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Looking back at CMW

He was criticized for not being a strikeout guy. But he most likely leaves the Yankees with a 55-26 record, ERA 4.16 in basically a little over 3 years of work. ERA+ 107. Throw out the disaster that was 2009 and the numbers would be much better. His 2005, 8-5, 4.02 helped save the Yankees bacon after they got off to a poor start. That was followed by two straight 19-win seasons, and a CYA runnerup in 2006. 19-6, 3.63 followed by 19-7, 3.70.

In mid-2008 he started 5-0, 3.23, then had a couple of rough outings. Still, when he got injured running the bases, he was 8-2, 4.07. ERA+ 109. Last year, after missing the 2nd half of the 2008 season due to the Lis Franc fracture, he was a mess.

But Chien Ming Wang reminds me of another Yankee sinkerballer. Wang didn’t have the longevity of the other sinkerballer, but his career path is similar. Wang helped the Yanks salvage the 2005 season and get into the postseason. The other sinkerballer salvaged the 1964 season and helped the Yanks into the WS. Wang in 2006 struck out 76 in 218 innings. The other sinkerballer pitched 303 innings in 1969 and struck out 113.

The other sinkerballer won 20 games in a season 3x. Wang didn’t reach that but won 19 twice. Wang will be 30 at the end of March 2010. The other sinkerballer had his career come to an end at the age of 32.

Wang ends his Yankee career with and ERA + of 107. The other sinkerballer, who had a longer career than Wang with the Yanks (Wang 2005-2009, the other guy 1964-1974) had a career ERA+  of 111.

Both had shoulder trouble.

Wang had to be let go due to salary problems. The Yanks had to non-tender Wang. They couldn’t cut him more than 20% of his salary…From $5M to $4M. Based on what happened in 2009, they could not give him $4m as an unproven entity.

The other sinkerballer? Injured in mid-1974. Just before he was to get some kind of guaranteed contract in 1975, the other sinkerballer was released by the Yanks, despite winning 164 games, having a career ERA of 2.97 and that ERA+ of 111. That other sinkerballer was just 32. 3x 20 game winner. 4x MVP consideration, although no CYA consideration. As with Wang, the Yanks dumped him because of salary considerations.

I don’t know if Wang will pitch in the majors again. The other guy never did.

In 1975, rotator cuff trouble meant the end of a career. Not so nowadays, but who knows if Wang’s career is over or not.

Both saw ace to nada overnight.

You may have guessed who the other sinkerballer was. Mel Stottlemyre.   

Silver Sluggers go to Teixeira, Jeter. Sherman writes Granderson could be available. Yankees Interested?

MLB announces the Silver Slugger Awards today.


C McCann, 1B Pujols, 2B Utley, SS Ramirez, 3B Zimmerman, OF Braun, Kemp, Ethier.


C Mauer, 1B Teixeira, 2B Aaron Hill, SS Jeter, 3B Longoria, OF Ichiro, Hunter, Bay  

For a full list of what awards will be announced when, go here.  

Ugh. I have the radio on to and from work. There is one commercial that plays ad nauseum. … and nauseum is about right, for nauseating is how it makes you. It’s a toenail fungus commercial with some of the worst acting you ever heard. Just what I want to hear after I ate breakfast and am on the way to work.

Now this is interesting. Joel Sherman reports that Curtis Granderson could be available and the Yanks could be interested (think a package beginning with A-Jax). Sherman warns that Granderson was lousy vs. lefties this year and struck out a ton (141 times, matching 2007. In 2005 he whiffed 174 times!). He only hit .249 this year but did have 30 HR and 20 SB. He led the AL in triples in 2007 and 2008. His 162 game average is .272-25-72 with 16 SB. OPS+ 113. He’ll be 29 in March. He seems affordable. Should Damon leave because of Boras’ demands, a deal for Granderson would replace Damon’s lefty bat, lefty power and speed. Whether Melky or Gardner would be in that package, who knows. Melky could move to LF, Gardner be a 4th OF or be in the deal. Of course, you would then want Godzilla back. Granderson’s whiffs are problematic.    

Sherman also comments on Wang and Damon.

In mid-1974, Mel Stottlemyre injured a rotator cuff and was never on a Yankee Stadium (or Shea, where the Yankees then played) mound as a player again. Could the same be happening to Wang?


Yanks’ 2009 Spring Training Schedule

Pete Abraham posts the release by the Yanks on their 2009 Spring Training Schedule.

New Seattle manager Don Wakamatsu wants a new staff, so Mel Stottlemyre is out as M’s pitching coach.

Game 100. Yanks beat Twins, 8-2. Move to 3 1/2 out. Cano stays hot, Abreu HR, 3 RBI, and Rasner passes his “audition.”

The Yanks are coming.
Just 3 1/2 out. The Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming…

Recap: While Rasner started, GM Brian Cashman was in SWB, checking out for one, Alfredo Aceves. Aceves was hot and cold (see “more” for details, or the minor league report) while Rasner went 5 scoreless. After giving up 2 in the 6th, Rasner was pulled for Robertson with two out. One pitch later, the inning was over. Robertson gets the win as the bullpen is superb again. Abreu had a HR and 3 RBI. Cano kept up his hot hitting with 2 RBI. Jeter drove in two. The fifth straight win puts the Yanks at 55-45 and with Tampa’s loss, puts the Yanks just 3 1/2 back. Continue reading

Game 11 Pregame Notes. The Rivalry continues, a milestone for Andy.

Andy Pettitte’s win last night was his 165th as a Yankee, passing Mel Stottlemyre on the Yankees all-time list. Next up…Bob Shawkey’s 168 and Ron Guidry’s 170.

Yanks in Fenway this weekend. Obviously Yankee fans would like a sweep but obviously it is far too early to take anything out of this series.

Wang vs. Buchholz tonight. The Yanks have never seen Buchholz so it’ll be interesting.

Mussina tomorrow afternoon (Fox, 3:55), and Hughes Sunday night ESPN game. Which means YFCR will be like a pre-game show.

Wang and Mussina are set up for the 2-game series at the Stadium next mid-week. What I would do after the April 21 off day is to push Ian Kennedy back. Go with Pettitte on his regular day. That way you have Andy splitting the youngsters. Hopefully Andy would then serve as a “stopper,” just in case. It would be good to split the youngsters up so they don’t go back-to-back.

Jeter is expected to be out all weekend.

Can’t write much now. I have an appt. this morning. I did add a few comments to the end of the comment board from last night’s game.

Back. See that Steve Kline was signed by the Phils for bullpen help. He was 1-2, 4.70 for the Giants last year. Yankee fans may remember ANOTHER Steve Kline—the one who went 16-9, 2.40 for the 1972 Yanks.

The A’s DFA’d Dan Johnson. He hit .236 with 18 HR for the A’s last year.