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Power outage and who’s left on the market.

As a Yankees fan, I have to wonder about A-Rod in 2012. For one thing, he turns 37 in July of 2012. For another, consider this:

In 2007, his phenomenal MVP year (54 HR, 156 RBI), he played in 158 games.

Since then?

138 in 2008.

124 in 2009, when he missed the first month with the hip surgery. Granted the Yanks won the WS that year, but…

137 in 2010.

99 in 2011.

Hmmmm….. how many games will he play in 2012?

Not only that, but the power dropped in 2011. He did have years of 35, 30 and 30 HR despite the diminished time from 2008-2010 and granted he only played in 99 games in 2011, but his 2011 HR total was just 16.

In his last 41 games played in 2011 (not counting the playoffs), A-Rod had 3 HR. Let me repeat that. Three. Count the playoffs and it’s 46 games with 3 HR. A quarter of the season. .270-3-25. The RBI is OK. 41 games, 25 RBI, almost 100 for 162 games. The average a little below par, but .270 isn’t awful. But the power.

629 career HR, a cleanup hitter just 107 RBI away from 2000 (which only Aaron and Ruth have accomplished). But just 3 HR in his last 170 AB or so.

Yes, he was hurt with that knee. But with him turning 37 next July, you have to wonder if the power is sapped and also how many games he will play in.

Can he give 150 games and 35 HR? Or will it be 108 games and 18 HR?

Will he be the old A-Rod, or an old A-Rod?

Other news: Big Ben out tomorrow for Pittsburgh. Unless a miracle happens, they are locked into the #5 seed for the AFC. Charlie Batch starts. Even at that, the Steelers should beat the Rams. Resting Ben may be for the best. But Pittsburgh’s biggest problem could be this. Even with him healthy, there is no bye. As of now, postseason game #1 would be @ Denver. Ok, probably a low scoring game, but they can beat the Broncos. After that, with the #5 seed, maybe @ New England. They beat the Patriots before this year (at Pittsburgh) but in New England, vs. Brady… tough game. The Pats D isn’t great so even if Pittsburgh wins that one there most likely would be a third straight road game….most likely @ Baltimore, who beat the Steelers twice this season. That Monday night loss to the 49ers really hurts. Had the Steelers won, they’d have the inside position for the #1 seed, home field throughout, and a bye. Instead, consider the road I just laid out…

Remember when I wrote about 10 players taking up $161.25 million of the Yanks’ 2012 payroll? Four were pitchers. Two starters (CC/AJ) and two relievers (Mo/Soriano).

Lastly, a look at the top free agents left. Fielder, of course, tops the list. Then comes Edwin Jackson, Ryan Madson, Hiroki Kuroda, and Roy Oswalt. There are concerns over Oswalt’s back.

Then there is Javy Vazquez, who a) is considering retirement, and b) Yankee fans would NEVER give a third chance to….

Game 135. Seventh heaven. Yanks score 7, it’s their 7th straight win. The 7-3 win drops the magic # for making the playoffs to 20.

LoHud reports something interesting. Pettitte and Alex will be doing their rehab work against each other:

When Andy Pettitte faces hitters tomorrow, it won’t be simply a string of minor leaguers going head-to-head against the veteran.

Alex Rodriguez will take BP against Pettitte in what Rodriguez is hoping will be his final test before returning to the lineup on Sunday. Rodriguez wouldn’t promise a return on Sunday, but it seems at least possible. He took swings, fielded ground balls and ran the bases with no problems this morning, but he has yet to test himself 100 percent. That’s what the Pettitte matchup is about.

…and, I am sure, Andy vs. Alex works the other way for Andy, in that he faces a proven star to show how much of his stuff is back rather than just throw.

Interesting comment on the Dan Patrick show. Someone texted him(?, couldn’t tell as I had the radio on and wasn’t paying close attention) from the stands in Cincy about Chapman. The comment? “I can’t see the damned ball.” Talk about a fastball.

Jeter off today as is Swisher. I guess that stiff knee needs more time to get back to Swishalicious stage.

Yanks 84-50, 1 1/2 up in AL East. Right on the Pythagorean mark. Magic # to clinch a playoff berth?        21.

OPS + 118, ERA + 104

Brett Gardner LF .284-5-41-39sb/46att; ops+ 113
Curtis Granderson CF .249-17-45-10/12;  109  hope the speed at the top (and bottom) plays in today.
Mark Teixeira 1B .269-30-98-0/1; 141   RBI 100 today?
Robinson Cano 2B .321-26-90-2/4; 155
Jorge Posada C .265-17-51-3/3; 135   Hit #260 yesterday.
Lance Berkman DH .241-13-53-3/5; 112; As a Yankee, 9 for 42, 0 HR. 4 RBI. Time for his first Yankee HR.
Austin Kearns RF .269-10-49-4/5; 114; As a Yankee, .254-2-7 in 63 AB.
Ramiro Pena 3B .221-0-17-6/6; 38 ; 131 AB; 29 Hits. Only 2 XBH.
Eduardo Nunez SS  10 for 35 in the majors. 1 double. 1 HR. 7 RBI. 3 SB.

Ivan Nova RHP 5th MLB game. 3rd MLB start.  1-0, 1.93  


Maybe the day off helps Jeter, who is down to .266. Derek is 4 for his last 39.

Aceves had a setback and it appears that his 2010 season is over. 3-0, 1 save, ERA 3.00. Hopefully 2011 will be far better.    


Nova gave up a long HR in the 1st, but after two walks, Teixeira doubled in a run (just missing a 3-run HR) for RBI #99 to tie it in the bottom half. Cano got an RBI groundout to put the Yanks up 2-1.

Two walks led to two Yankee runs in the first. A HBP (Kearns) and another walk (Gardner) led to two more runs in the second as Granderson doubled home two. Gardner’s speed came into play again as he beat the play at the plate. 4-1 Yanks after two, despite just two hits. Way to make the lack of control pay.

See that Big Ben’s suspension is reduced to four games. Hope he learned his lesson.

So far, except for one mistake, so good for Nova. It is much cooler than yesterday, with rain (the hurricane coming up the coast) expected later.  

Yanks add more in the third. Posada doubles (for 39, he still can produce offensively), Berkman doubles and Pena drives in a run. Pena is strange, statistically. 30 hits. 18 RBI. Just two XBH. Strange.

Nunez beats out an infield hit. Didn’t he do that in Toronto against the Jays just last week (he did). It PAYS to bust it from the box, right Manny? Good to see Nunez USE his speed.

5-1 after three.

Nova gives up two in the fourth. 5-3. This is an interesting test for (Super)Nova. The Jays are a good hitting team who saw him before.

Nova’s day is over with two on and two out in the 5th. He can’t get the win. 76 pitches, 43 strikes, 33 balls. Struggled, kept the team in the game, can’t get the loss. You definitely wanted him to go deeper in the game. Still, not bad. You have to remember that it’s just his third MLB start.

Logan in. Rain about to start at the Stadium. This out could be huge.

Logan gets the k. Nothing for the Yanks in the 5th. 5-3 after 5.

Nova 4 2/3, 3 R, 6 H, 2 walks, 0 K. A struggle. ERA to 2.89.

Logan gets an out in the 6th, gives up a walk. Robertson in.  Gets a force, a walk, a WP. Trouble. 2nd and 3rd, two out. He gets out of it with a K.

Logan 2/3, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and a K. ERA 2.51. If you blast Cashman for some moves, you also have to give him credit where credit is due. Give him credit for Logan.

In the 6th, Nunez gets his 2nd hit of the game. The rookie has done a good job so far. Gardner hits one into the gap. As soon as Sterling said “all the way to the wall,” I immediately knew triple and RBI. Not double and RBI but triple. 6-3 which doesn’t last long. Granderson then doubles in Gardner. 7-3.

Good thing yesterday was just CC and Alby for the bullpen is being used today. Robertson gets one out in the 7th but walks two. Wood in.

Wood goes on to get the W, official scorer’s decision. Robertson went 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H and 2 K but he walked 3. ERA 3.97.

Wood came in with two on and got a K and a flyout. He stayed in for the 8th and got a 1-2-3 with another K. 1 2/3, retired all five batters. 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 2 K. 3-4, 3.86 overall stats, but what a job so far as a Yankee. 1 R in 15 Yankee innings so far. 17 K. He just has to cut down on the walks. 10 of those.

The great Rivera in for the 9th. 1-2-3 and Mo’s ERA goes to 1.09.

Seven in a row for the Yanks. Two up, depending on what Tampa does tonight. Boston was ppd. The magic # for making the playoffs is now 20.

Remember at the beginning of the post where I hoped Yankee speed would prevail today? Well, no SB (Molina catching for Toronto) but the speedsters did well. Gardner a triple and RBI, 2 walks, 3 runs scored. Granderson 2 doubles, 3 RBI, 2 walks. Pena had 2 hits and an RBI. Nunez had 2 hits.



Yanks get Kerry Wood, DFA Park

ESPN is reporting that the Yanks may be getting Kerry Wood for bullpen help. Wood, of course, has fought injuries his whole career. He is 33, and just 1-4, 6.30 (ERA+ 62) this year with 8 saves. He was 3-3, 4.25 in 2009, 20 saves (ERA+ 99). For his career, Wood is 81-68, 3.71 with 62 saves, ERA +116.   Wood was supposed to have a great career as a starter, but injuries forced him to the bullpen in 2007.

Wood was the ROY in 1998 (13-6, 3.40) for the Cubs, and had a 20K game that year as the Cubs made the playoffs. He missed all of 1999. He battled injuries off and on and had a career high 14 wins in 2003. When healthy, he was overpowering, K-ing 200+  4x, leading the majors with 266 in 2003. The 4 200K seasons are a bit impressive since only twice was he able to give 200 innings. He was only able to give 4 games in 2006.

Wood has averaged 10.3 K/9 in his career. The talent is there, but can he stay healthy?

Wood’s postseason mark is 2-2, 3.68 in 8 games, 5 starts.

Update: The deal is official. Wood to Yanks for cash and/or player TBD.

Waiting for details, but ESPN reports Dotel to Dodgers.

Also, it appears that Rick Ankiel and Kyle Farnsworth(less) are going from KC to the Braves.  

Update II: The Yanks DFA’d Chan Ho Park to make room for Wood. Park was 2-1, 5.60 for the Yanks this year.

I see where Jeremy Hermida was DFA’d by Boston.

Interesting. Big Ben is worried about getting booed by Steelers fans…he should have thought about that before…this Steelers fan is fed up with Big Ben’s antics.   

More deals: AZ involved in sending Qualls to TB, Snyder to Pittsburgh. Pirates send Bobby Crosby to AZ along with D.J. Carrasco and Ryan Church.  

Game 14. Lineup and Pregame Notes. Yanks @ A’s.

Nice pitching matchup tonight. Hughes vs. Sheets.

First off, NFL news. Big Ben gets a six-game suspension. I’m a Steelers fan, but I couldn’t agree more. Not only that, rumors are that he could be on the block for the right price.

Burress, Holmes, Roethlisberger? Say one thing, the Rooneys aren’t taking any crap from their players no matter how big of a star you are. They are saying that you represent the league and the team. Do it with class.

Tonight’s Yankee lineup is a regular lineup with one exception. Winn gets a start in RF and Swisher gets a day off.

BTW, according to LoHud, Joba has the 8th inning role.

Derek Jeter SS   11 game hit streak ended last night. 2766 and counting.   
Nick Johnson DH .146; Yes, .146. But the 16 walks lead the AL. .407 OBP. Imagine when he starts hitting?  
Mark Teixeira 1B .125. Yanks are 10-3. See Johnson, above.
Alex Rodriguez 3B One HR behind Frank Robinson. How about matching Robby’s 1966 Triple Crown, Alex?
Robinson Cano 2B Still Yanks’ leader in HR with 4.    
Jorge Posada C 246 HR. Four behind Nettles’ Yankee total (250 of Graig’s 390). 
Curtis Granderson CF Adjusting just fine to pinstripes.
Randy Winn RF Start for Randy, Swish gets a day. Time to get his first hit of the year.
Brett Gardner LF 7 SB still leads the majors.

Phil Hughes 1-0, 3.60      

Some speed at the bottom, there, eh? Granderson was 20 of 26 last year. Winn 16 for 18. Gardner 26 for 31. I hope they run the A’s blind tonight. … and when the lineup turns over, you have Jeter 30 for 35. Four in a row.


Game 13. Yanks in Oakland. Bed beckons with Yanks up 3-0 after 4.

Lefty on the mound for the A’s, but no Thames in the lineup. The Road Runner stays in.

Yanks OPS+ 139; ERA+ 110


Derek Jeter SS (back, 2766 hits, five behind Griffey, 226 HR. .380-3-9-2sb OPS+ 174)
Nick Johnson DH .158-1-5 but 14 walks; OPS+ 98
Mark Teixeira 1B .114-1-6, OPS+ 41
Alex Rodriguez 3B .295-1-7, OPS+ 159 1 SB (584 HR)
Robinson Cano 2B .340-4-10, OPS+ 179 1SB
Jorge Posada C .378-3-6, OPS+ 226 (246 HR)
Nick Swisher RF .200-1-4 OPS+ 101
Curtis Granderson CF .311-2-7 OPS+ 162
Brett Gardner LF .333-0-4-7 SB OPS+ 120 (leads Majors in SB) 

RHP Javier Vazquez 0-2, 9.82 ERA+ 40

As for me, I’d like Vazquez to pitch great tonight not only because I’m a Yankees fan, but also to quiet the chicken littles who are booing Vazquez after just two starts.

Last I looked, the calendar still read APRIL.

Day game after a night game on Thursday. CC scheduled. Cervelli again?

9-3. Granted some guys will cool off, but imagine Nick Johnson and Teix heating up in front of Alex?

Guess what. The 9-3 doesn’t even have the Yanks in first. It isn’t Boston, either. It’s Tampa Bay, even with the two of three they lost to the Yankees. For all the NY-Boston rivalry, let’s not forget about the 2008 AL Champs, who are 10-3. Boston better not, or they could be in trouble early.

Granted it’s early and Boston can easily bounce back. They aren’t too far back. But if they fall say 10 out, it’ll be tough. It’s not just the Yanks and Boston anymore. There is a third wheel.

Cincy’s Edinson Volquez suspended 50 games for PEDs.

Won’t be here for long.  Bed will beckon soon.

Yanks work the bases loaded in the first. Two out double by Teixeira, walks to Alex and Cano. Posada grounds to first, should be E-3 according to Sterling and Waldman but Posada is given an infield hit (hey, it isn’t Gardner running here!). As described, Daric Barton fumbled it twice, hit?

…and Swisher makes them pay for it. 2-run single for Swishalicious. Granderson flies out, but 3-0 Yanks. Good to give Vazquez a cushion. Let’s see how he does.

Gives up a walk, but no runs and 2 Ks. Good. Yanks go down 1-2-3 in the 2nd.

 I see the Steelers got Leftwich back. Not a bad move. There before, knows the system, and who knows how long Ben will be suspended? Jayson Taylor to the Jets, btw.

Celtics, seemingly sleeping through the last 2/3 of the season (.500) go up 2-0 on the Heat. I still think they go down in round two. I just can’t see them getting past the next opponent…be it Cleveland, Orlando or Atlanta…  but tonight, the suspended KG’s replacement, Big Baby Davis, pumps in 23.

Vazquez had luck in the 2nd. He gives up a single to Kurt Suzuki and a double to Chavez. A grounder to Alex who comes home and Suzuki is out. A liner right back to Vazquez for a DP.

Hey, sometimes you need a little luck to get you going, right Paul?         

With a Little Luck

Nothing for the Yanks in the 3rd. Javy gives up a walk but nothing else in the 3rd. After 3, 3-0 Yankees.

Yanks down 1-2-3 in the 4th. Heading to bed after the bottom of the 4th. Recap in next post.  

Javy tonight so far is the Javy we want to see. 3-0 Yanks after 4.

G’night, all.  

A price for fortune and fame.

Jason commented, and I responded, on Big Ben in a recent post.

Not to get preachy regarding Tiger, Ben and others, but here is my take.

If you want the money, fortune and fame, you have to take everything that goes with it.

The loss of privacy. The paparazzi. The expectations. Sorry Charles Barkley, who once said in a commercial that he wasn’t a role model, but he was one.

Mantle, in his last days, looked into the camera and stated “this is what a role model looks like, don’t be like me.”

Is it fair for the public to make them role models? Maybe not. But athletes aren’t the only ones who are, or should be, role models.

The first and foremost role model one should have should be from one’s own family. Their parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and siblings. Family is #1.

People in positions of authority have to realize the great influence that they have on people. For example, a doctor who practices poor health habits, a cop who gets a DUI, a minister in a sex scandal…what example is that?

We may not ask to be a role model in our society. But certain professions have it dealt to you—along with the fortune and fame. It comes with the territory.

want to be a politician? You have to accept that not everyone will agree with you. Want to be a minister, doctor, policeman? You have to accept that you are a pillar of the community and people look up to you to set an example.

So it is with movie stars, athletes, musicians. They may not be the best choices for role models, but the truth is, that to many they are. If you want the fortune, you must deal with ALL of it. The fact that you may not be able to just go into a restaurant unnoticed. The photographers. The media stories. The fact that whatever you do may be published. The loss or privacy.

Yes, it comes at a cost. Sometimes that is a great cost. Ringo Starr, in the Beatles Anthology, stated that the Beatles had something Elvis didn’t—each other. Elvis had sycophants and the Memphis Mafia, as do many musicians and athletes today. Yes, Boss. No one there to say “No” and to keep one’s feet grounded. No one to remind someone of one’s humility. The person only gets humbled when one screws up, whether it be booze (Mantle), drugs (Strawberry) or sex (Woods).

Maybe it isn’t fair to expect certain behavior or morals from some individuals. Maybe it isn’t fair to expect them to be better than we sometimes are ourselves.

But it comes with the territory. The best, like a Rivera or a Jeter, or a Clemente, understood and understand that.

If you want the fortune and fame, you have to accept ALL it takes to get it. Like being a doctor or lawyer…you want that, it takes years of medical and law school. It’s part of the deal.

Just being real.

P.S. I like Bradshaw’s take on Big Ben.  

Holmes to Jets?

There is a report out that the Steelers have traded Santonio Holmes to the Jets…for just a fifth-round pick.

We will see if it’s true.

Holmes has had off the field issues. The Steelers seem to be taking a hard stand on that. After all, they did get rid of Burress, and look where he is now.

I’d worry, Ben. For one thing, clean up your act. For another…maybe it’s too late?

For if the Holmes trade is true, it sends a message from the Rooneys. We aren’t taking any crap. Ben better heed it. 

Update: Ugh. I read where new Jet Antonio Cromartie has 7 children by 6 women in 5 states. Ugh.

…and the trade is real. Along with Holmes opening the season with a four game suspension. From SB MVP to gone in two years. 

Game 5. Yanks hoping for an “A” performance from the “C’s”: CC and Cervelli. Yanks @ Tampa, Pregame.

From LoHud, this afternoon’s lineup. Posada gets a breather, Cervelli in.

Derek Jeter SS 6 for 18 (2753 hits), 1 RBI, 1 SB
Nick Johnson DH 2 for 14, 2 RBI. Got first hits last night.
Mark Teixeira 1B 0 for the 2010 season so far (16 AB). 2 RBI
Alex Rodriguez 3B  Still looking to pass Big Mac. Tied with 583 HR. 3 for 19, all XBH. 2 RBI. 
Robinson Cano 2B 6 for 16. HR, 3 RBI
Nick Swisher RF 5 for 14, 2 RBI
Curtis Granderson CF 4 for 16. 2 HR, 2 RBI.  Against lefties so far? 1 for 8 with 5 strikeouts.
Brett Gardner LF 3 for 9, 1 RBI, 2 SB
Francisco Cervelli C Hasn’t come to bat this year yet.

CC Sabathia LHP 0-0, 8.44

Through 4 games, the Yanks are hitting just .248. See above for some of the culprits.  Team ERA through four is 5.40.  Of course, early. And…Beckett, Lester, Lackey and Price aren’t exactly easy… 

No charges vs. Big Ben. Has he learned his lesson now? Even if completely innocent, AVOID PUTTING YOURSELF IN SITUATIONS WHERE THIS CAN RESULT. Now I’d like to see what happens when he meets with Rooney and/or Goodell.

Good joke I read….Cowboy Joe wants games to go faster so that he can get back to increasing his expanding waistline.

Good point in the Post today. Stop comparing your “comeback” to Ben Hogan’s, Tiger. You were away due to sex addiction. Hogan damn near got killed in an auto accident. Big difference. 

Alarm clock
Time for some, especially Teixeira, to wake up.

Arrogant, Stupid, Guilty or all of the above?

After having charges of sexual assault placed against him while the Steelers started camp this past summer, you would think that Big Ben Roethlisberger would mind his P’s and Q’s.

You wanted to think he was the victim of a golddigger. It’s easy for someone young, rich and famous to be placed at the hands of a blackmailer. When you have all those temptations thrown at you, you had best be careful in how you conduct yourself.

If you have one accusation against you, you would expect not to go down the same path, wouldn’t you? With a reputation already taking a beating, and one indiscretion (whether guilty in that first case or not) wouldn’t you think it’d be a wakeup call?

But no, as Big Ben faces another accusation. You hope once again that there is no truth to it, but two accusations in less than a year’s time really do make you wonder.

It’s getting hard for me to root for the guy who helped to give this Steelers fan two titles.

Even if completely innocent in both cases, you have to say to Ben, “Wake up and keep yourself out of those situations, already!”

Enough is enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodell stepped in now.  

An aerial show.

I know that Tim the Wizard is a Jets fan, but I don’t know how far back he goes.

I remember when I wasn’t quite 11. Colts-Jets in the fall of 1972. The Jets won 44-34. Namath threw for 496 yards and Unitas (in what was probably one of the last, if not THE last great games of his career) threw for over 300 himself. Namath to Rich Caster killed the Colts. An aerial show.

I bring that up because this Steelers fan checked his cell phone internet during his break at work and saw that the Steelers beat the Pack 37-36. After a season seemingly full of last-second losses for the defending (and soon to be eliminated) champs, it’s nice to win one at the end for a change, as Big Ben threw the winning TD pass with just 3 seconds left. A killer for GB was a missed FG earlier in the game. Only 33 yards or so.

But the big story was the passing yardage. If I read it correctly, Rodgers threw for 383 yards. Big Ben threw for 503. Yup. 503. The record is 554 by Norm Van Brocklin for the Rams in 1951 (the only year the Rams won the title while in LA).

In baseball news, I see that the Cereal Boy, Coco Crisp (gotta love that name) is A’s bound. I see talk that the Yanks may want to try to match any offer for Wang. A final say, so to speak.

Now this is interesting. You have a young Cuban defector with a superb fastball but who is raw. You would expect the usual suspects to put in the high bid for him: Yanks, Boston, etc. So who puts in a five year $13M offer? The Marlins. Yup, the same team that built two WS champions only to gut the team immediately afterward both times. According to MLB.com, the Red Sox apparently put in an offer of 15.5 M.

I’d like to take a quick moment to wish all readers the best of holiday seasons and a great 2010. I don’t know how much I’ll be updating this over the next week or so. I have family coming in from the West coast. Three of the four members of the family I haven’t seen since Sept. 2006 (sis, bro-in-law and nephew) and the fourth member, my niece, I get to see for the very first time. Needless to say, I can’t wait and my time will be spent as much as possible with them while they are here.