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Yankees news: Yanks add Holliday, no Hall yet for the Boss.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

There hasn’t been a report for a while because things have been relatively quiet in Yankee land.

With the winter meetings about to start, that may change soon.

The first order of business was that the Yanks signed Matt Holliday to a one-year deal worth #14 MM. Holliday will mostly DH, and will play the occasional 1B to spell Greg Bird and maybe a bit of LF too. He will be 37 next season, and is a .303 career hitter with 295 HR. Last season, in 110 games, he hit .246-20-62 for St. Louis, with an OPS+ of 107. For his career, his OPS+ is 134. A 7x All-Star, Holliday was a close runnerup to Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies for the 2007 NL MVP. Outside of 93 games for the 2009 A’s, he has spent the rest of his career in Colorado and St. Louis. He made it to three World Series, winning it in 2011.

The Yanks had interest in bringing Carlos Beltran back, but he signed with Houston for 1 year and $16MM. There was also talk of them being interested in lefty pitcher Rich Hill, but the 37 year old Hill signed a 3 year $40 MM deal with the Dodgers.

I don’t know how much interest they had in Yoennis Cespedes, who went back to the Mets for 4 years and $110 MM (too much $$ in my opinion).

Edwin Encarnacion is out there, but the Yanks probably didn’t want to go too many years and too much money with someone entering their mid-30s. Hence a one year deal with Holliday.

With the signing of Holliday, it does not appear as if the Yanks will now bring back free agent Billy Butler.

The Yanks made a couple of moves, the most important being that they basically released Nathan Eovaldi and Jacob Lindgren. Both won’t pitch in 2017 due to Tommy John surgery. Lindgren was picked up by the Braves. In two seasons with the Yanks,  Eovaldi was 23-11, 4.45, ERA+94. Lindgren, a top draft pick a few years ago, got in seven games, seven innings, for the 2015 Yankees, going 0-0, 5.14.

Executive John Schuerholz and ex-MLB C0mmissioner Bud Selig were selected to the Hall of Fame by a committee yesterday. Among those not getting in were George Steinbrenner and Lou Piniella (for Lou’s managing).

More when things happen. Meanwhile is PSU alum is happy about the Nittany Lions winning the Big 10 Title and going to the Rose Bowl.


Game 110. Hughes lousy, Jeter to DL? and tomorrow’s A-Rod circus

First, the game. Phil Hughes stank, was knocked out in the third, lowered his record to 4-10 and raised his ERA to 4.78 as the Yanks lost 6-3. The Yanks are now 57-53 on the year.

This year reminds me a little (only a little) of 1972. That year the Yanks finished just 79-76 (7 games lost to strike). This year, only one guy so far has more than a dozen HR (Cano). That season, only Murcer (33) had more than 14 HR. That year, only Murcer had more than 55 RBI. Right now, Cano is the only guy over 47. Cano’s nakedness in the lineup is similar to Murcer’s, to me. That year only Steve Kline (Steve Kline?) had an ERA+ over 100 among the starters. The “ace”, Stottlemyre, was 14-18. Granted Mel had an ERA of 3.22, but in 1972, 3.22 was BELOW AVERAGE. Mel’s ERA+ was 92, 8% BELOW average. In 1972 the Yanks had a lights-out closer in Lyle (9-5, 1.92 and 35 saves). This year the Yanks have not one, but two starters over 100 in ERA+ (Kuroda and Nova) and like in 1972, have an ace below average as CC’s ERA+ is 85. They have a lights out closer in Mo. Like this year, the 1972 Yanks were weak at 3B (Celerino Sanchez, OPS+ 80) and SS (regular Gene Michael, OPS+ 72).   

But in 1972, the Yanks had some guys with an OPS+ over 100 (average): Munson 114, Blomberg 153 (but platooned. He couldn’t hit lefties). 130 White, 169 Murcer. 108 Callison (Callison?). 117 Felipe Alou. Even Bernie Allen(!) had a 106.  Backup C Johnny Ellis had a 137. The team was 103, 110 if you don’t count pitchers (last year before the DH). That is fabulous compared to now.

Heck that year, Peterson hit .232 and Stottlemyre .200.  

This year’s offense is an 84 OPS+ even with the DH. Right now only Cano and Gardner among the regulars have OPS+ numbers above 100. (Unless you count Cervelli, Granderson, Mesa and Boesch, and I don’t—-too little playing time). Far worse.

But similar has far as a bunch of no-names and retreads (outside of Murcer, White and Munson), with only one major star. White and Munson were ok in 1972 but not too special. Bobby was it. This year, Robbie is it.

Hughes went just 2 2/3, 5 r, 6 H, 3 walks and a K. Once the Yanks were down 6-0 after four you knew they were cooked.

Claiborne 1 1/3, 1 R, 2 H, 0 walks and 0 K.  2.21.

Warren 2 IP, 0 r, 0 H, 2 walks and 2 K. 3.51.

Logan 1 Ip, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 2.15.

Joba 1 Ip,  0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 0 k. 4.94.

Austin Romine got his first MLB HR. He went 2 for 3 to raise his average to .213. He was down around .125 or so very recently.

Granderson went 1 for 1, walked 3x and drove in a run.

Cano is down to .288.

Jeter may or may not be headed back to the DL … again. Now it’s his calf. Ankle fractures, quad, calf… beginning of the end?

Tomorrow should be a circus. MLB will levy suspensions around noon. They may NOT invoke “best interest of baseball” against A-Rod but “just” suspend him on the drug policy. Most players will accept the 50-games. A-Rod would get 214. He then would appeal. It’s like a little boy showing up at the ballpark with his bat and glove saying “let me play.” Selig doesn’t want to upset the players’ union so A-Rod may play on appeal, and then if he loses it, THEN serve 214 games which would take him into 2015.

Meanwhile, he may play tomorrow night while appealing a suspension. I don’t know how Alex thinks this (or anything) would gain him any love. Frankly, if I were the opposing pitcher, I would brush him back.

But Girardi then would have no choice. If Alex is available, he is your best option at 3B and in the middle of the lineup for a team that stinks offensively and at 3b right now. He would play him.

What a mess. 





Mike Schmidt talks All-Star Game.

I’ve never been a fan of many things Bud Selig has done to baseball since becoming baseball commissioner. I’m old school. Mike Schmidt says some things better than I can, but I agree with what he says. Enjoy the read.

Selig: Commissioner for life?

Bud Selig, 77, has been given a two-year extension as baseball’s commissioner. Hmm… is it time to call him Kenesaw? Commish for life? Heck, he’s been in that position LONGER than Landis was.

You wonder if baseball does have a successor in mind.

I read reports of Boston possibly bringing the (Vincente) Padilla Flotilla to Fenway. Padilla, 34, pitched just 8 2/3 innings for the Dodgers in 2011. (0-0, 4.15). He was 6-5, 4.07 in 16 starts (ERA+ 95) for the Dodgers in 2010. For his career, 104-90, 4.31, ERA+ 100. It looks like one of those “take a flyer” deals that worked for the Yanks (with Colon) for most of last year.

Expanded playoffs. I hate it.

From LoHud and NEW YORK (AP)

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig expects the playoffs to expand from eight teams to 10 for the 2012 season.

Selig went public last fall with his support for expanded playoffs, and the matter is subject to collective bargaining with the players’ association.

“I would say we’re moving to expanding the playoffs, but there’s a myriad of details to work out,” Selig said Thursday at his annual meeting with the Associated Press Sports Editors. “Ten is a fair number.”

Selig said scheduling is the major issue of discussion, including how many games the new wild-card round will be. The two wild cards in each league would meet, and the winners would advance to the following round against division winners.

“The more we’ve talked about it, I think we’re moving inexorably to that,” he said.

I hate it. You have a 162 game season to separate the wheat from the chaff, and because there are three divisions, you still get teams like the 2006 Cardinals. You have no doubleheaders because of $$$, and you have a season beginning in March (31st) and possibly a WS ending in November. It’s ridiculous.

But Selig’s commissionership has done nothing but dilute the game (I hate the wild card) and look the other way when it came to PEDs. His tenure saw the 1994 strike and the PED era. But like other long-time commissioners, he’ll probably make the HOF one day, right next to Bowie Kuhn. Meanwhile Jake Ruppert and Marvin Miller aren’t in. And the day they put Bud in, I’ll be upchucking into my toilet.

This isn’t football. God knows the NBA and NHL playoffs are a two-month joke because there are too many teams. I hate seeing mediocrity rewarded. I hate .500 teams making the playoffs, no matter what the sport. 8-8 NFL teams should stay home. Yes, I know about Seattle over the Saints last year. The Seahawks should have stayed home. 40-42 NBA teams should be packing their bags, as should 85-77 MLB teams. There are too many teams making up March Madness.

Rewarding mediocrity and dumbing down. Good for the coffers but integrity is lost.

Then you have idiot broadcasters comparing postseason records of today to the WS only records of yesterday. Like I said, integrity of the game. Like Manny Ramirez’ postseason HR equals Mickey Mantle’s WS only HR. Idiots.

But then, I’ve always regarded Selig as a joke.

Watered-down anything doesn’t go well. Give me the real thing. Give me integrity.

Long back, and some prospects to watch in 2011

Kevin Long is back as the hitting coach, signed to a 3-year deal (will all the coaches be getting that to match Girardi’s deal?). It presumably is more than his previous $1.2 M, 3-year deal.

Interesting. Maybe the Yanks still target Crawford, but LoHud reports that:

Brett Gardner won the Bill James Fielding Bible Award for left field. Gardner was picked as the best defensive left fielder in the game, not just the American League, giving him one more triumph of his breakout season as an everyday player.

With that 399 to LCF, I’ve always advocated a LF who also can be a CF, or who has the speed to cover that gap.

Some prospects to watch for in 2011, age in 2011 on opening day (and where they may start out at):

Jesus Montero (21.) C. Traded for a major talent, AAA or Majors? 2010 Numbers:   AAA .289-21-75. Bat good but can he catch?

Austin Romine (22). C. AAA. Longshot majors?  AA .268-10-69. 41 AB in AFL (Arizona Fall League) so far. .244-0-7. If Montero goes back to AAA, then what to do with Romine? Would the Yanks platoon the two at AAA? I can’t see that, and Romine is AAA ready (some scouts think MLB ready). You can’t have one prospect slowing up the other, which is what you probably would get if both Montero and Romine are at AAA.

Brandon Laird (23) 1B/3B/OF?  AAA.  combined AA/AAA .281-25-102. In AFL to learn corner OF. Played 1B/3B. Corner OF would help. Righty bat can fill OF role if he can adjust. Can play vs. lefties while Gardner or Granderson sits. Probably start at AAA to get more OF corner reps, but a 2011 callup? 52 AB in the AFL so far. .288-3-10.

Manny Banuelos LHP. (20) AA. Combined 0-4, 2.51 last year, came off injury. 3 levels. 85 K in 64 2/3 IP. 0-2, 4.85 in AFL right now.

Adam Warren. (23). RHP. AAA or AA. 11-7, 2.59 between High A and AA in 2009. 126 K in 135 1/3.

Dellin Betances RHP (23). AA. 8-1, 2.11 between High A and AA (only 3 games). 108 K in 85 1/3.

Eduardo Nunez. SS/3B. (23) Majors. He’ll battle Pena for the backup infielder spot. If not majors, then AAA. If he hits in spring training… Would love to see him make it, and play 30 games each at SS and 3B giving Jeter and A-Rod days off. Pena has the glove and some speed, but if Nunez hits, his bat and his speed are better than Pena’s and hopefully Nunez’  glove isn’t that far behind. MLB .280-1-7 with 5 steals. Just 50 AB. AAA: .289-4-50 with 23 SB in 118 G.

Greg Golson. (25) OF. AAA. .263-10-40, 17 SB.  I don’t see room for him on the MLB roster unless he really hits in S.T. I see him going back to AAA. The Yanks will probably bring in a veteran (would they bring Melky back as a backup OF? He switch-hits, plays all 3 OF Positions, has NY experience, was DFA’d by Atlanta, and was popular in NY. Melky will still be just 26 on opening day 2011. .255-4-42, 7 SB for ATL in 2010. He (in my mind) isn’t a starter, but wouldn’t make a bad backup, def. replacement, 4th OF type. The Yanks may want someone with more pop, however, and could you have Melky and Thames both on the team? If not, no Melky).

I may have missed someone. If so, I’ll comment on him in a future post. Yes, I know that I did NOT mention Juan Miranda. Frankly, the Yanks have to decide what to do with him. He’ll be 28 in April 2011, too old to be a prospect, and that is why I didn’t list him. .219-3-10 in 64 AB with the Yanks this past season. .285-15-43 in AAA. The SWB/NY yo-yo, wearing out I-80. The Yanks should probably do him a favor and deal him. Fill a need. I don’t see him getting playing time in NY.

Colin Curtis will be 26 on opening day 2011. Same with Kevin Russo. I don’t see either playing a major part. Good to watch out for, maybe a callup. Both probably back at AAA.       

Oh. I should mention that it’s 39 degrees where I am right now (7 pm) in Eastern PA. 39. Imagine game 5 at if it were at the Stadium tonight. The low tonight is expected to be about 28 or 29. Yup. 28 or 29. Baseball in November. Yuk. … and Buddy Boy Selig wants to add 2 more wild-card teams in 2012. I don’t know how he is going to work that one out. I am opposed to it. Hey Bud? It’s cold here. The Fall Classic should be OVER by November 1st.      

Update: Re: Melky. Maybe getting rid of him was good for Cano (his buddy gone, not hitting those nightspots with him… better concentration). So no Melky = better Cano?

Update II: I knew I’d forget someone.

Hector Noesi. 24. AAA. 14-7, 3.20 at 3 levels (Mostly AA) in 2010. RHP. 153 K in 160 1/3.

Melky Mesa. 24. AA. OF. .260-19-74 with 31 SB at High A. 129 strikeouts. Power, speed, but 24 and AA bound, still only a .236 minor league hitter. Late bloomer?  

Update III: 11/5/10.

It’s coming out that Montero may be given every shot at the 2011 starting job, with Cervelli as backup and Posada being mostly a DH. If Romine is ready mid-season, he might even come up, replacing Cervelli. Things are getting interesting.

Also, I didn’t mention

David Phelps, above.  (24), I project AAA to start 2011. 10-2, 2.50 combined AA/AAA in 2010. RHP. 141 K in 158 2/3.    


AAA Phelps, Warren, Noesi 

AA    Banuelos, Betances, Brackman 

That’s a nice five pitchers at the AA/AAA level. I will list Brackman here, and didn’t above, because Brackman’s numbers weren’t as good. He is still a prospect, but at 25 and AA is not only a prospect but a project. 10-11, 3.90 in 2010 (High A/AA). 126 K in 140 2/3. 5-4, 5.10 at High A, but things started to kick in at AA. 5-7, 3.01. He had an awful 2009 (coming off surgery) when he went 2-12, 5.91. Very, very much a project.  

But some very interesting pitching at AA/AAA and you wonder if Aldred, who I’ve touted for the Yanks’ pitching coach, may be more valuable where he is—at SWB.     

I see J. R. Murphy, who was only 19 this year. I didn’t list him, only because he is yet another catching prospect. If Sanchez starts 2011 at low A Charleston, Murphy could move up to High A. At low A last year, Murphy hit .255-7-54 in 83 games. Not bad, but Murphy, 20 next May, seems to be overshadowed by Montero, Romine and Sanchez.  

Not a no-hitter, but Lincecum is masterful nonetheless.

For those of us on the East Coast who had to go to bed, the Giants won game 1 of their NLDS matchup vs. the Braves. 1-0.

Tim Lincecum, didn’t pitch a no-hitter as Roy Halladay did, but he was masterful nonetheless. A complete-game two-hit shutout with 14 Ks. Just one walk.

Cody Ross drove in the only run of the game on a two-out single in the 4th on a ball that perhaps Omar Infante, who was playing third for Atlanta, should have had. But without Chipper and Prado, the Braves are shorthanded. 

A bad day for the umpires, as a controversial call led to the run on a SB attempt. This after the check-swing call in Tampa helped lead to a three-run HR, and an apparent strike three to Lance Berkman in Minnesota led to a double and two runs there. Meanwhile, on the replay issue, Bud Selig is still back in the Stone Age.