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Trade deadline. No major move done by the Yanks. Thoughts.


The Yanks did not make a major move at the trade deadline.

They only made a minor one, trading rookie RHP Joe Harvey (1-0, 4.50 in nine games this year for the Yanks) to Colorado for LHP Alfredo Garcia. Per the NY Post: Garcia, 20, has pitched for Single-A Asheville and Boise this season. With the two teams, he’s combined for a 3-10 record and 6.00 ERA in 22 starts.

They apparently were looking at LHP Robbie Ray of Arizona but Arizona wanted OF Clint Frazier, RHP Clarke Schmidt (the Yanks’ #1 draft pick in 2017, who is now pitching at High A Tampa) and two other prospects. The Yanks thought that price was too steep.

Arizona did trade Zack Greinke to Houston (they made other moves as well). Now Houston is really scary with Justin Verlander, Greinke, Gerrit Cole and Wade Miley.

Greinke never would have come to the Yankees. He has a no-trade to the Yanks, and with his problems with depression and anxiety early in his career (2005/2006) NY wouldn’t be right for him at all.

That is the situation at the trade deadline. Some teams are asking too much of you, like the teams that wanted Gleyber Torres for a pitcher that other teams say is an ace but you know they are middle to back end of the rotation caliber. And Torres shouldn’t be going anywhere. He is not even 23 yet, a 2x All-Star, and someone with 20+ HR in both of his seasons in the majors. Torres for Matthew Boyd of Detroit (6-8, 3.94 now, career 28-43, 4.82)? Please. Spare me.

Some players, like Greinke and Madison Bumgarner, have no-trade clauses. Whether Bumgarner would have waived his to go to the Yankees, who knows. But we also don’t know what SF would have wanted for him.

Some teams, like the Mets, won’t deal with the Yankees. I can see that with the Red Sox not dealing with the Yankees, but the Mets are in a different league. But the Mets have the fear of looking bad in a deal with the Yanks, and don’t want the Yanks to “take over the city” or is it “Citi”? LOL. But the Yankeephobia the Mets’ front office has hurts them if they are making trades with other teams and getting less return from them than in what the Yankees would give them for say, Wheeler or Syndegaard—and neither Wheeler or Syndegaard went anywhere.

So the Yankees don’t get a starter that could have helped them. No Minor, Bumgarner, Wheeler, Ray, Stroman, Boyd, Bauer, Roark, Leake, etc. Most, as I stated, don’t fall into the “ace” category.

They didn’t get relief help either. Shane Greene and Mark Melancon (both former Yankees, by the way) both went from their respective teams (Tigers and Giants) to the Braves.

By the way, ex-Yankee (twice) David Robertson, who went to the Phillies last offseason as a free agent, and who has barely pitched this year, is headed for elbow surgery that could include TJ surgery. If TJ (Tommy John) surgery, then he misses ALL of 2020.

So the Yankees have to hope some, or all of the following, get healthy enough to contribute soon: Luis Severino, Jordan Montgomery, Jonathan Loaisiga and Dellin Betances. Loaisiga had a rehab stint (2 innings for AA Trenton last night). The others haven’t pitched yet in a game for any rehab assignment yet.

Either that or some pitchers need to pick up the slack and pitch better than they have so far this season (Happ/Paxton, even Tanaka).

I don’t know if I would call the Yanks’ efforts at the trade deadline here a failure. If you DO want to point any blame for not improving the rotation, I don’t think it is now, but things that happened BEFORE getting to this point.

For example, the free agent market. I didn’t mind bringing back Happ at the time (and that may be a mistake, given what he’s done this year and that he has a couple years left on the contract). But Happ wasn’t my first option. He was a fallback option. I think that the Yanks felt as I did. Getting Patrick Corbin being the top priority, with Happ as a fallback. But Corbin wanted more than the four years that the Yanks were offering, and got six from Washington where he is 9-5, 3.23. The Yanks sure could use that now.

Then there was Gio Gonzalez. The Yanks signed him at the end of spring training to a minor league deal, one that Gonzalez opted out of a few weeks later when it was obvious, at that time, that there was no place in the rotation for him. He is 2-1, 3.48 for Milwaukee right now.

Lastly, Dallas Keuchel. The Yanks wouldn’t go an extra mile to land him, lost him to the Braves, and Keuchel is 3-4, 3.86 right now.

Any of those three would not have cost players, just money. Now the question is why the Yankees were not more proactive towards those three? And that may not be the fault of Cashman, but of Hal Steinbrenner, who, let’s face it, is more frugal than his dad. Hal may have set a certain price that he wouldn’t allow Cashman to exceed, and if a deal then wasn’t made, the blame falls on Hal then, not Cashman.

If there is something to gripe about, I feel as if it isn’t because of what wasn’t done today at the trade deadline, but what wasn’t done BEFORE—namely, Corbin, Gonzalez and/or Keuchel. For those three have/had better potential and results than almost all of what was out there today.

One more thing. I wasn’t too keen this offseason about bringing back CC. He hasn’t been bad this year, but you are getting what you expected you’d get from a guy who just turned 39. Two trips to the injured list. Not much length in his starts. He has not recorded a “W” in more than a month. Yes, having him retire as a Yankee is nice. It’s his final season. But sentiment doesn’t win titles. You think with your head, not your heart.

Being a clubhouse presence and a great teammate is great. But you also have to do it between the lines, and of course, CC isn’t what he used to be.

So we hope now for help from within. Severino, Montgomery, Loaisiga, Betances. Maybe Deivi Garcia, but I doubt it. I’d be surprised. At 20, he probably needs a full season of AAA, so maybe 2021 for him (or late 2020?)

And after this season is over, don’t mess up on the free agent market. For example, Gerrit Cole of Houston, who the Yanks once drafted (he didn’t sign) and later coveted (traded by Pittsburgh to Houston because the Yanks wouldn’t give the Pirates Miguel Andujar) is a free agent after this season. He is 12-5. 2.94 for Houston now. He was 15-5, 2.88 for them last season. He struck out 276 last year and leads the majors with 212 strikeouts right now. Houston is one of your top competitors right now for AL supremacy. You can improve yourself and hurt Houston after this season in one move. Are you listening, Hal? Cash?



Andy back for 2010

The Granderson deal was finalized today. I do wonder how it impacts four players: obviously Melky and Gardner (although I wouldn’t necessarily pencil Granderson into CF yet…maybe he is the one who goes to LF?) but also Matsui and Damon.

Update: I now read where Cash states that Granderson is CF, which makes you further wonder about Melky and Brett the Road Runner. Are they moving from 8 to 7 should JD not return? Anyway, it’s a long way to the start of S.T. (and to Tipperary). Let’s see how things shake out and what else Cashman has up his sleeve.  

It seems like now the Yanks have the leverage to offer Damon and Matsui what they want to offer them and not the other way around. It may be that both get the same offer and whoever takes it first is the one who comes back (and DHs, presumably) with the other one being gone. I would think—because he can still fill in outfield-wise—that Damon is preferred, but Damon, maybe moreso than Matsui, will want the multi-year deal that the Yankees will refuse to give. Boras, Damon’s agent, is looking at four years and pushing that JD could get his 3000th hit at the end of it. He is 575 away, meaning four years of 144 hits per year. He had 155 last year. Hmm…at 36, does he have enough in the tank to do it?

Matsui’s agent, Arn Tellem, seemingly is on better terms with the Yankees. The problem with Matsui is clogging up a DH spot that needs to be free for Posada (38) Jeter (36 next June) and Alex (35 next July). Matsui didn’t play the field at all this year, hence the preference for Damon. But could who stays/goes come down to the agents and their demands? To who is willing to come back on only a 1-year deal (or a year and an option?) To who is more likely to take what—with the Yankees holding the hammer after obtaining Granderson—will most likely be a bit of a pay cut?

Chad Jennings said it himself over at the LoHud blog:

Cashman said the Curtis Granderson trade has not completely eliminated the possibility of bringing back both Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, though that doesn’t seem likely and “would come at the expense of a Gardy or a Melky.”

Hmm…I do notice the quotation marks. To paraphrase Thunderclap Newman, is “something in the air?”  

Also from Jennings:

 it’s clear that someone who is strictly a DH ranks low on the list.

Hmm…maybe that means Matsui is gone. Could Matsui AND Damon both be history? 

Cashman does want younger, faster, cheaper…and more versatility.

I should have mentioned Michael Dunn—who the Yanks refused to part with in the Granderson deal—as a replacement for Coke. The 24 year old only pitched 4 innings for the Yankees this year, going 0-0, 6.75. Control was a problem. He walked 5, K’d 5. Combined in the minors (AA/AAA) he was 4-3, 3.31 and 99 K in 73 1/3 IP. 43 walks though.

At least the front three are set. Andy Pettitte re-signed today for $11.75 M. 229 wins (192 with the Yankees) and a record 18 postseason wins in his career (Remember though, Ford and Gibson never had LDS or LCS). He certainly knows, with 5 rings, what it takes to win in NY. Good to see Andy back. One concern though, is his age—38 next June.

Also, this:

Cashman also wouldn’t rule out the idea of making another big trade that involves multiple prospects. “It depends on the player I’d be getting,” he said. “I would in the right circumstances. I don’t like to for good reason.”

Does that mean Halladay? Can you imagine… CC/Doc/AJ/Andy and whoever stays between Hughes/Joba? With Aceves/Gaudin long relief; goodness knows whether Mitre would go to SWB to be an emergency option.

Now if we can only dump Igawa on someone.

The Orioles made a deal for Millwood for Chris Ray and a PTBNL. Millwood will be 35 and I wonder, in that bandbox, what a fit he’ll be. But then, Texas is a homer haven also, and Millwood went 13-10, 3.67 this year. But then again (switches back and forth), his ERAs in both 2007 and 2008 were both over 5.00. 155-121, 4.02, ERA+ 109 career.

The Astros dealt for reliever Matt Lindstrom from the Marlins.

Rich Harden is said to be close to a deal with the Rangers. Harden was 9-9, 4.09 for the Cubs last year.

Randy Wolf (11-7, 3.23 with LAD in 2009, 101-85, 4.13 career, ERA+ 103)  to the Brewers. They also picke Also Latroy (Sadie) Hawkins, the one-time Yankee who, after bombing with the Bombers, pitched well after being sent to Houston.