299 SB; leads team in RBI.
Robinson Cano 2B .336-17-61-2/4; 157 leads team in BA, OPS
Jorge Posada C .269-11-33-0/0; 135
Curtis Ganderson CF .237-7-24-7/7; 91; Has to improve.   
Juan Miranda DH .204-2-7-0/0; 89  Just 10 for 49
Brett Gardner LF .305-5-31-26/32; 122 …and of course the team leader in SB.

Phil Hughes 11-2, 3.65  ERA+ 111

Albaladejo was 2-1, 0.96 and 31 saves at SWB this year. In 39 games with the Yanks (2008 and 2009) he has gone 5-2, 4.88. His MLB mark stands at 6-3, 4.19, ERA+ 105.

Sweet Lou to call it a day. Piniella to retire after the 2010 season. It’d be nice to see him back next year for Old-Timer’s Day, wouldn’t it?

Yankees HR list:

1. Babe Ruth 659 9198
2. Mickey Mantle 536 9909
3. Lou Gehrig 493 9660
4. Joe DiMaggio 361 7671
5. Yogi Berra 358 8355
6. Bernie Williams 287 9053
7. Jorge Posada 254 6558
8. Alex Rodriguez 253 4296
9. Graig Nettles 250 6247
10. Derek Jeter 232 10228

Yanks SB list:

Stolen Bases

Rank Player SB PA
1. Rickey Henderson 326 2735
2. Derek Jeter 315 10228
3. Willie Randolph 251 7465
4. Hal Chase 248 4466
5. Roy White 233 7735
6. Ben Chapman 184 4014
  Wid Conroy 184 3300
8. Fritz Maisel 183 2095
9. Mickey Mantle 153 9909
10. Horace Clarke 151 5143
  Roberto Kelly 151 2527

Didn’t think Mickey was in the top 10, did you?