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A scout’s take on various prospects.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

From NJ.com. Various bolded sections or comments from me. The scout can be brutally honest, but I like that.


S.T. games begin tomorrow.

Bartolo Colon will start for the Yanks Saturday vs. Cole Hamels of the Phils as the Yanks open their S.T. season at GMS Field on Saturday. Colon will be followed by Joba, D-Rob, David Phelps, Hector Noesi, and Eric Wordekemper (via LoHud).

LoHud also reports that the regulars will start, with Cervelli starting at catcher. Montero will start on Sunday.

BBD reports via Jack Curry of YES (and you can also read between the lines of Girardi’s comments) that the Yanks would really like for Montero to win the backup C job over Cervelli. Montero’s bat is there, it’s the D that they are looking at. I wonder if Girardi wants to break in Montero similar to how Posada learned under Girardi. In 1997, Girardi caught 112 games, Posada 60. The next year, Posada had 111 to Girardi’s 78. Could Joe be grooming Montero the way Torre groomed Posada?

LoHud reports that Andrew Brackman tweaked a groin and will be shut down for a few days.

So I’m out last night, and one person (a Phils’ fan, I believe) was running down the Yanks’ pitching. I asked if he knew of their minor league depth. No answer. I replied that they may be short for 2011, but are solid looking forward. I also mentioned that I follow my team down to the A ball level. He walked away. (I doubt he follows his team down to AA or lower). Too bad. If you want to stay ignorant, keep talking about what you know nothing about. I would gladly have mentioned the following to him.

I think it’s a good time for a refresher course. The levels are where I think the pitcher will start 2011.

Manny Banuelos LHP. (20) AA. Combined 0-4, 2.51 last year, came off injury. Pitched at 3 levels. 85 K in 64 2/3 IP. #41 prospect by Baseball America. 

Adam Warren. (23). RHP. AAA. 11-7, 2.59 between High A and AA in 2009. 126 K in 135 1/3. Some in front office very high on him.

Dellin Betances RHP (23). AA. 8-1, 2.11 between High A and AA (only 3 games). 108 K in 85 1/3. Ranked 43 by Baseball America.

Hector Noesi. 24. AAA. 14-7, 3.20 at 3 levels (Mostly AA) in 2010. RHP. 153 K in 160 1/3. Longshot for the #5 starter role.

David Phelps, RHP.  (24), I project AAA to start 2011. 10-2, 2.50 combined AA/AAA in 2010. RHP. 141 K in 158 2/3. Another #5 Longshot.

Andrew Brackman, RHP. 25, AAA. 10-11, 3.90 in 2010 (High A/AA). 126 K in 140 2/3. 5-4, 5.10 at High A, but things started to kick in at AA. 5-7, 3.01. 126 K in 140 2/3. Longshot for #5, but probably needs some AAA time. Ranked #78 by Baseball America.    

Ivan Nova, RHP. 24. 1-2, 4.50 in 42 IP for the Yanks in 2010. 12-3, 2.86 at AAA. In the running to be the #5 starter or the long man out of the bullpen. (If he is sent down, imagine if SWB’s rotation of Nova, Noesi, Warren, Brackman and Phelps?)

Graham Stoneburner, 23, RHP. AA. A combined 9-8, 2.41 at A/A+ in 2010. 137 K in 142 IP.

Shaeffer Hall, LHP, 23. AA. 11-7, 2.89 at A/A+ in 2010. 103 K in 137 IP.

So AA could see Hall, Stoneburner, Betances, Banuelos…

and possibly Jeremy Bleich, 23, LHP, who was injured for most of 2010 and who went 3-2, 4.79 in eight starts. We’ll see how he rebounds, but it was a step back for him. Bleich seems a ways away.

But still, look at those nine other pitchers (other than Bleich).     

Ready for 2011? Probably not. Given the Yanks’ pitching woes, some may be rushed up in 2011, a year or two too early.

But for those discussing the Yanks’ lack of pitching (starting, not relieving. People can’t be so naive to believe that a bullpen consisting of Mo, Soriano, Feliciano, Joba, D-Rob is lousy), they should know that it won’t be a long-term issue. That there are kids (and a lot of them) who aren’t far away. Who can help the Yanks very soon or be used in a trade (Chris Carpenter at the deadline?).

Nine good names here. Not all will make it. But imagine if, say, four do? Four reach their potential. That wouldn’t be bad, especially considering how high some of that potential is.     


Top Prospects, and Cards dealt possible major blow

Baseball America has come out with their top 100 prospects. Five Royals in Top 20, all ETA in 2011 or 2012. For Yankees: #3 Jesus Montero Opening Day 2011 age 21 C/DH? ETA 2011; #30 Gary Sanchez 18, C, ETA 2014; #41 Manny Banuelos 20 LHP, ETA 2012; #43 Dellin Betances 23, RHP, ETA 2012; #78 Andrew Brackman 25, RHP, ETA 2011 and #98 Austin Romine, 22, C, ETA 2011.

Adam Wainwright of St. Louis is heading back to St. Louis to have his elbow looked at. The Cards fear he needs TJ surgery. Goodbye 2011 and half of 2012. Millwood could now be in their sights.

Update, 2/24/11: Wainwright will need TJ surgery. Tweet from Buster Olney:  

A couple of scouts say this: they saw wainwright’s arm angle dropping down the stretch last year, a sign of trouble.

Arizona Fall League stats so far.

Prospects with the Surprise Rafters:


Brandon Laird 10 for 20 1 HR 7 RBI
Austin Romine 6 for 15 2 RBI
Colin Curtis 7 for 21, 1 HR, 4 RBI
Ian Kennedy 7 1/3 IP. 1-1, 4.91
Zach Kroenke 3 IP. 0-0, 3.00
Grant Duff 2 IP 0-0, 0.00
Michael Dunn  2 IP 0-0, 0.00



Meanwhile, down on the farm (Yankee Prospects in the winter Leagues).

Kevin Russo (AA, 2B) .373-1-7. 51 AB.
Juan Miranda (AAA, 1B) .333-1-7 42 AB.
Austin Jackson (AA, CF) .268-1-11 56 AB
Phil Hughes (NYY) 1-0, 5.68 (not counting the “Rising Stars” Game). 3 games.
Kevin Whelan (AA) 1-0, 0.90. 6 IP. 1 R, 6 hits, 6 walks, 10 K.
Jeff Marquez (AAA) 0-1, 7.00 9 IP.
Humberto Sanchez (NYY, 2 games at end of year) 0-1, 20.77 in 4 1/3 IP.

Damon Sublett (High A, 2b) .289-1-11 38 AB
Austin Romine (Low A, C) .233-0-2 30 AB
Jeremy Bleich (sandwich pick in 2008 between 1st and 2nd round) 2-1, 2.45. 25 2/3 IP. 22 K/9 BB
Andrew Brackman (1st rd. pick in 2007) 2-3, 5.03. 19 2/3 IP. 20 K. 12 BB.

3/31/08 Checking the farm. 2008 Yankees Minor League Rosters

Chad Jennings covers the Scranton Yankees, and has an excellent blog. Here is what his SWB Yankees blog has for the farm teams.

Note these aren’t 100% set in stone, but it gives us a look at which prospects are where, so we’ll  be able to follow their progress. As the minor league season begins, I’ll check the boxscores and see which teams & players are doing well. The Scranton bullpen should be something, and Horne and Marquez are two starters to watch. 

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre AAA (besides the above, interested in Gardner)


Position players

Steven White Chad Moeller, C
Alan Horne Jason Brown, C
Jeff Marquez Eric Duncan, 1B
Darrell Rasner Juan Miranda, 1B
Kei Igawa Bernie Castro, 2B
Chris Britton Nick Green, INF
Scott Strickland Cody Ransom, 3B
Dan Giese Alberto Gonzalez, SS
Heath Phillips Brett Gardner, OF
Edwar Ramirez Jason Lane, OF
Jose Veras Greg Porter, OF
Scott Patterson Justin Christian, OF

Trenton AA (really interested in Robertson, McCutchen, Austin Jackson, Tabata, Smith, Wordekemper). Remember that Tabata is still 19!


Position players

David Robertson Joe Muich, C
Josh Schmidt P.J. Piliterre, C
Bo Hall Cody Ehlers, 1B
Dan McCutchen Chris Malec, 1B/3B
Mike Gardner Reegie Corona, 2B
Chase Wright Ramiro Pena, SS
Brett Smith Kevin Russo, INF
Zach Kroenke Carlos Mendoza, INF
Phil Coke Marcos Vechionacci, 3B
Steven Jackson Colin Curtis, OF
George Kontos Austin Jackson, OF
Eric Wordekemper Jose Tabata, OF
Jason Jones Matt Carson, OF

Tampa (high A) : Interested mostly in Artz, Melancon, Cox, Sublett, Hilligoss,


Position players

Wilkins Arias Ben Blumenthal, C
Ivan Nova Jose Gil, C
Edgar Soto Kyle Anson, C
Stephen Artz Braedyn Pruitt, 3B/1B
Eric Hacker Kevin Smith, 1B
Jonathan Hovis Damon Sublett, 2B
Jose Valdez Eduardo Nunez, SS
Ryan Pope Luis Nunez, INF
Mike Dunn Mitch Hilligoss, 3B
Mark Melancon Seth Fortenberry, OF
Grant Duff Josue Calzado, OF
Alfredo Aceves Tim Battle, OF
J.B. Cox James Cooper, OF
Edwar Gonzalez, OF

Charleston (low A). My interest here is is Romine and Montero, Laird, Angelini, Heredia, Suttle, McAllister, and Betances. This could be a very strong team if all goes well. Remember Montero is 18!


Position players

Noel Castillo Larry Day, C
Craig Heyer Austin Romine, C
Lance Pendelton Jesus Montero, C
Jonathon Ortiz Brandon Laird, 3B/1B
Jairo Heredia Justin Snyder, 2B/UT
Chace Vacek Carmen Angelini, SS
Wilkins DeLaRosa Walter Ibarra, INF
Jason Stephens Brad Suttle, 3B/1B
Adam Olbrychowski Dan Cox, INF
Zach McAllister Wady Rufino, OF/1B
Gabriel Medina Austin Krum, OF
Jesse Hoover Taylor Holiday, OF
Dellin Betances Abe Almonte, OF
David Williams, OF

Jennings states that Dave Miley told him yesterday that he’s not going into the season with a designated closer. A closer might emerge, but for now the ninth inning is open to anybody. Seems like a good idea given the number of interesting young arms. It might be worth while to get a look at Ramirez, Britton, Patterson and Veras in save situations to see how they react. Jennings also states that the opening day starter for SWB will be Igawa.

By “interest”, I’m going with the names I know of or have heard from, plus some people who impressed me last year. Of course, it’s always great to have a new name emerge and impress!

3/11/08 Yanks 6, Jays 1. A-Rod & Lane HR; Wang rebounds.

The Yanks made more cuts. No surprises. Juan Miranda goes to AAA. Also sent down were Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata, Colin Curtis and P. J. Pilittere. P.J. will go to AA, which is where I believe AJ, Tabata and Curtis will all go. As more cuts are made, things are getting more serious as to who wins jobs. I usually look very hard at results and competition from about March 20th on.

There is talk that the Stadium may close not with a Yankee game, but with an outdoor NHL game, probably the Rangers (kind of like the outdoor NHL game in Buffalo a few months ago). I hope not. That would be sacrilege.

Recap: Melky, Lane, Abreu and Molina had 2 hits each. Lane and A-Rod HRd, and Abreu and A-Rod drove in 2 runs each. Wang rebounded from a poor outing to go 3 2/3 scoreless innings. Good pitching. A shutout last night, only a run today, and another good outing following Kennedy’s, Hughes’ and Joba’s. Mussina and Pettitte’s outings weren’t that bad either. Hopefully we see Pettitte continue the good pitching tomorrow.  Hit “read more” for details on the game. Continue reading