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S.T. Game 32. Yanks’ win final S.T. game, 5-1. Bird out until June.


Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Yankees won their final spring training game, 5-1 over the Braves, to finish the exhibition season 18-13-1. The regular season begins Thursday, when the games count.

The Yanks had a starting lineup tonight that looked like the regular season lineup vs. a righty pitcher. Gardner/Judge/Stanton/Didi/Sanchez/Hicks/Walker/Drury and Wade. Against a lefty starter, it may be different, esp. with Walker sliding over from first to second, and Tyler Austin playing first. Ronald Torreyes is also in the mix there for 2B.

As for the game, it showed everything that we want to see from the Yanks all season long. A couple of homers for an early lead, good starting pitching, good defense, and a killer bullpen.

With two outs in the first, Stanton walked and Didi homered.

Gary Sanchez threw out a runner trying to steal in the bottom of the first.

In the third, with one out, Judge walked and Stanton hit a 2-run HR.

The Braves got their only run in the fourth, but not before Didi Gregorius made a great defensive play.

Nice to see Tyler Wade use his speed by beating out a bunt for a hit in the seventh, and he went to second on an error on the play.

In the eighth, with one out, Trey Amburgey reached on an error, went to second on a WP and scored on a Shane Robinson two-out double. 5-1.

Meanwhile, Sonny Gray only gave up 1 run in 5 IP and the bullpen was lights out.

Didi and Stanton each hit 2-run HRs.

Gray (W) 5 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 0 W, 7 K.
Betances (H) 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 3 K.
Robertson (H) 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 0 K.
Holder 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 W, 1 K.
Heller 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 W, 1 K.
Chapman 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 2 K.

A combined four-hitter with 14 K.

Now for the bad news. Greg Bird needs surgery on that same ankle again, this time for a broken bone spur. He’ll be out 6-8 weeks. With rehab time, we are looking for him to return some time in June. For now, Tyler Austin has been recalled to take his place.

Besides Austin, options are Billy McKinney, and Mike Ford, both slated for AAA. Ryan McBroom is AA bound. As for now, Austin looks to platoon with Walker at 1B, Walker sliding to second against a lefty but playing 1B against a righty with Tyler Wade at 2B. You wonder if the Yanks will reach out to Adam Lind again, but you wonder what Lind would cost and if it would push them over the cap. Also, there is Miguel Andujar, who is AAA bound but who will be spending 80% of his time at 3B and 20% at 1B.

The biggest hurt to this is that most of the Yanks’ power is righty and with that short porch, you want lefty pop and the biggest lefty pop is Didi, what with Bird out. Didi, Gardner and switch hitters Walker and Hicks hit lefty, as is Ellsbury, but none are lefty hitters of 30 or more HR pop (except for one freak year Ellsbury had a few years back). So you do wonder if they go back to Lind…

As for Bird, a tough break but now you wonder if he is Nick Johnson 2.0—all that talent but can’t stay healthy. If that is the case, you also have to wonder how patient the Yanks will be with him. He lost all of 2016, most of 2017 and now will miss the first two months of 2018. If this continues, the Yanks will be forced to move on from him.

Update: Mark Reynolds, who was briefly with the Yanks a few years ago, is also a free agent, but is a righty hitter, unlike Lind.

Yanks to add 3B, but it is not Reynolds

From Twitter, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News:

Mark Feinsand ‏@FeinsandNYDN 8h
Doesn’t look like Mark Reynolds will be back with Yankees. NYY only offered him minor-league deal according to source. He won’t take that.

Reynolds D, BA and his strikeouts aren’t good, but he would have provided the power lost in the A-Rod suspension. Maybe the Yanks are just looking for D there now that Alex is suspended for the entire year but they do need some kind of a stick there. Last year was pathetic, and A-Rod’s mediocre .244-7-19, ops+ 111 line in 44 games was the best of the bunch. Youkilis had just 28 games. David Adams, Jayson Nix and Luis Cruz are now gone and you didn’t get much offensively there. Nix got the most time of anyone at 3b last year, .236-3-24, 13 SB. OPS+ 71. Adams got 140 at bats, .193-2-13, OPS+ 48. Youk 105 at bats, .219-2-8, ops+ 78. Then you had Cruz, Chris Nelson, Brent Lillibridge and Eduardo Nunez… let’s hope 3b isn’t a rotating door like it was in 2013 and there is a constant there.

Which is why I wanted Reynolds re-signed. But if the Yanks are offering just a minor-league deal, as Feinsand reported, it ain’t happening.

But one guy who is taking the minor-league deal is Scott Sizemore. I can’t say I’m too thrilled. It looks like another bargain shop (if so, I hope they are saving the $$$ for Tanaka). Dumpster-diving. Sizemore doesn’t look like much of an upgrade over the likes of what was there last year in Cruz, Nelson, Lillibridge, etc.

Sizemore, 29, is a righty bat who can play 2B (60 MLB games there) or 3B (97). In his MLB career, 160 games (full season’s worth) he has hit .238-14-70. OPS+ 95. A little pop, not as much as Reynolds. Average not inspiring. The thing is, 110 of those 160 games played came in 2011. Since then he has been battling injuries. He’s played in just two MLB games since 2011, and so I think he isn’t the answer at 3B.

I am wondering how much of a shot 27-year-old Dean Anna may get in spring training. Anna has only played in 53 games at 3B in the minors. He has mostly played 2B and SS. But besides 2B and SS, the lefty hitter has also played 3B, LF and RF. He hit .331-9-73 for SD’s AAA team last year and .271-10-47 for their AA team in 2012. But you wonder if Anna could be like Adams—decent minor league numbers but when he gets to the bigs, nothing. The only way to find out is to play him and see what he has.

But I’m a bit disappointed that Reynolds wasn’t offered a major league deal. Maybe the Yanks do find a diamond in the rough by dumpster-diving. But I’m worried about 2014 being like 2013, where for most of the season it was a “bum of the month club.”

If they were only offering Reynolds a minor-league deal, and signed Sizemore to one, then I am guessing that there may be no interest then in Michael Young. We’ll see if I am right.

A-Rod suspension announced. All of 2014, including postseason.

The arbitrator announced A-Rod’s suspension today, and the reduction wasn’t too much. Instead of 211 games, he gets 162—all of this 2014 season, including the postseason, if the Yanks make it there.

It could be we’ve seen the last of A-Rod, who, if he tries to come back in 2015, would be doing so at age 39 1/2 (he’d turn 40 in July 2015) after missing a full season and after having two hip surgeries. You don’t know… come 2015 the Yanks could just say screw this, we’re sick of it and then eat the final three years of A-Rod’s deal. I hope so. I’m tired of the circus.

Alex will of course fight this, but even if he somehow wins (I can’t see it happening), that “victory” would come when, August?

If this is the end for Alex, he falls a bit short of some milestones. His 654* HR are six short of Willie Mays’ 660 (asterisk intentional), ranking him fifth on the all-time list. The .244 average he put up last year knocked his career average down to .299. He was TWO hits away from having that rounded up to become a .300 hitter. He would end with 2939 hits, 61 short of 3000, and he would end with 1969 RBI—31 short of 2000. Baseball-reference. com lists Aaron, Ruth and Cap Anson as the only three to reach the 2000 RBI plateau, and there are problems with Ruth and Anson. Anson’s first five years, (1871-1875) were in a league not recognized by MLB as being major league. Also, RBIs weren’t an official statistic until 1920, making some of Ruth’s total unofficial. Anyway, you can see what an exclusive club 2000 RBIs are (Barry Bonds finished four short and Gehrig five short).

The Yanks opened up roster space for Matt Thornton yesterday by DFA-ing Vernon Wells. Wells hit .233-11-50 for the Yanks last year, but had just one HR after mid-May.

As for now, the Yanks could do a few things. They could platoon Kelly Johnson and Eduardo Nunez at 3B. They could move the aging (40 in June) Jeter to third because of his diminishing range and play good-field/no-hit Brendan Ryan at short.

I’d rather re-sign Mark Reynolds, who had a brief cameo with the Yanks last year and who wants to return.

A-Rod hit .244-7-19, OPS+ 111 for the Yanks last year. 156 at bats in 44 games. If you multiply that by 3, you’d get 132 games, 468 at bats, about a normal full season for one who turned 38 last July. That means .244-21-57. OPS+ 111. No great shakes. Yes, he was coming off hip surgery, but no great shakes, anyway. Clearly a fading player.

Reynolds, 30, played in 36 games for the Yanks and had 110 at bats. .236-6-19. OPS+ 104. Overall, with Cleveland and the Yanks, he played in 135 games, had 445 at bats and hit .220-21-67, OPS+ 96 with 154 strikeouts. Lower BA and OPS than A-Rod, but power-wise about the same. If he is re-signed, and platooned with Johnson at third, the Yanks could get back some of the power lost by losing A-Rod. Reynolds, being 30, may at this point be a better option than the fading Alex.

Reynolds’ 162-g. average is just .233, but 33 HR and 93 RBI (but 209 K). OPS+ 108. Low average, lot of K’s, but a lot of power potential.

If the Yanks re-sign him, they could put out a lineup that could look like this (assuming Gardner isn’t traded for someone like Homer Bailey):

Ellsbury CF
Jeter SS
Beltran RF
Soriano DH
McCann C
Teixeira 1B
Reynolds 3B
Roberts 2B
Gardner LF

DH would, of course, need to be rotated between the aging (40 in June) Jeter, the 38-year-old Soriano and Beltran. Kelly Johnson figures in here, platooning with Reynolds (batting 7th) or filling in for Roberts (batting 8th then).

Signing Michael Young is another option, but I’d prefer Reynolds’ power. Young is aging himself. He is 37. One concern going into 2014 was if A-Rod returned, you’d have an old left side of the infield with one guy 40 in June and the other 39 in July. Those concerns would not be alleviated much with a SS 40 in June and a 37 year-old 3B in Young. Young hit .279-8-46 for the Phils and Dodgers last year. He is a true pro, but only had 8 HR for Texas in 2012. His power is fading, unlike Reynolds (whose problems are in meeting the ball). Young’s OPS+ was 102 last year but just an 80 in 2012. A .300 hitter, Young averaged .278-8-56 over the past two years, OPS+ 90.

I like Young, but would rather go for the power potential Reynolds provides as well as the youth. Jeter, Beltran, Soriano and Teixeira are all on the other side of their prime years (the downside), and that isn’t even including Roberts, who hasn’t played much the past four years. Adding more age in Young isn’t the way I’d like to go. I’d rather have Reynolds. We’ll see.

Cashman pessimistic on retaining Cano?

Brian Cashman, in this NY post article


sounds pessimistic on the Yanks retaining Cano. Personally, if Cano refuses to budge from 9 yr. $250-$260MM (some $28-29MM/yr. to take him to age 39), let him go and go after Omar Infante or deal for Brandon Phillips. The Yanks offer of something like 7 yrs., $168 MM ($24 MM/yr to take him to age 37) is more than fair. There are other holes to fill and you can’t put all your eggs in Cano’s basket. Say he gets hurt? What then?

The Post also reports that the Yanks have offered Kuroda a one year deal to return. Kuroda was 11-13, 3.32 last year but is 39 and faded badly down the stretch. Still, the Yanks need him back, what with Pettitte retiring and Hughes going to Minnesota.

Another report is that A-Rod used the term “food” when texting or discussing PEDs with Biogenesis. It’s reported that the Yanks could be looking at bringing Eric Chavez back to play 3B if A-Rod’s suspension is upheld. Chavez played for the Yanks in 2011 and 2012 and his lefty bat translates to Yankee Stadium well, but he’ll be 36 soon and only once (2012 with the Yanks) has he played 100 games in a season since 2006. He’s too fragile in my opinion to be the regular, or possibly even a platoon 3B. Bring back Mark Reynolds, strikeouts and all. Reynolds enjoyed his brief time in NY late last year, can play 3b and has power. His low average and K’s are a problem, but you need someone who will be healthy, which you probably won’t get with Chavez.

Game 162. Yanks win finale in 14, 5-1.

For a while, it seemed like the season and this game would never end.

But end it did and the Yanks won 5-1 in 14 to finish their season 85-77, tied with Baltimore for 3rd in the AL East, 12 out of the division lead and six out of that 2nd wild card slot.

Speaking of which, Tampa Bay has to fly from Toronto to Texas to face the Rangers Monday night in a one-game matchup to determine who IS the second wild-card. The winner flies to Cleveland to face the #1 WC Indians in a one-game playoff Wed. to determine the AL wild card.

I fear this season may be the last winning season for the Yanks for a while.

Houston ended the season on (I believe, I may be off by a game) a fifteen game losing streak. They end 51-111. Ugh. The Yanks struck out 19 Astros in 14 innings.

David Huff started and went 5. 1 R, 3 H, 0 walks and  7 K. Overall ERA 5.50 (Cle/NYY).

Brett Marshall 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 3 K. 4.50.

Dellin Betances 2 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 4 K. 10.80.

Preston Claiborne 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 4.11.

David Phelps 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 2 K. 4.98.

Matt Daley 2 IP (W, 1-0, first MLB win), 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 2 K. 0.00.

David Robertson finished, no save situation. 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 0 K. 2.04.

Down 1-0 in the 8th, the Yanks tied it on a double by Nunez and single by Granderson.

In the 14th, Reynolds HR’d (21). After two strikeouts, Ryan and Almonte singled and Nunez doubled in two. Murphy singled in Nunez.

Before the game, Mo was feated. He received gifts and apologized to the Astros’ fans for not pitching this weekend (classy). He explained that the farewell at the Stadium, with Derek and Andy coming out to get him, was the perfect ending.

Football: It was a rough enough day for this Steelers’ fan to see his team go to 0-4 on the season, but then I found out that #68, L.C. Greenwood, a DE on that great Steel Curtain team of the 1970s, passed away today at the age of 73. Another piece of my childhood gone. Known for wearing those yellow shoes, I remember him in SB IX, acting like a volleyball player in spiking down a few of Fran Tarkenton’s passes. I always wondered why he wasn’t in the HOF. Maybe now he can be put in—too late for him to relish it.

Game 160. Yanks beat Astros 3-2.

No, Mo didn’t save it, or play CF, but the Yanks beat Houston last night, 3-2.

The Yanks got all three runs in the fourth on an RBI single by Mark Reynolds and a 2-run double by David Adams.

Adam Warren started and went 5. (W, 3-2, 3.39) 0 R, 2 H, 1 H and 4 K.

David Phelps 1 2/3, 2 R, 1 H, 2 walks and 1 K. 5.04.

Phelps wasn’t THAT bad. He left with two on and two out in the seventh and for some inexplicable reason, Girardi brought in Joba who immediately, on two pitches, gave up a double and single to let both inherited runners score. Then, after a SB and 2nd and 3rd, and a walk to load the bases, he got an out to get out of it. Terrible.

Joba 1/3 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 1 walk, 0 K. 4.93. Truthfully, Joba should have the ERA over 5, not Phelps, but what can you do?

Claiborne 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk, 1 K. 4.17.

David Robertson got the save, and a lot of boos. The Houston crowd wanted to see Mo. No offense to them, but I hope Mo doesn’t pitch again. The way he went out Thursday night at the Stadium should be the way to go and should be the last pitch he ever throws. Now for CF, who knows?

Robertson (Save #3), 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 2.07.

I’ll post Rivera’s and Pettitte’s career stats after the season is over, but tonight, Pettitte makes the last start of his career. Hopefully he wins. He is 10-11 and NEVER has had a losing season in his whole career. (He went 14-14 in 2008).

Only one man ever has pitched in 10 or more seasons and had a winning record in EACH one. Do you know it was Babe Ruth?

Game 156. Mo’s #42 retired, Andy great in last home start, but Yanks lose 2-1.

What a special day I was privileged to attend yesterday. A great day… except for the ending.

The Yanks put up a special plaque on a side wall of Yankee Stadium honoring Jackie Robinson’s #42 being retired throughout baseball in 1997. Jackie’s widow, Rachel, was there and she looks marvelous considering that she has to be somewhere around 90.

Then, where #42 used to be in Dodger Blue for Robinson, a sheet was dropped to reveal the #42 in Yankee Blue. For the Yankees retired Rivera’s number—Mo is the last player ever to wear it, he was grandfathered in in 1997—so not only is 42 retired throughout baseball for Robinson, it’s also retired by the Yanks for Mo.

What a wonderful pre-game ceremony. Back to honor Mo were Gene Michael, Jeff Nelson, John Wetteland, Coney, Tino, Godzilla, O’Neill, Jorge, Bernie, Torre, Gene Monahan… and Metallica was even there to play a live rendition of Enter Sandman. In between innings, there were testimonials to Mo from teammates, opponents and others in the sporting world, like Magic and Kareem, even Tom Brady. I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.

Andy Pettitte, also retiring, made the last home start of his career, and Andy was fabulous. He retired the first 14 batters he faced. Mark Reynolds hit a solo HR in the second (20). Andy had a no-no for 5 1/3. Then he gave up a game-tying HR to Ehire Adrianza, his first MLB HR.

Going into the eighth, it was 1-1 and Andy had a one-hitter going. Then he gave up a double to Kung Fu Panda, Sandoval. Sandoval left for a PR and Pettitte left, period. No longer will he grace the Yankee Stadium mound as an active player. More ovations. More tears.

Robertson came in and got a groundout but then gave up a double and the lead. 2-1 Giants.

Andy (L, 10-11, 3.88) 7+, 2 R, 2 H, 1 walk and 6 K. He was brilliant, and it’s a shame he has to take the loss in his last home start with such a great effort.

Robertson 1/3, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 0 K. 2.13.

Then on the day they retired his number, Mo got the last five outs.

1 2/3, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 2.15.

The Yanks got a single by Alex and a double by Cano to start the eighth, but a great stop by Noonan on Soriano’s smash then he nailed PR Almonte at home. I don’t think Almonte should have gone there and it hurt the Yanks. Instead of bases loaded and none out (there is no way Noonan could have got Sori at first), there was 1st and 2nd, one out and Granderson whiffed. Nunez singled but Cano was gunned down at the plate.

The Yanks had their chances. They blew them, and lost 2-1 on a day in which Mo’s # was retired, Andy pitched great in his last home start and Mo himself pitched.

Worse yet, the loss puts them 4 back of the second wild-card slot with just 6 games left.

It’s just about impossible to make the playoffs now.

I have some computer issues, so if I don’t post in a while, you’ll know why.

Game 148. “Salt” in the wound. Slam beats Yanks 8-4.

The Yanks’ struggles with Boston continued last night as Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s 7th-inning grand slam beat the Yanks 8-4.

The Yanks are 6-11 vs. Boston this season.

Hiroki Kuroda (L, 11-11, 3.13, deserves a much better record) started and didn’t have it, giving up four runs in the bottom of the first and working his way out of a bases-loaded jam in the second.

Robbie Cano actually bunted against the shift in the bottom of the first and got a double out of it. How I loved seeing the replay on that.

Kuroda went 6+, 5 R, 8 H, 2 walks and 2 K.

The Yanks fought back to tie it up. Light-hitting SS Brendan Ryan, just picked up from Seattle a few days ago, hit his 4th HR of the year to make it 4-1 in the third.

A SF by Overbay cut it to 4-2 in the sixth and Cano’s 2-run double (he was 4 for 4 with 3 doubles) tied it up in the top of the seventh.

Shane Victorino hit a single to start things off for Boston in the bottom of the 7th. A better 3B may have had it. But Nunez was at 3B. Here is where Girardi could be second-guessed for playing Nunez out of position (and Nunez isn’t that great at his regular position, SS).

I was wondering why Reynolds wasn’t at 3B. Esp. since he is more of a threat to hit one over the Green Monster than Nunez is. Not only that, Reynolds is streaky and had just hit 2 HR down in Baltimore. You know what it is like when a streaky HR hitter gets hot. Ride the hot hand. Maybe Reynolds makes the play.

Anyway, Cabral comes in to face Ortiz. Who’d have thought that a rookie, who just made his MLB debut a few weeks ago, would be facing Big Papi in a key spot at this point of the season? Anyway, with Logan unavailable, here you are. He plunked Ortiz.

Claiborne, another rookie, came in and yielded a walk to load the bases before getting a strikeout. But then Saltalamacchia hit a grand slam to make it 8-4. Ballgame.

Cabral 0 IP, 0 H, 1 R, 0 walks, 0 K. 1 HBP, 1 batter. 5.40.

Claiborne 1 IP, 2 R, 2 H, 1 walk and 2 K. 4.15.

Claiborne since August 2, 11 games: ERA 10.22. Read that again 10.22. In his last three outings, 8 R in 1 2/3 IP.

Matt Daley finished up. 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 0.00.

Vernon Wells didn’t play last night but a stat to throw at you. Since May 15th, he’s hitting .214-1-24. In 82 games. Just the thought of him being under contract in 2014 shouldn’t make you happy. Him and the aging Ichiro (down to .264)? Ugh.



Game 147. Yanks win on WP, 6-5.

For the second time in a week, the Yankees won on a 9th-inning wild pitch, this time beating Baltimore 6-5.

The game was delayed for about 90 minutes at the start because of rain.

Mark Reynolds hit a 2-run HR (19) in the second to give the Yanks a quick 2-0 lead.

The Yanks went up 4-0 in the third on a bases-loaded single by Vernon Wells.

Phil Hughes gave up a run in the bottom of the third, and when the first batter in the fourth reached on an error, manager Joe Girardi had a quick hook and brought in David Huff.

Hughes went 3+, 1 R, 3 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 5.07.

Granderson hit HR #6 in the top of the seventh to put the Yanks up 5-1, but Huff gave it right back in the bottom of the inning when Nick Markakis homered to make it 5-2.

Huff 3 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 walks, 1 K. 6.04.  (Cle/NYY).

Adam Warren 2/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 0 K. 3.52.

Cesar Cabral 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 0 K. 0.00. Who knew that Cabral would be used to get big outs right now when he just recently made his MLB debut? Go figure.

David Robertson blew the lead in the 8th. First off, he was saved by Alfonso Sorano when Soriano took a HR away from Manny Machado. But that relief didn’t last long as Robertson, after striking out Davis for the second out, later gave up two singles and a game-tying 3-run HR to  Danny Valencia. He then gave up a double to Hardy but struck out Wieters to end the inning.

1 IP, 3 R, 4 H, 0 walks and 2 K. 2.24.

In the top of the 9th, newly acquired SS Brendan Ryan (not eligible for the postseason if there is one for the Yankees) singled. Stewart bunted and pitcher Jim Johnson’s throw in trying for the force on Ryan was bad. All safe. Granderson bunted both runners over and a wild pitch scored Ryan with the eventual game-winning run.

Mo came in and had a 1-2-3 9th. 1 Ip, 0 R, 0 h, 0 walks and 0 K. 2.30.

The win came down to an official scorer’s decision. Because of Robertson’s ineffectiveness, the official scorer didn’t give the W to Robertson but rewarded it to Mo (6-2) instead.

The Yanks stay 1 game behind the Rays for the second wild-card slot.

Meanwhile, Brett Gardner had to leave the game after his at bat in the top of the first with an oblique strain. He could be done for the year now, too.




Game 145. Mo gets save #650, Soriano HRs 2x in Yanks 7-5 win.

Alfonso Soriano HR’d twice and Mariano Rivera picked up his 650th career save as the Yanks beat the O’s 7-5.

A-Rod doubled in a run in the third to put the Yanks up 1-0, but Ivan Nova gave up 4 in the fifth, 2 on a HR by Chris Davis, his 49th of the season.

Nova went 6, 4 R, 6 H, 2 walks and 2 K. ERA to 3.17.

The Yanks got solo HR’s from Soriano and Mark Reynolds (18) in the sixth to cut it to 4-3.

In the eighth, A-Rod doubled, Cano singled to tie the game and Soriano hit a 2-run HR, his 2nd HR of the game. #32 of the season and #403 of his career (4 behind Duke Snider) put the Yanks up 6-4. Granderson and Reynolds then had back-to-back doubles to make it 7-4.

Adam Warren got the win. (2-2, 3.56). 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and a K.

Shawn Kelley 2/3 IP, 1 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 1 K. 4.01.

Mo’s 42nd save of the year and 650th of his career was a 4-out save. 1 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 0 K. ERA 2.22.