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Glavine officially retires.

MLB.com is reporting that Tom Glavine is going to officially announce his retirement and take a job with the Braves.

The HOF now beckons for the savvy lefty who won 305 games in his career, including two CYAs. His last MLB year was 2008, so he will be on the same ballot with long-time teammate Greg Maddux. How appropo that they would go in together, much like Mickey and Whitey did in 1974.

Besides his two CYAs, Glavine finished 2nd twice and 3rd twice. He was a 20 game winner on five separate occasions. His 3.54 ERA meant an ERA+ of 118.

In the postseason, Glavine was  14-16 with a 3.30 ERA. He was the MVP of the 1995 WS.

The only lefties to win more games than Glavine were Warren Spahn (363), Steve Carlton (329) and Eddie Plank (326). Glavine (305) wound up with two more wins than Randy Johnson (303), who just retired but who, having played in 2009, goes on the ballot one year after Maddux (the living pitcher with the most wins, 355) and Glavine, and two years after Roger Clemens (354*). Of course, we know the trouble Clemens will have once he gets on.

As a hitter, Glavine hit .186 with 1 HR.  He won four silver sluggers for pitchers.

The active pitcher (and active lefty) with the most career wins as of now is Jamie Moyer with 258. #2 in both categories is Andy Pettitte with 229.