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Yankees in rough waters.

Yes, they still have a 3 1/2 game lead over the Orioles, four over the Rays. But a big stretch looms. A stretch in which the Yankees play 13 games in 17 days against the Rays and Orioles.

How much of that will be without Mark Teixeira?

Teixeira strained a calf muscle last night. He will be out at least a week, perhaps two.

Meanwhile, the Yanks look like they will be facing a lot of lefty pitching in the next couple of weeks. Price and Moore for the Rays, Lester up in Boston. Heck, the Orioles went out and got Joe Saunders.  You can bet he and Chen will be matched up to go against the Yanks. Teix’s bat will be missed, esp. from the right side. Heck, A-Rod isn’t due back for a few weeks. Who knew that just acquired Steve Pearce may have to give them key hits and a righty bat?

That’s the way the season has gone for the Yankees. Mo for only five saves. Gardner for only nine games. D-Rob out a month. Joba still trying to get back to where he was. A-Rod out six weeks. Pettitte surprisingly coming back, then out six weeks. No Pineda. Missed starts from CC and Nova…

No one will feel sorry for you. They have problems of their own.

But Andy and Alex won’t be back for a couple weeks, now Teix.

Can the Yanks hold on?

The Orioles are 11 games better than their Pythagorean record. 11. Buck for mgr. of the year? It seems like it should be a lock.

Meanwhile, Rafael Soriano’s bad side showed up after he blew it last night. You don’t need that down the stretch. Learn from Mo, Sori. Be accountable. Grow up.

Game 23. Yanks lose 7-1. Buck’s 1000th win.

I respect Buck Showalter for bringing the Yanks back to respectability when he was Yankees manager. When he managed the Yanks to a 1995 playoff berth, it was the first playoff appearance for the Yanks in 14 years.

I also congratulate him on his 1000th win as a manager. I only wish it wasn’t against the Yankees.

The good news on Hughes: He pitched into the sixth and lowered his ERA. The bad news: He lost, his ERA only dropped from 7.88 to 7.48 and he’s now 1-4.

The Yanks only got one run, on Granderson’s 9th HR of the year. Of the seven hits the Yanks got tonight, all of them were by the first three hitters in the order. Jeter with 3 (taking him to 3128 and a .400 average), 2 by Granderson and 2 by A-Rod. Nothing from anyone else.

With all the talk about the starters stinking out the joint recently, why is there NO criticism yet of Robbie Cano? We are 23 games (1/7) into the season, and Cano is at .255-1-4. 1 Homer, 4 RBI from someone supposed to be a middle of the order presence—in 1/7th of the season! .255, or about fifty points LOWER than expected? How about someone writing about Teixeira’s .233 besides me? Or Martin’s .158? How about making Kevin Long accountable? (Isn’t this the same Kevin Long who wanted to change Jeter’s swing last year and bleeped Jeter up until Jeter got hurt and consulted his own hitting guru?)

1 run, on seven hits, against someone who hadn’t won in 11 months. Sheesh.

As for Hughes, 5 2/3, 4 R, 4 H, 1 walk, 6 K. 2 HRs hurt his line.

You put an infielder in the outfield, eventually it hurts you. Remember when the Yanks did that with Enrique Wilson (he f/d up and the Boss wasted no time in trading for Mondesi)? Nunez misplayed a ball tonight and it led to unearned runs.

Logan 3 batters. No outs, two hits, An E-7 by Nunez. Two unearned runs. 0.96 ERA

Wade 1 1/3, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk, 2 K. 1.50

Sorian0 1 IP, 1 R, 2 h, 0 walks 1 K. 2.25.

D.J. Mitchell his MLB debut. 0 r, 2 h, 0 walks, 1 K.

A better outing by Hughes, but probably not enough to keep his rotation spot.

Game 5. Yanks win excruciating game 5-4 in 12

Sometimes, you win ugly.


On a night where Freddy Garcia threw FIVE wild pitches and the bats were 1 for 16 with RISP before the eventual game-winning hit, the Yanks pulled out a 5-4 win in 12 innings.

Derek Jeter led off the game with a HR, #241 of his career. Swisher then doubled, but was left stranded—a recurring theme on this night. (While the Yanks wound up 2 for 18 w/risp tonight—making them 10 for 53 for the season [yuk]—the Orioles were 0 for 8 w/risp themselves.)

In the bottom of the first, Garcia gave up a game-tying run. With two out and men on first and second, Garcia threw a WP—then another—and the O’s were up 2-1.

The O’s went up 3-1 in the fourth with help of .., yes, another WP and an E-2 by Martin.

In the fifth, a double, sac bunt and groundout for the O’s, then the run scores on … ready for it? Another wild pitch.

Garcia went just 4 2/3, 4 R, 3 ER, 4 H, 3 walks, 3 K. … and FIVE wild pitches.

Not even A.J. Burnett did that.

The Yankees bullpen saved the Yanks’ ass tonight. 7 1/3 innings, no runs, just 2 hits.

….and it started with the rookie, David Phelps. 2 1/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 4 K.

The Yanks tied it in the sixth. With the bases loaded, Andruw Jones got a SF, and the Yanks caught a break when Mark Reynolds made an E-5 with two out to enable the Yanks to cut the score to 4-3. Gardner then singled in the tying run. Reynolds’ error meant two unearned runs.

After that, it was a war of attrition.

Robertson the 8th. 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk, 1 K.

The 9th– Logan 1 batter, a hit.

Cory Wade with a great effort. 2 1/3, IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 4 K, and an escape in the 9th worthy of Houdini (or David Robertson). See below.

Clay Rapada (W 1-0) 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 1 K.

In the seventh, a bad decision by 3b Coach Rob Thomson.  Swisher led off the inning with a HBP off his ankle. When Cano doubled, Thomson sent Swisher. He was thrown out at the plate. Forget the ankle, didn’t Swisher have groin trouble the last week of spring training? Sure enough, the Yanks don’t score that inning.

Even after this game, Cano, A-Rod, Teixeira and Granderson (who hit 3-4-5-6 tonight) have a combined total of ONE rbi.

Jeter’s two hits put him now at 3097.

In the bottom of the 9th, the Orioles loaded the bases with two out, but Wade got J.J. Hardy to pop up.

After all the LOB and futileness of offense on both sides, the Yanks finally pushed across a run in the top of the 12th. Cano doubled, Alex grounded out, Cano moving up to third, and Teixeira popped up. Showalter then walked Granderson to set up a force at second and to face Ibanez.

As Ken Singleton pointed out so well on My9, they should have walked Ibanez as well to load the bases, set up the force at any base, and pitch to the weak-hitting new Yankee, backup C Chris Stewart, who replaced Martin at catcher mid-game.

Instead, Ibanez laced a ground-rule double into RCF.

In the bottom of the 12th, the Rivera we know and love was back. Save #604 for the G(reatest) O(f) A(ll) T(ime). a 1-2-3 with 2 K.

It was a win the Yanks didn’t deserve… but will take.

But the clutch hitting has to start coming along… and soon.

Garcia sets wild Yankee record

I’ll have the game report later, but Freddy Garcia set a wild record tonight…one he’d like to forget.

Before tonight, the record for wild pitches Yankee pitchers threw in a game was five—three by Terry Mulholland and two by Donn Pall on 6/24/94.

Tonight, Garcia threw five—-by HIMSELF.

Imagine. Not even A.J. Burnett (the Yanks single season holder with 25) did THAT.


Oh yeah….those ten wild pitches in the two games? Buck Showalter saw every one of them.

Buck is Back; Oswalt to Phils; Tejada a Padre, Cantu to Texas

Buck Showalter is back managing.

I always liked and respected Buck, even though at times he seemed a bit too uptight. Let’s remember that after the Yanks hit rock-bottom 1989-1992, that it was Buck who got them back to respectability and to the postseason (1995, first time since 1981 and let’s not forget the best record in the AL in the wasted 1994 season) before Torre got them to the top.

But I wonder if Buck should have waited. For he is taking over the worst team in baseball, the Orioles. I don’t know if Buck would have been considered for the Cubs job, in which Ryne Sandberg is the sentimental favorite, but I just don’t think the Orioles are a good fit for him. Oh well, at least Buck has the Boss experiences to fall back on for his new dealings with Angelos. He may need it.

Meanwhile, the Phils made a big move today in getting Roy Oswalt from the Astros. The last NL team to win three consecutive pennants were the Cardinals of 1942-1944. Those teams are often overlooked because of WWII. They won the WS in 1942 and 1944 with players such as P Mort Cooper (1942 MVP), C Walker Cooper (Mort’s brother), 1943 MVP and HOFer Stan Musial, HOF Enos Slaughter, 1944 MVP Marty Marion, Whitey Kurowski, Terry Moore, and Max Lanier. Billy Southworth was the manager.

Could the Phils now become the first NL team to win three conecutive pennants since those Cardinal teams? They have Halladay as the ace and his record should be better than 12-8, given his 2.21 ERA (Halladay had the perfect game earlier this year). Cole Hamels is just 7-7, but the ERA is a respectable 3.48. You don’t know when you get the “Ancient Ex-Mariner,” 47 year old Jamie Moyer back (9-9, 4.84). I’m not a big believer in Kyle Kendrick (6-4, 4.60) or Joe Blanton (4-6,  5.85). However now you have Oswalt, who despite leading the majors in  losses (6-12) has an ERA of 3.42. A nice 1-2-3 punch. Oswalt is 143-82, 3.24, ERA+ 134 for his career and brings postseason experience as well (2005 pennant winning Astros, for one).

He’ll be 33 soon so this is a NOW move. Happ isn’t that young, he’ll be 28 soon, and he’s been injured. He did show promise last year (12-4, 2.93), 2nd in ROY voting but he’s only pitched three games for the Phils this year. If he develops and Oswalt doesn’t help the Phils to a pennant, then maybe a bad move. But the Phils are going for the now. (An aside: I felt that Charlie Manuel did the Yanks a favor in starting Pedro in games 2 and 6 at Yankee Stadium in last year’s WS. Pedro lost both games. I felt that the Phils’ move should have been Happ instead of Pedro).  

Of course, getting Chase Utley back healthy would help them even more. Having Jimmy Rollins produce (.244, OPS+93) would help too. Even though he won an MVP, I’ve always felt that Rollins hasn’t gotten the most of his ability. His career OPS+ is still just a 97. Even though the Phils won the pennant last year, Rollins OBP was terrible. Just .296. His 162 g average is .273-17-72 with 37 steals but 55 walks. He needs to walk more.

With Shane Victorino on the DL, the Phils called up top prospect Domonic Brown, who went 2-3, 2 R, 2 RBI in his MLB debut. His first MLB ab was an RBI double that came close to going yard. I saw his stance, and he holds his bat high. How high? When I first saw him, the only player I recalled having the hands up that high was Yaz.

Now it will be interesting to see how say, Doc/Oswalt/Hamels matches up against the Cardinals trio. Carpenter (11-3, 3.09), Wainwright (14-6, 2.23) and Garcia (9-4, 2.33) are formidable. I’m not too sold on Lidge or Franklin no matter what their records as closers, however. Maybe I am just spoiled with Mo. 

The Giants don’t have a bad foursome Lincecum 10-4, 3.12, Cain 8-8, 3.14, a revitalized Zito 8-6, 3.49 and Jonathan Sanchez 7-6, 3.55. I like their closer, Brian “the Beach Boy” Wilson over Lidge or Franklin. As for the Braves, the starters outside of Hudson aren’t impressing me too much but Billy Wagner (why retire? 5-1, 1.69 with 23 saves) and Johnny Venters 3-0, 1.07 have been fabulous, not to mention other bullpen arms in Peter Moylan (3-1, 2.68), Saito (1-3, 3.41) and O’Flaherty (3-1, 2.30). Starters? or bullpen? If the Braves starters (Hudson ERA 2.40 but others at 3.99, 4.48, 4.37, 4.75) keep them in the game, then…

The Phils helped themselves with Oswalt…but they need Utley and a revitalized Rollins more. They have played good ball this week, cutting the lead to 3 1/2. We’ll see if Oswalt gives the Phils a boost. 

Update: Miguel Tejada dealt to SD. Tejada seems cooked, 36, .269-7-39 in a bandbox and now he is going to a tougher park to hit in. The Padres were trying to find a stick, so…

Texas gets Jorge Cantu from the Marlins. .259-10-54. He’ll give some versatility. Nice deadline for the Rangers. Lee and Cantu.  

Game 41 preview. Don’t look back…and injuries force Yankee moves.

From LoHud, moves. Some comments by me.

Chad Moeller up. (A no-brainer, with Posada on the DL. We’ll see a lot of the Great Gazoo, Cervelli, now. Some may ask why not Montero or Romine? For one thing, Montero is struggling at .230 in AAA. Romine is hitting well at AA but you can’t retard their developments by having them sit on the bench and not play. Another thing is this: Montero was just benched for a lack of hustle recently. You can’t “reward” him with a promotion at this time, either.  … and speaking of lack of hustle, more on that in a bit.)

Johnson to the 60-day DL to make roster room. Another no-brainer. Some may think that there should be another zero after the sixty the way Johnson’s injury history is.

Kevin Russo up. The Yanks could really use versatility now, and he and Pena provide it.

Melancon down. Maybe he’ll stick in the future, but he can’t come up and keep averaging a 9.00 ERA.

As for the lack of hustle…Hanley Ramirez’ comments about manager Fredi Gonzalez never  having played in the majors are so off-base. Hey, Hanley! Got some news for you since you probably can’t be bothered to know baseball history. After all, you can’t be bothered to hustle.

Ever hear of Joe McCarthy, Hanley? You may want to check his winning pct. as manager out. Pretty damned good, eh? Oh yeah, he managed seven WS champs…or, put it this way…he got seven more rings than you currently have. Jimmy Leyland has a WS ring and he never got to the majors. Walter Alston only played in one MLB game. He got 4 WS rings as a manager. Buck Showalter wasn’t a bad manager, no rings, but he didn’t do badly managing for someone who never played in the majors.

Uh, Hanley? Zip it.

The Yankee lineup tonight.

25-15. Very good after 40, but 4 GB of Tampa, and as Satchel Paige would say, “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.” That something is the surprising Blue Jays, just one game back of the Yankees.

Jeter SS .266-4-23-4 OPS+ 93; don’t know if he is one of the injured and hiding it, but BA 50 points lower than career BA/OPS+ 27 below. Hits? 2793. Needs to pick it up.

Gardner CF .326-2-12-17 OPS+129; Who’d have thought his numbers would be like this and Jeter’s numbers would be like his are? Right now, Gardner is the OF “Stalwart.”   

Teixeira 1B .213-7-30-0  OPS+ 104; The Yanks really need him to carry the team. See Jeter, also.

Rodriguez 3B .295-6-32-2 OPS+ 143. See Teixeira, Jeter. 589 HR.

Cano 2B .340-9-28-2 OPS+ 170.

Swisher RF .293-7-24-0 OPS+ 151 Much needed return.

Miranda DH 3 for 17. .176. 1 HR and 2 RBI. Here’s your shot, Juan. Read them the act.

Cervelli C .373-0-17-0, OPS+ 159. He’ll see everyday time, now.

Winn LF .182-1-7-1, OPS+ 53. Yanks need him to step it up.

Pettitte, 5-0, 1.79 ERA+ 226; looking for career win #235, 1 behind Ford.

Team OPS+ 126; Team ERA + 106.
Record 1 worse than Pythagorean.

A-Roid ‘fesses up

Well, at least he didn’t drag it out or deny it as Clemens and Bonds have.

Alex Rodriguez has admitted (in an interview with Peter Gammons) using steroids for the period from 2001-2003, a period where he won the AL HR title (52-57 and 47) all three years. The ball does carry in Texas, due to the humidity but now the 52 and 57 will be questioned, never mind the 48 and 54 Alex has put up with the Yanks.

A-Rod stated that the pressures of the new contract with Texas drove him to the PED’s. He won’t get that much sympathy on that one. There was jealousy and anger about that contract (and the current one) BEFORE the current recession. It’s hard to sympathize with someone making that much while so many are losing their jobs.

A-Rod stated that he stopped in the spring of 2003. Meaning he has been clean his whole time with the Yanks, if he is indeed telling the truth.

  As I stated in a previous post, it isn’t Cashman that should be giving the statements, it’s the Rangers. One person already has gone on ESPN (since he works for them) and given his viewpoint. That would be A-Rod’s manager in 2003—Buck Showalter.

Here is another reason why I think all the names should now be revealed. Get all the names out there now, get it over and done with. No good will evolve if there are two or three names released next week, then five more at the end of February, then more drips and drabs throughout the course of the year. All it will do is make you wonder who and when the next revelation will reveal. Get it over with—now. Release all the names—now—and then move on.

Jeter, Rivera debuts were under Buck, not Torre

In defending Joe Torre and his treatment of young ballplayers, Pete Abraham erroneously (and to be fair, he isn’t the only one to do this) states that Torre brought up Jeter and Rivera. Incorrect.

Mariano Rivera’s major league debut came on 5/23/95. Jeter debuted less than a week later, on 5/29/95. The manager in 1995 was Buck Showalter. Andy Pettitte debuted exactly one month before Derek, on 4/29/95. Even Jorge Posada’s debut was under Buck–9/4/95.

This isn’t a knock, just an attempt to set the record straight. I’ve seen so many get it incorrect.

On a more important note, he reports that Phil Hughes looks terrific so far.

I guess the Red Sox must have a quota to match of formerly good, now overweight pitchers with arm trouble, for besides currently having 38pitches.com, they signed Bartolo Colon today. After getting the 2005 CYA (one I STILL think Mo should have got) Colon went 1-5, 5.11 in 10 games in 2006 and 6-8, 6.34 in 19 games last season. He’ll turn 35 in May. Heck, even before the 2005 CYA season, Colon’s ERA was 5.01 in 2004. He managed to win 18 games that year, but not by pitching particularly well. If this was the Yanks, Yankee fans would be pissed. Wonder how RSN feels about this one?

Bonds to Tampa? That’s the latest rumor, as well as LaRussa floating Barry to St. Louis. Go away, Barry. Just go away.